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Summary: Your Economic Survival? They're Not Looking Out For You. We are.

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 The Case Of Britain - 12/10/12 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

More on the absurd unemployment statistics published in the U.S. last week. Things have not improved, they have worsened. The story of Britain’s fateful encounter with addiction to debt, the rollercoaster and the unstoppable march to economic, financial and social chaos. The meeting with destiny approaches. It will shake the country to its core. And it will be repeated elsewhere, including the United States

 The Derivatives Endgame - 12/07/12 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:55:41

The massive amount of notional derivatives exposure means that no amount of quantitative easing can offset the problem of a monumental collapse in the financial sector. The point-of-no-return has long-since been passed.  Too big to fail? The major banks are far too small to cope... The unemployment numbers out today are a complete farce and a lie. The fiscal cliff? Who cares? Whatever happens, debt will continue to be accumulated and layoffs will proliferate far into the future. The Bill of Rights is dead. 'Real' food is still affordable. Privacy is but a fond memory. 'They' have invaded every aspect of your lives. Let's hear it for the Department of Homeland Security and their ridiculous DHS-FBI bulletin entitled: Indicators of Suspicious Behaviors (sic) At Hotels'. Prepare to laugh...and then cry

 Boo hoo! I want lower taxes. I want government to spend MORE! I don’t want to pay for it. - 12/03/12 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:45:59

America is being raped by the government to feed a lifestyle that it cannot support… and making future generations financially responsible for it. The entire system is in on the game. Nobody is prepared or willing to call a halt to this. The country prints, borrows and spends without giving any thought to what it’s doing to the future. Europe is heading into a depression with unemployment at a record new high. The problems are spreading into the northern countries now. Consumer Metrics shows the lie that the BEA propagates with its third quarter “positive growth” (almost certainly negative when all the excess stimulus is subtracted). A lively discussion between two listeners about the morality of Americans leaving to make better lives for themselves elsewhere

 Government Interference In Your Lives Is Growing Exponentially - 11/30/12 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:56:11

Post-Thanksgiving sales much more modest that the media wanted you to believe. People need to save and that will put a crimp on economic activity for years to come. DO NOT BELIEVE THE HOUSING RECOVERY NONSENSE! A partial list of the clowns who contributed to the existence of the ;fiscal cliff’. Your government is gradually taking over your entire lives, economic and otherwise. Truly the case of the frog in boiling water syndrome. The system of private enterprise is collapsing under the weight of government economic needs. The situation is now irreversible, mathematically speaking. The consequences of ‘going over the cliff’. Brief outline of what the stock market might do next. Earnings likely to fall sharply. The ‘skills gap’. What went wrong with capitalism in the U.S

 Broken States - 11/26/12 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:56:04

Continental Europe is breaking apart but the monumental debt of the United States comes from the fractured way in which the country was created. This leads directly to the corresponding lack of interest in fixing national economic problems. Some historical background. Attitudes are resistant to change. People cannot accept profound change without great difficulty. 3.4% growth for 100 years which was taken for granted has ended for good. There will have to be a new paradigm and the sooner it is put in place, the better. The problems of central banking and the destiny of newly-printed money. Some comparative and very shocking statistics.

 Skating On Thin Ice? - 11/23/12 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:54:53

We are close to the tipping point – and there is no stepping off this ladder! The true horror of debt, an essay by Bill Bonner – well worth your time… As always, history teaches us a powerful lesson about what happens when you abuse debt. The MF Global affair is, as I have always maintained, revealed as a consequence of chaos and stupidity. Want to imprison Jon Corzine for the crime of stupidity and incompetence? Be my guest. A sad but telling comparison of the decline of Britain with the decline of the United States indicates the same factors at work: a willful departure from that which made both countries great: industrial development, which was replaced by a concentration on importing and overseas investment, culminating in the plunder of the finances and wealth of both countries

 Gone! - 11/19/12 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:55:54

Movie recommendation: “Queen of Versailles”, a documentary about the turned fortunes of David Siegel, the time-share mogul. Animals organize themselves quite efficiently without money; why not humans? A rant about the U.S. Postal Service from a listener. Germans forbidden from viewing their gold held at the New York Fed. Housing recovery disproved by figures out of Los Angeles. Petraeus, the nation’s chief spy, is too stupid to send undecodable messages to his mistress.

