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Summary: Join me for my adventures in knitting, crochet, spinning, photography, and of course, parenting.

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 Episode 13 - Bunny Pox | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:59:03

In this episode I talk knitting, favorite "new to me" podcasts, keeping toddlers busy, and posing tips in photography.Knitting Butterflies Ravelry GroupInstagram: butterflyem4Ravelry Page: EmilyStrawClicking Away:Anne's Sweater from Green Gables Knits by Joanna Johnson, knit in Brown Sheep Company Lanaloft SportMermaid Song Shawl by Susanna IC in the Unofficial Harry Potter Knits, knit in Knitpicks Shadow Tonal in Summer Blossom20% Cooler Socks, Jeck pattern by Regina Satta in Rainbow Dash Yarn from Cuppy Cake YarnzRainbow Ripples Baby Blanket in I Love This YarnI Dream of KnittingThis episode I play along with the Prairie Girls Knit and Spin podcast and think about what I would do if I won the lottery.Podcasts I have been listening to:The Knit Wits PodcastMust Stash PodcastACTually KnittingKnit.fmCountdown to 30?The countdown to 30 is over, but I had a great birthday!I treated myself at the Loopy Ewe and purchased some Blue Skies Over Colorado sock yarn and Prism Yarns for a lace shawl.I used a Busy Bag to keep my kiddos happy during a trip to the DMV.Photographing Your Knits:I recently watched a course on Creative Live by Lindsay Adler called Posing 101. Here are a couple of takeaways I wanted to share with you:Objects closer to the camera are larger than objects farther from the camera. Example: hips closer to the camera are going to appear larger than hips farther from the camera.When appendages point toward or away from the camera, a phenomenon called foreshortening occurs. This makes your limbs look shorter and thicker, and less flattering.In this photo, I needed to pull my shoulders forward more and put my limbs out at an angle from the camera. This photo has some critical technical errors in posing which is why it's not terribly flattering. Redoing some posing will help greatly, I hope to demonstrate this soon!

 Episode 12 - Frog Pond Birthdays | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:55:29

In this episode, I have frogged and reknit several projects, celebrated my 30th birthday, and given advice on purchasing a new camera.Knitting Butterflies Ravelry GroupInstagram: butterflyem4Ravelry Page: EmilyStrawClicking Away:- I am reworking my 20% Cooler socks using the Jeck Pattern instead of the Collywobbles pattern. I had this pattern recommended to me by Lynn at the Loopy Ewe, along with Chiagoo needles. I have started knitting at the gym like Sarah from In a Sknit.-I'm currently working very hard on my Anne's Sweater by Joanna Johnson in Green Gables Knits, using Brown Sheep Company's Lanaloft Sport. I tried adding back darts a la Amy Herzog's class Knit to Flatter, then decided it was too small. I frogged back to where the decreases begin and started over.- I'm also working on my Mermaid Song shawl by Susanna IC in the Unofficial Harry Potter Knits, though I restarted it in Knit Picks Shadow and I have decided I love knitting lace.Countdown to 30- I celebrated my 30th birthday with friends at a Paint and Sip place in my hometown, it was a blast! Please share your advice and stories from transitioning into your 30's, I have lots of listeners with great experiences I would love to hear all about.I Dream of KnittingI have made two ponies by the Nerdy Knitter, if time and practicality were not an issue I would totally crochet ALL of her designs. She is an amazing designer!Photographing Your Knits-Tips for this week: What ever camera you have, learn how to use it well.I love classes from:Improve Photography website and podcastCreative LivePhoto Biz X-Posed podcastWhat I use:Nikon D5200 24.1 MP CMOS Digital SLR with 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 AF-S DX VR NIKKOR Zoom Lens (Black) (refurbished, purchased at Creative Cloud for editing (Photoshop and Lightroom)Nikon 50mm f/1.8G AF-S NIKKOR FX Lens for Nikon Digital SLR CamerasI used to use a Nikon D60-I share my philosophy on investing in high ticket items, specifically about purchasing a new camera. The concepts can easily be applied to any high ticket item though, such as spinning wheels, sewing machines, and even knitting needles. Instead of spending an entire budget on the most expensive piece of equipment you can afford, go one step down and use the rest of the budget on classes to learn to use your equipment properly.You can find used and refurbished camera equipment  

