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Summary: A call towards global awakening


 Terry Patten, Spiritual Activism and Heroism in Tipping | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 41:15

Listen To Terry Patten: Spiritual teacher Terry Patten was on fire during our tipping interview! He spoke passionately about the crises facing humanity and Planet Earth, offering beautiful hope through the power of the individual mind, individual heart, and the collective consciousness that is becoming more awake. Terry has been an activist and spiritual teacher for most of his life, and I really enjoyed his use of the word of ‘Heroism’ in our talk. We all need to be heroes right now, stepping away from own fear, freeing ourselves from limiting shadow activity, and manifesting authentic action so that we can ‘tip this thing’ from the inside out. I hope this talk fires you up as it did me, and I encourage you to spread it far and wide.  For more on Terry's work, please visit Integral Spiritual Practice today. Thanks and here’s to tipping becoming quite real…! Todd

 The Role of the Feminine: Claire Zammit | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 19:55

Listen To Claire Zammit: The Dalai Lama famously said the world is going to be saved by the western woman. My guest today on the tipping point is a western woman, and someone who is certainly doing her part to make positive change on the Planet. Claire Zammit is a teacher, author and entrepreneur who focuses almost all of her time and boundless energy working with women helping to unleash much needed feminine power into our world. I was so happy when Claire agreed to this interview, as I personally feel a huge part to the tipping point coming to fruition has to do with balancing the masculine and feminine energies that charge our reality. Claire is a perfect person to be speaking with about this, as she runs a well-known online course called Feminine Power (with teaching partner Katherine Woodward Thomas) that has healed, inspired and uplifted tens of thousands of women from all across the planet! As you listen to our interview, you will hear the wisdom coming from Claire is not solely useful for women.  She speaks of the need for a critical mass of people to take on the work of ‘inner development’ and beautifully explains why understanding the myriad frames of reference that exist across human culture are so critical when talking about something like manifesting a Worldwide Tipping Point! I know there has been a calling for more female voices in this interview series, and I hope you see that Claire’s counts for about 10.  Please listen and share with your friends… Thank you and Love, Todd

 Nick Ortner: Create Thriving Businesses While Serving Humanity | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 36:55

Listen To Nick Ortner: Nick Ortner is a fantastic example of a young man with unlimited potential who took the path of service in his professional career. Well known for his documentary film The Tapping Solution and the annual World Tapping Summit his team produces, Nick is one of the leading voices for a particular type of healing modality called ‘Tapping’ which is part of a larger family of modalities called Emotional Freedom Techniques (or EFT’s). What I love most about Nick is not only his passion to help people heal, but also his creative and entrepreneurial energy to generate sustainable business models for meaningful work (like his Tapping brand). As many of you know I have been working and consulting with leaders and organizations in the personal growth/social change space for many years, and when I see a young guy like Nick come along and build a multi-million dollar a year business which solely focuses on helping people, I say we need to pay attention! How many unbelievable authors, artists, speakers and healers do you know who have important messages to share with the world but remain stuck in isolation because they have no idea how to market themselves and build a sustainable business model around their work? They number in the millions, and as you listen to my interview with Nick think of the wisdom he brings in this realm.  The bottom line:  We can ALL live a life of service and it's also possible to thrive while doing so! At the end of our chat, Nick even goes so far to imagine someone becoming the first billionaire in this space, and how incredibly meaningful that might be. In so many ways, Nick represents the Tipping Point and I encourage you to send this message far and wide…as I hope it motivates you not only to live a life of service, but also create a solid business model that allows you and your colleagues to thrive! Love, Todd

 Using Music to Accelerate the Tipping Point: Gary Malkin | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 38:45

