textureDJs present... transatlantic grooves show

textureDJs present... transatlantic grooves

Summary: textureDJs bring you studio and live club mixes from the UK and USA. Mixing nujazz, broken beats, funky lounge and soulful house, textureDJs will always bring you an eclectic perspective and quality electronic music.

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 textureDJs 036 - steve lee guest mix | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

We don't do this. We just don't. In three years and three dozen podcasts, we've never put forth a mix that didn't come from the textureDJs posse, or from a good friend we've spent some great nights spinning records and boozing with... Well, we're gonna chuck that out the window today. A couple of months ago I came across a chap called Steve Lee, who was putting some simply marvellous mixes into the ether through his facebook group Another Late Night. Quality work that definitely needed some exposure to textureDJs listeners. Steve is one half of the monthly party 'Mondo' from the DISCO NOT DISCO team. This party is held at the Horse & Groom in Shoreditch, London and tends to concentrate on the leftfield disco scene, mutant disco, acid grooves and classic italo. Steve also is Friday resident at DISCO NOT DISCO at the Lincoln Lounge in Kings Cross, where he's invited textureDJs down to play in March. So perhaps we're just getting the podcasting and boozing in reverse order this time! So, wrap your ears around Steve's guest mix, pure.mp3 1. Model 500 - Starlight 2. Oblio - Escape 3. Woolfy Vs Projections - Absynth 4. Lodo - Volcano 5. Blackbelt Andersen - November 6. Barnabun - For My Love 7. Tokyo Knife Attack - Love Vandal 8. Kevin Yost - Photo Shoot 9. Kirby - NIghtwriter 10. Lovebirds - Gentle 11. Roy Davis Jnr - I Have A Vision 12. Marc Romboy - Sonora You can also catch Steve's show over at Danceradioglobal, playing chilled out and electronic grooves.

 textureDJs 035 - souledoutsimon guest mix | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Good gravy... textureDJs podcasts two months in a row! You'd think we'd made a new years resolution to get our sh&t together here or something! Do you think we can make it to three? A wicked guest mix this month courtesy of Simon Platts. Simon's been rocking the joint with us at Thirst Lodge in Oxford and The Gallery in London over the last six months with his feature live sax playing alongside textureDJs on the decks. He's pretty damn handy on the wheels too, so get your ears on and enjoy this! textureDJs 035 - souledoutsimon guest mix.mp3 1. Where's The One? - Kaino  2. Romanowski - Flagranti 3. Bitte Dreh'n - Grande Buffo EP 4. Ladies and Gentlemen - FDEL 5. Plastic Starfish - Tal M Klein 6. Dodge City Rockers - Fort Knox 5 7. The Flame - Parov Stelar 8. Changin' (Vernon & Dacosta remix) - Brown & Steve Littlemen 9. Brutal Baile - Cinnamon Kings 10. Man Juice - Neighbour 11. Let me Love You - Bunny Mack 12. Wonderful Star - Beatfanatic 13. Everybody (B1) - Cinnamon Kings 14. Momy - Sebastian 15. Ilu Baje (45rpm) - N.G.P. Afro Spot 16. Clap Clap - Isley L. Relish 17. Guitar Shaped Heart - Binary Chaffinch 18. Brand Nu (Lack of Afro mix) - SoopaSoul 19. Killing - The Apples 20. Belief - Kaino

