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Summary: A Canadian knitting podcast, with a pagan twist!

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 Episode 21 - Mother & Son | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Today's episode is a belated Winter Solstice-themed "mystery play" between the Midwife (face of the Goddess) and the God. I also draw a winner for the Jane Richmond book "Island" and a skein of Madelinetosh "Vintage". Songs: Derek K. Miller "What Child is This?/Greensleeves" Ludovico Einaudi "Lady Labyrinth" Green Druid "Night Dance" Catya Mar "Clouds" from REMEMBERING THE DAY More Human than Human "Yule Tides" Oona McOuat "Ancient Mother"

 Episode 20 - Jane of the Island | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

In today’s episode, I’m pleased to bring you an encore interview with Jane Richmond, here to talk about her new collection of knits, inspired by Vancouver Island. Plus, in the Kitchen I’ll talk about my new way of cooking and eating. Shownotes (links to follow): News & Noteworthy: The contest is now closed and there will be a drawing for it soon.  Thanks! The contest for this month: a copy of Jane Richmond's new knitting collection "Island".  Also, a skein of Madelinetosh "Vintage" worsted, in either "logwood" (purple) or "mourning dove" (blue). The deadline for this contest draw is December 31st, 2012, around 9pm Pacific/12midnight Eastern. Leave a comment with your contact info (Ravelry id is great!) Jane Richmond's new book "Island". Madelinetosh "Vintage" worsted (200yards/4oz), "Logwood" colourway. Madelinetosh "Vintage" worsted, "Mourning Dove" colourway. For “On and Off the Needles”: Interview with Jane Richmond. Song - Ludovico Einaudi, “Nightbook” In the Kitchen: The Paleo/Primal diet/lifestyle: Books Robb Wolf’s The Paleo Solution Mark Sisson’s The Primal Blueprint   Sarah Fragoso's Everyday Paleo Family Cookbook  Diane Sanfilippo's Practical Paleo Julie & Charles Mayfields's Paleo Comfort Food Blogs Civilized Caveman Cooking Creations (Paleo cooking/baking) Elena's Pantry (gluten-free, but with some Paleo options) Mark Sisson's "Mark's Daily Apple" (more to be added soon) Closing: Today I want to acknowledge the loss of one of our own.  A fellow podcaster, knitter and much loved lady in the knitting and Ravelry community - Karrie, also known as KnitPurlGurl (podcast by the same name), passed away suddenly on Monday, November 26th, 2012.  Please join me in sending your thoughts of strength, love and peace to her family. To honour her today, in this closing, I wanted to play a song by Torley on Piano called “Remember Melody”.  To our sweet KnitPurlGurl, this is for you. Song: Torley on Piano - Remember Melody

 Episode 19 - Ancestors of Yarn | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

