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 Mile-024-In Pursuit of Drambuie | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 34:49

Phil Moneypenny from and I have lovingly recreated the video for "Take on Me" by "Aha" to aim to win ourselves a place in the famous "Drambuie Pursuit" event and we need your help! We need your votes for our video at and vote 5 stars for our team's video based upon the above song. Our team is called "Living the Dram". The top 10 teams go to the event and we would love to be able to bring you the experience of that weekend on and the A Mile with Me Podcast. The more of you vote for us the better our chances of getting in to the event! Our team and video should be at the site shortly so check back if its not there when you read this! On mile 24 we also hear from Ciemon running across Salisbury Plain in Wiltshire, England and I also mention Krister from "Running the Narrow Path" podcast. This week I was on ForestFM for an hour discussing running, the podcast and people I've interviewed whilst they played my favourite tracks. Also I talk about the great interviews conducted by Adam at Music courtesy of the Podsafe music network at is Amb26 - Summers Day Colie Brice - A planetary Lapse of Reason DJ Nexus - Only in my Dreams Itunes: amilewithmeDownload Standard Podcasts

 1 by 1 Edition 6 - The Wall | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 33:20

On today's show I'm joined by friend of the podcasters and regular Extramile contributor Gary Wall, aka The Kinverkid. Gary was on holiday down here in Bournemouth, so (naturally!) we go for a run along the seafront and chat about our running and plans. We discuss the Swift Half Marathon, which Gary and I (plus a host of other UK podcasters and bloggers) have signed up to run in Matlock, Derbyshire in May. We also discuss brewery tours, "CSI Kinver", the places hes visited in my local area plus the story of an amazing challenge Gary and his pals have set themselves; soon they will be running the 85 mile length of Hadrians Wall (think Great Wall of China on a smaller scale!). The wall marked the northern boundary of the Roman Empire and for them the end point of civilisation, but as Gary and I love the Scottish we dont draw any modern conclusions on that!!! ;o) Gary and his team are doing the event for a good cause so pop on over to and find out more. Todays Classic Run Track is Comfortably Numb from (of course) the terrific Pink Floyd album "The Wall" All other music is supplied courtesy of the Podsafe Music Network at Twitter - Standard Podcasts

 Mile-023-The Beach | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 29:42

Join me on Mile 23 of The A Mile with Me podcast as we have a special mix Ive put together for you. So lets take a run together along the golden sanbds of Bournemouth listening to some essential running sounds Full details on Twitter: SteveChopper Mail: Standard Podcasts

 1-by1 05 - Another Avon Valley Sunda-ay | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 34:59

Around the Avon valley and alongside the River Stour - as I contemplate buying a road bike and we find out about Bailey Bridges! Its a couple of warm spring Sunday afternoons so lay back with the Sunday papers and join me on the riverbank SteveChopper@Twitter.comDownload Standard Podcasts

 Mile022- Part 2 More Spirit of Adventure | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 34:57

Part 2 of the Spirit of Adventure as we tell the story of the "Helly Hansen Adventure Challenge"  I talk also about Matt and Stephanie who are running a marathon a day for a year to cover 11000 miles around the US and Canada. We spoke with Matt on The Runners Roundtable last week. I also discuss my training and upcoming events. Links The Runners Roundtable - Matt and Stephanie's web site - Music. Some of the music in today's show was courtesy of the podsafe music network at Amb26 - Summers Day (A Mile with Me Theme) Fluid Boys - Melody of LIfe (1by1 Podcast themne and closing titles) Dreadzone - Moving on The Stone Roses - Waterfall The Mantee Man - Paddlin my Canoe web: Twitter: Steve Chopper mail: If you enjoy the podcast please leave a comment on iTunes!!       We thank Jodi from Confessions of a Runner and discuss a couple of running related stories from this weekDownload Standard Podcasts

 Mile022 Part1 Spirit of Adventure | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 34:47

The Helly Hansen Adventure Challenge is a Sprint Adventure Race that we took part in on 1st February. The disciplines of Run, MTB and Canoe were approached in a fun way by all 250 or so teams of 3. "The Village People" (explanation in the podcast) had ticked the box "have fun and get round" and thats what we did. So join us as we throw ourselves into these events. Also on Mile022, we have a recording from the making of A Mile with Me that will shock! plus we discuss the history of Adventure Racing. I also pay tribute to the people of Iceland, Luxembourg and Hull .. how are they linked .. find out in this edition! Also an update on the training miles put in during January You can leave comments on or ITunes "amilwithme" Give me a shout on Twitter - "SteveChopper" EMail - for other Adventure RacesDownload Standard Podcasts

 1by1 -004 - Stocks and Chairs! | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 29:34

  I'm trading the "stocks and shares" of my regular work in investment banking this week, for "Stocks and Chairs"! .. as I take you for a trip around Christchurch along some of my favourite running routes. We start at Christchurch Castle, built by the Normans in the 11th century and join me on the top of the "Motte" (a man made hill on which stands the ruins of the keep - see pic) as I survey the rooftops of the town.I avoid tomatoes and swedes, as we go past the old wooden Stocks. The chair is actually a "stool", as we visit Christchurch's Ducking Stool and tell you about the crimes that led to a Ducking in the past. One for the ladies!! I also talk about Bob Wilson (Arsenal FC and BBC legend)'s book "Life in the Beautiful Game". I met Bob last week and he recorded a message exclusively for YOU ...the subscribers to this podcast. I talk about Burns Night, listen to a lone piper who I met in the High Street and discuss a Little sporting psychology. I also review "Slumdog Millionaire". Its all on this weeks edition of 1 by 1. Opening theme, courtesy of the podsafe music network at is "Melody of Life" by the Fluid Boys. "A man's a man for a'that" by Robert Burns was performed by Lionel McClellend (from YouTube). There is a brief snippet from the fabulous song "Paper Planes" by MIA which is on the Slumdog Millionaire soundtrack. Bob Wilsons book is available here: Bob'scharity providing special days for seriously ill children Please feel free to leave comments on my website at, email me, follow me on Twitter: If you enjoy the podcasts please leave a review on iTunes.Download Standard Podcasts