 Episode 11 - Knitting Frenzy | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:31:46

In this episode I have MANY projects going and have a hard time paying attention!Knitting Butterflies Ravelry GroupInstagram: butterflyem4Ravelry Page: EmilyStrawThank you for the iTunes reviews!Clicking Away20% Cooler Socks - Rainbow Dash Yarn from Cuppy Cakes Yarnz in Collywobbles pattern by Fibertowne DesignsKnitted Patchwork Blanket by Martine EllisSheep Wagon Shawl by Joanna Johnson is going well, though I had a few hiccups!  (PS - I did call Knitpicks customer service, they were AWESOME and I have new needles on the way! Hooray!)Mermaid Song Shawl by Susanna IC in the Unofficial Harry Potter Knits, knit in Cascade Alpaca LaceVanilla Socks in Patons Kroy 4 Ply in Cascade colorway (not Oceana). I got the idea of gym knitting from Sarah from In A SknitEventsI will be at the Estes Park Wool Market on June 7th (event runs from June 5-8)Countdown to 30 I am determined not to get depressed about my birthday and have already booked a night with my friends at a paint and sip place. Photo courtesy of Studio Vino Paint and SipPhotographing Your KnitsToday we are going to play a game of pretend. Here are the tips I am going to use when photographing you in your beautiful sweater:I am going to create a visual frame with the nature background, like we talked about last week.I am going to place you at least six feet in front of the background we are using, for example, a gorgeous blooming lilac bush.I also recommend using a low F-stop/aperture (f 4.0-6.0) or the portrait mode on camera to help the camera focus on you and your sweater and blur the backgroundI also will double check to make sure there aren't any hard shadows from tree branches coming across your face or garment

 Episode 10 - My Sister Stitches | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:36:31

This episode I have my very first guest, my sister Jenilee! She is a cross stitcher with lots of interesting stories to share with you. Enjoy!Knitting Butterflies Ravelry GroupInstagram: butterflyem4Ravelry Page: EmilyStrawWhere to find Jenilee: courtesy of Just For Fun Jen)Jenilee just finished her Beauty and the Beast cross stitch by MCG Textiles based on a painting by Thomas Kinkade.She did a couple things differently on her piece, such as adding the sparkly thread to Belle's dress and changing the way the rose was stitched.(Photo courtesy of Just For Fun Jen)She mentions the product Thread Heaven to help with cross stitching with sparkly thread to keep it from getting tangled. She also mentions Mary Corbett's blog, a great resource for tutorials in embroidery.She is also excited to do her other 3 cross stitches by the same painter, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, and Little Mermaid.I'm working on my 20% Cooler Socks (Collywobbles pattern) in the Rainbow Dash colorway by Cuppy Cake Yarnz. I want to do the same pattern in my Blueberry Butterfly yarn by Oh Loops. I decided to do mine toe up and use the OMG heel.Jenilee is working on the Once Upon A Time There Was a Princess cross stitch by Bucilla.I'm working on the Sheep Wagon Shawl by Joanna Johnson in yarn from Aniroonz.Jenilee is working on a Drawn Threadwork Sampler based on the book Beginner's Guide to Drawn Thread Embroidery (Beginner's Guide to Needlecraft).Photo courtesy of Just For Fun JenWe both want to make the Harry Potter sampler by Clouds Factory. I want to make the small one and my ambitious and more nerdy sister wants to make the big one (not been released yet.)Photo courtesy of Clouds FactoryJenilee mentions the Hogwarts Crest cross stitch she is also working on.Photo courtesy of Just For Fun JenThis week's photo tip is on photographing teeny tiny stitches (like cross stitch or lace) using the macro mode.

 Episode 9 - Come See Sheep! | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:32:28

