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 Meet the Taco Plebs - The Importance of Orange Pills w/ Pleb.Hodl of Bull Bitcoin | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Pleb.Hodl, Bull Bitcoin's new head of marketing, discussed his rabbit hold journey and the importance of welcoming precoiners. In this episode of Bitcoin Magazine's "Meet The Taco Plebs," I sat down with Bull Bitcoin's newest head of marketing, Pleb.Hodl (@btcplebeian on Twitter) to discuss his unique Bitcoin rabbit hole story, his new position at Bull Bitcoin, the effect Bitcoin has on one's mindset and much more. Pleb.Hodl went into detail about his experience being 'œfiat pilled' coming out of university and the awakening that he had after being around people that advocated for bigger government. Along with this, we discussed the effects that believing in the ideals around Bitcoin has on individuals and society in general. To finish, we delved into his new position at Bull Bitcoin and the excitement he has for the opportunity to work with the team there and build a phenomenal platform for true Bitcoiners.

 The Van Wirdum Sjorsnado - Hardware Wallets and Blockstream's Jade wallet - NADO 43 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

In this episode of The Van Wirdum Sjorsnado, Aaron van Wirdum hosts one more interview without his regular cohost Sjors Provoost. Instead, he is joined by Blockstream's Lawrence Nahum, one of the developers behind the Jade wallet, and Ben Kaufman, one of the developers of the Spectre wallet, which is specifically designed to work with hardware wallets. Aaron, Lawrence and Ben talk about what hardware wallets are, and discuss the design tradeoffs that different hardware wallets have taken by focussing on the Trezor, Ledger and ColdCard specifically. In this light, Lawrence and Ben explain what secure elements and secure chips are, and why some hardware wallets choose to rely on using such chips more than others. Then, Lawrence explains which tradeoffs the Jade wallet makes. He also details how an additional server-based security step is used to further secure the Jade wallet, and briefly outlines some additional differences in hardware wallet designs, for example those focused on usability. Finally, Aaron, Lawrence and Ben discuss whether the concept of hardware wallets are a good idea in the first place, or if it would perhaps be better to use dedicated smartphones to store your bitcoin. And don't worry, Sjors will be back for episode 44!

 Bitcoin Magazine Podcast - The Infrastructure Bill is Bad for Bitcoin in America w/ Rep. Warren Davidson | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Unless you've been living under a rock for the past 48 hours, you've likely heard about the last-minute addition of a cryptocurrency tax to the U.S. Senate's forthcoming infrastructure bill. In this episode of the 'œBitcoin Magazine Podcast,' host David Zell sat down with one of D.C.'s strongest Bitcoin supporters, Representative Warren Davidson (R-OH), to talk about the specific language and potential impact of this cryptocurrency tax legislation. As it stands now, the bill's language is so broad that it could apply to a myriad of crypto-related activities that have no business being taxed. Worse still, the additional compliance costs that this bill could trigger would gravely jeopardize the viability of companies and startups in the Bitcoin space. Davidson blasted its stunningly poor verbiage, lamenting that it must have been written by people either totally ignorant about the industry or worse, by people looking to harm it. In his view, passing the bill in its current form would be a disaster both for the cryptocurrency industry and the American economy overall. Davidson spoke about how this bill marks a departure from America's longstanding role as a nation that spearheads innovation. Should it pass with its current language, he warned, America risks missing out on one of the most revolutionary technological strides in history and falling behind our adversaries in this vital innovation. 'œAmerica led in the Industrial Revolution, the advent of the automobile and the development of the internet,' said Davidson, 'œand now America is about to forfeit that leadership with this new technology.' The congressman discussed how the bill might be altered for the better and how much time there is to fix it. At the end of our discussion, Davidson called on the Bitcoin community to jam up the phone lines of their elected officials and implore them to fight the cryptocurrency tax language in the bill. You won't want to miss this.

