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Betting 360 - Betting From All Angles

Summary: Betting 360 is here to help all you punters out there get in-depth information from sports betting and Australian horse racing experts. We've got analysts in the field crunching the numbers and an expert interview every week to give you that betting edge. Whether you're in to racing or sports betting, we've got you covered so tune in, sit back and prepare to place your bets with a little more confidence.

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  • Artist: Dave Duffield: Australian Horse Race Expert and Professional Punter
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 Betting 360 Ep 005: Dave dives Into Jackpot Hunting and Positive EV with Actuary Nick Aubrey | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 20:41

Dave introduces us to Nick Aubrey who is a former actuary who uses advanced mathematics and probability theory to get an extra edge when punting on horse races. He has earned the nickname of ''Anomaly Nick'' as he leverages anomalies in the horse ra...

 Betting 360 Ep 004: Dave Gets Into the Specifics behind Race Horse Training with Chris Waller | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 20:59

Dave has a chat with Chris Waller who shares invaluable insights from the perspective of a world class trainer, talking about the importance of a horse’s confidence, race placement, trials, weights and much more. Chris has successfully grown his stables in Sydney and is a force to be reckoned with in this highly competitive racing jurisdiction. He likes to get involved in all aspects of preparing horses for a race, and has built a high class team of professionals that take a lot of pride in producing top quality race horses. The insights shared on the podcast are sure to be a great addition to any punter’s knowledge base. Punting Insights You'll Find How Chris devises race plans when he has multiple runners in the same race. When and why he uses trials. Why his horses usually peak in their second or third runs of their preparation. The benefits of having a satellite stable in Melbourne. The strategy behind importing top quality horses to Australia. How a horse’s bodyweight fluctuations can influence it’s race performance. Today's Guest: Chris Waller Chris Waller Racing Chris' Closing Tip: "From a punting perspective, the further you go back in a race the more trouble you run into." Get the Transcript: Episode 004 : Dave Gets Into the Specifics behind Race Horse Training with Chris Waller Welcome to Betting 360, your number one source for horse racing and sports betting insights. Coming around the bend is your host David Duffield, with another expert view to give you the winning edge. David: Hello and welcome to episode 4 of Betting 360. I’m your host David Duffield, and every week I bring on a special guest to look at punting from all angles. Today that expert is someone who really needs no introduction at all, and that is Sydney trainer Chris Waller. Let’s find out right now what punters can learn from a record breaking trainer. David: Hello again listeners. I’d like to welcome you to Sydney’s leading trainer, Chris Waller , to the show. How are you doing Chris? Chris: Very good thanks. David: That’s good to hear, thanks for coming on. I’d like to get started by talking about something that you mention quite a bit in post-race interviews and that’s a horse’s confidence. I know you like to take them through their grades, but why do you think that this is important? Chris: I just relate it to people, we all like to feel good in what we’re doing, whether it be a job or sports. I think giving someone confidence is a big thing so obviously we’ve got staff and we try to include them as part of the team and they get a bit of confidence from that, and likewise with the horses, which I think is the most important. You just need to keep them interested. That’s what takes them home at night, to make them enjoy their stable environment and enjoy their food. Any sign of stress is directly shown in the feed bin and if the horse is not eating then they won’t maintain their weight, and then you have a double effect. They are struggling with their work because they aren’t eating enough so it’s just one big circle if I could explain it very briefly. David: So do you think the opposite applies? I mean if you throw a horse in the deep end do you think they can lose confidence quite quickly, and maybe struggle to get that back? Chris: In particular with average horses. With the good ones you can get away with having an off day and things like that, they’ll bounce back, but I guess the success of a trainer is getting the average horses to run well. There are a lot more of those types of horses, therefore you’ve got a lot more investors in those horses and more punters on those horses. A good trainer needs to concentrate on those horses, just as much as he does on his Group 1 horses. David: Alright. You have such a large stable and so many horses to stay on top of and try and improve. What is your process in trying to place them to their best advantage?