In this episode  get a little over excited about some things, ummmmm.....Blog and Shownotes: Never Ending ButterfliesKnitting Butterflies Ravelry GroupInstagram: butterflyem4Ravelry Page: EmilyStrawClicking Away:I finished my Hermione's Everyday Socks in Loopy Legends Cheryl's Michigan Sunrise. #nerdalongI began the Knitted Patchwork Recipe blanket with my leftover sock yarnsBrown Sheep Company Wildfoote yarn in Circus from Girl on FireCreativeLive classes are my obsession right now, inspired me to start a newborn wrap for my photography business in Patons DivineI ordered Cuppy Cake Yarnz in Rainbow Dash, inspired by Jen from the Commuter Knitter podcast. Check out the Bronies documentary on Netflix.I started swatching for Anne's Sweater in Brown Sheep Company Lanaloft Sport yarn in Sandstone CoveEvents:I am headed to the Estes Park Wool Market on June 5-8Check out the Free Online Know Your Wool Class class on Craftsy, and see a field trip to the Wool Market!Countdown to 30:My big kids are on holiday without me. I'm very grateful to have the time away, but I will be very grateful to have them back. I realize now how much my life has changed over the past decade adding one kid at a time.Photographing Your Knits:This episode I talk about containing and framing your knits, both for works in progress and finished objects. In this photo, I contained all the hats in to my famous bowl before photographing. Apparently I deleted the original photo of them all on the floor.Still learning, but notice here the gutter is not going through my head, nor is the tree on the left. The eye can rest on the sweater (though I needed a different pose, oh well.)

 Episode 8 - Fiber Festival Fun | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:00:20

Hey everyone! Sorry this one is a bit scattered, I recorded VERY late at night after working in the basement for a few hours. I have a TON more I wanted to talk about when I am not so tired, so I'm glad to say I will work on organizing that content for the next episode. Enjoy! **Correction, the cones of yarn from Brown Sheep retail for $32, not $30!!** **The sweater I am going to knit is also called Anne's Sweater, not Anne's Cardigan. Wow, I was tired!**Ravelry: EmilyStraw and Knitting Butterflies groupMy Blog: Knitting ButterfliesInstagram: butterflyem4 The Ravellenics are over. I did the Barley hat over and over again to make hats for Halos of Hope. I made a total f 10, reaching my silver goal. I worked on my Skew socks and have a few more hours worth of work to finish.My mom's Super Secret Sweater project was going right along, until I figured out I measured my guage wrong and need to frog the whole thing and start over. I am planning on incorporating the Vignette pattern. Photo courtesy of The Loopy EweMy current #nerdalong project is Hermione's Everyday Socks in Loopy Legends Cheryl's Michigan Sunrise.Winners of the Ravellenics Giveaway: Numbers chosen "live" from the entries on the Ravellenics contest thread.BlueChinaDoll wins the Oh, Loops! Platinum sock base in the Lavender Infused Green Tea colorway:archaeo wins the skein of Opal Hundertwassers in colorway 956 (photo courtesy of to 30This episode I contemplate getting a tattoo for my 30th birthday. Basement TalesWe made a TON of progress on our basement over the last few weeks, hopefully we will be done over the next month or two. (PS - I totally forgot to mention that the fireplace got stone this weekend! My brother in law is amazing! I will mention it next time) :) EventsThis weekend I attended the 4H Fiber Fun Festival in my hometown, invited by Joanna Johnson. We got to see our first sheep shearing, meet Peggy from the Brown Sheep Company, and met Karen from Aniroonz and purchased lots of beautiful yarn. **Correction, the cones of yarn from Brown Sheep retail for $32, not $30!!** I plan on using the cone to knit my Anne's Sweater from Green Gables Knits and the yarn from Aniroonz to knit the Sheepwagon Shawl (both by Joanna, can you tell I'm a fan of her patterns?)  

 Episode 7 - Super Secret Sweaters | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:57:35

This week I talk about knitting, spinning, advanced sweater-making, our basement finishing project, counting down to my 30th birthday, and photographing socks. I hope you enjoy it!Show Notes:Administrative and Thank You's:find me on iTunes, thank you for the reviews!My Blog, Ravelry, and Ravelry GroupInstagramPodcast Thank You's:Whatcha Swatchin' PodcastSpritly Knitter - with Orange-Maid/HelenOh, Loops! Podcast with Sarah and LydiaClicking Away:Skew Socks, from Oh Loops! yarnKatniss Cowl is finished! Fleece Artist Slubby Blue yarn1 more Barley hat finished, another on the needlesRavellenics Team SasquatchPodcaster ThrowdownMom's Super Secret Sweater ProjectUsing the CustomFit program by Amy HerzogYarn is Capra by KnitpicksAmy Herzog's Knit to Flatter Class - Online Knitting ClassSpinning Stories:Finished 50g of Woolen Mill St. Yarns Corriedale roving in Juliette JulesBasement Tales:Painted insides of entertainment center and sides of soffits dark green/blueHopefully drywall will be finished next week!Countdown to 30:Maybe a party at our house to also be a basement housewarming party? Definitely catered by Qdoba.....I Dream of Knitting:Knitmore Girls PodcastAbstract Fiber Sock yarn in Knitmore ColorwayRibbi-Cardi with perfectly executed measurements and button bandMatching Vanilla SocksPhotographing Your Knits:Remotes I found: Nikon ML-L3 Wireless Remote Control  Canon RC-6 Wireless Remote Controller for Canon XT/XTi, XSi, T1i and T2i Digital SLR CamerasThis week I give some suggestions about photographing socks on feet.Shout-Outs:Allthatcakeknits on RavelryExpertly Dyed Art by ScienceDanie from Prairie Girls Podcast took some hilarious photos of her LintillaMy sister's cross-stitch blog -