In today’s episode, it’s time to catch up on the knitted projects. Plus, an essay by British writer and Druid, Nimue Brown. Shownotes: News & Noteworthy: -contest draw (yarn or spinning fibre) winner - Jennifer, Naamah13. For “On and Off the Needles”: “Off” Projects only today: Irish Coffee, by Thea Colman Yarn: Madelinetosh Chunky, 100% SW merino, aran weight, colourway “Rambler”. Telemark Pullover, by Erika Flory Yarn: Gaia’s Colours, Pales Twisty DK, colourway “Azur-Ava”. Rae scarf, by Jane Richmond Yarn: Purple Label MCN fingering by Tanis Fiber Arts, in the “Autumn Sun” colourway (September 2011 sock club yarn). Diagonal Lace socks, by Wendy Johnson Yarn: Skinny Bugga, 80/10/10 true fingering, by Sanguine Gryphon, in muted rainbow colourway “Frog-legged Leaf Beetle”. Sedum cardigan, by Jane Richmond Yarn: Bernat Roving (single-ply bulky, 80% acrylic/20% wool) in “putty” colourway. A Test knit unnamed cardigan by Carol Feller, to be released next year. Made the one-year size Yarn: Berocco Vintage Chunky in a pale bright green. Ameliorate fingerless mitts, by Hunter Hammersen Yarn: Gaia’s Colours Fibre Arts, Silkie Sock in the colourway “Lolita”. Hacky Sack Hoodie, by Stef Pulford from the Son of Stitch n’ Bitch book Yarn: Cascade Eco Wool, deep charcoal gray, 100% wool. Color Affection, by Vera Valimaki Yarn: Fiberphile yarns, MCN luxe sock, 375yards/343metres, in “Stardust” and “Honey Amber”, and Earthly Hues Seedlings sock yarn (MCN), 375yards/343metres) in “Sunshine”. Song - Sora, “Heartwood” The Pagan Corner: Nimue Brown’s essay - “Ancestors of Yarn” "I’m not sure when humans started spinning wool from fleece, but it goes back a long way into our history as a species, I assume to our first settling as farmers rather than being nomadic hunter gatherers. Yarn has played a significant part of life since then, as clothing and bedding, decoration, comfort, and art form. It’s also traditionally a very female activity, in the western world, although I believe in South America knitting is one of those hard core macho things that men get together to do. Which goes to show that like most gender things it actually has more to do with culture than physicality. Our female ancestors then, for most of human history, were involved with yarn. A woman might be buried with her distaff even. Spinning, weaving, making and mending are traditional women’s work. The methods we have, from the spindle and spinning wheels to knitting and crochet also connect us to the people who invented, developed and perfected them. Like so many of our ancestors, the yarn innovators are largely unknown, and there were probably a great many of them. Every woman who passes down this skill to a girl, is part of a huge web of weaving tradition. I learned knitting from my mother, crotchet from the mother of a boyfriend, spinning from several friends, although I’m not very good at it! I learned naalbinding (which might not be how you spell it!) to make traditional Viking socks, which take forever but are stunningly substantial. The wool work doesn’t come alone though. Alongside it come the tales of other knitters and crafters, family myths and anecdotes. While the hands are busy, the mind has plenty of room to wander. I find wool work incredibly soothing. If I’m rattled, my mind in chaos and my body weary, then to sit down with wool is one of the best therapies. The rhythm of it is innately soothing. Watching small pieces of creativity form between my fingers is affirming, settling. The stories and inspiration of other wool workers are very much with me, and I feel part of something much bigger than I am. There’s a power in weaving, knitting, spinning – the power to take the raw materials of nature and fashion them into something essential for life in a cold climate. Wool for our ancestors must have contributed to survival, a vital part of culture that made human life viable in tough locations. I heard a story once, that Arran sweaters have complex designs becau

 Episode 18 - Celebrating cables with Carol | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

In today’s episode, the one year anniversary of the podcast, I chat with Irish designer Carol Feller about her new Craftsy online class - Celtic Cables.                                           Image from Shownotes: News & Noteworthy: -Draw for spinning fibre - “LittleCaptina” - Sarah -Teo Bishop, our lovely Druid from episode 16 is American musician Matt Morris. New draw/contest for the month of August: Yarn - Gaia's Colours Fibre Arts, 3 skeins of Silkie Sock (50% SW Merino/50% Silk, 2ply, heavy fingering, 383yards/350metres per 4oz/115grams) in the colourway "Tammuz". Spinning Fibre - Wooly Treasure, 1 batt (Merino, BFL, SW Merino & Silk, Silk Noil, Angelina, 3.6oz/100grams) in the colourway "Earth Sing", still sealed in bag (as seen below). The Knitter's Needles: - My interview with Carol Feller, of, here on a "blog tour" to promote her classes "Celtic Cables" and a free one, "Short Rows". Song: Great Big Sea, “Old Polina", courtesy of Music Alley.