 Unhashed Podcast - FIFA Grinding, The Silly PoW | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

On this week's episode of the Unhashed Podcast we talk about the latest in NFT weirdness with celebrity "Stoner Cats", how video game grinding is the original PoW, Blockfi's regulatory setback, ThorChains incompetency, the new EU proposal on crypto regulations, and more! In a hard hitting piece from Coindesk, a new animated web series, 'œStoner Cats,' launches Monday, featuring Mila Kunis, Ashton Kutcher, Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin, Jane Fonda, and others. To watch the first five-minute episode, viewers must purchase a non-fungible token (NFT) for 0.35 ETH each, which is both a digital artwork of a character from the show, as well as a ticket to unlock all 'œStoner Cats' episodes as they are made. Actress and entrepreneur Mila Kunis, along with Sound Ventures Partner Maaria Bajwa were interviewed to 'œshare insights' into their project. Last week, Ukrainian authorities busted a massive illegal Sony PlayStation 4 farm for what they believed was a crypto mining operation. As it turns out, the warehouse was actually grinding for FIFA Ultimate Team coins and cards. According to the Ukrainian business journal Delo, which undertook an investigation itself following skepticism from initial findings by the authorities, the 3,800 PS4s discovered weren't actually being used to mine cryptocurrency, which makes sense given how their hardware and graphics cards aren't ideal. It also pointed out that in many photos you can see game discs actually sticking out of the consoles. The Security Service of Ukraine has refused to comment on Delo'˜s findings, explaining that the ongoing investigation must be kept a secret. For those unfamiliar, the Ultimate Team game mode within FIFA allows gamers to build their own custom teams with various player cards. To get better players, you'll have to play and win more matches, giving you in-game currency to buy packs. Alternatively, you can also pay with real currency to buy coins to unlock these packs. On the flip side, the in-game currency earned or cards you obtain can be sold back in black markets for actual money. To give you a sense of just how big this market is, official FIFA Ultimate Team transactions brought in $1.6 billion USD for EA in just the past year. '" Big woes this week for Blockfi. It started with the state of New Jersey, Blockfi's home turf, sending in a cease and desist, causing Blockfi to stop offering its Bitcoin Interest Account (BIA for short) to new customers from the state. Within the next several days, Alabama, Texas and Vermont followed suit. At issue is whether or not the BIA is to be deemed a security. In a piece for Coinbase, Preston Byrne lays out the security laws at issue. TLDR, you bank can pay you interest on your dollars and that is not a security because of the tiny risk (due to FDIC insurance), but with BlockFi and other platforms, according to Byrne's interpretation and the suits by the states, you are actually trading your bitcoin for BIA promises, and these promises are securities. '" Last week, the Thorchain protocol was drained of around 4,000 ether. A couple of days ago Thorchain was hit by another exploit, this time costing around $8 million. The hacker claims they deliberately minimized the damage from the exploit in a bid to teach THORChain a lesson, stating: 'œDo not rush code that controls 9 figures,' and 'œDisable until audits are complete.' The hacker adds that they could have stolen Ether, Bitcoin, Binance Coin, Lycancoin, and many BEP-20 tokens if they had wanted to, asserting that 'œmultiple critical issues' were found and that a 10% bug bounty could have prevented the incident. '" Proposed changes to EU law would force companies that transfer Bitcoin or other

 Bitcoin Audible - Read_546 - Could Bitcoin Be Palestine's Currency of Freedom? [Alex Gladstein] | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

'œIndependence is financial,' Abukhdeir told me. 'œIf we don't have financial freedom, nothing is going to change.' - Alex Gladstein Another brilliant addition to the Gladstein series from Bitcoin Magazine. Gladstein has been investigating Bitcoin's benefits for people all over the globe, those in the first world, the third, connected to the modern banking system, the entirely unbanked, those stuck under oppressive regimes, monetary colonialization, & behind walls of political tyranny. Today he takes a deep dive into Palestine and how they have ben bled dry of their capital and manufacturing base over 50 years in significant part through a monetary and banking system completely controlled by external powers. And how Bitcoin may be a spark of hope to begin changing that harsh reality. Could Bitcoin be Palestine's Currency of Freedom? For the best resource on news, information, essays, and education in the Bitcoin space, don't forget to check out the incredible BitcoinMagazine and the LTBNetwork for other shows all about the developments in this ecosystem! Check out tons of other great works & discussion at! Search the library for any topic or work you would like to hear, including other great pieces from Erik Cason. Don't forget your goodies from our awesome sponsors! 5% off the BitBox02 with code "GUY," your bank grade digital vault for your Bitcoin keys from And secure your Bitcoin future by starting your automatic savings plan at

 What Bitcoin Did - WBD324: Bitcoin Philosophy with Gigi | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Location: Remotely Date: Friday 12th March Company: Role: Writer Bitcoin is an implicit rejection of the existing system. From the early cypherpunks to the recent multi-billion dollar CEOs, the people that take the plunge down the rabbit hole possess an ability to think outside-the-box. They come with an open mind and often discover that Bitcoin has changed them. The permissionless nature of Bitcoin means that anyone who is running a node and interacting with the network is able to decide for themselves what Bitcoin is. For different people, it solves different problems, but ultimately, everyone on the network is confined to the rules of consensus. In this interview, I talk to Bitcoin writer Gigi. We discuss the philosophical teachings of Bitcoin, toxicity as a feature, and how bitcoin creates its own space-time.