 The Bear Is Upon Us - 11/16/12 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:55:00

Finally, it looks as though the market is taking the depression seriously. Recent economic figures confirm the ongoing downturn. Several new records have been achieved, including poverty levels and numbers of food stamp recipients. Each person must find his/her way out of the consequences of the depression. I offer emigration as the only real solution. A few words on Uruguay, Australia, Germany and Canada. (Emigrants to Germany and Belize will be giving presentations at the Meet-Up Group in New Brunswick this Sunday).

 Global Capitalism And The Encroachment Of The State - 11/12/12 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:54:52

America borrows money from the future to feed a spastic and withering social construct. We are seeing ever-increasing economic stagnation and social division. Government intervention is universal. For better or worse, this is a far cry from the original model of American rugged individualism and can-do. The changed role of police in American society. The sharply increasing rate of suicide seems directly related to unemployment, according to a recent study.

 Wake Up Call - 10/29/12 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:55:16

Wake Up Call - 10/29/12

 Mass Firings Soar At Fastest Pace Since 2010 - 10/26/12 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:54:41

A long list of companies drawing down their workforce in huge numbers due to lack of demand. This is very grim. Listen to clips of overgrown 5-year-olds squabbling about who gets to talk and then listen to Nigel Farage. Can you tell the difference? Debt and its consequences are powerful reasons to leave the country. Some appalling statistics for your edification. Add to that the collapse in law and order and the decline in social services and you have a powder keg to deal with if you stay. Michael Pettis describes why we are looking at deflation ahead, along with sharply falling commodity prices. British children are failing to develop because of the toxic pressures of modern life.

 Low Interest Rates: Bernanke’s Punishment To Americans - 10/22/12 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:51:49

Why low interest rates are a blight on people’s savings and totally unnecessary. They are setting the world up for chaos. Artificially ‘managed’ interest rates are the antithesis of what capitalism is all about. Lending and borrowing money is a market function. The government has no business getting involved. The country will pay dearly for this. Recent stock market action and where it is leading. How hospitals are killing people. A few words on ‘The Fiscal Cliff’ and what it is

 American Wasteful and Indulgent Profligacy - 10/19/12 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:56:38

The featured book describes how there's no better place to be during economic turbulence than Australia. Brilliant in a bust, the Aussies have learnt to use their brains in a boom. Despite a lingering inability to acknowledge their achievements at home, the rest of the world asks: how did they get it right? A list of the incredibly stupid and indulgent ways in which the government wastes money. There is no appreciation of the seriousness of America’s situation at any level of society. Automation is not the only reason for a decline in jobs in the U.S. and China is the proof. Global executives are profoundly pessimistic about American-based companies’ ability to compete internationally. Ron Hoskins talks about the fiscal cliff. The show ends with the Rolling Stones’ new single: Gloom and Doom, lyrics to be found on this page

 Some Predictions - 10/15/12 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:55:33

Deflation, lower prices all around. The Federal Reserve is, in reality, the world’s largest money-laundering machine. I show a trail leading to the inevitable conclusion that the Fed is not about aiding the nation or borrowers; it’s about funneling “free money” to the banks to restore their balance sheets and profits. Greece is back in the news with 25.1% unemployment and youth unemployment of 54%. It needs to leave the euro. The muzzled state of the press today. More on the debt. A recession that has lasted five years and counting cannot possibly be described as “cyclical” as the Fed claims; it is systemic. There is no ‘deleveraging’. That’s a myth. We are enduring Ponzi finance, pure and simple. It will soon burst – because it has to! We are, indeed, headed off the rails

 Dollars And Sense - 10/12/12 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:54:34

The dollar may not be as dead as many people think! The needs of the world’s reserve currency outweigh the demise of the American economy. The dollar, used as a medium of exchange and barter, can easily gain in foreign exchange value if it is the only ‘kid on the block’. Manipulation of the populace has been in the making for many decades. It is only coming to fruition now. It was precisely predicted by people such as Edward Bernays and Aldous Huxley eighty years ago: in particular they emphasized the coming trend of apathy and blind acceptance of officialdom’s outrages that have come to be part of everyday life. The housing market has not “turned the corner”. Demand for housing is not in evidence for various reasons, principally because the weak economy does not equip enough first-time buyers with the wherewithal to make an adequate down payment. Prices must – and will – decline much more to make that happen


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