 Episode 17 - The Lusty Month of May! | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

In today’s episode, reviews for row-counter apps and some hand-dyed yarn, in “The Knitter’s Needles”.  “The Pagan Corner” brings us Beltaine, where we will dance the May pole and gather the morning dew. Shownotes: Housekeeping: - Winner of April Springtree Road yarn is: RoseEnRose - ScriptFrenzy - Backyard Chickens website - The Loopy Ewe The Knitter's Needles: - MadelineTosh - Tosh Chunky, 100% Merino Yarn - review - Row Counter apps (for iPad & iPhone, available through iTunes): Knitting Counter HDKnitting StitchMinder Monthly draw: Yarn or a Tale, Merino Roving, "Growing" colourway. The Sanguine Gryphon, Merino, Merino/Silk batt, "Robin of Loxeley" colourway. To enter, leave a comment in the comments section below, including a way to contact you (Ravelry ID, email address, etc).  Deadline for entry: Wednesday, May 30th, 9pm Pacific, 12midnight Eastern. Music: Jolie Holland, "Springtime can kill you" ax, "Pure Romance - Spring Feelings"

 Episode 16 - The Druids | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Today’s episode is all about the Druids!  Alright, so it’s an introduction to modern Druidry, with an interview in “The Pagan Corner”.  Plus, a bodice-ripping good time that has the occasional Druid and Immortal thrown in for good measure. Shownotes Housekeeping: - winner of the Miso Crafty Knits project bag and a skein of yarn is: Anjanette (explodingpinecone on Ravelry) - new contest for April - see photos/details below. Eyes and Ears: Karen Marie Moning's Highlander Romance novels (the "bodice-rippers"!) (Wiki page) The Pagan Corner: An interview with modern-day Druid Teo Bishop.   Books & Authors recommended by Teo: Issac Bonewits Bonewits's Essential Guide to Druidism John Michael Greer (not recommended directly on the podcast, but a great read) The Druidry Handbook: Spiritual Practice Rooted in the Living Earth Phillip Carr-Gomm (Chosen Chief Druid of OBOD) Druid Mysteries: Ancient Wisdom for the 21st Century Links to Druid Organizations OBOD (Order of Bards, Ovates, and Druids) ADF (Ár nDraíocht Féin: A Druid Fellowship) Bits I mentioned during/after the interview: - Knitted Morse code - a CBC radio interview with Kristin Haring on the show "Spark" (scroll down the the section called "The Beauty of Binary". - DJ Conway's book "Magick of the Gods & Goddesses" - Joseph Campbell, writer of books on myth, religion and archetype. Music: Green Druid, "Dignity", from Yarn to win this month - Springtree Road, Emeline sock (50% Merino/50% Silk, 434yards per 100grams) in "Anenome" colourway. Muscadine sock (75% SW Merino/25% Nylon, 460yards per 100grams) in "Bramble" colourway. To enter to win one of these lovely skeins, please leave a comment in the shownotes with a Ravelry ID or another way to contact you.  Deadline is Monday, April 30th, around 9pm Pacific, midnight Eastern time.

 Episode 15 - Good Morning Eostare! | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

In today’s episode, it’s all about the sweater love as I update you on my projects.   And it is the Spring Equinox, when the world warms and prepares for the growing season... Shownotes Housekeeping: - Enter to win a project bag by Miso Crafty Knits, and one of three skeins of hand-dyed sock yarn.   The Knitter's Needles Off the Needles: Arco Cowl: “Arco Cowl” by Sara Sprung. Yarn: Malabrigo “Rasta” super bulky, in “Arco Iris” colourway. Moonstone Sweater: “My favorite sweater” - basic top-down raglan formula pattern, by Amber Corcoran (Fancy Tiger Crafts). Yarn: Fleece Artist “Big Blue” BFL chunky, “Moonstone” colourway. Ripley Cardigan: “Favorite Cardigan” by Wendy Bernard, from the “Custom Knits” book. Yarn: The Sanguine Gryphon “QED” BFL worsted, in silver-gray “The Ripley Scrowle”  My Chelsea Market Slouch: “Chelsea Market Hat” by Caryl Pierre (test knit) Yarn: The Sanguine Gryphon “QED” BFL worsted, in deep turquoise “Organelle” On the Needles: Fluffy Cardi: “Sedum” cardigan by Jane Richmond Yarn: Bernat “Roving” - single ply bulky, 80% Acrylic, 20% Wool, in “Putty” gray colour. Doha Cardigan: “Calligraphy Cardigan” by Hannah Fettig Yarn: The Sanguine Gryphon “Traveller” DK (100% SW Merino), in “Doha”. Ben’s Warthog: “Warthog” by Sarah Keen, from the “Knitted Wild Animals” book. Yarn: "Cascade 220", 100% Peruvian wool (not superwash), in colours “Rust” and “Cream” Music: David Baumgarten, "Your Spring Will Come Along"

