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Summary: Your Economic Survival? They're Not Looking Out For You. We are.

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 The Meta-Physics Of Collapse - 05/17/13 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

There are four main areas to consider: Awareness (or Attention), Illusion, Fragmentation and Ego. As Krishnamurti taught, Attention is Everything. Without Attention, we are not ourselves. The great attributes of the United States and the way in which they have been squandered. Bill Bonner’s conversation with Neil Barofsky, whistleblower extraordinaire. A sobering discovery. Paul Craig Roberts’s take on America’s spectacular decline. The massive disconnect between the economy and the stock market

 The End Of The Federal Reserve - 05/13/13 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Nobody ever seems to wonder why this execrable institution even exists! The economy was far healthier – without inflation – until the day the Fed was created 100 years ago in 1913. It is the bankers’ bank. Why should it worry about you? More from Nigel Farage questioning the very existence of the European Union

 The Cost Of America’s Obsession With War - 05/10/13 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

An account of Bush’s lies and the ways in which the government was able to fool people into believing that the war was costing a fraction of the reality. Waste, corruption, stupidity, arrogance… they’re all here in spades. Even today public money is still being paid to the civilian contractors in Iraq. Suicides are growing in number as predicted here. Police targeting garden seed growers, accusing them of growing marijuana. Geoffrey Bloom, MP for Europe, talking about the fractional reserve banking system. The story of Penny Pritzker, recently appointed Commerce Secretary. More from David Stockman

 A Guide To Finding Work Abroad - 05/06/13 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Lots of websites, anecdotes from recent expatriates, helpful hints to teaching English as a foreign language and other useful information… Where does the money go that the Fed prints? The everything-is-contained syndrome is again being bandied about by the politicians. Of course, nothing could be further from the truth. Europe is a giant accident waiting to happen, Japan is following close behind, China… then the United States (not necessarily in that order).

 The Obamacare Horror Show - 05/03/13 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

The storm clouds are gathering. Two weeks ago it was France sounding the alarm bells. Last week it was Holland. This week Australia announces that it is in trouble. The economic collapse of China is causing real problems here in Asia. The debts and deficits in the U.S. are about to unleash a torrent of failures and bankruptcies. Listen to the grotesque misrepresentations of Obamacare in an interview from Real News Network with Paul Jay. The recent bullishness over the housing market is totally unjustified. The government’s obsession with pushing up prices is simply driving potential buyers out of the market. Once again, you are warned not to believe any of the economic statistics from government sources. More words from Nigel Farage

 The Disintegrating Fabric of American Life - 04/29/13 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Unhappiness, fear, stress, anger, depression: great pain epitomizes America today. The addictions and drugs are all a sad and pathetic attempt to find a way out. Listen to some harrowing statistics. The Boston Drama: the hallmark of a society hungry for stimulation where everyone dutifully plays their part. Escapism at an extreme. Why people are so desperate to create inflation. More on the horrific debt situation. Some advice as to what not to do when you are in debt. Even large corporations lie about the reasons for their shabby performance – nobody wants to admit that the economy is not working out. And all the while things get worse. Detroit again… and the general social collapse of several cities.

 The Purpose Of Debt - 04/26/13 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

The meaning of austerity: a consequence – not a punishment. The example of Italy. How and why it must cut its deficit. What they can reasonably expect from other countries (not much). Why debt will be the death of us all. U.S households are still heavily in debt. The banks have consequently adopted a greater and more powerful presence in our lives. The Fed is ultimately responsible. GDP is to be “boosted” by more make-believe “production” (intangibles which they “forgot” to include since 1929!) Just more lies and deceit. Why the economy cannot and will not recover. Consumption is not the answer. More debt is not the answer. We are already drowning in interest payments

 The European Banking Crisis - 04/22/13 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

The major European banks are, in effect, insolvent. We are simply awaiting an ‘event’ which will bring one of them down, causing a cascade of the rest of them. The ECB (European Central Bank) is well aware of this, which is why they refuse to divulge the names of banks that need bridge loans, fearing a panic. Social stability is at issue and capital controls have clearly been readied for use. The Boston affair simply shows how far the police can go in abusing your rights unopposed. Very scary but a very interesting window on future outrages of this kind. The message is loud-and-clear: leave! The concept of news is toxic for us humans. Try to avoid it. News will not change anything in your lives that you have any control over. The economic situation is getting worse. Listen to some of the comparative statistics which are all degrading by the month