 Episode 6 - Nerdalong! | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:57:35

Knitting Butterflies Ravelry GroupInstagram: butterflyem4Ravelry Page: EmilyStrawThank You's:Prairie Girls Knit and Spin, In a Sknit, and Aussie Yarning gave shoutoutsiTunes reviews and donations are GREATLY appreciated!Clicking Away:Sprig Sweater is finished!  Pattern by Alana Dakos of Never Not Knitting, knit in Cascade 220Brown Striped Ragg socks are finished, Patons Kroy and Lifestyle Toe Up Sock methodTop-Down Seamless Petticoat Doll by Susan B. Anderson for my niece, knit in Red Heart and I Love This Yarn Skew Socks by Lana Holden in Winter 2009 Knitty, yarn by Oh LoopsSpinning Stories:Woolen Mill St. Yarns corriedale roving in Juliette JulesUpcoming Events:Podcaster Throwdown and Ravellenic mashup of knitting as many Halos for Hope hats as possible. Join me on Team Sasquatch and my own giveaway on the Knitting Butterflies group.Using the Barley Hat pattern by TinCan KnitsKnitpicks Swish yarn#nerdalong has begun! I'm starting with the Hunter Cowl by Diana Burk (pattern no longer available due to copyright) Please join me as knitting nerds unite!Also I want to pick up a copy of Unofficial Harry Potter Inspired Knits and knit the Mermaid Shawl, Dragon's Egg socks, Ginny's cardiganCountdown to 30:I've been beginning to struggle with body image issues, as I head in to my 30's I want to squash that immediately so as I grow older and change I can push those awful thoughts out of my head.I want to take Amy Herzog's class Knit to Flatter to appreciate the body I have been givenA few changes have been made in my home to help take care of the body I havePhotographing Your Knits:Photo courtesy of godigitalsslr.comAnswering a question about photographing in the snowBE SURE to check your white balance! Snow often looks blue in your camera, change to the shade setting (as long as it doesn't turn the snow yellow) :-DFind the exposure compensation setting on your camera. I like to adjust mine to +0.7 to compensate for the camera making your image darker. This also works for white backgrounds in general.

 Episode 5 - 2013 in Review | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:51:28