Listen to Gary Malkin: Music is truly the universal language. In it’s purest form music holds the capacity to bind human beings together, and the timeless power of an authentic musical experience is transcendent by nature.  There wouldn’t be much of a tipping point discussion without a deep exploration into what is possible for planetary change through the vehicle of music! One of the questions I found myself asking during the development of the tipping series was this:  Are there certain genres of music, or even new ones, which meet the demands of the tipping point phenomena? This is why I am so thrilled and honored to have Gary Malkin on the Tipping Point. Gary is someone who has spent his entire life and professional career in the musical arts.  A gifted composer and musician (and someone who has actually been able to create a successful career in music), Gary’s personal journey provides some interesting clues regarding my inquiry. Gary holds music as a vehicle which enables people to ‘drop into states’ they may not otherwise be able to enter during their busy, every day lives.  His initial foray outside the mainstream realm of musical production is an ageless work of art called Graceful Passages, a healing CD series aimed to help people cope with death. Gary’s work is not ordinary.  He employs a unique format combining traditional music with spoken word.  It’s actually a bit hard to describe (and much better to experience) but I can tell you Graceful was so successful that Gary went on to create an organization called Wisdom of the World, which uses this format and helps people drop into ‘states’. The uniqueness of these types of products might very well be an entirely new genre of music and listening experience…and as a user of these products I can tell you that if we got a critical mass of people listening (say, 10% as Ken Wilber might suggest) the tipping point would almost definitely come about a lot faster. So please listen to this interview, share it, and definitely take a look at Wisdom of the World: Thanks, and Love, Todd  

 Tami Simon: Cleaning Up The World’s Trash One Person at a Time | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 25:20

Listen to Tami Simon: Tami Simon doesn't necessarily believe in the Tipping Point.  While being intrigued by increasing phenomena and heightened interest in transformation...she is not 'sold' on the linear idea of a tipping point manifesting in the world as being framed out on this website. Funnily enough, Tami was a bit apologetic when explaining she is not a 'full believer' in the tipping phenomenon!  I quelled her right away, and told her that not everyone needs to believe in order to provide tremendous value to the audience on here :) And Tami's presence and voice have tremendous value...and I highly encourage you to give this audio a listen and share with everyone you know who has a spiritual side. As a leader in the transformative space (Tami founded and runs Sounds True, one of the largest publishers of personal growth content on the planet for the past 25 years), she is VERY aware of the increasing desire of people in the world to change, open their hearts, and explore a more spiritual way of being. What I love most about Tami is how grounded she is in her life's purpose and what she is here to do.  My favorite part of this interview was when she shared a personal story about a spiritual encounter she had in her 20's where she was transported back in time and experienced her own birth (through a process called Holotropic breathwork). What Tami saw was quite profound and will give you some valuable insight on how someone who has been on a 'spiritual path' for most of her life has also been able to succeed in the world of business and money. For those of you who resonate with Tami's life mission, I highly encourage you to listen to this interview as you may acquire valuable insight on how you can manifest your life's work while playing within the systems that currently exist on the Planet....! Tami Simon has a unique transmission and gift on this Planet and I am honored to have interviewed her.  In fact, I will tell you that this was one of my favorite 3 interviews I give a listen right away!! Love, Todd PS: please make sure to visit Sounds True straight away!  They have thousands of books, audios, videos that are at the cutting edge of transformational experience. Enjoy! ***************** *The Tipping Point intro was created by Emmy award-winning composer/producer Gary Malkin, founder of Wisdom of the World -  media for a meaningful life.  Please click here to see more of Gary’s work.

 Craig Hamilton Provides The Ultimate Tipping Perspective: Evolution! | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 43:40

Listen To Craig Hamilton: In this enlightening Tipping interview, evolutionary teacher Craig Hamilton tells us that the biggest shift happening on the planet right now (which underlies all the other shifts we are experiencing) is that the universe is becoming "self reflective". Craig explains that this process of the universe becoming aware of itself is actually happening through us, through human beings...and it is this burgeoning reality that may be the fundamental nature of the 'tipping point' being framed out on this site! What I love about Craig's worldview, and the 'evolutionary' perspective in general, is that he is not scared to take the grandest possible stance on what the tipping point phenomena actually is. Craig exemplifies this in our talk when he provides a wonderful visual of the present moment being time smack dab in the middle of 40,000 years of the past and 40,000 years of the future. When you actually sense into what life was like 40,000 years ago for human beings, and you try to sense into what 40,000 years in the future might hold, it alters your perception of the present moment quite drastically.  When listening, try and feel into the will see what I mean :) The most critical piece to understand, according to Craig, is that what makes this moment in time so unique is that we have the ability to access the impulse driving the evolutionary process.  To Craig, accessing and connecting to this 'evolutionary impulse' is the key for not only our individual happiness but also potentially the transcendence of human beings! The greatest thing about Craig is that as a teacher and speaker, he transmits pretty complicated stuff in a simple and easy to understand manner.  If you are interested in learning more about is work, please click here, and also share this talk with your friends who might be interested in learning more about evolution! Love, Todd *More of Craig's incredible work can be seen at this Integral Enlightenment website. ***************** *The Tipping Point intro was created by Emmy award-winning composer/producer Gary Malkin, founder of Wisdom of the World -  media for a meaningful life.  Please click here to see more of Gary’s work.

