Minecraft Me - HD Video show

Minecraft Me - HD Video

Summary: Minecraft Me is the top Minecraft show from GeekGamer.TV that is all about Minecraft! It doesn’t matter if your a beginner or an expert, Chase Nunes and Joseph Falbey take you on a ride to to show you all there is about the wonderful world of Minecraft! Tips, tricks, adventures, snapshots, mods and a public server as well!! This is the HD Version! SD (480p) and Audio Only (MP3) versions are available.

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 Minecraft Me #62: This Old House | File Type: video/mp4 | Duration: 1:27:29

Direct Download:  HD Download | SD Download | YouTube | MP3 Audio Only RSS Feeds:  HD Video Feed | SD Video Feed | MP3 Feed | iTunes HD | iTunes SD | iTunes MP3 At the end of a long day of digging, wouldn’t it be nice to have a nice place to come home to?  On this episode, we give you some basic building techniques to make a simple yet effective home of your very own!  We also cover the Minecraft news of the week, server showcase, take your questions and a whole lot more! Show notes and episode page here:  http://www.geekgamer.tv/minecraftme/mm062 Hosts: Chase Nunes, Joseph Falbey Minecraft can be found at: http://www.minecraft.net Special Thanks to Audio Sponsor:  PreSonus Show Notes: Minecraft/Mojang News: Minecraft XBLA Suffers Ender Dragon Update Delay http://www.escapistmagazine.com/news/view/122011-Minecraft-XBLA-Suffers-Ender-Dragon-Update-Delay Minecraft infographic reveals total volume of one entire world http://www.pcgamer.com/2013/02/06/minecraft-infographic-reveals-total-volume-of-one-entire-world/ Minecraft Creator Markus ‘Notch’ Persson Made $100 Million Last Year, is a Little Confused How http://www.forbes.com/sites/davidthier/2013/02/04/minecraft-creator-markus-notch-persson-made-100-million-last-year-is-a-little-confused-how/ Minecraft: Pocket Edition 0.7.0 Update will have multiplayer with servers, new menus and more http://www.droidgamers.com/index.php/game-news/android-game-news/5489-minecraft-pocket-edition-0-7-0-update-will-have-multiplayer-new-menus-and-more Minecraft – Pocket Edition 0.6.1 bugfix is out http://www.mojang.com/2013/02/minecraft-pocket-edition-0-6-1-bugfix-is-out/ Minecraft Snapshot 13w06a http://www.mojang.com/2013/02/minecraft-snapshot-13w06a/ Server Showcase of the Week! By:  PokeGod68 A beautiful tower in the community Minecraft Me server! Portal an be found at:  Spawn Manor  AFK Timer Donation-a-thon!  mail As said during the show, the AFK timer is currently 5 minutes long.  So, in order to raise money for the show and network, every dollar donated from now until 02/17/2012 will add ONE minute to the timer!

 Minecraft Me #61: Herobrine’s Mansion – Part 2 | File Type: video/mp4 | Duration: 1:23:35

Welcome to the future!  The future is made of HD!  and HEROBRINE’S MANSION!  We continue our awesome adventure deep into Herobrine’s homestead!  We also cover the Minecraft news of the week, the server showcase and your questions!  All this and much more on Minecraft Me!


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