 Betting 360 Ep 003: David Digs into Uncovering a Betting Edge in Liquid Markets with Brendan Poots | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 24:59

Dave brings Brendan Poots on the show this week to share some insights on discovering betting edges within what are normally considered very efficient markets.  Brendan operates The Priomha Group which is a hedge fund that invests systematically in sports betting instead of the typical stocks, bonds and mutual funds. Brendan has a background in the financial investment sector and experience as a bookmaker.  Combining skills learned in both fields, he has developed some interesting strategies for seeking out edges in liquid markets, hedging betting risks, managing funds and consistently seeing positive returns. Punting Insights You'll Find Why there are still consistent betting edges in liquid markets: and where you can look to find them. Specific tips and advice from a pro for a few sports markets including tennis, cricket, soccer and in play trading. How Brendan hedges his risk and manages his portfolio for consistent returns. Tax implications for your winnings and how his hedge fund pays out accordingly. Today's Guest: Brendan Poots His Hedge Fund - Priomha Group Brendan's Closing Tip: "What you'll see a lot of the time, and it happened again in the recent cricket tests in New Zealand and England is that when a side is set 380 plus to win in the last innings, you just take the set against them because history says that its not going to happen." Get the Transcript: Episode 003 : David Digs into Uncovering a Betting Edge in Liquid Markets with Brendan Poots Welcome to Betting 360, your number one source for horse racing and sports betting insights.  Coming around the bend is your host, David Duffield with another expert interview to give you the winning edge! David: Hello and welcome to Betting 360.  I'm your host David Duffield and for episode three I'd like to bring on a special guest to help us once again look at punting from a different angle.  Our expert today is Brendan Poots.  He is a sports hedge fund manager at Priomha Capital. He has an interesting background in professional sports as a cricketer, also as a bookmaker and as an investment banker.  He's taken a lot of that experience and applied it to the sports betting world so he runs a fund with external investors and it's his job to get them good returns.  It's a non-traditional type of investment, somewhat of a pioneer in the field I suppose you could say.  But I wanted to have a chat to him about that today and also what the everyday punter can learn.  He has some good insights in betting into soccer, also on tennis, and some in-play trading and some cricket as well so with the Ashes coming up I thought was worth chatting with him how best to go about trading or betting on cricket.  So let's have a chat with Brendan. David: Hello again listeners, I'd like to welcome our special guest to the show. How are you going Brendan? Brendan: I'm well, thanks Dave. David: Good to have you on the show and thanks for joining us.  We might as well start by explaining what to some might be a strange concept because they're used to the finance investment world, but what is Priomha Capital? Brendan: Okay well Priomha Capital is a sports hedge fund and I'll sort of go back into the genesis of the idea first of all.  I started playing county cricket a long time ago in the mid-90's and during that time, one of the benefactors of anyone who plays cricket overseas is a rich guy who will look after you, give you the house and the car and what have you.  My guy was a bookmaker so whilst I was playing cricket during the day with the long summer nights I would be a bookmaker at night.  It was during that period that I noticed the value of sports betting.  Sports betting and sports bookmaking, particularly  golf, cricket and tennis.  It was heavily traded in the bookmakers over in England and that got me thinking.  Fast forward five or six years later once I had realised my cricket ambitions weren't going anywhere,

 Betting 360 Ep 002: Dave Discusses Turning Pro with Elihu Feustel | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 20:21

Dave brings Elihu Feustel on the show today to dig into the numbers behind his mathematical approach to sports betting.  Elihu is a professional sports gambler, lecturer and author of the book Conquering Risk: Attacking Vegas and Wall Street. Elihu has a vast background in statistical analysis and specialises in developing mathematical models for different sports betting scenarios.  Dave picks his brain to bring you some insights into examining a sport for its gambling potential, determining whether you're ready to go pro, and managing your bankroll even during a losing streak. Punting Insights You'll Find The most important elements you need to consider before quitting your day job to go pro. The minimum level of mathematical skills necessary to make a living from gambling. Why betting percentages based on your edge and your bankroll is essential for long term betting. How you can determine if you're ready to go pro, and why it's more of a lifestyle change than you might think. Today's Guest: Elihu Feustel - The Sports Investor His Book - Conquering Risk: Attacking Vegas and Wall Street Elihu's Parting Advice: The everyday gambler doesn't use heavy math.  They bet on hunches and teams they like, but they aren't serious about winning.  If you're not working 40 hours a week, you're probably not doing the work necessary to keep winning going forward. Get the Transcript: Episode 002: Dave Discusses Turning Pro with Elihu Feustel Welcome to Betting 360, your number one resource for horse racing and sports betting insights.  Coming around the bend is your host, David Duffield with another expert interview to give you the winning edge! David: Hello and welcome to Betting 360, I'm your host David Duffield and every week I'll bring on a special guest to look at punting from all angles.  Many people think the life of a professional gambler has plenty of glitz and glamor with no losing runs.  The reality is almost always very different to that.  Today on the podcast I have a special guest with a pretty fascinating background.  He's a professional gambler, a lecturer, he manages a syndicate for a tennis betting model and he's a co-author of a great book called Conquering Risk: Attacking Vegas and Wall Street.  His name is Elihu Feustel. David: Welcome back to the show, I'm happy to welcome our special guest Elihu Feustel.  Thanks for your time today Elihu in helping educate the punters from down under. Elihu: Good morning! David: Good morning.  Now many of my listeners will be familiar with your background from an article I published recently on your thoughts on developing sports betting models and in particular tennis betting. But just in case they missed that can you give us a quick overview of who you are and what you do? Elihu: I used to be a lawyer, I have a degree in math and now I'm a full time sports bettor.  I analyse data for sports and come up with mainly quantitative ways to beat sports.  I don't put much emphasis on subjective information, it's all data. David: Alright and so how do you even get started doing that?  Obviously you need access to the data, but what type of theories do you use or how are you coming up with edges on the market? Elihu: Well you have to understand the sport.  If you understand the sport, you can describe what you think will happen in terms of math.  If you understand it, you can translate that understanding into mathematical equations, and then get lots of data.  You analyse sports, make predictions and if you do a better job than the books you can bet openers and if you do a better job than the world you can bet closers. David: I've heard you discuss that before and use that as a way of assessing your edge on the market.  Whether you're beating the closing line. Elihu: Yes. David: So today I want to discuss being a full time gambler.  The question of should I quit my day job and go pro is a fairly wide ranging topic.