 Neale Donald Walsch and The Great Disruption! | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 40:05

Listen to Neale Donald Walsch: Many of you know Neale Donald Walsch as a spiritual luminary/author who has spent most of his literary career 'conversing with God'. His latest book is a little different others in his ultra popular series, and is aptly titled The Storm Before The Calm. In this book Neale takes a sobering and realistic view of the current human situation and names the global crisis so many of us feel as the 'great disruption'. Needless to say, it is an honor to have interviewed Neale...anyone that has sold more than 8 Million books has had a real impact on the collective consciousness and it was a thrill to garner his wisdom on the current challenges we face. Interestingly, the first part of our dialogue was very direct. He spoke clearly about how world governments are going to try and control the Internet, create laws around the spread of free ideas, and even 'turn off' the world wide web if it becomes too problematic. NDW was speaking very Thrive-like! I found his words particularly enlightening given the current SOPA and NDAA laws the US government are desperately trying to enact. Neale then went on to frame out the spiritual dilemma we face by posing a powerful question: how is it that a species of 6.9 billion evolved individuals (or so we claim) have failed to manifest a world where peace, love, unity, security, prosperity are the norm...when a seemingly VAST majority of people want these things?? Its a powerful question of you think about it, and made me ponder, 'yea, what is it that's holding us back'? I'm not going to give his answers away, because the way he expressed himself in answering his own question was a real gift (and I highly encourage you to listen to the interview) but essentially he told me that we have been wanting to wrong things...and that human beings have been collectively asking the WRONG question. When I asked him what the right question was, I thought I might get some vague, spiritual answer....but I did not. He was very direct. Anyway, ENJOY Neale Donald Walsh on Worldwide Tipping Point...and DEF read his latest book: The Storm Before The Calm ***************** *The Tipping Point intro was created by Emmy award-winning composer/producer Gary Malkin, founder of Wisdom of the World - media for a meaningful life. Please click here to see more of Gary’s work.

 David ‘Avocado Wolfe’: Chinese Herbs, Medicinal Mushrooms, Goji Berries and Tipping Our Well-Being | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 37:25

Listen To David 'Avocado' Wolfe: I'll be honest, David 'Avocado' Wolfe has been sort of a hero of mine for the past 10 years since I first discovered his work.  It's not just the actual content he creates but the manner in which he lives his life.  You see, David is an explorer, someone who is out in the world experimenting with various forms of health, well-being, and consciousness that helps us attain a greater lens of understanding about how the rest of the world holds this unique time to be living! And his message is critical to generating a tipping point as human beings have gotten so off track in the areas of health and well we grow and consume food and how we heal our bodies when we are sick.  Listening to David's message is crucial right now, and he brings up a quote by Socrates which I believe sums up our dialogue quite well:  "All wisdom is remembering". David and I talk for quite a while about Chinese medicine and how the Chinese are by FAR the most advanced in the world when it comes to holistic and herbal medicine.  David talks to us about something the Chinese are doing called 'Fingerprint Identical Transfer' technology, a process by which we open up and extract unbelievable heaps of healing energy from plants and herbs that are not even part of the conversation in the western world. David speaks to us about various forms of healing, and our collective need to get back to the source wisdom that is right in front of our faces.  He touts the benefits of medicinal mushrooms, drinking spring water, broccoli, marine phytoplankton, super foods (like chocolate), and more.  He has a real passion for the benefits of Chinese Goji berries and I ask him about this particular berry and why its so important...and he explains in detail why Goji is the center of the Chinese wheel of health and well being. Guys, if we are going to generate a true Worldwide Tipping Point than we need to start remembering how to treat our bodies and health...and begin accessing the wisdom all around us. I hope you enjoy this interview because I did :) More About David This interview had a LOT of information, as David has a lot to share.  He says the best site to garner all his info is The Best Day Ever and I highly recommend you checking out the site.  Almost all of his talks, recipes and content is shared on this site..... ***************** *The Tipping Point intro was created by Emmy award-winning composer/producer Gary Malkin, founder of Wisdom of the World – media for a meaningful life. Please click here to see more of Gary’s work.

