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Summary: Join us as we interview experts from across the world on dating, relationships, self-development, business and so much more. We have more than 40+ podcasts to date. We are experts in providing dating and relationship advice and guidance to thousands of men and women across the world to create they deserve now. We are active in our communities and meet with ten of thousands of people in our community worldwide, so we know what people are doing, why they are doing, where they are we can help you get real results in your dating and relationships. We have a detailed process for inner work to remove anxiety, create happiness inside of you, eliminate past beliefs, and instill confidence and passion in your life. We also have the easiest and fastest way to meet people so you can find the best relationships in every area of your life. We have a top selling book on Amazon, Jump Start Your Social Life, which discusses how you can meet 500+ people every month and specifically how to do it (where to go, what to say and do, and more). And as a byproduct, every area of your life will get significantly better (with no added work). Here’s the deal: You need honest, complete and up-to-date actionable dating and relationship information to develop a plan that produces immediate results. Not ten years from now. We are here to provide you a real voice of guidance and inspiration that’s backed with people, science, facts and results.

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 The Chemistry Between Us – BSL Insider Radio | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 59:43

BSL Insider Exclusive: Dr. Larry Young, author of "The Chemistry Between Us" joins us on the show today. Remember when you were taught in school about your brain and how it affects your behavior? And before that, how the food you ate affected the way your brain worked and the chemicals it released? No? Why aren't we taught these important things? Consider the fact that love, relationships, attraction and the way we interact with each other is impacted by our biochemistry, or the chemicals our brain uses to operate the body. Imagine the ramifications. How would you make meaning of your interactions with romantic partners if, for example, one particular day your partner wakes up and starts behaving irritably with you? If you knew the issue was something to do with the health of his or her brain, I bet you wouldn't let it affect you personally. This is serious business, especially when it concerns the way we make meaning of our world. Now, this doesn't mean it applies to every context and every situation, however it does mean that there's an interplay of a factor which is affecting our relationships that we may not be considering in our interactions with people. Enter Larry Young, PhD. He's here to clear up your brain right now, hit play below to listen in. Our BSL Insider: Larry Young is one of the world's leading experts in the field of social behavioral neuroscience. He is the William P. Timmie Professor in the Department of Psychiatry and Director of the Center for Translational Social Neuroscience at Emory University and Chief of the Division of Behavioral Neuroscience and Psychiatric Disorders at the Yerkes National Primate Research Center. Larry is on the editorial boards of the journals Neuroscience, Molecular Autism, and Social Neuroscience. He has been the associate editor of Frontiers in Behavioral Neuroscience, Pharmacology, Biochemistry and Behavior, and Hormones and Behavior. He reviews manuscripts for every major journal in his field, including Science and Nature. In 2008, he received the prestigious Golden Brain Award from the Minerva Foundation, which recognizes significant contributions to brain research. In 2009, he was elected as a fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, this country's most prestigious science society. He has authored or co-authored nearly 200 research papers, essays, review articles, and book chapters. He has lectured around the world including public lectures to general audiences, like 250 members of the entertainment industry at a National Academy of Sciences Science and Entertainment Exchange screening of the movie "Valentine's Day" in Hollywood, and the 47th Nobel Conference Lecture at Gustavus Adolphus College. Dr. Larry Young really has a passion for the work he finds himself immersing in 24/7. Between his labs and students, he's surrounded by the "science of relationships" meaning he's not just theorizing information but practically applying it as well. The way he combines neural mechanisms with genetics research to understand what makes the interactions between people tick is totally different. His longterm vision is to develop therapies for autism. In This Episode, You Will Learn: How your brain affects your behavior The #1 most powerful brain chemical affecting your intimacy with people The science of how attraction, lust and love works If attraction really is a choice or if it's being driven by neuro-mechanisms Scientific proof behind the power of face-to-face social interactions How to trigger chemicals in your brain that will reduce social anxiety The greatest misconception of monogamy (hint: it's social monogamy & sexual monogamy) Ways to revitalize your relationship using brain chemistry Why people drunk dial their exes And much more... Where You Can Find Dr. Young: More information on his book and where it's available can be found at The Chemistry Between Us. Also,

 A New Self Makes A New World – BSL Insider Radio | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 55:36