 Block Crunch - Perpetual: Building the Fastest Growing DeFi Derivatives Exchange - Nicholas Tong & Yenwen Feng, Ep. 155 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Perpetual Protocol, a decentralized derivatives exchange, is processing $100M in volume daily and one of the fastest growing DeFi projects. We invite their team on Blockcrunch to discuss Innovations in onchain derivatives design Creating sustainable incentives for adoption "Curie": the newest update in Perpetual Host: Jason Choi (@MrJasonChoi). This show is not financial advice; show host and guest may hold some of the assets discussed. ------------- Sponsors ------------- PARASWAP is the best place to trade your tokens and get the best price in DeFi today. Get started on SOLANA: The Solana ecosystem is growing at a rapid pace and it's a great place to build your project or get involved with the community. Go to to learn more! ------------- Disclosures ------------- Musical credits: Underground Stars by Loxbeats Creative Commons '" Attribution 3.0 Unported '" CC BY 3.0 Free Download / Stream: Music promoted by Audio Library Disclaimer: Jason Choi is a General Partner at Spartan Capital, a subsidiary of The Spartan Group. All opinions expressed by Jason and podcast guests are solely their own opinions and do not reflect the opinion of The Spartan Group and any of its subsidia

 Bitcoin Magazine Podcast - Fighting for Freedom w/ Zuby | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

During the 2020 lockdowns countries across the globe cracked down on their populations, forcing them inside their homes and closing down businesses from operating normally. Different countries and political structures reacted to these lockdowns in different ways. Most countries found themselves spiraling into more and more totalitarian rule and lockdowns. States have expanded their grasp and where not letting it go despite any real or false threats. In this interview with Thinker, Musician, writer, and freedom fighter Zuby, Christian Keroles dives into Zuby's experiences and learnings from 2020 in the UK. This podcast was inspired by Zuby's twitter thread: ''''20 Things I've Learned (Or Had Confirmed) About Humanity During The 'Pandemic'. This interview dives into many of Zuby's learnings and teases out topics around propaganda, big governments over reach, the state of the average person and many more deep and nuanced topics. Zuby is such a clear thinker and speaker, he has built his reputation on his raw and unfiltered commentary on the world and the nature of humanity. In the interview Zuby expresses hope for people who can start thinking critically and is thankful for tools and practices that can help make a person more sovereign and independent. Zuby has both been a fan of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies while still maintaining a relatively pessimistic view on the technologies ability to reach the masses or have the wide reaching effects that many Bitcoin enthusiasts see in it. In the interview Zuby admits that 2020 has validated Bitcoin to a much greater degree, however still pushes back that it is not a cure-all solution. Please enjoy this wide ranging conversation with Zuby! Follow Zuby on Twitter @ZubyMusic

 Bitcoin Magazine Podcast - Investing with a Bitcoin Mindset w/ Louis Liu | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

For most investors, Bitcoin is still just a hedge. Bitcoin is a small allocation with tremendous upside. The majority of retail and institutional investors alike have yet to fully accept what Hyperbitcoinization is going to do to the world of finance. On this episode of the Bitcoin Magazine podcast Christian Keroles sits down with the CEO and Founder of Mimesis Capital, an institutional investor investing with a Bitcoin mindset. Louis, and young, energized, and brilliant investor cuts through the legacy investing hurristic with a sharp and clear reason why Mimesis and eventually any other serious fund will have to adopt and out perform a Bitcoin standard. According to Louis, fiat denominated funds in the future will not exist and believes that all serious investors will have to outperform Bitcoin in order to prove their worth. Scarcity drives every aspect of Louis's investment mindset. Louis and Mimesis Capital have been investing heavily in Bitcoin directly since the beginning of the pandemic. Following the large run up in price Louis has also allocated capital to uniquely bitcoin oriented businesses like Unchained Capital, Swan Bitcoin, and many more Bitcoin only and bitcoin centric businesses. Louis believes in investing with a long term mindset and in investing in organizations that make Bitcoin stronger. He does not see allocating bitcoin to these startups as losing out on a direct bitcoin investment but rather as further investment in the bitcoin ecosystem. Louis and Mimesis famously purchased the famous fractile encrypt sculpture from the Bitcoin 2021 art auction. Another investment into scarcity. Follow Louis: @louishliu Follow Mimesis Capital: @MimesisCapital