 Biomimicry and Architecture for the Future: Janine Benyus | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 35:00

Listen To Janine Benyus: I am ecstatic to have Janine Benyus in the tipping series not only because its relevant to have a few scientists in these dialogues, but also because she is one of the leading voices in the emerging field of Biomimicry, which can be explained quite nicely as: Innovation inspired by nature. In our interview Janine calls human beings 'toddler's with matches', and I just love this phrase!  She gives us necessary perspective that in biological terms we are a very young species, one which has evolved to the point where it will either destroy itself or transform into it's next stage of development. On the hopeful front, I find the type of science the Biomimicry represents as a potential harbinger regarding where we are on the evolutionary path.  I mean, how COOL is it that science has evolved to the point of recognizing that certain things in nature work while certain things do not, and that we can consciously choose to study the things that are working, learn from them, mimic them, and give ourselves the best chance of continuing on. Biomimicry looks to the natural world for successful organisms, things that have been here for millions of years, and searches for helpful clues as to their longevity.  We can then put these design features into use in real-world architecture and creation.  Buildings based on the principles of a tree, water systems flowing like the contours of a leaf....incredible stuff! Biomimicry is a breath of fresh air, utilizing the best of human consciousness, awareness and compassion. Imagine designing buildings, cities and even whole countries based on the principles of how nature works…this is the tipping point in action! More About Janine Janine is President of the The Biomimicry Institute, a non-profit organization whose mission is to naturalize biomimicry in the culture by promoting the transfer of ideas, designs, and strategies from biology to sustainable human systems design. She has authored six books, including Biomimicry: Innovation Inspired by Nature. In this book she develops the basic thesis that human beings should consciously emulate nature’s genius in their designs. ***************** *The Tipping Point intro was created by Emmy award-winning composer/producer Gary Malkin, founder of Wisdom of the World – media for a meaningful life. Please click here to see more of Gary’s work.

 2012, Crop Circles and Mystical Phenomenon: Daniel Pinchbeck | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 26:05

Listen To Daniel Pinchbeck: When I decided to start this website and interview series, one of the first people I thought about interviewing was Daniel Pinchbeck. I read his book 2012: The Return of Quetzalcoatl a few years back, and was blown away by his relentless quest to understand the mystical prophecies surrounding 2012, and his voyage around the globe to acquire a clearer lens as to what it all means. As many of the tipping interviews touch upon, there is something special and unique happening on Planet Earth right now.  Much of the phenomenon is right in front of our face, and many people would argue that the myriad of social, political and economic systems being challenged, even questioned, at this time is part of some form of transcendent leap humanity is undergoing. Bt what about the other stuff…the things that our thinking mind, our intellect, can’t quite grasp?  I am talking about mystical phenomenon: psychic powers, extraterrestrials, crop circles, spirit guides, ancient prophecies, angels, and all the potential marvels that the greatest science-minded, rational folks of our planet can’t explain (or simply dismiss)! For a moment try and imagine what human awareness, human consciousness, might be like in the year 3012.  Is it so hard to conceive that in 1,000 years from now the phenomenon we currently hold as ‘mystical’ will be very real and integrated into our existence in ways we can’t possibly understand or foresee right now? Use that same imagination and go back 1,000 years to the year 1012, and visualize what those people would think if they experienced life in 2012.  Do you think they would say there is some magic in the world?  What do you think these people would say about iphones, airplanes, and the Internet…would these things even be in the realm of comprehension about what is possible? No way. So together, lets begin wrapping our heads and hearts around all the realities in the world, our lives, and this universe that we simply have not evolved to the point of comprehending yet!  Enjoy the Daniel Pinchbeck interview because some of the things we discuss (new concepts of time, crop circles, mystical phenomenon) are 1000% part of the tipping point we are amid. More From Daniel Pinchbeck You can learn more about Daniel at any of his websites below: ***************** *The Tipping Point intro was created by Emmy award-winning composer/producer Gary Malkin, founder of Wisdom of the World - media for a meaningful life. Please click here to see more of Gary’s work.        