BSL Insider Exclusive: Philip Shepherd, author of "New Self, New World" joins us on the show today. It's time we ask ourselves, what do we really want? But is that the appropriate question? If we are simply after the quest to fulfill our needs and desires, what happens to the world we're burning up in the process? Can we afford to separate ourselves from ourselves by living in our heads, then further separating ourselves from the life we are connected to, aka other people and the earth that supports us? What's at stake when we do not support the life force that's supporting us? Can we afford to continue burning up the planet as a resource without giving back to it? What happens if we don't? Really, what happens if we don't? This is NOT about an environmental issue. This is not about some far out talk about what could happen. This is reality. This is a total human consciousness crisis. Somebody's got to wake up. No. We all have to wake up; wake up a new self so that we can see a new world. Enter Philip Shepherd who's vision allows for exactly that. Our BSL Insider: Philip has been called a Renaissance Man. The course of his life has been pulled and stretched along a crazily meandering path – but in retrospect it all makes sense. Best known as the author of New Self, New World: Recovering Our Senses in the 21st Century, Philip has worked as a writer, actor, workshop leader, director, editor, personal coach, house builder, dance dramaturge, teacher and lecturer. As a teenager Philip cycled alone through Europe, the Middle East and Iran to arrive in India, where he studied Kathakali ­– an ancient form of dance drama that tells stories from the Mahabharata and Ramayana. He then went on to Japan to study classical Noh theatre. Since then has co-founded and written for an arts magazine, Onion; co-founded and directed an interdisciplinary theatre company; taught numerous workshops to help people seeking increased presence, creativity and freedom; written two internationally-produced plays and a documentary for CBC television; trained in Denmark with Eugenio Barba’s company; trained in Butoh dance and toured Canada with a show; edited a book of art criticism, The Compleat Art Critic; acted in several feature films opposite such talents as Mandy Patinkin and Delroy Lindo (Strange Justice) and Jon Voight (Jasper Texas); studied for five years with energy healer Denis Chagnon; earned a reputation as a corporate coach, helping business leaders hone their presentation skills; and played lead roles in theatre productions in Toronto, New York, Chicago, London and Hong Kong. He has also designed and built several houses. Since the publication of his book, he has earned an international reputation as a workshop leader, lecturer and coach. Philip is currently a faculty member of The Institute for Sacred Activism, which is based in Chicago. Eve Ensler, in her famous TED talk, even mentioned the powerful truth revealed by Philip Shepherd in his book, New Self, New World. She mentions how the transformation of her suffering and the world's suffering happens all at once, when we recognize what its like to truly inhabit our bodies. In BSL terms, inhabiting the body means Being It. Andrew Harvey, founder of the Institute of Sacred Activism, said that New Self, New World was one of the most important books ever written over the last 50 years. When something so truly transcendent comes along, people start to pay attention. Philip Shepherd is giving the world an incredible gift of awareness. This awareness has the power to reverse the fortunes of the crises facing the planet and all of us inhabiting it. In This Episode, You Will Learn: Why living in your head is holding back your life How to live in alignment with the present Philip's True Consciousness paradigm to expand your perspective of what's possible for your life The difference between being vs. doing

 Jean Chatzky, Financial Editor for NBC Today, Shares Money & Career Guidance – BSL Insider Radio | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 47:32

BSL Insider Exclusive: Jean Chatzky, Financial Editor for NBC Today & bestselling financial author of "Money Rules" joins us on the show today. Information is plentiful. Wisdom is rare. The opportunity for us is to shed light only on the thin...

 What Is A Limitless Life? – BSL Insider Radio | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:07:32

BSL Insider Exclusive: Caroline Leon from "Life Is Limitless" joins us on the show today. Many of us go through our lives aimlessly, feeling stuck or trapped with no calling or purpose whatsoever. We do what we’re supposed to based on what society has told us: go to school, get a job, buy a mortgage, plunge into debt, raise a family, settle down, etc. We do these things without ever second guessing why we chose to do them in the first place. We look for distractions to take us away from our mediocre lives that we were told would make us happy. We are told we need this based societal norms and it's the only way to achieve happiness. We never take the time to find our passions in life because we spend so much of our time trying to get what everyone else has and then accumulate even more things. The results in us feeling limited in what we can do in life and feeling despair or hopelessness. Today’s show introduces someone who has been there first hand. Someone who fell into the trap that so many of us fall into without even knowing it. Caroline Leon used to follow society’s rules until one day she unlocked the secret of being limitless, and thus changing her life forever. To keep herself limitless, she learned how to keep herself from doing what everyone else was doing that is and was making them miserable. She spills it all out in this candid conversation, hit play below. Our BSL Insider: Caroline Leon is a writer and life coach. After noticing how unhappy people were by getting mortgages, debt, kids, marriage, pets, etc. she kept herself from making those decisions. Although she knew that there was nothing wrong with making these decisions, she understood that living this kind of life wasn’t for her -- and it wasn’t for many others as well, resulting in why they were unhappy. With having a drive to help people, Caroline became a life coach as well as a blogger. Caroline did what she could to help others; and when she helped others, she not only found her calling and passion in life, but she felt much happier overall. By not getting caught up in what she was “supposed” to do, Caroline formed her own path -- allowing her to do whatever she wanted; making her limitless. With others noticing her motivation and drive to experience new and exciting things, they too were inspired to create extraordinary experiences for themselves so they could begin moving forward in the right direction. Caroline has spent most of her life devoted to helping others and she has grown substantially in the process. By confronting her fears, she was able to move past them and discover her passion in life. As Caroline mentioned, "do anything to move forward." Do what you love to do solely because you love to do it--not because you’re trying to get something. Caroline strongly believes in the personal development philosophy that when you help others, you discover your passion, purpose, and calling in life. In This Episode, You Will Learn: The true meaning of being carefree How to do what you love in life How to find your drive, passion, and purpose How to be unattached to your past so you can move forward How to confront your fears Why giving to give can help you move forward The meaning behind Dilan’s statement “Create it ‘till you make it” How to feel more loved How to be grateful even in the worst of times Why having a purpose can launch your limitless life And, of course, more tips on living and being LIMITLESS... Caroline Leon has found her calling through giving up her attachments to her fears and moving forward in life. She has found her purpose, and has a drive so great that everyone around her feels inspired to do the same. Listen below to share in that inspiration. Where You Can Find Caroline: While Caroline is mostly on the road, you can always find out about her writings and stories of the limitless life at Life is Limitless. If you’re interested in chatting with her one on one,