 Unhashed Podcast - Anyprevout Junkies Only | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

On this episode of the Unhashed Podcast we're airing an episode of the Lightning Junkies podcast where Ruben is interviewed. The main topic is "anyprevout", a soft fork for Bitcoin that helps the Lightning Network, as well as some of Somsen's L2 proposals such as statechains and spacechains. If you like the more technical episodes, be sure to check it out, and we'll be back next week with a regular show.

 Bitcoin Audible - Read_544 - Another Way to Think About Bitcoin's Value [Bradley Rettler] | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

"Owning bitcoin is often put in contrast to owning stock in a company that produces a good or service. In virtue of the company producing a good or service and receiving money for the good or service, stock in that company is said to have intrinsic value. Methods of calculation of the intrinsic value of a stock usually involve calculating the value of the assets the company has and/or the expected future earnings. Bitcoin is not a company and produces no goods or services '" so it lacks intrinsic value. So goes the criticism." - Bradley Rettler Why is it so difficult for people to wrap their heads around the idea of Bitcoin's value? Its always met with criticisms like "but it doesn't have intrinsic value," or "but its not backed by anything." In this context, what does intrinsic value even mean, and does Bitcoin have any of it? Dr. Bradley Rettler brings us a great breakdown at Bitcoin Magazine on the philosophy of value & what, if anything, actually has intrinsic value at all. Another Way to Think About Bitcoin's Value: Check out tons of other great works & discussion at! Search the library for any topic or work you would like to hear, including other great pieces from Erik Cason. Don't forget your goodies from our awesome sponsors! 5% off the BitBox02 with code "GUY," your bank grade digital vault for your Bitcoin keys from Shiftcrypto.chAnd $10 in sats for FREE by starting your automatic savings plan at

 Living in the Age of Aquarius with Matt Welsh | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

What is the Age of Aquarius? Orlando-based musician and yogi Matt Welsh believes it's more than just a song from Hair. On this episode, he joins Tatiana to discuss how his family shaped his love of music, his difficulties connecting to organized religion, and how all of that led to his embracing of New Age concepts of physical and spiritual wellness. Plus, he talks about his upcoming appearance at FreedomFest 2021, his partnership with Pirate Chain, and his upcoming album. MUSIC: The Last Stand (Legend of LooTz) by Matt Welsh About the Guest: BLUVNBU(PronouncedBe Love and Be You) is the alias for Orlando based independent New Age Rock artist Matt Welsh. With extensive trainings in Yoga, Qigong, Food Healing, Meditation, Plant Medicines and Breathwork... Matt'sprimarymethod for teaching is through his spiritually rich, energetic songwriting. His uplifting, heartfelt, and honest musical style is empowering seekers from around the world tostand up for their freedomandlive their true purposewith his first seven song original EP,THE AWAKENING...thefirstrock record in history to be based around the 7 Chakras. Matt has quickly risen as a prominent voice within the worldwide freedom movement after performing at Anarchapulco, Miami Crypto Experience, PorcFest and now FreedomFest in 2021. His latest singleThe Last Stand (Legend of LooTz)was written for the privacy focused cryptocurrency projectPirate Chainto help bring mass awareness to theplannedattack on personal freedom before it is too late. This Winter Solstice he will be releasing his next 5 song EP,AQUARIANonAgeofAquarius.orgas thefirstrock record in history designed to embody and ease humanities evolution process during the ongoing transition into the air age of Aquarius. If you like this content, please send a tip with BTC to1Q2QHoNowg8D2QzWhBQU1YrraG771aCpgS More Info: Tatiana Moroz '“ Crypto Media Hub '“ Matt Welsh - Pirate Chain (ARRR) - Friends and Sponsors of the Show: Let's Talk Bitcoin '“ The Tatiana Show '“ Global Crypto Advisors '“ You have been listening to Proof of Love. This show may contain adult content, language, and humor and is intended for mature audiences. If that's not you, please stop listening. Nothing you hear on Proof of Love is intended as financial advice, legal advice, therapy or really, anything other than entertainment. Take everything you hear with a grain of salt. Oh, and if you're hearing us on an affiliate network, the ideas and views expressed on this show, are not necessarily those of the network you are listening on, or of any sponsors or any affiliate products you may hear about on the show.

