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Summary: The Cosmic Weather is hosted by poetic astrologer and author Kelly Lee Phipps and holistic astrologer Benjamin Bernstein. It includes a weekly analysis of the upcoming astrological influences plus a look at current events from an astrological perspective. In addition, they cover an Educational Segment and a look at the Supernova Star of the Week's chart.

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  • Artist: Kelly Lee Phipps
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 Cosmic Weather 140 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Capricorn New Moon * Solar Eclipse * Jupiter conjunct Uranus Another New Year's goes by, and yet we feel in the depths of our being, not so new...yet...the earth herself is resetting her energetic field under this early January New Moon with a partial solar eclipse that intensifies things and asks us to plant a really potent seed in the House that hosts the New Moon. This is the time of the year that sees us slowly emerging from the Winter Solstice point, and rhymes with the New Moon phase, coming into life as a baby, and the Digestive System. It's time to digest new food to make for new energy when Springtime comes...what are you chewing on in terms of the physical, mental, emotional, and archetypal dimensions of experience...which together come together as the spiritual dimension. At this time, we also get to enjoy the company of the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction and feel the tide of unusual opportunities upon us, swelling in their revelation of the infinite brew happening within and reflected without. As within, so Without: As without, so within...basic cosmic law in action. The relativistic dynamics of the soul's descent into matter to carve heaven in earth continues, and you may play a glorious part, even if you remain a passive observer, watching the mystery unfold! So what part will you play in this gleaming round of the soul. Forget your'll be dead and gone from this form very soon...and start to focus on what really matters to you, the things you loved that will really bring on the tears at the funeral...but how will they know unless you cultivate the courage of a warrior and the creativity of a child to invoke the magic of meaning? Here's the link! Enjoy!

 Cosmic Weather 139 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

New Moon in Sagittarius * Mercury Retrograde * Mercury-Mars-Pluto Conjunction Hello everyone! The Cosmic Weather is back for it's first New Moon podcast in a long time! And it is a dynamic one indeed. This is the time of the year in the northern hemisphere where we get to tell stories around the fire and synthesize our yearly actions into wisdom and meaning. As always the New Moon is about planting a Seed Intention based on where it falls in your natal chart. We've also got Mercury going Retrograde on December 10th and conjuncting both Mars and Pluto in the process! This is the time to make your Christmas list of things you want to fix, repair, replace, edit, interpret, and heal. That way you won't get blindsided by the shift in mental energy from a place of active streaming to passive introversion. I'm particularly excited as I'm working hard on my astrological masterpiece that you've probably heard me refer to over the last ten years as the Tao of Astrology. This next Winter Season, expect to read it! It will be done or I will, and I don't plan on leaving the planet anytime soon, so the spontaneous flow of writing is on! Enjoy this crazy time with Mars squares Uranus and drive safely! Here's the link!

 Cosmic Weather 138 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Full Moon in Pisces * Mercury Retrograde in Virgo Eric and I coming at you from Seattle and Asheville breaking down the cosmic energies around the Full Moon in Pisces, sign of the Dreamer, Mystic, and Visionary Artist which is going on with the Mercury Retrograde in Virgo. Eric just completed his new Elements and Evolutions astrology book while I just arrived at the coast in Seattle after riding my bicycle from Boulder CO through Nelson BC and then down to Seattle, where I am holing up with fellow astrologer Kriss Shellman and her husband. Lots of cool shifts happening under this time period....we explain more on the show! Here's the link!

 Cosmic Weather 137 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Full Moon In Aquarius * Mystic Rectangle of the Ages Eric and I are back in action now that I've arrived at my mythic destination here in Nelson, British Columbia, livin' the dream of the Traveling Magi. In fact we are both living the dream, as Eric has been busy adding his next masterpiece to the puzzle of the philosophical underpinnings of astrology with his new book about Elements and Evolution. Check out the latest podcast and jam with us live! Here's the link!

 Cosmic Weather 136 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Sagittarius Full Moon * Jupiter conjunct Uranus in Aries! Oh my the sky is ascending as Jupiter the Sky-father uplifts Ouranos the deity of the starry heavens! Everyone is about to receive new Marching orders and get devoted to the new tasks and opportunities that present themselves. Especially with Mars finally cruising into Virgo after a six month stint in Leo. Mars can only handle so much narcissism before he implodes with rage. This is one of those moments we were born to experience, the planetary shift in culture, the ecological disaster of the oil spill that will lead to greater concern for nature and natural processes, the introduction of new solar powered chargers and batteries that work, the end of the industrial age as we know it. Not to mention to creation of the I-pad by apple, a device that is so elegant and cool, that it resembles the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (especially if you download the telescope app!) I woke up this morning thinking about my journey around the world by bike and grabbed my I-pad and started finding all these cool apps for writers, for designers, for artists, for mind-mappers, for astrologers, etc. I also started downloading books, both through the Kindle app and the i-book store. Amazing! You can even turn the pages on the i-books. I downloaded a 13 hour compilation of Alan Watts breaking down eastern religion as well as my favorite poet David Whyte doing 6 hours on cultivating spiritual disciplines in everyday life. Very cool to listen to while riding my bike across the great Northwest this summer. Anyway, check out the show. Eric and I are in zany form as usual and ready to rock your world with some insightful professional astrology! Here's the link!

 Cosmic Weather 134 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Scorpio Full Moon * Merc Retro * Sun square Mars Welcome to another contemplative conversation between Eric and I over the topic of the Full Moon appearing in the archetype of change. Whatever changes you instigates in the Fall are now coming into full focus as the illuminating power of this lunation descends into humanity's collective consciousness. Check out my continuing adventures to live a Location Independent lifestyle over at my new blog and website Eric's new "Elements" website has gone live as well over at The 4th of five passes of the Uranus opposition to Saturn, where our society itself has a mid-life crisis, has occurred and we are left reeling in the wake of this chaotic time. How can you live an empowering life and how can you tap into your gifts and serve the world? The universe is a marvelous orchestration of simultaneous activity. I mean, when we're all asleep over hear, they are having tea in China discussing the latest news in their hemisphere of consciousness. WoW! That's a really cool thought. There is always something cool going on! Probably alot of bad stuff too, but hey it's the price of inhabiting a fluid form body in a world of sharp and rocky objects. We don't tend to last very long and at the same time you can find eternity in a moment! I've written about keeping our lives in balance through the wisdom of the seven classical planets on my Traveling Magi Blog, and discussed the inner Structure of Consciousness. All astrological fun! Anyway, I digress! Here's the link.


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