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Summary: Your Economic Survival? They're Not Looking Out For You. We are.

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 Wake Up Call – Austerity? Or Crocodile Tears? – 02.06.15 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:59:15

It really looks like Obama is, himself, sabotaging the country. He wants to raise taxes but the man keep interest rates low. The taxes will of course be universal. Actually, both political parties are responsible. The trouble is that the Present gets whatever he wants when he wants. So with that in mind, we have no reason to criticize the rest of them. The United States is running out of money. More and more people are understanding these things. They have already ruined their county economically. A walk down memory lane pertaining to the futures pits which are to be closed. Yet more on the debt. This is very important information.

 Work - 02.02.15 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:57:18

How meaningful is the work you do? We examine the importance of work today. The labor conundrum comes from what is easily the most critical work issue in history. There are no answers. Low-paid jobs are usually extraneous to the needs of society. Yet some high-paid ones are, too. We examine examples of these. We look at how pay scales are devised. The madness of sub-prime auto loans. Delinquencies are already soaring in a $1 trillion loan market. The inevitable fallout is going to be catastrophic. The story of a couple of regular people from Texas who moved to Ecuador. It’s really not that hard to emigrate! Harrowing statistics of child poverty in the United States. Investment traps to avoid while trying to conflate different trends. Some words of general advice.

 Greece: A New Dawn Or A Damp Squib? - 01.30.15 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:55:59

Letter from the new Prime Minister to a leading German business newspaper. He lays it out fair-and-square. A short clip from David Stockman trashing the Fed. Feels like I was given the day off! The story behind the brusque realignment of the Swiss currency which broke its parity with the euro last week. This is a very bad omen for the euro. The U.S. is fast losing ground in terms of business startup activity. Story of a Chinese man who walked into a bank, opened an account and made a 12 million yuan deposit, only to find that there was no bank. The façade was just a front. Giving money to real banks in the west may yet have the same effect. You could lose it all. These banks are mostly insolvent. Who cares if they have shop fronts or not? Remember, when you deposit money in a bank, you become a creditor of the bank. The money is no longer yours. This is scary – and it should be. The story of the fall of Babylon. This has ugly portends for today.

 A Bygone Era Floats Away - 01.26.15 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:56:41

There used to be a valid phenomenon known as American Exceptionalism. It is no more. We examine its passing in detail. The creation of a different entity, freed from prior restraints morphed into the likeness of other nations, including a bland sameness that is the hallmark of American life today. Mediocrity results. More on war and the seeming obsession that governments seem to have to whip up warlike sentiments. It is all entirely hokey. We have a close look at the falseness of the reasoning behind the security apparatus, etc. and what it means to the people in general. The virulent anger and criticisms leveled at Russia seem to have no basis. There is no proof or evidence offered for the crazy assertions of the American government. The European debt situation and the recent Greek elections yesterday and the hopelessness of ‘QE’. Quick comment on the State of The Union speech from last week.

 The Future Of America - 01.23.15 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:55:54

Obama’s State Of The Union speech did not carry one single mention of the word ‘debt’, the most overwhelming problem of the United States today. Totally ignored. Absolute, total and utter denial. Over $18 trillion. Not worth a passing comment, huh? Poor America. At least the Greeks are in trouble and they know it! For America it’s just business-as-usual. Americans work harder and harder for less and less. Everything is broken. Humpty Dumpty will never be put together again. Mismanagement, arrogance, stupidity, a toxic mix if ever there was one… A brief list of major corporations’ current lay-off plans. Horrendous Christmas sales statistics. The current situation in Europe. Preconditions for the coming financial crisis. China’s nuclear weapon strike strategy.

 Wake Up Call - Housing Smash: The Encore - 01.19.15 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:57:36

Detailed information concerning the housing market and why it’s due to take another terrible tumble. Home builders are languishing and their earnings are reflecting their ‘subdued’ stock price in the market. The so-called ‘housing recovery’ is and has been a fraud from the beginning. Along with housing we have the economy itself, erroneously believed to be ‘recovering’. Just empty words from the government and its side-kick: the mainstream media. Falling oil prices are an extreme negative, as well. Zillow also believes house price changes are about to go negative. More statistics showing how China has taken manufacturing away from the U.S. A word on the absurdity of economics as a concept. A few words for would-be college attendees and their parents. A brief history of U.S. foreign policy meddling.

 Wake Up Call - Assessment Of America - 01.16.15 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:57:03

An account of the way in which America is viewed from outside the country and how that view has changed in recent times. People are more perplexed than anything else. They (especially in Europe) don’t understand why America has such a cruel and heartless approach to social problems. They can’t understand why the country is unraveling and yet there are virtually no social programs to assist those in need. An explanation of the Swiss decision to unhook the Swiss franc from the euro. Significant discrepancies exist between the published economic figures and reality. The wrong policies are responsible. American business deaths now outnumber business births for the first time in 35 years. The global financial markets are facing more serious risks than in 2008. There is failure at every level. Banks simply cannot repair the economic problems of the country by “lending money”. The attack on Charlie Hebdo. A comparison between the way things were at the beginning of the Depression and now.