 textureDJs 034 - Quantum of Disco | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Sorry for the lack of podcasts. It's been a well busy year in these parts. textureDJs main night The Loft is rocking, where we've been working with Simon Platts and putting on a real burner of a sax & wax show here in Oxford and recently in London, playing some ridiculously awesome tunes. So, let's get back in the groove... with some serious disco business. Enjoy! Quantum of Disco.mp3 1. Alastair Cooke - Talk About America (PYE Records) 2. Count Basie And His Orchestra - The James Bond Theme (United Artists) 3. Indigo Jam Unit - Back Shot (Basis Records) 4. The Bamboos feat TY - Cant Help Myself (Tru Thoughts) 5. Rephrase - Since 1939 (album version) (Rephrase Music) 6. Big M Bootie - Your Thing (Big M Bootie) 7. Ray Parker Jr. - Ghostbusters (Dub Version) (Arista) 8. Faze Action - Hypnotic (disco mix) (Faze Action) 9. Dmitri From Paris - Madd Luck (Supreme) 10. Manmade - Beastie Nights (Manmade) 11. Motor City Drum Ensemble - Raw Cuts #2 (Raw Cuts) 12. FLASHnap - Spooky (Pulver Records) 13. Hot 8 Brass Band - Jisten To Me (Hint Remix) (Tru Thoughts) 14. Wumni - Work (Serious Assault Recordings) 15. Parov Stelar - Fleur De Lille (Etage Noir) 16. Atlantic Conveyor - African Disco Power (Sofrito Specials) 17. 6ix Toys - Voodoo People (First Word Records) PS. This mix is also featured at Blunted Presents, pop over there for a bit of an interview about this mix...

 textureDJs 033 - The Loft | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Hooray! We've finally managed to get in one place all the bits of this tracklist, and sit still long enough to stuff it into the tubes. Here's an hour-long sample of textureDJs' latest residency, AKA The Loft, filled to the brim with freaky, funky, retro, 'lectro, techno, tribal dancefloor mischief :-) Click to stream or download textureDJs033 - The Loft.mp3 1. Featurecast – One More (Bomb Strikes) 2. Featurecast – Disco Diesel (Super Hi Fi) 3. Lorenz Rhode – Back (Compost) 4. Diplo & Eli Escobar – D.A.N.C.E. Some More (Money Studies US) 5. Crazy P – Sun Science (Ron Basejam Dub) (Shiva Records) 6. Telespazio – Galileo (Rodion Remix) (Tiny Sticks) 7. Jerome Sydenham - In The Barbershop (Ibadan US) 8. Simone Fedi - Sub Space (Original) (Eskimon Belgium) 9. B.G. the Prince of Rap - Take Control of The Party 10. Adonis - We're Rocking Down the House (Trax) 11. Jerome Sydenham - Automatic (Ibadan US) 12. Unknown! (Umm no title on it!) 13. Radiohead - Everything In Its Right Place (Afefe Iku Remix) (Unknown) 14. Zero Db - Galicia 15. Bootie Boys – Fight For Your Right (Bootie Boy) And remember... If you dig this shizzle, support these artists and buy their stuff! We do, and we did! Next edition of The Loft is Sat 12 July at Thirst Lodge!

 textureDJs 032 - darkest before dawn | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

We're about to launch into some celebrations here at textureDJs, both for the 2nd anniversary of our podcasts as well as the anniversary of one of our Oxford club nights. But January is still a step further down into the darker hours of the annual cycle. And one dark moment struck us here in Oxford in the last month: the closure of the town's last vinyl storefront still standing. Vale, Avid Records! Still, we got in a last round of great crate digging in their attic before they closed doors for the last time. Some beautiful buried techno treasure to mix in amongst the fresh sounds we've been picking up for you too! So we hope you enjoy podcast 032... perhaps textureDJs' deepest and darkest to date. Darkest before dawn.mp3 (Tracklist forthcoming. Image courtesy of Sky First, Then Shoes.) Tags: breaks house techno oxford mp3 textureDJs