Thanks for listening to my last podcast of 2013! I hope you enjoy it :)**Before I get messages saying that the dates of the Ravellenics and Podcaster Throwdown are right next to each other, don't worry peeps, I got this. I tried to record a revision like 3 times but it never turned out right because I had kids jumping around everywhere behind me. I'll explain my revisions in the next podcast.**Knitting Butterflies Ravelry GroupInstagram: butterflyem4Ravelry Page: EmilyStrawThank You's:wildlilly (aka Joanie) is our new moderator, she has been so helpful!outofthisworld (aka Marybeth) gifted me the Peeries Flooers Mittens pattern!Sarah and Lydia from Oh Loops! sent in some beautiful yarn both for my stash and for a giveaway! Hooray!iTunes thank yousJan from the Twinset Designs podcast and the Knitmore Girls have been listening! Eeeek! :)Christmas HappeningsHubby got me my own Knitpicks Interchangeable Caspian needlesMy sister made me stitch markersMy bestie and sister bought me yarn to make the Katniss CowlClicking AwayBrown Striped Ragg socks continueSprig Sweater also continues, neckband is done and ease is fixed :)Peeries Flooers hat is complete!Started a Diana's hat Remember and ReminisceNew names learned like Susan B. Anderson, Cat Bordhi, Martina BehmNew to podcasts like Knitmore Girls and Fat SquirrelFirst fair isle project, lace project, crochet amigurumi, enterlac, slipped stitch patternsFirst time spinningFound my local yarn store and explored otherstotal of 40 projects finishedMy first pattern - Cadence ShawletteBecame a part of the knitting community in 2 knitting groupsLooking Ahead Into 2014What ever I do, do it wellCraftsy class on Improving Your KnittingUpcoming Events(Like I said, I know the dates are a bit off on this one, but I have it figured out and will update in the next one)RavellenicsTeam SasquatchThread for chatter, new thread for contest to come soonPodcaster ThrowdownHalos of HopeTeam KnitmoreGold, silver, and bronze goals for myself, each stage will add another prize to the pot!First prize - 1 skein of Oh Loops! platinum sock base in the Lavender Infused Green Tea colorwayHow to enter - go to the contest thread (not open until the games start) and update every day with your progress in the Ravellenics games. You can enter up to once per day, and you can enter every day during the games.Giveaways:By random generator, winners of Sleepy Eyes Knits Wonderlace are Karen (carrotmusic on Ravelry) and Simin (MaggieVienna on Ravelry)Photographing Your KnitsThis week I share my philosophy on why it's important to photograph our handmade items. Even if all you can do is snap a quick photo in awful lighting, always, always take the photo. 

 Episode 4 - Of Handspun and Scissors | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Thank you for listening to my podcast! I love doing this, it's something just for me late at night when everyone else is sleeping and I have so much fun with my listeners! There is another giveaway this week, so be sure to listen for it and leave your entry!Thank Yous and Administrative:My blog -http://neverendingbutterflies.blogspot.comRavelry -Emily StrawRavelry Group -Knitting ButterfliesInstagram -butterflyem4Thank you to Sarah Stevens -sarahstevenson Ravelry for gifting me the Corvinus Family Mitts pattern. Check out herpattern shopandEtsy shopfor beautiful hand-dyed yarns!Thank you to Mimers66, Terab707, and Trinawinna for reviews on iTunes!Clicking Away:Continuing to work on theBrown Stripe Ragg socksfromPatons Kroy. Finished first sock, starting knitting baby tube socks a laKnitmore Girls, one inside the other, with leftover yarn from first skein.Sprig SweaterbyAlana DakosfromNever Not Knitting. Yoke and raglans are finished, as is stockinette for the bust. All of the ease is currently in the back because of my current larger bust size, debating on how to start the decreases so it will look correct, even wondering if I should frog it and start over on a different size.Peerie Floores HatbyKate Davies, first saw onSusan B. Anderson's blog. I LOVE this project, it feels like cross stitching and I am SO HAPPY while knitting this hat! Knitting inKnitPicks Palette.Spinning Stories:Finished my first 100g, have begun spinning my second 100g ofWoolen Mill St. Yarns Corriedaleroving.Used my first 100g to knit a hat, had an incident with the 2 year old and scissors.Finished hathas 2x2 rib and stockinette body. I love it so much that I entered it in to the Legend-Prairie contest from thePrairie Girls Knit and Spin Podcast.Reviews:Winners from theGreen Gables Knitsgiveaway:Orange-Maid from Ravelry (Scotland) - digital copyOutofthisworld (Marybeth) from Ravelry (AZ) - paper copySleepy Eyes KnitsWonderlacebyGina House, she also sent meDreamscape. Check out herEtsy shopif you are interested in these books, as well asher website!Photos Courtesy ofGinaHouse.netTo Enter the Giveaway -Leave your first name, your state and/or country, your email or Ravelry name, and your favorite Christmas or holiday tradition from when you were a kid that you keep alive todayon this post.Remember and ReminisceThis week I remember and reminisce about theSanta Claus stockingsI have knitted. I started withKatie's stocking, and so far have knit a total of 14 including two this year forSammyandBaby Charlie.Pattern was adapted byRuth Homrighausfrom a Bernat patternBasement TalesHubby took the week off to work on basement. Sanding and mudding, craft room is done and playroom is almost done.Built some built in shelving for under the television, and popup bench for storing blankets.Countdown to 30- My family tradition is to see the latest Disney or kids movie at the theater on Christmas Eve. We started with the Little Mermaid 26 years ago and have only missed one year since. This year we will go see Frozen. As I become more of a grownup, I am wondering if I need to give up my chance to go see the movie each year and stay home to get stuff done.Photographing Your KnitsThis week I talk about White Balance and how finding the settings for it on your camera or phone can make a big difference in the color quality and consistency of your photosIf you have some natural light but not enough, use a reflector to double the amount of light on your project