 Combating Life With The Warrior Within – BSL Insider Radio | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:06:41

BSL Insider Exclusive: John Roberts from "The Wounded Warrior Project"  joins us on the show today. There was probably a time in our life when we felt confined and we couldn’t talk to anyone about our greatest issues for fear of what they would think. We covered ourselves up, not allowing ourselves to be vulnerable or open up to others for fear that we may be judged. Don’t worry. You’re not alone. In fact, hundreds of thousands of people you walk past every single day struggle from a condition known as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Most of these people keep their condition to themselves mainly due to the image society, advertisers, and social media has given it. People fear it could not only turn their friends and loved ones away, it could potentially terminate their career. Today’s show introduces you to a very gifted military veteran, whom struggled from PTSD himself, John Roberts. After being a part of a helicopter crash, John suffered from third-degree burns, most of which covered his entire body. Not only that, but John also suffered from PTSD following the accident. After suffering in his personal life from PTSD, John got his life back on track by helping other warriors deal with their issues as well, and ultimately joining Wounded Warrior Project. Hit the play button below to listen to the interesting work of WWP and developments regarding mental health & transformation. Our BSL Insider: John Roberts is the warrior relations executive vice president of the Wounded Warrior Project. Wounded Warrior Project (WWP) is about raising awareness to the public about the truth of PTSD; helping warriors deal with physical injuries as well as mental ones. After his accident in 1992, John wasted no time in helping other veterans cope with their injuries, working as a veterans service representative with the US Department of Veteran Affairs. On March 29, 2007, John left his job to become the national service director for Wounded Warrior Project, later being promoted to warrior relations executive vice president. Although still young, John’s vision for the future of Wounded Warrior Project knows no bounds. John Roberts is extremely devoted to helping warriors heal from their injuries sustained in battle, no matter their condition. On the Wounded Warrior Project Web site, John has a quote stating, “It feels great every day to be out there as part of an organization that’s always looking for new ways to make life better for our newest generation of Wounded Warriors.” For more on his story, go to this page. In This Episode, You Will Learn: The truth about PTSD The alarming numbers of those who suffer from PTSD How giving can help you find your purpose How you can help those dealing with PTSD How to give more unconditionally How to make a difference in the world How the Wounded Warrior Project embodies the concept of Give-To-Give How to help future generations How to overcome obstacles and set-backs How to make your future filled with massive opportunities And so much more… Where You Can Find The Wounded Warrior Project: You can find out more about John and the extraordinary work The Wounded Warrior Project is doing here or by calling WWP's hotline at 877-832-6997. Also, check out Restore Warriors to see how they can help former service men and women you know living with the invisible wounds of stress, PTSD, and TBI. Join The Conversation: Allow yourself to be vulnerable and discuss your thoughts in the comments below and feel free to share via social media. No matter what is said, the simplest comment could reach out and touch someone dealing with PTSD, helping them to finally come forward and muster up the confidence to seek help.

 Choosing To Give: The Power Of Charity – BSL Insider Radio | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 51:09

BSL Insider Exclusive: Jen Marden from "Jen Marden:New York"  joins us on the show today. Most of us have at some point or another have faced some very hard times. If we choose to learn from those experiences, we inevitably come to the realization that "pain is inevitable, suffering is optional." We have the ability to choose to take responsibility for our lives. By giving yourself permission to take responsibility, you can empower yourself with simply a choice. One of these choices is to give. Giving is definitely, not the end-all-be-all answer to everything, but it's one very powerful one. Today's show brings you one remarkable person, Jen Marden. She is a powerhouse of a giver through her charity event consulting business based in New York. Red carpets, MTV, awards, runways, charity events, etc. is what Jen knows like the back of her hand. Listen in to learn about her behind-the-scenes expertise in throwing and hosting countless events for charity. Our BSL Insider: Jen Marden is no stranger to the media, fashion and glamour industries. Marden has brought her spirit to help others with the founding of Jen Marden: NY. With a family background and roots in Hollywood, who better to organize for you press, celebrity and media coverage than a celebrity herself? Before deciding to open her own Manhattan-based business, Jen took to her roots of Hollywood and interned at 20th Century Fox. It was here she worked in their PR and special events department. She planned movie premiers, awards shows for VH1 and MTV, amongst others. It was also around this time that Jen started volunteering as a wish granter for the Make-A- Wish Foundation where she discovered the real meaning of internal happiness and the lasting effect it has on others. At that point, Jen knew that helping others was the path she was supposed to take. On her newly-discovered journey, Jen’s main goal is, “to be the change she wishes to see in the world.” Realizing that she can use her experience to share the true meaning of happiness with today’s society is the reason why she has done hundreds of charity events pro bono. In her own words, “It’s through awareness and dedication that change can be achieved.” Jen’s connection, both personal and professional, to charity and non-profit work is why she has such a good reputation with her clients; it was they who eventually pushed her to branch out. She was able to connect with clients unlike anyone else, and the personal attention that she gives to helping people is a true, vested interest in their causes. She became a proud supporter of many charities based in New York City such as The Make-A-Wish Foundation and the ASPCA, which both have a spot in Jen’s heart. She is also on several committee boards such as the St. Jude’s Children’s hospital, AHRC, Free Arts and Memorial Sloane Kettering. Based in Manhattan, Jen occupies her time by consulting with others who might not know how to go about setting up events. It's with her company, Jen Marden: NY, that Jen hopes to offer her services to the world. Jen is a connector and a resilient woman. She is absolutely devoted to giving, which signifies the strength of her vision and purpose in it. On her site, you'll see one quote: "But in the case of connectors, their ability to span many different worlds is a function of something intrinsic to their personality, some combination of curiosity, self confidence, socialbility & energy. They see possibility, and while most of us are busily choosing whom we would like to know & rejecting the people who don't externally fit the mold...Connectors like them all." In This Episode, You Will Learn: Why having abundance by itself isn't fulfilling The one little thing you can give everyday as many times as you will choose to The "Next Level" of charity events The power of pulling people together and what can happen as a result How the nature of social media conversations needs to shift