 Wake Up Call - We’re All Extremists Now - 01.12.15 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:56:36

The recent tragic event in Paris has predictably been used as the excuse to promise even more ‘security’ and curtailment of freedom. Obama talks about ‘extremists’. We examine here the implications of that fateful word. I provide a list of 72 government-listed ‘extremists’. This is nothing short of terrifying. You really could be next! An apt quote from Ron Paul. An update on the economy. All roads lead to debt! Stark comparison between Germany (success-story) and Italy (a failure on all counts). America wants to fight. They want to attack Korea even after it has been revealed that Korea was not behind the recent hacking. Addicted to bubbles. A major financial crisis is on the way to break the addiction. We are at the nascent stages of the post-labor world. Jobs are simply disappearing. We have arrived at the Brave New World…

 So Why Is The Dollar Rising? - 01.09.15 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:57:01

We approach this discussion by differentiating between ‘taxation regimes’ and ‘money-printing regimes’. Simply put, taxation regimes make more money if the country as a whole makes more money through increased wealth creation. Money-printing regimes try to increase their circulation zones since the injection of new money into the system can only be done by the equivalent creation of debt. This has nothing whatever to do with the creation and/or expansion of wealth. No reform of the system is possible without removing the money printers from power. More on the oil melt-down (still in progress). This is not having a positive effect on consumers’ desire to shop. Consumer discretionary spending is collapsing. The figures are truly alarming. An analysis of the unemployment report which was published today. Comparisons of today’s world with that depicted on George Orwell’s book, 1984 which is about a future where the UK descends into a totalitarian regime that’s in a perpetual state of war, propaganda and persecution. It’s all happening!

 Gambling With ‘QE’ In Deflationary Times - 01.05.15 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:57:24

The 2015 introductory edition… The theme-of-the-year remains “War”. The grand unraveling as viewed through the eyes of Japan. The unthinkable amounts of debt jammed into the system by insane central bankers with no possible idea of what they were trying to achieve. This was irrational behavior at its most extreme. The entire edifice must collapse since the debt is totally unpayable. Japan is the poster-child of mass irresponsibility by government. It is impossible to analyse the mindset of such incredible, mass stupidity. The entire world is infected. The gravity of all this is unparalleled in all of time. Casinos and their future. A few words on the TPP which Obama is determined to push through (though no one seems to know why it’s so important to him). It must be stopped.

 The Deflationary Cycle At Work - 01.02.15 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:55:32

2015 will be an exceptionally difficult year. A word on why commodity prices have been collapsing (deflation). The bubble that preceded the collapse was responsible. A painstaking look at several commodities to see how their prices were mercilessly bid up by greedy financiers. China played an overwhelmingly large part in all this with its mad scramble to become the world’s export factory. But given that their massive works projects were a one-time affair, what are they going to do for an encore? How will they unwind their massive debts? Economic war precedes military conflict. No example of economic war supersedes what we see worldwide today. That is why military conflict is certain. A quick word on housing and how it relates to shale production. A word on why the entire expansion meme is a phony bunch of nonsense. The whole thing is debt-based. Without the infusion of debt there would have been no expansion at all over the last thirty years!

 The Wake Up Call - In The Fine Tradition Of American Aggression… - 12.29.14 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:56:22

Excerpts from a book by Sidney Lens entitled, The Forging of the American Empire - From the Revolution to Vietnam: A History of U.S. Imperialism, written in 1971. Politicians spoke more freely and honestly in earlier times about the aims and designs of the United States. It is interesting to confirm what a fearfully pugnacious country America really is according to freely expressed traditional attitudes. War seems to be the backbone of the raison d’être of the country. Nothing whatever has changed for the better in that regard. Increased life expectancy, particularly as pertains to women, is perhaps one of the most important of all changes to human life in the past two centuries.

 Spreading Fear Or Providing Information? - 12.22.14 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:57:50

I believe there is strength in knowledge. To be forewarned is to be forearmed (as the saying goes… I think!) A few words on how to handle this process. An explanation of the recent, dramatic and ongoing collapse in the price of oil. How this will affect the derivatives market. Stock market comment. Junk bond market comment. A new poll confirms my contention that Americans support war in overwhelming numbers. More on the U.S. dollar and why it will keep rising. Economic growth projections are just flights of fancy. This is not the predictions of a clairvoyant: the current statistics tell the story for you. The gulf between rich and poor has hit a new record. Family Dollar stores are growing astronomically as the low end of the market depends on these outlets for cheap merchandise including food. More information on derivatives and why the stakes of collapse are growing ever higher.

 America Vs The Rest - 12.19.14 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:56:58

Comparing the U.S. to Europe – and especially Germany. You will not want to hear this. It indicates a fundamentally flawed work/leisure ethic in the U.S. GDP does not allow for subtractions, only additions. Learn what they are. One issue will finish America as an industrial power. A report on the monthly jobs statistics from two weeks ago. As usual, going under the hood, the figures are not what they seem. The situation of women in the workforce today. Global manufacturing expanded at the slowest pace for fifteen months in November. More on happiness as pertains to the value of new cars to our existence. How the media deal with dramatic events such as the recent collapse in oil prices. The December 2014 Empire Manufacturing Survey gave its first negative reading for two years, a major retreat. A few more ugly facts about the United States to round off the show.

 Lies, Damned Lies… And the U.S. Government - 12.15.14 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:57:23

Deconstructing the absurd 5.8% recently-announced unemployment rate. If you take the trouble to do the math, it is really so easy to discredit these liars. The same goes for the deficit. And ‘profits’. And the ‘housing recovery’. And the ‘fine auto sales market’. Subprime is back everywhere with a vengeance. Stock market comment. The Rydex indicator. The ramifications of the crashing oil price are very grim and far-reaching. Horrendous sales figures just published from the Thanksgiving weekend. Why the idea of central banks issuing free money to households is a bad idea.


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