 Nassim Haramein: Deriving Energy From Empty Space Key To Tipping Point | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 32:55

Listen To Nassim Haramein: Perhaps the biggest challenge science has faced over the last hundred years has been to decipher the nature of what is commonly referred to as a ‘unified theory’ for the way the universe operates. As smart as we like to believe we are, human beings still cannot reconcile major differences between how we understand things to work at the very smallest levels (subatomic) and the largest levels (cosmic or astrological). And because the things we observe in the night sky, like the stars and planets, must be made from the same general stuff the things we experience in our daily lives, like our bodies and water, this is a pretty big quandary to have while claiming to be so intelligent! Even though there have been new developments over the last few years with the promise of adequately explaining how the whole thing works (like string theory and super string theory), there is still great debate among the Planet’s intellectuals. A NEW Way Of Looking At It Today’s Tipping interview, Nassim Haramein, has some unique insights into this great debate and has quite a different perspective from many of today’s mainstream scientists. Although somewhat controversial (to some he is the next coming of Einstein while to others he is a quack with no bite to his bark), Nassim’s ideas are absolutely captivating and revealing in terms of the type of consciousness that may need to manifest if a global tipping point is going to take hold. One of Nassim’s coolest assertions is the idea that science has been looking at the WRONG things for hundreds of years.  Traditionally, human beings have looked to the stars and planets, oceans and forests, bodies and organisms to try and figure out the laws of the universe (it makes sense to try and figure it out from things easy to observe). Nassim looks at it the other way, and focuses on what comprises 99.99% of the known universe: empty space. His life’s work has been spent decoding the nature of empty space and his most recent paper claims to prove that right here and right now human beings have the ability to extract endless amounts of energy from space itself. This claim would revolutionize the way that we look at the universe, and would revolutionize the manner by which human beings operate as a species on this planet. If Nassim is right, and his paper proves to be true, the changes that might occur from such a discovery could transcend the very nature of what it means to be a human being.  To say the least, it would be a huge step to generating a worldwide tipping point! When listening to Nassim, put yourself in the space of ‘what if’.  I mean, what IF Nassim is right?  And we thought ‘the world is flat’ was a funny falsehood to believe in! Much Love and HAPPY New Year to all of you wonderful Tippers! Todd You can view more of Nassim's work at The Resonance Project! ***************** *The Tipping Point intro was created by Emmy award-winning composer/producer Gary Malkin, founder of Wisdom of the World -  media for a meaningful life.  Please click here to see more of Gary’s work.          

 Jean Houston, Margaret Mead, Helen Keller on Tipping! | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 35:50

Replay Jean Houston: One of my all-time favorite quotes is the Margaret Mead gem: "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has". THIS is the Tipping Point experiment in a nutshell, and today I am thrilled to be interviewing Jean Houston, one of the great story tellers of our time! *** If you are not familiar with Jean's work, this is a 'MUST hear' interview. She talks us through the current state of the world from the perspective of a cultural anthropologist who has spent 40+ years working on the ground in over 100 countries with the intent to deepen our understanding of what it really means to be a human being. Because Jean consults with many of the world's top business and political leaders, she gives an interesting perspective about how these people hold the whole systems shift we are ensconced. We talk Jeffrey Sachs, Occupy Wall Street and also about her encounter with Helen Keller when she was a child.  She speaks of our collective need to nurture healthy learning communities, and the power of human potential through the vehicle of creativity. Jean's life has been mythic journey and her views about what is happening on the planet right now are relevant and enlightening! There is also a comical moment where I was positive I heard Jean say 'I have come to believe that we are NOT going to make it' and I am glad I push her on this because what she said was actually quite different. In the end, this interview symbolizes why I started this website in the first place…and I encourage you to share this beautiful dialogue with friends and family! ***************** *The Tipping Point intro was created by Emmy award-winning composer/producer Gary Malkin, founder of Wisdom of the World – media for a meaningful life. Please click here to see more of Gary’s work.

 A Tipping Point in the World of Finance- David Martin | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 36:45

Replay David Martin: The interview with David Martin is a truly unique one on Worldwide Tipping Point.  David and M-CAM (the organization he runs) have planted themselves within the heart of what many feel is the true darkness within our soc...