 Episode 14 - Me So Crafty! | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

In today’s episode, I have an interview with fellow knitter and seamstress extraordinaire Miso Crafty Knits.  “In the Kitchen” brings you a bunless burger recipe.  And I’ll share my newfound respect for the Dowsing Rod, in “The Pagan Corner”. Shownotes: Intro: - Twisted River Clayworks (Etsy seller) - Chocolate Zucchini loaf/cupcakes (at - Go Into The Story (screenwriting site), with Scott Myers The Knitter's Needles: - Miso Crafty Knits (Esty seller) - Sundara Yarns - The Plucky Knitter - Squoosh Fiber Arts In the Kitchen:  - Bunless Burger recipe (at my personal blog) The Pagan Corner: - Doswing Rods - Pendelums Music: - 3 Blind Mice, "Emily has Compassion Fatigue" - Caladonix, "The Water is Wide" To win the craft project bag and yarn below, please leave a comment with a name/contact info (Ravelry ID is often best) in the shownotes. The project bag by Miso Crafty Knits: Shot of the inside with yarn: Label: Yarn choices for giveaway - left to right - The Plucky Knitter "Grand Central Station" (semi-solid shades of light and dark wheat gold), Squoosh "Bluebird" (medium-pale smokey demin blue), Sundara Yarn "End of Day" (deep orange with undertones of egg yolk yellow). Deadline for contest is March 31st, 2012, 9pm Pacific, 12 midnight Eastern.

 Episode 13 - Our Lady of the Gauge Swatch | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

In today’s episode, love it or loathe it - it’s the gauge swatch!  Plus, a couple of television shows I'm loving!  And in “The Pagan Corner”, it’s better late than never at looking at Imbolc. **Please note: if you downloaded/listened to the episode today (Thursday, February 16th, between 11:30am Pacific and 4:30pm Pacific), you will likely have the episode with a couple of blanks spots around minutes 33 - 35.  I have uploaded a corrected one.  Please try downloading it again - it should work fine now.  Thanks!** Shownotes: Intro: -Snowdrops Wiki page w/photos Housekeeping: - TPK Early Spring 2012 KAL/CAL/SpAL/WAL (Ravelry group link) - no contest/draw until early March. The Knitter's Needles: - showing my love for the gauge swatch Eyes & Ears: - Downton Abbey (wiki page) (also, Gosford Park, 2001, film, written by Julian Fellowes (also in Monarch of the Glen) - BombGirls (wiki page) The Pagan Corner: - Imbolc (wiki page) Songs: Benjamin Francis - Prelude to the Creative Process Carles Bellot - L-O-V-E (Nat King Cole song, provided through

 Episode 12 - Clean Sweep | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

In today’s episode, the trials and tribulations of knitting for my husband. “In the Kitchen” is about the detox cleanse. And in “The Pagan Corner”, I’ll talk about being a Pagan parent and share some Pagan Parenting books. Shownotes: Housekeeping: - The draw for December/January has been made.  Post #10 - SabraB aka Sabrina is the winner. - The KAL/CAL/SpAL/WAL starting February 1st, until April 1st. Details in a thread over at The Pagan Knitter Ravelry group. The Knitter's Needles: - Smokin' Jacket by Jared Flood.  Yarn: Cascade 128 Chunky Solid/Tweed - Professor's Scarf by Gina Waters.  Yarn: Debbie Bliss Donegal Luxury Tweed Chunky In the Kitchen: - Wild Rose Herbal D-Tox The Pagan Corner:  Pagan Parenting books - Pagan Homeschooling, A Guide to Adding Spirituality to Your Child's Education by Kristin Madden. - Raising Witches, Teaching The Wiccan Faith To Children, by Ashleen O'Gaea. - The Family Wicca Book, The Craft for Parents & Children, by Ashleen O'Gaea. - Celebrating The Great Mother, A Handbook of Earth-Honoring Activities for Parents and Children, by Cait Johnson and Maura D. Shaw. - Circle Round, Raising Children in Goddess Traditions, by Starhawk, Diane Baker, and Anne Hill. Music provided by Music Alley - Matt Caplan, "Favorite Puppet" - Brunswick Duo, "Sonata in B Flat by Handel"