 tDJs 031 -- deepest night | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

We're heading all the way down to the shortest, darkest days of winter here in Oxford. The Port Meadow is covered in ice and there's mulled wine in all the pubs. You can fight it, or you can go with it, and go deep... deep into the night. So a set of soulful beats, straight off the wax, live in the mix, from textureDJs James & Cynan. textureDJs031.mp3 1. DJ T - Philly - Naked Music 2. Kat - Conundrum (Danny Krivit re-edit) - Kat 3. Lorenz Rhode - Back - Compost 4. Kidgusto - Ay Yay Yay (Brooksie remix) - True Grooves 5. Afro Medusa - "Pasilda" (Knee Deep Club mix) - Family Recordings 6. Rednose Distrikt - Best DJ (Domu Remix) - Kindred Spirits 7. Sumo feat Clarisse Muvemba - Lovebeat (Innocent Sorcerers Off beat) - Heya Hifi 8. Bombs - Mama Told Me - Bombs 9. Valique - Wine Or Vingear - Freestyle Records 10. Greg Wilson - Redux 001 11. Metro Area - Pina - Classic 12. The Detroit Experiment - Think Twice - Electric Chair 13. Todd Terje - Italian Stallion - Full Pupp 14. Karizma - I C U - Co-op 15. Blackalicious - A to Z 16. Melba Moore - Standing Right Here Whether you've been with us all year, or found us recently, whether you came over from the fabulous Bending Corners or searched us out or listen in direct through iTunes, thanks so much for tuning in. Best wishes for the holidays everyone and we'll see in you in the new year. January marks the second birthday of the textureDJs podcast - we'll bring you something special!

 tDJs030 - kev's party! | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Anyone who's caught up with textureDJs in person will know that I'm of the Australian persuasion. And there's been some momentously joyful news in the last week from back home, with the tories finally turfed from office after over a decade, and new PM Kevin Rudd installed! For Australians this should make for more of a fair go in the workplace and an honest approach to our indigenous issues, and for people worldwide it means no more Australian foot dragging on Kyoto and climate change issues. Hooray! Why is all this relevant to the textureDJs podcast? Well all this political euphoria has inspired me to throw together a mix of party rockin tunes! Click on the post title or here to download kev's party.mp3! Now crank it up and enjoy! Cynan 1. Diplo & Eli Escobar – Groove Is In The Dick - Hollertronix 2. Gwen Stefani – Yummy (J Tilla's No Pajama Edit) - Peaches 3. The Popular People’s Front - Loose In Lisboa – label unknown 4. Underdog Edits – Star Wars Cantina Band Theme – Underdog Edits 5. FDEL – Get Up On Ya Feet – Freestyle Records 6. Qdup Foundation – Renegade’s Revenge – Bomb Strikes 7. Spanky Wilson – Spanky’s Sunshine - Bombs 8. Rube – Get Up – Jazz & Milk Recordings 9. Neighbour vs DJ Soup & Hoola Hoop – Bro Chant (Pt 1) – Homebreakin Records 10. Speaker Junk – Foxxy - Dubsided 11. Bazouka – My Deer Conqueror – Eklektrik Rekords 12. Bryan Jones – Chicago Jack (Bobby & Klein Remix) - Ringside Recordings 13. The Sound Republic – Get Loose (Take a Breath) - SpatulaCity Records 14. The Naf Mob – If I Don’t - Peaches 15. Pirate Breaks – Get Up & Dance (Plump DJs Remix) – Pirate Breaks 16. RSL – Wesley Music - Giant Step Tags: breaks funky house house chicago breakbeat mp3 kevin07 textureDJs