 Being Positively Present – BSL Insider Radio | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:03:21

BSL Insider Exclusive: Dani Dipirro from "Positively Present"  joins us on the show today. BSL is all about living on the "Next and Highest Levels." How can we innovate in our lives? What's a game changer option we can do? How can we make our lives Simple|Fun|Easy? It's questions like these that get us answers like Dani Dipirro. While everybody else is focused on being present, she's taken it a step further and made a practice of being Positively Present. What is being Positively Present? It's a heightened state of being in the moment geared towards happiness and creation. When you're already happy and having fun it is precisely the moment you will attract and bring extraordinary people, opportunities, ideas and circumstances into your life. On the flip side, being discontent pushes away everything that is in line with the good stuff we want because we're a magnet for the exact opposite. Dani Dipirro is well-versed and studied in being Positively Present. Her insight runs so deep that we found her work overlapped directly with a previous guest of ours, Dr. Edna Foa, who was recognized as TIME's 100 Most Influential People for 2010. Dani is no doctor, yet she unknowingly made the same discoveries advocated by Dr. Foa's (PE) Prolonged Exposure Therapy, which focuses on resolving PTSD. Ironically, Positively Present works to focus on the positive opposite of that. Enjoying life right now as is and forever after. Listen in below. Our BSL Insider: Someone once said, "If you realize how powerful your thoughts are, you would never think a negative thought." Positively Present is that quote come to life online. The site was created by Dani, who after twenty-five years of living with a negative attitude decided to turn her life around and start focusing on the positive. In 2009, she launched Positively Present, a site focused on living positively in the present moment. Since then this personal development site has grown and it continues to impact the lives of people around the world. Working hard to embrace the idea of "living happily ever after now," Dani uses Positively Present to focus on the positive in her life—and, while doing that, she shares her experiences with you. In 2012, Dani published her first book, Stay Positive: Daily Reminders from Positively Present. She's also been featured in Forbes, The Huffington Post, Glamour, Psychology Today, Alltop, The Happiness Project, and several other media outlets. Dani Dipirro has one of the top positive thinking blogs on the planet. Her ideas are original, fresh and thoughtful. They're presented from different angles, and challenged with different questions. As a byproduct, she's been asked to write for or be featured in many of the top media outlets online such as Forbes and The Huffington Post. In This Episode, You Will Learn: Dani's Conquering Irrational Fear Model for dealing with fear that falls completely in line with Dr. Edna Foa's work (see her show here) The biggest myth that has been spread around surrounding positive thinking Why you will have to do things in life you won't necessarily love to do at one point or another The role of planning for progress and how it connects to your happiness How everything is about habits The power of small-chunking for even our Highest First goals About what kills happiness and destroys positive thinking instantly Why asking for help can be the most positive thing you do for personal growth and self development The roles appreciation and deservingness plays in happiness Why our thinking hasn't caught up with the times we're now living in What comes first happiness or gratitude How to find beauty in your life Why its important to connect with what resonates with you How injecting randomness into your life makes you more present and happy Dani's Positively Present touch added to The BSL Transformation Equation Where You Can Find Dani:

 Living With Art – BSL Insider Radio | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:27:38