 Wake Up Call - Another US-Inspired “Free-Trade” Agreement - 04/19/13 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

An in-depth analysis of this monster, along with the hope that it will be rejected for what it is: another ploy to secure markets for the U.S. It is entirely one-sided as various Malaysian spokespeople have observed. The politicians, however, tend to have different “objectives”. We shall see… Jeffrey Sachs talking about the outrages perpetrated by the financial services industry. Two clips from Nigel Farage, both incisively dismissing the European Union and its parliament in front of which he is speaking! President Obama already described the Boston explosions as the work of “foreigners” without having any information on who was responsible. Irish homeowners have to prove strict insolvency to benefit from debt deals. The MF Global trustee confirms stupidity as the culprit, not theft or fraud

 History Of The Federal Income Tax - 04/15/13 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:54:25

How the greatest growth in U.S. history was made possible before the advent of income tax, currently 100 years old. The most important inventions ever made took place without the existence of income tax. The importance of luck in life. Quantitative Easing, Japanese style. More attacks on David Stockman and his new book. Up-to-date news on the drought. 2013 expected to be worse than 2012. Bill Buckler’s newsletter, The Privateer, is folding after 30 years

 Engineered Banking Crises - 04/12/13 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

The truth about the Cyprus bank horror. “It’s just a business”… How governments and the regulators come running to the banks’ help – at the expense of anybody. Taking over customers’ deposits was not just a one-time result of a sudden, unexpected crisis; it’s been planned at least since December, 2012. Lehman was only a foretaste. Some interesting facts about the U.S. government’s payments to veterans. (2 people from the Civil War are still being paid!) How stimulus obeys the law of diminishing returns: the more you stimulate, the less you receive back. The world has gone berserk with stimulus. The crisis, which was already slated to be very grim, is now going to be unthinkably awful as all levels of society make futile efforts to unwind debt

 Cyprus – And What Comes Next - 04/08/13 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Report on the Richard Martin Meet-Up Group’s meeting in New Brunswick yesterday. How derivatives are starting to contaminate the system and their role in the Cyprus crisis. Government attitudes to the safety of your deposits are not necessarily what you might like to think. A vivid description of economic life in Cyprus today. Lessons for all of us world-wide. Cash (not gold) is king. Prepare the vaults in the 1st National Bank of Your Mattress! A bad employment report for March. Huge numbers of people are dropping out of the labor force. No recovery at all is indicated by these figures. Americans are not saving. They’re back to their spending habits all over again. They’re making no provision for retirement at all

 American Revolution Reprise? - 04/05/13 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:55:07

It was the bankers who caused the American Revolution, not the tea drinkers! The same kinds of banker are setting the country up today to cause another potential revolution – for real. Benjamin Franklin, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson and others warned of this at the time – and were ignored. A few words on how the original concept of banking has been perverted and destroyed. Obama wants to ‘stimulate’ the economy by reintroducing sub-prime lending! He is being warned against this but it seems he’ll do anything to rally house prices… Bryan from Korea called in to the show to give advice about teaching English as a foreign language and how to train for this. (100 hours is all it takes)

 Inflation/Deflation Final Words - 04/01/13 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:55:07

Governments always want to keep prices high and push them higher to support the wealthy in society. Bernanke wants inflation at 2%. But they are powerless to prevent deflation if deflation is at hand. Depressions are often associated with deflation where prices fall but debts remain constant. We are there right now. Yet the government is trying to inflate another housing bubble. They will not succeed beyond the short-term. More on Cyprus where the contagion is likely to afflict other southern European countries in short order. Egypt is spiraling out of control.

 Gimme Your Money! - 03/29/13 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Why is the Department of Homeland Security buying billions of rounds of ammunition? The conclusion is obvious and grim. Collapse is assured if historical events are any guide. Chavez and America’s resemblance to what people criticized about Chavez’s Venezuela. Greenspan’s grotesquely failed policies copied and extended indefinitely by Bernanke. The Institute of International Finance is deeply critical of the acts of these two men. They claim that the government’s approach to the 2008 financial crisis was entirely wrong. Japan’s economy continues to collapse with no end in sight. The middle class is dead. Economic inequality continues to grow unabated. Businesses refuse to invest because consumers cannot afford to buy. Corporate taxes are about to soar. Obama is being encouraged to set up a 5-year manufacturing strategy for the United States. Obama has plans to allow the spy agencies to gain access to Americans’ financial data


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