 tDJs029 - Cynan vs Christine Moritz | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Gee whiz, is this posting overdue! Hope you'll all forgive us for the hiatus -- between us, textureDJs have been in Thailand, Tanzania, Canada, Canberra, Sydney and San Francisco over the last 2 months... regular service should resume shortly! Here's Christine Moritz and DJ Cynan, trading off tunes, live @ Honeypot. As always, we are all live in the joint, all wax, all quality tunes! Christine's tunes are listed in italics, Cynan's in regular text: 1. Max Sedgley - Happy (Mr. Dan's Version) - Sunday Best 2. Gecko Turner - Toda Mojaíta (Dutch Rhythm Combo Remix) - Lovemonk 3. Quantic - Sabor - Tru Thoughts 4. Watch TV & The Primetimes - Voodoo Royale (feat El Gran Lapofsky - Thunderball vs Fort Knox Five remix) – Hitop 5. Rube – Big Band Jump – Jazz & Milk Records 6. Quantic Soul Orchestra - Paintings & Journeys (Extended Version) - Tru Thoughts 7. The Three Amigos - Louie Louie - Inferno 8. Rednose Distrikt feat Melodee – Best DJ – Kindred Spirits 9. Valique – Taking Your Seat - Freestyle Records 10. Susumu Yokota feat. Alice Russell - Could Heaven Ever Be Like This (Bugz in the Attic Remix) - Exceptional 11. Secret Stealth - Something to Live For - Bocajito 12. Meco – Star Wars Cantina Band Theme - Underdog Edits 13. M.A.R.R.S – Pump Up The Volume 14. Fantastic Plastic Machine - Love Is Psychedelic (Bob Sinclar Remix) - Avex Japan 15. Soul II Soul - Back to Life (12" Mix) - Virgin 16. Fdel – Ladies and Gentlemen – Freestyle Records 17. Indigo Jam Unit – Back Shot – Basis Records textureDJs 029 - Cynan vs Christine tag team.mp3 Coming up in textureDJs 030... textureDJs James and Cynan get deep, very deep...

 tDJs028 - Christine Moritz @ Honeypot | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Christine Mortiz, live @ Honeypot, 28 July 07: Hits the London record shops all afternoon, manages a wayward bus driver, strolls into the joint, pulls out some of the biggest damn shiny steel carts I've ever seen, and drops a superfine set.... nuff said, enjoy the tunes! textureDJs028 - Christine Moritz.mp3 1. Cleveland Watkiss - Kamikaze - Talkin' Loud (UK) 2. The Funky Lowlives - Float Through Stars (Boozoo Bajou Remix) - Outer (UK) 3. Tony D - Me and My Girl - Ruffwax (U.S.) 4. Freestylers - Phenomenon One - Freskanova (UK) / Mammoth (U.S.) 5. Aldo Vanucci - When I See You Smile (Fatboy Slim Remix) - unknown 6. Leisure All-Stars - A Lot to Say (Mr. Benn's Ham Bone Skank) - Leisure (UK) 7. Black Grass - Don't Leave Me This Way (feat. Dominique Noiret) - Catskills (UK) 8. Coldcut - Man in a Garage (Bonobo Remix) - Ninja Tune (UK/Canada) 9. Gotan Project - Santa Maria (Tom Middleton's Cosmos Mix) - Ya Basta (France) / XL (UK) 10. Rhibosome - Walkin' - Freestyle (UK) 11. Zimpala - Hasta La Vista (Original) - Platinum (France) 12. Koe - The Flam - Nine2Five (Finland) 13. Barakas - Stabilo - Bossa Tru Thoughts (UK) 14. Jungle Brothers - Because I Got It Like That (Ultimatum Mix) - Gee Street (U.S.) Next podcast coming soon: From the same night, Christine & Cynan's tag team!