 Betting 360 Ep 001: Dave Talks Sectional Times With Vince Accardi | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 20:33

Dave catches up with Vince to discuss sectional times and how you can use them to your advantage when searching for betting opportunities.  Vince has revolutionized the sectional times industry by providing truly accurate sectionals on his website In Vince's vast experience watching, analysing and re-watching race tapes paired with years at the track, he says that consistency is the name of the game when it comes to data flow and tracking sectionals.  Whether you're a national, state or carnival only punter, having accurate and consistent data for your preferred race type is critical when betting based on sectional time analysis. Punting Insights You'll Find The absolute first thing you need to identify in a runner from a sectional times perspective. How a horse's weight effects their closing speed and how that can affect your punting. Why using position in running can be a flawed metric. The trap many punters fall into with runners going up in distance. Today's Guest: Vince Accardi - Daily Sectionals Vince's Picks: Reliable Man - Take a Closer Look (Update) - Since the recording of this episode, Reliable Man has won at double figure odds but was injured in that race. Learn More Get the Transcript: Episode 001: Dave Talks Sectional Times With Vince Accardi Welcome to Betting 360, your number one source for horse racing and sports betting insights. Coming around the bend is your host David Duffield, with another expert view to give you the winning edge. David: Hi, this is your host David Duffield and I'm the founder of and I'm very excited to launch the Betting 360 podcast where we're going to take a look at betting from all different angles. Today, we start things off with Vince Accardi from and Vince actually works closely with us in providing the most accurate sectional times that are available. I think we've spoken a few times about the official data and just the lack of accuracy and lack of detail there so Vince has basically revolutionized the sectional times industry, and today we get insights from him on how you can use that to your advantage and find some good betting opportunities. David: First ever Betting 360 podcast and who's better to kick things off than someone who is almost part of the family here, that's the one and only Vince Accardi, welcome Vince! Vince: Welcome, David! How are you on this fantastic day? David: Going very well, thanks! Really looking forward to having a chat. Now obviously almost all of your work is in reviewing races, you've spent half of your life watching videos and doing the digital timing but everyone listening today is a punter so I'd like to get your thoughts on different aspects of the form, just in general terms to get started. How do you think most punters can get the most out of sectional times and your information in particular? Vince: Well, I tell you, depending on maybe people have different aspects to where they like to punt, some people like to punt nationally or I was generally expecting the main problem in specific states. So the key element when it comes to sectional times is having some consistency of data flow.  Really comes back down to being able to get information from each and every TAB meeting that is conducted in that jurisdiction. David: We've covered before lots of times about the accuracy or the lack of official data so we're not getting to that anymore detail, but in terms of reading the sectionals ,assuming someone has access to your data or accurate data, what should they be looking for in the sectionals?  Is it horses with the best closing speed that can accelerate? Is early speed just as important? Just give us your thoughts on that. Vince: Yeah, well, I feel one of the big tools that I've learned over a powerhouse use from a sectional times perspective is the profiling, it’s understanding the profile of a horse.


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