BSL Insider Exclusive: Maria Brito of "Lifestyling By Maria Gabriela Brito" and author of "Out There: Design, Art, Travel, Shopping"  joins us on the show today. Maria Brito's eye for contemporary art has beckoned the calls from the likes of celebrity clients such as Sean "Puffy" Combs to Gwyneth Paltrow. There's something amazing to be done when you have her working with your interior to craft a space that will make you feel like you're living with art. She's began her thriving business from rather humble beginnings and a whole lot of hustle. At this point, her creative genius just oozes out of her with anything she does. Today's discussion shares the story of her inspiring journey to become a fully self-expressed person. It's what she owes her everything to. When asked on the show, "Is it possible to be creative without self-expression?" She startles you with a rather abrupt but thoughtful answer. Be prepared to amplify your creative powers and live more inspired by the end of this show. Maria holds nothing back from transformation to "living art". The play button is below! Our BSL Insider: Maria Gabriela Brito is an interior designer, author, curator, tastemaker, and authority on why, where, when and how to display and mix contemporary art and interior design in any environment. She is the CEO and creative force behind of Lifestyling® By Maria Gabriela Brito, a company that offers a unique approach to interior design by incorporating art into every interior, taking decorating to a new level. Lifestyling® By Maria Gabriela Brito offers full interior design and decoration services while at the same time sourcing, curating, and displaying art collections that truly reflect the company’s clients’ successes, tastes and lifestyles. She just released her first book, "Out There" published by Pointed Leaf Press with much fanfare from her celebrity clients. She is a Venezuelan-born, Harvard graduate who has demystified and democratized the act of collecting art through her company, Lifestyling® by Maria Gabriela Brito and has designed the homes of her clients with the objective of accomplishing artful interiors. Maria and her projects projects have been featured in national and international publications such as The New York Times, ELLE Magazine, Vogue Mexico, Vogue Latin America and more; she has written for and has guest-edited Gwyneth Paltrow's popular weekly newsletter "Goop". She lives in New York City. She's smart, humble, has taste and walks her talk with a graceful sense of power. Maria went from being an unfulfilled lawyer running other people's agenda to feeling the call of the inspired life living on her own terms. Her style is genuine and uniquely her no matter where you read about her in the media. You have plenty of options, she's been featured everywhere! In This Episode, You Will Learn: How the art of resourcefulness can make or break your life Why it's necessary to develop a thick skin Jason's Opportunistic Filter mindset to creating new possibilities How to organize a dinner party to bring influencers together Maria's Similar Success Model for creating evidence for your success from other people who have already done it Maria's Action Strategy Roadmap planning process to move towards your goals effectively The fundamental importance of self-expression in living a full & inspiring life Why creativity is impossible without self-expression How Maria chooses who the right people to work with are and who aren't Brent's Show To Tell philosophy to change your life for the better permanently Maria's 2 Rules to designing an artistic lifestyle that is meaningful to you The concept of living with color for amazing interior designing Why it's necessary to decorate your space with art even if you have little money How to educate your "eye" to developing a knack for design Maria's tips for learning about contemporary art

 Pursuing The Path Of Passion – BSL Insider Radio | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:15:59

BSL Insider Exclusive: John Clements from "The ARMA" joins us on the show today. BSL Insider Radio brings you John Clements. The ARMA is what he created to teach the skills of the ancient old arts of Medieval & Renaissance fighting. With his pas...

 Making A Spiritual Recovery In Life – BSL Insider Radio | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:11:49

BSL Insider Exclusive: Ben Levenson from "Origins Recovery"  joins us on the show today. There are a number of challenges affecting us in the world today. Regardless of what they may be, they play the role in affecting all of us. Addiction is one of those things. It takes control of a person and monopolizes the entire environment around them in its destruction. The question becomes, in what proper context do we look at the ailment to aid a complete recovery? You may not have an addiction, but if you have attachments that keep you back from being of service to the world in the most giving manner, there's a dialogue here that's very important for you to listen to. In what may be our most deepest conversation yet, we present you Ben Levenson. He's one of the top CEO's in America running the pre-eminent addiction and recovery centers in the United States. Origins Recovery, with the guidance of Ben, has been chosen to facilitate the successful recovery of Dr. Phil's clients behind the scenes while he's made over 20 appearances on the show.  Hit the play button below to have your reality jarred wide open. Our BSL Insider: As co-founder of Origins Recovery Centers, Ben Levenson brings the strategic vision and executive leadership to the Origins organization. Ben’s deep love for recovery and compassion for those with addictive illness and their families was born out of his own harrowing battle with and recovery from chronic addiction. Through Ben’s extraordinary recovery experience, he launched Origins Recovery Centers as an enduring beacon of hope to those afflicted. Ben has charged Origins with a legacy to continually develop, improve and provide highly-effective systems of comprehensive addiction treatment. Ben’s passion keeps him on the ‘front lines’ where he speaks publicly on  addiction treatment issues and lobbies for improvements in quality and availability of treatment. Ben’s passionate advocacy for recovery extends globally as he works with governments and programs internationally for the advancement of the treatment sciences. Ben actively serves on numerous distinguished boards, including, but not limited to, C4, a global non-profit corporation set to help improve the effectiveness of substance abuse prevention and recovery services, the Center for Students in Recovery at University of Texas at Austin Campaign Advisory Council, the South Padre Island Economic Development Corporation (EDC) and the South Padre Island Chamber of Commerce. In his personal time, Ben takes pleasure in being with his family, playing golf, fly fishing and traveling abroad. Again, Ben's been on Dr. Phil working behind the scenes with his clients in a prominent way. There's a reason why he was called to assist in those situations. Origins Recovery is one of the top addiction recovery places in the US, bar none. Ben created a revolutionary approach to mental health that never existed previously until he combined medical & clinical care with the spiritual component. His state of inner being has been reflected back in a powerful way externally. The world is a mirror indeed. To get the full scope on what we mean, you have to tune in. It will be the best hour you've spent. In This Episode, You Will Learn:  The #1 thing you cannot make a complete recovery without Why spiritual-based care is the perfect model for treatment along side medical and clinical care The context under which transformation really occurs The in's and out's of addiction, how it works and it's devastating consequences The power of prayer and meditation as a practice for alignment in life (not necessarily spiritually either) What the byproduct of having a purpose is Ben's take on "Story" How the whole system (environment/family) can be taken down with the presence of one addict The correct way to facilitate an addict to making a full recovery How spirituality plays roles in your life that you are not aware of Many more deep, deep insights...