 Episode 3 - Parking Meters | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:53:20

Welcome to Episode 3 of the Knitting Butterflies Podcast! Show notes for this episode:Administrative:Knitting Butterflies can be found oniTunes! Please subscribe and leave a review :)Find me onmy blogany time,Instagram,RavelryandRavelry GroupClicking AwayFinished firstLifestyle Toe Up SockinPatons Kroy 4-plyandDeborah NorahvilleStarted another pair ofLifestyle Toe Up SocksinPatons KroyBrown Striped Ragg duringCatching Fire, knitting in the dark like TheKnitmore GirlsStarted and finishedFalling WaterScarf inCascade 220 HeathersChubby Guinea Pigcouple by Kati Galusz in Red Heart, need to make the babySpinning StoriesI finished my very first 4oz. skein of handspun!Woolen Mills St. Yarn spinning fiberin Juliette Jules, ~102 yards worsted-aran 2-ply.I also picked up lots of new rovings (and yarn of course!) from theLongmont Yarn ShoppeandKnitpicks.comRemember and ReminisceHitchhiker Scarffor the #behmalong fromThe Knitmore GirlsbyMartina BehmBoughtMadeline Tosh Prairieyarn in Garden Grey fromKnit Purlin PortlandI loved the nerdiness of the scarf going along withThe Hitchhiker's Guide to the GalaxyReviewMy first review is forGreen Gables Knitsby Joanna Johnson. Thank you toSlate Falls Pressfor gifting this book to me, and two more copies (one paper for US listeners, one digital for international listeners) to give away to my listeners!To enter the giveaway,leave a comment on this blog postwith yourfirst name, state and/or country, email address or Ravelry name, and answer the following question:What literary character has inspired you to knit or be creative?The giveaway runs from December 2nd - December 17thCountdown to 30The 5 Love Languages: The Secret to Love That LastsMy love language is quality time, I hope my birthday will involve spending lots of time with lots of people!Photographing Your KnitsI discuss natural vs. manufactured lighting when photographing your knits, as well as soft light vs. hard light. I'm really excited about this segment, if there are questions you have about photographing your knits please let me know and I will do my best to answer them!Shout OutsOrange_maidshared another great tip, the Magic Knot (featured to make the Magic Cake onKnitting Pipeline), which I used in my Falling Water scarfgrrlgeek42has really fun geeky names for her socks and I love them :)In a Sknit- one of my new favorite podcasts! Sarah and Kristi are adorable, keep up the good work, ladies!Thanks for listening, have a wonderful week! Blessings!

 Episode 2 - Facial Hair | File Type: video/mpeg | Duration: 60:00

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 Episode 2 - Facial Hair | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:39:44