 tDJs027 - "a little chilled" - live @ honeypot | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Boo hoo! Some of us missed the joys of the Big Chill Festival last weekend. So here's some of that lazy summery vibe now that the sun has come back and the floodwaters gone down around these parts. Taped for your pleasure, live from the wax, at Oxford's most lil & chill bar, Honeypot... textureDJs 027 - a little chilled - live at honeypot.mp3 1. Sesong – Love Untold (Wah Wah 45s) 2. Mulatu Astatke – Asiyo Belema (Soundway) 3. Montefiori Cocktail - Sofisticata (Nicola Conte Soft Samba Strings Remix) (IRMA Italy) 4. Koop – Summer Sun (Compost) 5. 4hero – Something in the Way (Raw Canvas) 6. Speedometer – Wait Up (Foot and Mouth) 7. Earl Grant - House of Bamboo (Family Recordings) 8. The Jazzinvaders – Up & Out (Tim Wood remix) (Social Beats) 9. Belleruche – Northern Girls – (Tru Thoughts) 10. Quasimode – Giant Black Shadow (Freestyle) 11. Flevans – 12 Apostles (Jack to Phono) 12. The Loosen Ups feat Miss Ray T – You Got Me Cramp'd Up (Noise Revolution New Zealand) 13. Herbie Hancock – Canteloupe Island (Premier) 14. Rosemary Clooney – Sway (Family Recordings) 15. Sammy Davis Jr – L'amour Toujours L'amour – (Reprise) 16. Frank Sinatra – Saturday Night (is the Loneliest Night of the Week) (Capitol Records) As well as subscribing in iTunes, or using our Odeo player on the right there, you can also catch textureDJs mixes over at radiozerogravity now too. The next textureDJs podcast coming down the pipe is a rather fantastic Cynan vs Christine Moritz tag team set (if I do say so myself!). Well, it will be, once I get the setlist from Christine :)

 tDJs026 & 001 -- honeytones | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Over the weekend a friend mentioned he was still quite enjoying the very first textureDJs mix podcast here. With 25 podcasts notched up, I thought now might be a good time to replay that mix from January 2006, for all the listeners not with us from day one! So I hope you also enjoy the funky breaks, future jazz and soulful broken beats of Honeytones. Even amongst all the great artists on here, the Backroom Bandits tune remains one of my all time faves! Click here or on the post title to download the mp3. 1. Povo - Hi Fly - Raw Fusion 2. Ben Horn - Stripped Down - Fuego Records 3. Skeewiff - Pinstripe - Jalapeno Records 4. Mr Scruff - Shrimp (edit) - Ninja Tune 5. Fort Knox Five - The Brazilian Hipster - Fort Knox Recordings 6. Paula Lima - Quero Ver Você No Baile - Audiopharm 7. Akiko Kohara - Miracle Starscraper 8. Roisin Murphy - Sinking Feeling - Echo 9. Peggy Lee - Fever 10. Marschmellows - Swoundosophy (RAS Remix) - Infracom 11. Som Tres - Take It Easy My Brother Charles - Mr Bongo 12. Season feat. Ernesto - Juice (Math Union Mix) - Nuevo Ritmo 13. Big Bang - Smile In Your Eyes (Mark De Clive Lowe Remix) - Arision 14. Reel People - Spiritual (Opaque Remix) - Bitasweet 15. Backroom Bandits - You Don't Know What Love Is - Soul Groove Records 16. Toy Division - Budapest Resonance (Andrew J Remix) - Juice Records I should also take the opportunity to mention we have a guest DJ joining us live at Honeypot on Saturday 28 July - coming across the pond is the host of Variety Is The Spice, Christine Moritz! Tags: nujazz broken beat podcast funky breaks mp3 textureDJs

 tDJs 025 - James Irvine, live at Honeypot | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Resident textureDJ James Irvine ripping up the ones and twos on a recent Saturday night at Honeypot. Some brilliant new and classic brokenbeat tunes, and some soaring soulful house to boot! Sorry we're getting pretty terrible with the tracklists. I swear one of us has the thing somewhere, but the end of these nights are usually a little hazy... By the way, if you do the facebook thing, you can join Honeypot's group here - Oxford's sexiest secret pub - as well as for Get Funked, textureDJs' rather more clubbity night across town... Also special thanks to the very talented Ao Tomato Design for the pic of Honeypot's front room above. Check out some more of her excellent work at Wisteria Station and Sky first, then shoes. Tags: bruk nujazz future jazz brokenbeat broken beat house podcast mp3 oxford honey pot textureDJs 01:03:00 brokenbeat, bruk, funk, futurejazz, nujazz, oxford, textureDJs