 The New Course In Miracles – BSL Insider Podcast | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:14:06

BSL Insider Exclusive: Amy Oscar, author of "Sea Of Miracles" and intuitive consultant joins us on the show today. Do you believe in miracles? There was a time where I was a skeptic of any "woo-woo" talk regarding angels, miracles, etc. Most of us aren't taught to be raised with believing in the unseen and operating from that place. In fact, our conditioning teaches us the exact opposite. Believe only what you can see, be attached to things, go search outside for meaning or for answers, and on... I remember being in high school driving back from a friend's musical event at another school one night. It was around 10:30 or 11:00 PM, and the roads on the highway were completely clear. Cruising my car down the third lane of the highway at 80 mph when out of nowhere, as I was passing an on-ramp of an exit coming onto the highway, a man driving his car comes from that far right, on-ramp lane. He cuts me off across three lanes without using his signal, driving 45 mph, and coming from my blind spot almost. I swerved into the fourth lane to my left and was just straightening out the wheels, when my right tires skidded and the car lost control. My car started spinning round and round back across all four lanes then flips, end over end, as I hit the patchy grassy land sloping down onto the side-roads. My car flipped and flipped on what seemed likely to be the end of my life. It bounced on the top of my car and back from the bottom about 7 times with my seatbelt flying off. All the while, I felt suspended in mid-air right in the middle of my car with one arm on the steering wheel and one arm trying to press against the passenger seat. It felt like something was holding me right there in that middle space of the car, something preventing me from smashing the top of my head everytime my car bounced end over end. To this day, I had always said that "it felt like an angel was holding me in place", but it wasn't until today that I actually thought it was an angel. Maybe, we all have encountered angels in our experiences of life. Who knows? Maybe, someone can help you realize instances where you may have encountered yours. Enter Amy Oscar. She's an intuitive consultant & a soul caller trainer. Hit the play button below to listen to what is a discussion on The New Course In Miracles in today's show. By the way, I barely walked away from that accident, one that the EMT said 98% don't ever survive, with nothing but a few minor cuts from the shards of glass flying everywhere. Our BSL Insider: Amy Oscar is the co-author (with Doreen Virtue) of My Guardian Angel: True Stories of Angelic Encounters from the readers of Woman’s World magazine (Hay House, 2009). The creator of The Soul Caller Training, Amy is an energetic, empathic and dynamic teacher who also offers Intuitive Spiritual Guidance, encouraging her clients and students develop a personal relationship with the divine. Amy moderates #SoulCall, a Sunday morning Twitter chat. On her website Amy hosts the year-long "Wisdom Series" and offers a free worksheet: The Four Soul Questions Everyone Should be Asking Now. Her background includes training in Angel Therapy with Doreen Virtue; Sacred Contracts and Spiritual Alchemy with Caroline Myss at CMED Institute; Biographical Counseling at Sunbridge College. Twenty-five years ago, Amy worked with Robert Fritz, the founder of DMA: a beautiful and life-altering program in creating and visualization. It's where she began her training in the patterns of human consciousness. Before all of the miracle-working, Amy was a Computer Telecommunications Specialist. Working in New York City, 30 years ago, she helped bankers and financial analysts deal with the strange new personal computers which they’d found on their desks. Amy Oscar used to work as a systems analyst at one point in her life. It was also a time things like feathers, angels, signs, crystals would never have resonated with her.

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BSL Insider Exclusive: Sarah Cronk from "The Sparkle Effect" joins us on the show today. "How" is a killer. It's a killer of dreams, goals, hope, abilities, talents, movements, causes, ambitions, etc. It zaps you of your unlimited ability to make ANYTHING you want to make happen. It's called creativity. Creativity shows up in many forms and has a number of names. The point always being to simply do whatever it is you feel moved to do. Asking not "how?" but "what next?" rather. Stop asking 'how' because it never serves you, it only delays you. So without further ado, please welcome the living embodiment of The Sparkle Effect herself, Sarah Cronk. Her energy is infectious and purely inspiring. Listen and feel the need to create. It's the best. It's Highest First. "Wisdom is not knowing so much what to do and the ultimate is knowing what to do next." --Herbert Hoover Our BSL Insider: Sarah Cronk, the founder of The Sparkle Effect, also serves as its President and Creative Director. Sarah, currently a student at Whitman College, helped to create and coach the nation's first high-school based inclusive cheerleading squad at Pleasant Valley High School in Bettendorf, Iowa, when she was just 15 years old. While at Pleasant Valley, Sarah served as the captain of the squad that, under her stewardship, completed its 6th season and grew to include 21 students! For Sarah's work creating socially inclusive opportunities for teens with disabilities nationwide, she has been given one honor after another. In 2012, CNN featured Sarah as a "Breakthrough Woman," Build a Bear named her a "Huggable Hero," and L'Oreal honored her as a "Woman of Worth." The Classy Awards selected The Sparkle Effect as a regional winner for the Human Rights Charity of the Year. In 2011, Sarah was one of five high school students in the country selected as a National Honoree by the Prudential Spirit of Community Awards. She was also honored with the "Violet Richardson Award" by the Soroptimists and the "Robert Sheppard Leadership Award" by the National Society of High School Scholars. Whitman College selected Sarah as a "Claire Sherwood Scholar" for her combination of scholarship and leadership abilities. In August, Sarah garnered the $100,000 grand prize at the 2011 Do Something Awards! In 2010, Sarah was recognized with a "Kids Who Care Award" by Kohl's and an "Amazing Athlete Award" by American Cheerleader Magazine. Sarah was lauded by Do Something as a "dedicated young social activist" on MTV's America's Best Dance Crew's Champions for Charity episode. Clay Aiken's National Inclusion Project selected Sarah as a "Champion of Change" for the second time for her work in encouraging the world to abandon perceptions of normalcy while learning to embrace and appreciate diversity. In 2009, Sarah was profiled in People Magazine as a "Hero Among Us." The International Leadership Network chose Sarah as the nation's "Young Achiever of the Year," and Sarah was one of just five students nationwide to be named to Parade Magazine's "All-American Service Team." Oprah Winfrey featured Sarah and The Sparkle Effect on her show in November of 2009 and again in November of 2010! When Sarah isn't busy generating, funding, and training new inclusive cheerleading and dance teams nationwide, she brings the beauty of yoga to people of all abilities as a certified yoga instructor. Sarah is also an active member of Kappa Kappa Gamma Sorority at Whitman College as well as the Senior Resident Advisor in her dorm. If you listened to the show, you already know how incredible her simple story really is. It's moving for anyone who may hear it. She connected with what was possible by simply moving in the direction of a cause she saw a need for and had a vision for. If you haven't listened in yet, go down and hit play right now. In This Episode, You Will Learn: How to create your own business or non-profit with no money, no direction,