Thank you for listening to my new podcast! This is Episode 2, and I am really enjoying my new podcasting adventures. I was holding a sleeping baby during this recording so I apologize for my voice sounding much more sleepy this week. I hope you enjoy it! Blessings!Show Notes:Administrative--Knitting Butterflies can now be found oniTunes! Please subscribe and leave a review!-You can always find me onmy blog,Ravelry, andInstagram. I will continue blogging as projects get finished but the podcast will have much more information, hopefully the two will go hand in hand well.-Thank you to all the listeners for the amazing support as I started this podcast!Clicking Away--Vanilla Toe Up SocksinPatons Kroy 4 Plyare still going, mostly in the car-Minion Hatshave taken over our house and children. So far 3 of the 4 are finished, I made up the pattern myself.-Alana Dakos's patternSprigis my new covet, I have someCascade 220fromtheLoopy Ewe. I am swatching and hoping my measurements will still work for after I am nursing. (Thoughts?) I picked out the colorway with help from a pink-haired girl who reminded me of Jasmin from theKnitmore Girls.Spinning Stories--Still working on the first 4 oz. ofWoolen Mills St. Yarn's corriedale in Juliette Jules.I have plied all my singles so far and have one more ounce to go. Plans for the finished yarn are probably a hat and mittens.Remember and Reminisce--In honor of the movie Catching Fire coming out tomorrow, I decided to talk about myGirl on Firescarf. It's knit withBrown Sheep Company's Wildfootein Circus, a beautiful project but not the best yarn for this particular type of project. I am also planning on knitting another one inCascade 220in Rainier Heather for my friend's birthday in December.Countdown to 30--When I headed into my 20's I hated facial hair. After visitingBetterWithABeard.comI changed my ways, and I have been recently caught staring at my husband's awesome beard instead of listening to what he is saying. No Shave November is the best thing ever.Basement Tales--We painted all the walls a beautiful filmy green and the ceiling a contractor bone color. Plans to build the built in bookshelves, entertainment center, and window seat will hopefully go underway tomorrow. Do you think we will make it in by Christmas?Shout Outs:-Orange-Maidshared anamazingChinese Waitress cast onwith ourRavelry group, I amsuperexcited to start a new project with it! Maybe that Falling Water scarf?-MaggieViennafrom shared the first FO in our group, she has also been incredibly supportive in the start of this podcast and herhatissuper cute!-Debbie4 made inincredibleGlacier Sweep shawlin Dragonfly Fibers Starry Night and Daffodil, it looks just like the Van Gogh painting! I want one for my home decor.-Mimershas a great podcast calledHudson Valley Knits, she is hosting a knit along for gifts. The Dragonfly Fibers Starry Night is the prize, so join in and check out her podcast!-Windybrook Spinnerasked what my favorite species of butterfly is, it's the Blue Morpho butterfly from Latin America.-I loveThe Fat Squirrel Speaks, maybe I might accidentally end up talking like her sometime.I will not be podcasting next week (Thanksgiving) but I plan on doing a bi-weekly schedule. The response to this podcast has been great so far, and I have some very exciting events coming up and even giveaways and reviews for the listeners! I hope you all have a wonderful holiday week, and I will talk to you soon!Ways to Find Me:Knitting ButterfliesRavelry GroupMy Blog:Never Ending ButterfliesInstagram:butterflyem4Ravelry Page:EmilyStraw

 Episode 1 - Introductions | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:39:09

Thanks for listening to my new podcast! I spend a little time introducing myself and why butterflies mean a lot to me.Clicking Away-I am a cuff away from finishing myVanilla SocksinLion Brand Sock EaseandDeborah Norahvilleneon green yarnI started a new pair ofLifestyle Toe Up SocksinPatons Kroyfor the body and moreDeborah Norahvillefor the toes and heels.I finished aRainbow Ripple Baby Blanketfor my church's newborn programRemember and ReminisceI talk about how I started yarn work, beginning with basic crocheted baby blankets for my cousins and a scarf I used in a gift exchange. I was delighted to find out I had invented Continental Knitting.Spinning StoriesI mention theKnitmore Girls podcastand how much I love their spinning stories. You will probably hear a lot more about this podcast, it's my favorite!I just started spinning on a drop spindle for the first time two weeks ago. I picked up my spindle at theLongmont Yarn Shoppeand used all the roving that came with it.I picked up someWoolen Park St. Yarnscorriedale roving fromThe Loopy Ewe, and currently have spun about 2 oz. of the 8 I bought.Countdown to 30Currently 20 weeks (140 days), 23 hours, and some change from my 30th birthday.I talk about how much my life changed from age 20 to 30, from getting married to having 4 kids to buying a house. I am very picket fence-y.Basement TalesWe finally finished sanding and mudding in the living room, this week I got to pick out fabric for pillows, curtains, and cushions. I used those fabrics to pick out paint colors, and we plan on painting the living room this weekend.Shout OutThis episode's Shout Out goes out toThe Nerdy Knitter. I have crocheted herFluttershyandRainbow Dashpatterns, she is currently reworking her Fluttershy pattern and it's even more beautiful. Check out herRavelry pagefor more stunning toy designs.Ways to Find Me:Knitting ButterfliesRavelry GroupMy Blog:Never Ending ButterfliesInstagram:butterflyem4Ravelry Page:EmilyStraw

 Episode 1 - Introductions | File Type: video/mpeg | Duration: 60:00

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