 Marianne Williamson- Are We PAST The Point of No Return? | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 23:40

Replay:   One thing I will say about Marianne Williamson: she is FIERCE! In this Tipping Point interview, Marianne speaks very clearly to the ‘bottom up’ movement that is happening around the globe, a phenomenon she claims is literally changing the world from the inside out. She speaks to the fact that right now 2 billion people on this planet live on less than $2 a day…and that current human reality sees 17,000 children die of starvation each day. Marianne’s voice is needed in these times, and listening to her I hear echoes of ‘Mother Earth’ coming through saying ‘stop, look around you, look at the insanity, it is time for change’. The activists may not love this conversation, but that’s OK.  I think one thing we are uncovering in these Tipping interviews is that there are countless ways to look at this widespread calling for social change happening all around the globe. To deny the spiritual component, the part that holds the potential for a critical mass of us to wake up and ‘tip this thing’ might mean denying the source code phenomenon that holds the purest potential for the tipping point actually taking hold! So I ask all those solely committed to activism: what IF the chaos that humanity is ensconced really is just part of the evolution of our species? What can we learn from this? This does not mean that we should stop activism and action, NOT at all! But perhaps fostering a healthier relationship between those who focus on the spiritual awakening and those who cater to activism is where the REAL change can happen.  Perhaps this is when the worldwide tipping point REALLY takes place! Enjoy and share, thanks! More About Marianne: She is an internationally acclaimed author and lecturer. Six of her ten published books have been New York Times Best Sellers. Four of these have been #1 New York Times Best Sellers. A paragraph from her book ‘A Return to Love’, beginning “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure…” – often misattributed to Nelson Mandela’s Inaugural address – is considered an anthem for a contemporary generation of seekers. ***************** *The Tipping Point intro was created by Emmy award-winning composer/producer Gary Malkin, founder of Wisdom of the World – media for a meaningful life. Please click here to see more of Gary’s work.            

 The THRIVE Movie: An Exclusive Interview With Foster Gamble | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 39:20

Replay Foster Gamble: After spending 8 years and millions of dollars to create the documentary THRIVE: What on Earth Will It Take? I am honored to have Foster Gamble here on Worldwide Tipping Point in what I believe is his first public interview since the film’s release! So what is this THRIVE film all about? I have pasted the official movie description below, but it will become quickly evident in this interview with Foster what THRIVE is hear to say. And yes, Foster Gamble is one of those Gamble’s, a direct descendent of the Proctor & Gamble company. I ask him some pretty pointed questions regarding his unbiased ability to shine a light on the unsustainable nature of our financial systems while obviously coming from a ‘financially elite’ legacy family described in the film…and his response is fascinating! But THRIVE is not only a valiant attempt to describe how organized (and motivated) the super wealthy on this planet might really be. All sorts of topics are weaved into the film including tangible evidence of extraterrestrial life, the meaning of crop circles, and the possibility of unlimited sources of clean, non-combustible energy being accessible right now…a truth that would completely revolutionize the way human beings live on Planet Earth! I ask Foster about his decision to include all these seemingly unrelated topics, and how this all relates to a world where we can all thrive. Again, his answers are fascinating. A Focus on Solutions One thing I noticed while scheduling this interview was that Foster and his wife Kimberly (the film’s co-creator) are most excited about the solutions they have uncovered which are housed on THRIVE’s comprehensive website. To them, this movie is not only about creating awareness of the problems but more importantly providing real, tangible solutions and actions each one of us can take starting right now! In the end I find THRIVE to be a timely and relevant film, and a critically important artifact for our times. While I don’t expect all of you to agree with everything in the movie (as I am sure it will be controversial), I believe it’s a film worth checking out with an open mind, always asking yourself ‘what if…just what if’! So listen to the interview, watch the movie, and share these items with your friends. In the end, it is up to ALL of us to decide how we can reach the Tipping Point and thrive together in our world, and this film certainly provides some intriguing things to think about. More About THRIVE THRIVE is an unconventional documentary that lifts the veil on what's REALLY going on in our world by following the money upstream -- uncovering the global consolidation of power in nearly every aspect of our lives. Weaving together breakthroughs in science, consciousness and activism, THRIVE offers real solutions, empowering us with unprecedented and bold strategies for reclaiming our lives and our future. Visit the THRIVE Movement website to watch and share today! ***************** *The Tipping Point intro was created by Emmy award-winning composer/producer Gary Malkin, founder of Wisdom of the World - media for a meaningful life. Please click here to see more of Gary’s work.


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