 Episode 11 - Birthing the Sun | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Today is a bumper episode, as the British would say.  I’ll update you on what I’ve been knitting - and it’s been quite a lot.  I’ll also play a handful of seasonal songs both silly and sweet, for your enjoyment. There has been a lot brewing,  bubbling and baking in my kitchen lately - so I’ll share what I’ve been making.  And it is the Winter Solstice - the longest night of the year... A bumper crop of show notes:   (Sorry for the delay, folks!)  Housekeeping: -Enter to win two skeins of blue/purple fingering merino/silk/nylon & silver over at the blog.  Post a comment in the comments section for “Episode 10”.  There is also a wonderful shawl pattern by Miriam Felton that can be knit with these two sparkly skeins.  Deadline is Saturday, January 14th, 2012. The Knitter's Needles: “Off the Needles” Projects: Elphaba Pullover, by Mary Annarella yarn: Bugga! by Sanguine Gryphon, in Blue Metalmark colourway. Wurm hat, by Katushika. Yarn: The Sanguine Gryphon, Sappho II fingering, in “Like a God” colourway. OWLS pullover sweater, by Kate Davies Yarn: Fleece Artist, Big Blue BFL chunky/aran, in “Seafoam” colourway. I completed the sweater in 8 days! "On the Needles" Projects: Rae, by Jane Richmond. Yarn: Tanis Fiber Arts, Purple Label Sock (MCN), in September colourway “Autumn sun”. Arco Cowl, by Sara Sprung. Yarn: Malabrigo Rasta super bulky, in “Arco Iris” colourway. Mittens, top-down, my own design.  Could become a published pattern.  Starts at finger tips and works to cuffs. Yarn: The Sanguine Gryphon’s Zaftig Bugga! worsted MCN, in the “Fierce Snake” colourway. My favorite sweater - basic top-down raglan formula pattern, by Amber Corcoran. Yarn: Fleece Artist, Big Blue BFL chunky, colourway "Moonstone". In the Kitchen: - My shortbread recipe and butter-tart recipe will be over at my personal blog soon. - The tricky/disaster caramel apple recipe at the "Your Homebased Mom" site/blog. The Pagan Corner: - SARK (Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy) - American Self-Help writer. Songs: (intro music) Deck the Halls - Doug Boldt Hey Santa! - Mr Vegas ManSanta Claus is really freaking me out! - Lord Weatherby (not "Leatherby" - sorry!)Carol of the Bells - Doug Astrop Gifts of the Midwinter - Ken and Lisa TheriotIn the Bleak Midwinter - Doug BoldtIn the Bleak Midwinter - Allison CroweAll music sourced through Music Alley.

 Episode 10 - Knitting is... | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Today’s show is a mini-episode. I’ll share what knitting means to me, and indeed, likely to many of you.  Plus, we draw for that fabulous striping Vesper sock yarn. Shownotes to follow. Yarn to win (December/January): Yarn Dyenasty "Marilyn" sock yarn (63% Superwash Merino/20% Silk/15% Nylon/2%Silver), colourway "Vincent".  420 yards per 100 grams skein.  2 skeins available as a set.   Pattern to go with these skeins: Seraphim shawl by Miriam L. Felton. To enter, leave a comment with your name/Ravelry name/contact info on this post.  Deadline is Saturday, January 14, 2011, 9pm Pacific/12midnight Eastern.

