New Age Today With Psychic Tiffany Johnson show

New Age Today With Psychic Tiffany Johnson

Summary: Psychic Readings and More! Each week, Tiffany Johnson will help listeners open the door to New Age spirituality. Tiffany is a psychic, medium, intuitive, Reiki Master and hypno-therapist. For almost 20 years, Tiffany has worked and trained with well known psychics and healers to develop her Metaphysical knowledge and skills. A media favorite, she knows what an integral part of life and soul development readings can be. Through classes, readings and healings Tiffany works to enlighten others to spirit's / God's / Goddess's nature and beauty. THIS WEEK - This is the debut show of "New Age Today With Psychic Tiffany Johnson". Tiffany introduces herself and gives some background on her abilities. She also reads for some listeners that have sent questions via email.``