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Summary: Get the biggest scoops and best storytelling on television from 60 Minutes - on your schedule. Now you can listen to the show in its entirety every week. 60 Minutes is the most successful broadcast in television history with more than 80 Emmys under its belt. 60 Minutes is also the only show to obtain interviews with every American president from Richard Nixon to Barack Obama.

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 60 Minutes: 07/15 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 42:54

In an interview about the visionary Apple CEO, biographer Walter Isaacson reveals the private Steve Jobs few knew. Jobs tells his story in his own words, as Isaacson recorded many of the over 40 interviews he conducted with him. 60 Minutes Correspondent Steve Kroft reports. Autistic people whose condition prevents them from speaking are making breakthroughs with the help of tablet computers and special applications that allow them to communicate, some for the first time. Correspondent Lesley Stahl reports.

 60 Minutes: 07/08 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 42:50

A Lobbyist's Playbook - Jack Abramoff, the ex-lobbyist and now ex-convict at the center of the biggest Washington corruption scandal in decades speaks to 60 Minutes Correspondent Lesley Stahl. He reveals how he was able to influence politicians and why, despite reform, such influence buying continues. Redshirting - Correspondent Morley Safer reports on the rising incidence of "redshirting," holding back children from school who have late birthdays so they can be the oldest instead of the youngest in their class. The Mozart of Chess - Grandmaster Magnus Carlsen is the number-one chess player in the world and he loves to see his opponents squirm. Correspondent Bob Simon reports.

 60 Minutes: 07/01 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 42:19

The sophisticated computer worm, Stuxnet, which sabotaged Iran's nuclear program is now out there. Its idea and methods exposed to terrorists or rogue nations who could now use them to create their own cyberweapon. 60 Minutes Correspondent Steve Kroft reports. Qatar, a tiny and prosperous Middle Eastern country with no income taxes and free health care is an island of calm in a sea of unrest as neighbors like Syria, Egypt and Bahrain experience social upheaval. 60 Minutes Correspondent Bob Simon has more. European white truffles can sell for as much as $3,600 a pound but harvests are down and a black market has emerged that has allowed an influx of inferior and cheap Chinese truffles that are diluting this lucrative market. 60 Minutes Correspondent Lesley Stahl reports.

 60 Minutes: 06/24 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 43:32

Greg Mortenson - He's written inspiring best sellers, including "Three Cups of Tea," but are the stories all true? 60 Minutes Correspondent Steve Kroft investigates. Howard Buffett - Legendary investor Warren Buffett has chosen his son Howard to succeed him as head of his multibillion dollar holding company. But as Correspondent Lesley Stahl reports, "Howie" -- a farmer -- is no chip off the old block. Novak Djokovic - He's favored to win Wimbledon again this year. He is also a hero to his Serbian people and has quite a sense of humor. Correspondent Bob Simon profiles the number one ranked tennis star, Novak Djokovic.

 60 Minutes: 06/17 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 43:18

Correspondent Steve Kroft reports on Insider Trading in Congress, in which members of Congress could use non-public information to make stock trades. Then, Correspondent Byron Pitts interviews University of Maryland's president Freeman Habowski, an educator focused on Math and Science. Finally, Correspondent Lesley Stahl profiles music sensation Taylor Swift.

 60 Minutes: 06/10 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 42:56

Defense Secretary Panetta - He has balanced the budget, run the CIA and helped eliminate Osama bin Laden. Now, Leon Panetta takes on massive reponsibilities as the U.S. Secretary of Defense, including keeping Iran from producing a nuclear bomb. 60 Minutes Correspondent Scott Pelley reports. Big Game Hunting - The same kinds of exotic, sometimes endangered, big game species found in places like Africa can be hunted here in the U.S. for a price. The ranchers who breed them claim to be preserving them, a notion animal rights people strongly disagree with. Correspondent Lara Logan reports. Parker And Stone - Correspondent Steve Kroft talks to Trey Parker and Matt Stone, the creators of Comedy Central's "South Park" and follows the process that each week produces another scathing and hilarious episode for the biggest hit on basic cable television. Now the duo also have one of the biggest hits on Broadway, the musical comedy "The Book of Mormon."

 60 Minutes: 06/03 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 42:53

SpaceX - The company founded by Elon Musk recently became the first private firm to launch a space vehicle into orbit and successfully dock it at the International Space Station. The next test for SpaceX is competing against larger, more entrenched aeronautical companies to become the first private venture to put a person into orbit. 60 Minutes Correspondent Scott Pelley reports. The Murder of an American Nazi - Correspondent Lesley Stahl reports on the murder of a neo-Nazi leader and captures a growing subculture of hate playing out along America's borders where neo-Nazis patrol in order to keep illegal immigrants out. Angelina - Correspondent Bob Simon profiles international film star Angelina Jolie, who went behind the camera to direct a film for the first time.

 60 Minutes: 05/27 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 42:36

Never Seen The Like - After many requests for help from his ambushed unit were denied, Dakota Meyer took matters into his own hands, going through a gauntlet of Taliban fire five times to try and to save his trapped comrades. His efforts earned him the Medal of Honor. Correspondent David Martin reports. Operation Proper Exit - This unique program takes wounded warriors back to the battlefield in an effort to provide closure that often leads to better lives for these veterans and their families. Correspondent Scott Pelley reports. Marine Brothers - Correspondent Lara Logan reports on five sets of brothers in the Marine Reserves who fought for the right to be on the front lines of combat in Afghanistan with their siblings.

 60 Minutes: 05/20 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 41:06

Dropping Out - A billionaire's program to pay students with promising ideas to drop out of college is attracting students and critics. Internet business pioneer Peter Thiel thinks his program is a viable alternative to what he sees as a costly and ineffective university system. 60 Minutes Correspondent Morley Safer reports. Hard Cases - The last resort for patients with rare, undiagnosed medical conditions is Dr. William Gahl's Undiagnosed Diseases Program at the National Institutes of Health. Correspondent Lara Logan reports. Roger Waters - Pink Floyd's creative force is still performing the rock opera "The Wall" to sold-out stadiums around the world. Correspondent Steve Kroft catches up with the rock legend.

 60 Minutes: 05/13 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 43:14

Hank - Legendary retired covert CIA Officer Henry "Hank" Crumpton tells his spy stories to 60 Minutes Correspondent Lara Logan, including his role early in the war in Afghanistan as Deputy Director of the CIA's Counter-Terrorism Center. The Gulen Movement - A worldwide Islamic movement that has inspired scores of public charter schools here in the U.S. is led by a Turkish cleric living in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania. Correspondent Lesley Stahl reports on Fethullah Gulen and his message of education. The Role of a Lifetime - "CSI: NY" star Gary Sinise's appearance in "Forrest Gump" helped lead to his humanitarian efforts for disabled veterans just like the "Lt. Dan" character he made so memorable in the classic film. Correspondent David Martin reports.

 60 Minutes: 05/06 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 42:29

The Raptor - Two pilots who choose not to fly the nation's top fighter jet because of safety and health concerns risk their careers speaking out on the dangers they believe are associated with flying the F-22 Raptor. 60 Minutes Correspondent Lesley Stahl reports. Cleaning Up Whitley County - A corrupt sheriff in a drug-infested Kentucky county who federal authorities initially failed to indict was finally foiled by a pair of twenty-something journalists from the local newspaper. Correspondent Byron Pitts reports. Michael Phelps - The Olympic swimming wunderkind is back to a strict training regimen after a lull that included some fun downtime and unimpressive races. He tells Correspondent Anderson Cooper he's now ready for the London games, where his coach predicts another multiple gold medal effort.


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