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BSL Insider Exclusive: Henna Inam from "Transformational Leadership Inc." joins us on the show today. Leadership is a beautiful thing. It allows for so much fulfillment of the unlimited possibilities we all have as individuals. Following this path ensures many things we all seek to achieve in a myriad of, often unhealthy, ways such as playing to our full potential, creating wealth, making personal growth, being connected and involved in something greater. We all love power, yet we are often terrified of just how capable we really are. We all can develop ourselves into the most amazing person that we can be, yet we focus on consuming as much television as we can to really ingrain in us just how unfulfilling our lives really are not. We all have had fun and exciting relationships with the opposite sex, yet we get attached to someone who may not serve our highest purpose nor most authentic self anymore, as if we couldn't attract or create a better experience with someone else just like we had already done the first time. Ultimately, it boils down to taking control of your life through your ability to lead it any which way you choose. It's your choice and only yours. No one can tell you how to live it. Because that choice comes from inside of you. Today, Henna Inam comes on the show to tell you about the choice she made in taking control of her life through the purpose of her leadership. Our BSL Insider: Henna Inam is the CEO of Transformational Leadership Inc. a company focused on helping women achieve their potential to be transformational leaders, creating great innovation, engagement, and growth in their teams and organizations. As an executive coach, speaker, and consultant to organizations developing their female talent, Henna brings the expertise she gained from her 20 years managing P&L’s working in companies like Procter & Gamble and Novartis. She brings functional expertise from direct experience in Marketing, Finance, Sales and General Management. She also has significant global experience, having lived/worked in 7 countries across 4 continents. She is a frequent speaker on women’s leadership, blogger for Smartblogs on Leadership and The Glass Hammer, and is quoted in Fortune/CNN/Money online and Forbes Woman. The founder of Transformational Leadership Inc. has to be a powerfully, empowered person. What else could you expect from such a highly developed individual who's discovered her personal motivational triggers to excel in life with any endeavor she chooses. From resolving nasty corporate conflicts to shifting personal brands of transformation, Henna has the experience to back up her arsenal of leadership tools to help you craft yours. Listen below to learn more. In This Episode, You Will Learn: About the major opportunity conflict creates Henna's Conflict Threshold Principle to thriving in high-pressure environments How to practice empathy to understand another person's worldview The possibilities of transformation that letting go provides you Henna's Leadership Purpose Pillar to creating your own Personal Leadership Brand How easy leadership really is and how willing people are to follow Why inner work has no shortcut outside of yourself What you were never told about starting a business The power of noticing things to be grateful for in your life and the effects of practicing that What the whole goal of mindfulness is Why you want to start practicing mindfulness and meditation immediately Henna's unique definition of Leadership Conscious Capitalism, the future of business and what that means How relevant collaboration now is to the progress of any business or individual Negative consequences involved in making comparisons and using someone else's "yardstick" Just how much you have to gain by limiting your media consumption Henna's Mentoring Circle idea to exponentially creating impact for many people Where You Can Find Henna:

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BSL Insider Exclusive: Dr. Tamar Chansky author of "Freeing Yourself From Anxiety" joins us on the show today. Your energy is one of the most valuable currencies that you've got. It allows you to mentally perform, physically move, emotionally thrive and spiritually be. Energy operates on every single fundamental level of life and within the living forces of nature. Remember those days when you are alert and feel inspired to take on life? How amazing is it to move through the day from that place of vitality? You feel unstoppable. You feel great. You feel happy. Let me not remind you of those other days, when you wake up totally drained. Not a good feeling. Nothing seems to make those days function better, not more sleep and not even healthier food. There's a reason for this... The reason is stress, or its other twin companions--worry, anxiety, and tension. Nothing devoids you of your vital life force called "energy" like the stressors of anxiety and worry. It will completely and utterly rob you of all you need to dominate your life on mental, physical, emotional and spiritual levels. That's why the fastest way to inject more "living" into your life can come from simply eliminating these stressors. Almost automatically, you can feel the energy of your beingness come to life allowing you to create for anything you choose to have in your life or for other's lives. Enter the anxiety-killer herself, Dr. Tamar Chansky. Our BSL Insider: Dr. Chansky has devoted her professional life to "making the mind a safer place to live" for children, teenagers and adults. This has been her focus since the late 1980s when, in graduate school, she studied cognitive-behavior therapy for anxiety. Since 1995, she has been working as a specialist in anxiety disorders for all ages. In 1999, she founded the Children's Center for OCD and Anxiety in Plymouth Meeting, PA; having broadened the focus to include adults with anxiety, the Center was renamed, The Children's and Adult Center for OCD and Anxiety. Dr. Chansky has appeared on local and national television shows including: CN8 Your Morning, Inside Edition, Action News, TLC: Surviving Motherhood, and The Jane Pauley Show. She has frequently been interviewed on radio programs including NPR's: Voices in the Family with Dr. Dan Gottlieb, with Dr. Alex Barzvi on Sirius XM Doctor Radio, with Lisa Belkin on Sirius Radio, Dr. Laura on Oprah Radio. Dr. Chansky has also been quoted in a wide variety of popular magazines and newspapers including: The New York Times, US News and World Report, Parents Magazine, Parenting, Redbook, Child, and Working Mother. In 2004, she founded an educational website, to provide information about anxiety disorders for parents and teachers. She has blogged on Huffington Post on resilience and optimism for adults and her work has been translated into French, Turkish, Chinese and Korean. She's worked with kids and adults. As you will hear, the duality of working with both the young and the mature has allowed Tamar to create the most effective solutions in dealing with anxiety with revolutionary simplicity. Her methods have worked across the board. She knows the game Story plays in creating all the negative consequences of your life and how to change that. Listen in below to get an understanding of the dark side of Story to better understand its power in creating all the experiences of your life. In This Episode, You Will Learn: Why Dr. Chansky says to just think of anxiety as a Story What you really need to do in the moment that anxiety and worry grips your mind If it's really okay to compartmentalize anything regarding your emotions or feelings Mark Twain's brilliant quote on anxiety that will instantly shed light on the issue What the purpose of worry and anxiety really is and why An interesting perspective regarding your vulnerabilities & your worries The power of questioning for dissolving anxiety Dr.

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BSL Insider Exclusive: Ariel & Shya Kane from "Transformation Made Easy" join us on the show today. Have you heard of "The Six Pillars of _____" or the "7 Highly Contagious Habits of (you know what)" or how about the infamous "Do And Grow Rich." And "The Power of Eeny-Meeny-Miny-Moe" seems to be all the rage right now. "I heard it was powerful stuff." It seems like anywhere you turn for help or guidance or education on ANYTHING, it's like a whole bunch of words coming at you, numbing your brain and your being in the process. Doesn't it make you sick after a while? How about if you just said, "screw it!" Woh. I bet, that at least pulled you into the moment. More so than a book can about how to pull yourself into the moment. There's a profound sense of truth in your being. All you want is to live. That is every single person's true yearning on the inside, screaming out from within themselves. It's never been about the money, the sex, the fame. And it's always been about truly having the greatest experience of being yourself that you can have. To transform now is now. It happens no other way. This special show today brings you two very engaged individuals from whom you will observe the magic of that instantaneous transformation. Enter Ariel & Shya Kane. Our BSL Insider: Ariel and Shya Kane are internationally acclaimed consultants and seminar leaders, as well as award-winning authors of How to Create a Magical Relationship; Being Here, Modern Day Tales of Enlightenment; and Working on Yourself Doesn’t Work. They have guided thousands of clients, from individuals to Fortune 500 companies, in experiencing Instantaneous Transformation in their relationships, finances, workplace environments, and communication skills. Since 1987 Ariel and Shya Kane have been catalysts for the personal transformation of thousands of individuals, businesses, and organizations, including the United Nations Women's Guild and the United Nations Society of Enlightenment and Transformation, through their books, workshops, seminars, podcasts, and consulting work. Working together, they offer a balanced perspective of both male and female points of view. As a couple in a loving, satisfying, and thriving relationship (married for 24 years), the Kanes truly walk their talk. We all experience challenging situations – breakups, stress, loss, tension at work, financial strain – the Kanes assist people in finding their way to well-being without having to "work on" themselves or find "solutions" to their "problems." Using an anthropological approach, which allows participants to move forward without self judgment, they show people how to live in the moment. According to the Kanes, "When transformation happens, it happens in this moment of now. It isn't a goal that you set for yourself. It is an event that literally shifts your ability to experience your life so that satisfaction and well-being are the norm – Instantaneous Transformation." In a world where solutions to our problems are offered at a head-spinning rate, the Kanes suggest that simply recognizing our unexamined beliefs can facilitate resolution. They have found that slight shifts in reality create quantum shifts in life. Their approach clears out the mental clutter, which allows communication and inspiration to flow. They guide clients through this process using the Instantaneous Transformation technology. How often do you see two people coming together in the manner in which Ariel and Shya Kane have? It's remarkable to see two such highly-developed and self-fulfilled individuals form a bond of this nature. If there ever was someone living a "matrix-free" marriage, it would be these guys. They've broken the paradigms of traditional relationships and marriages that haven't been working for a longtime. Their collaboration together has created an undeniably, great body of work that's helped and enriched the lives of many people around the world.


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