 Block Crunch - Goldfinch: the Endgame in DeFi? - Mike Sall, Ep. 154 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Mike Sall (@sall) is the co-founder of Goldfinch, a decentralized credit protocol lending to emerging markets and one of my favorite projects in the space. Mike and I discuss: Finding conviction as a founder How Goldfinch tackles distribution uniquely where others have failed Challenges of scaling a decentralized credit fund How Goldfinch got to its current traction Host: Jason Choi (@MrJasonChoi). This show is not financial advice; show host and guest may hold some of the assets discussed. ------------- Sponsors ------------- PERPETUAL PROTOCOL is a fully on-chain exchange built on Ethereum and xDai that allows you to go long or short with up to 10x leverage. Also, they have just released zero-gas-deposits in addition to their near zero gas fees for trading. Visit today to start trading. PARASWAP is the best place to trade your tokens and get the best price in DeFi today. Get started on SOLANA: The Solana ecosystem is growing at a rapid pace and it's a great place to build your project or get involved with the community. Go to to learn more! ------------- Disclosures ------------- Musical credits: Underground Stars by Loxbeats Creative Commons '" Attribution 3.0 Unported '" CC BY 3.0 Free Download / Stream: Music promoted by Audio Library Disclaimer: Jason Choi is a General Partner at Spartan Capital, a subsidiary of The Spartan Group. All opinions expressed by Jason and podcast guests are solely their own opinions and do not reflect the opinion of The Spartan Group and any of its subsidia.

 Bitcoin Magazine Podcast - Why Altcoins are Not a Threat to Bitcoin w/ Udi Wertheimer | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

On today's Bitcoin Magazine Podcast, Christian Keroles sits down with the infamous Bitcoin Twitter personality and troll Udi Wertheimer to discuss why hard core Bitcoin faithful should not be so worried about Alternative Cryptocurrencies. Generally speaking Bitcoiners are very adversarial towards Altcoins and altcoiners. It is not unheard of to see Bitcoiner's loudly decrying Altcoins as all scams and altcoin investors as foolish. Both Udi and Christian don't believe that Altcoins are a challenge to Bitcoin and that they can even be helpful for new people that are not quite primed to understand Bitcoin initially. Bitcoin is quite unintuitive to people still operating on a fiat mindset. Udi also challenges Bitcoiner's by claiming they lose credibility when they continue to pretend that some altcoins like Doge and Ethereum have not outperformed Bitcoin substantially in 2021. Udi thinks that toxicity was much more necessary back in 2015-2017 during the Bitcoin fork wars. He now believes that Bitcoiner's can be much more empathetic and successful at converting new and precoiners to Bitcoin with a less toxic strategy. The current brand of altcoins are no threat to Bitcoin itself and if anything amplifies Bitcoin's brand, reach and TAM. Please listen, share and tell Bitcoin Magazine what you think of this conversations with Udi Wertheimer. Follow Udi @udiWertheimer

 Bitcoin Magazine Podcast - Bitcoin Beach and the El Salvador Bitcoin Law w/ Aaron van Wirdum, Jorge Valenzuela & Chimbera | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

In this episode of the Bitcoin Magazine podcast, Aaron van Wirdum speaks with Jorge Valenzuela and Roman Martinez AKA Chimbera, two community leaders from the Bitcoin Beach project in El Zonte, El Salvador. Jorge and Roman tell the history of the Hope House, the heart of the Bitcoin Beach project, which aims to offer local youth a sense of community and perspective. They explain how their efforts have in recent years come to integrate Bitcoin, and what that process looked like. Jorge and Roman go on to explain how El Zonte has quickly grown to be a Bitcoin hotspot in El Salvador and Central America, and how this has changed the lives of people in the costal surfer town. From there, the Bitcoin Beach community leaders tell how the country of El Salvador adopted the new law to make bitcoin legal tender, and how they received the new law in El Zonte. They also discuss what they think the rest of the country thinks of the new law. Finally, Jorge and Roman speculate about what the Bitcoin law could mean for El Zonte and El Salvador moving forward, and how bitcoiners from all around the world can help make the initiative a success.


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