 Episode 9 - Coastal Comfort | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Today’s episode is all about Comfort - on your needles, for your eyes and ears, and simmering in your kitchen.   We’ll look at the new Coastal Knits pattern book.  And “The Pagan Corner” brings us comfort at home, for home is a sacred space. Shownotes for episode 9: Housekeeping: Enter to win a skein of Vesper sock yarn or undyed spinning fibre at the shownotes for Episode 8.  The Knitter's Needles: QED - 100% Blue-faced Leicester wool, worsted weight, by The Sanguine Gryphon (Ravelry link to QED) Big Blue - 100% Blue-faced Leicester wool, chunky/aran weight, by Fleece Artist (Ravelry link)Coastal Knits, a pattern book by Alana Dakos and Hannah Fettig. In the Kitchen/Eyes & Ears, Comfort special: Some of my recipes (at my personal blog): Carrot Ginger SoupCauliflower/Potato/Leek Soup (known around my house as "white soup" - good way to get kids to eat veggies :-)Chili con CarneBooks:Lucy Maud Montgomery (Anne of Green Gables series, Emily of New Moon triology)Bill Richardson, CBC radio personality, author of the Bachelor Brothers' Bed & Breakfast, Bachelor Brothers' Bed & Breakfast Pillow Book, & Bachelor Brothers' Bedtime Companion (all available on Ondaantje, author of Annil's Ghost and The English Patient. Music (two of my favourite songs lately):"As if we never said goodbye", sung by Kurt Hummel (played by Chris Colfer), in the TV show Glee. "Turning Tables", sung by Holly Holiday (played by guest Gwyneth Paltrow), in the TV show Glee.

 Episode 8 - Parting the Veil | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

In today’s episode, we catch up on the knitting projects in “The Knitter’s Needles”.  Plus, we reflect on the significance of Samhain in “The Pagan Corner”. Show notes: Housekeeping: Enter to win Vesper Sock yarn or undyed spinning fiber on this episode's show notes - deadline 9pm Pacific, November 28th, 2011. The Pagan Knitter Ravelry groupThe Knitter's Needles: “On” Projects: Elphaba Pullover, by Mary Annarella Yarn: The Sanguine Gryphon, Bugga!, Blue Metalmark colourway (Ravelry Link) Rae scarf, by Jane Richmond Yarn: Tanis Fiber Arts, Purple Label Sock (80/10/10 Merino/cashmere/nylon), in "Autumn Sun" colourway. (Ravelry link) Secret project - will reveal in a future episode.“Off” Projects: Westknits Mystery Shawl KAL 2011 (<-- Ravelry Link), by Stephen West. Yarn: The Sanguine Gryphon, Bugga!, Milkweed Beetle, Adonis Butterfly, Southern Stinkbug colourways.(Ravelry Link)  (my Ravelry project page for this)  Thermis Cowl (Sand & Sea Cowl on my projects page), by Kris KnitsYarn: Gaia's Colours Fibre Arts, Heithrun DK (80/10/10 merino/cashmere/nylon), my own hand-dyed, in "Mere-Ama" colourway, with two Sand-dollar buttons I picked up in Tofino, BC during my visit to Ellie of Knits by the Sea. Pop Star socks, no pattern, just basic toe-up stockinette socks.Yarn: Knitterly Things, Vesper Sock (100% SW Merino, 2ply), in "Pop Star" colourway. (Ravelry link) Vesper Sock, 100% Superwash Merino Wool, 2ply (tight twist), self-striping, 428yards per 100gram skein.  Colourway: "Smoke on the Water". Photo/details of spinning fibre to follow shortly. The Pagan Corner:  - An essay about Samhain/All Hallow's Eve.

 Clever Jane! | File Type: application/x-shockwave-flash | Duration: Unknown

I knew our sweet Jane Richmond was clever - and this tutorial proves it!  This video Jane made shows us how to join/knot yarn in a project without ends to weave it.  Love!


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