 tDJs023 - live at the Honeypot, 17 March 07 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Hello everyone, Cynan here! My apologies for the hiatus, I've been away working in Kenya for the last few weeks. Back in Oxford now though and hard at work dropping some infectious funky breaks with a touch of jazz for you this week! Parker & Sarah Scott open with a beautiful number, I've got the title track from new '2x2' release from the ever-impressive Indigo Jam Unit, Povo lays a gentle touch on the amazing 5CQ, and check out the absolutely stoinking Thunderball & Fort Knox Five remix in there too! All mixed live & direct in the Honeypot last Saturday night of course. So right click here or on the post title to save your mp3, or visit iTunes to subscribe! Finally, if you enjoy this mix, please support these fantastic artists and buy their music! We sure do and they're worth every penny! 1. Parker feat Sarah Scott – Sugar Coated – Leisure Recordings 2. Recloose feat Joe Dukie – Dust (Submariner Mix) – Peacefrog 3. Tim Wood – A Taste of Honey – Social Beats 4. All Good Funk Alliance – Super Jam – Funk Weapons 5. Frank Montis – A Façade - Social Beats 6. Indigo Jam Unit – 2x2 – Basis Records 7. The Five Corners Quintet feat Mark Murphy – This Could Be The Start of Something Big (Povo remix) – Ricky-Tick 8. The Juju Orchestra – What Is Hip? (feat Carolyn Leonhard & Terry Callier - Mo'Horizons Hipstyle) - Agogo 9. Watch TV & The Primetimes - Voodoo Royale (feat El Gran Lapofsky - Thunderball vs Fort Knox Five remix) – Hitop 10. Qdup Foundation – Hustle & Grind (Qdup Foundation OG mix) – Qdup 11. Cadillac Jones - K Tel (All Good Funk Alliance remix) – Jazz Space & Bass 12. Neighbourhood Romeo – Four Girls, Bi Girls - Homebreakin Records Tags: lounge funk jazz podcast mp3 oxford honey pot nujazz breaks texture DJs

 tDJs 024 - DJ Darrell guest mix | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Those of you with us last July will remember the superb selections of DJ Darrell. Here he is again with an hour of awesome tunes - but no track list I'm afraid!

 tDJs022 - Balearic Bliss | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

A balearic mix of tunes that evokes only images of the beaches of Brazil and Ibizan sunsets. Clearly, Washington DC's winter is leaving DJ Sean Quinn dreaming of warmer places, while performing at new local spot, Eleventh Street Lounge. 1. Cesaria Evora - Sangue de Beirona (Francois K Remix)- RCA Victor 2. Dublex Inc - Tango Forte (Quantic Remix) - Pulver Records 3. Thunderball - Las Vagueness - ESL Recordings 4. Fauna Flash - Alone Again - Compost 5. Delvina and Ken N. - Ritmo Carimbo - deVICE 6. Bajofondo Tango Club - Los Tangueros (Twin Club Remix)- Universal Latino 7. Nina Simone - Save Me (Coldcut Remix) - RCA/Legacy 8. Kraak & Smaak - Say Yeah - Jalapeno Records 9. Scott Wozniak - Te Necesito - Fluential (Defected) 10. Rasmus Faber - Get Over Here - Raw Fusion/Jugglin' Records 11. Afro Angel - Join Me Brother - suSU 12. Skeewiff - Ruby's Revenge - Jalapeno Records 13. Brazilian Girls - Jique - Talk To La Bomb - Verve 14. Mr. Scruff - So Long (Future Homosapiens Mix)- Ninja Tune 15. Beatfanatic - Let It Go (Soul Disciple Mix) - Raw Fusion/Jugglin' Records 16. Skeewiff - Love Power - Jalapeno Records Tags: lounge funky house house podcast mp3 washington eleventh street texture DJs


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