 1 by 1 - 003 - Beyond the doors of perception! | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 30:00

  On edition 3 of One by One, join me as the weather thaws a little here in the south of England after the coldest December for many years Training has been going well and the swimming sessions are starting to pay off pay dividends, but still a long way to go! I discuss my training, some "interesting" observations on front doors and light bulbs and the dormant vigor that resides in all of us, so even if you are feeling like "January" right now, awaken your inner "June"!! I also discuss the new Kelownagurl podcast Further show notes and content at my main web site Standard Podcasts

 1 by 1 Edition 2 - Christmas Tree Sized Goals | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 29:36

Some of my goals and events for 2009 to share with you! Join me on Southbourne Beach at sunset in Winter and find out about the Christmas tree thats too big for the house, in a story of ambition and achieving the seemingly unachievable! Some of my 2009 Goals Learn to swim properly and be capable of swimming 1000m comfortably with bilateral breathing etc Complete my first Triathalon Help add to the £70,000 we have already raised for Oxfam and the Gurkha Welfare Trust through running Trailwalker the last couple of years To "be here now" in the moment and not "multitask" so much To complete another foreign marathon and head back towards by PB times To be happy with whatever life throws Heres a link to an article about the tree in my photo and description! 1 by 1 music is the "Fluid Boys" with "Melody of Life", courtesy of the "podsafe music network" at music.podshow.comDownload Standard Podcasts

 1 by 1 - 001 Big Ben | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 25:33

1 by 1 - Episode 1 - Big Ben Hi everyone and welcome to Edition 1 of One by One, the podcast that looks at achieving your goals, one mile at a time ! Its the shorter, more frequent podcast from me! Click on the roadsign bright if you want to see more about this podcast Join me on a cycle as I talk about the podcast, the New Year and we hear from Big Ben, Gordon and Toni Toni's Blog: Gordon's Blog: This podcast willhave its own iTunes channel shortly but in the meantime Download Standard Podcasts

 Mile 21 (Reloaded) One Vision! | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 80:42

Its Christmas and ignoring my "fake misery" and BAH HUMBUG hat (left) its the time of goodwill to all men .. and we have a packed edition of the A Mile With Me Podcast this time. Join us live at the finals of "Helium Idol" where you can select your 2008 champion, Royson or Keith. Listen to them perform their songs whilst inhaling helium from a balloon! Send in your votes and/or your own audition "tapes" for 2009 to the mail address below. Also find out some secrets from the host of this podcast as we have possibly the most insightful interview ever. This edition is called "One Vision" and is dedicated to human beings collaborating to achieve more than they could individually. We discuss "synergy" and the roles of Chris Chataway, Chris Brasher and Franz Stampf as I tell the story of these unsung but very successful heroes in propelling Roger Bannister to the first sub-4 minute mile in 1954. Chataway paced both Bannister to the first 4 min mile and also John Landy to 3:57.8 a few weeks later, he went on to break the world record at 5000m. Brasher won Olympic Gold in the Steeplechase in 1956 and set up both the "Sweatshop" retail chain and the London Marathon. We also hear Christmas greetings in several languages and hear a clip from a conference call where we listen to carol singing from the incredible city of Mumbai, India. Join me in the search for bagpipe music in my local area, plus hear as Christmas comes to Christchurch. Theres a lot going on, so please lace up your shoes and come a mile with me! Music on today's show Amb26 - Summers Day (A Mile with Me Theme) Jerry Lee Surber - Try and Go the Distance Together! Jakki Jelene - Silent Night Links A great feature on the 4 Minute Mile John Bryants Book Charity project supported by Chris Chataway and featuring him running with Haile Gebreselassie Email: Web: Twitte r: SteveChopperDownload Standard Podcasts

 Mile 020 - The Power of Music! | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 68:29

Music can be a powerful motivational tool for runners. With the advent of small MP3 players (with no moving parts to jog about!) it is now very easy to take our favourite sounds (including podcasts) on the run with us. We make our own playlists of songs we like, or ones that have meaning for us. We can however now utilise the latest scientific research to help us to use music to its maximum effect. On Mile 020, Dr Costas Karageorgis from Brunel University in London explains how through his world leading research we can all select better music for our runs. Dr Karageorgis (above) is one of the world leaders in this area of research and explains how his studies have shown that the correct music can increase exercise output by 15% at the same time as our believed exersion falling by 10%. Dr Karageorgis was also previously an accomplished athlete and has worked with many established and rising sports stars. I discuss all this with Dr Costas, and also tell how (whilst I shelter from the rain during a run) you can link your pace to music. I also talk about some online resources that can help you work out what music will best fit you and check the BPM of your own music library. We discuss what unexpected track Haille Gabrselassie uses to motivate him in training, some other famous uses of music in sport, and even if you dont listen to music during your run how you can still use music BEFORE a run to good effect. We talk about Run to the Beat a recent event in Greenwich London, that linked music and a 1/2 marathon. Dr Costas programmed the live music for this. Music on today's show courtesy of the podsafe music network at is: Summers Day - Amb26 (A Mile with Me theme) Secret of Sound - Polished Chrome The Music - David Usher Reasonings in Dub - Messian Dread Links Check out some of the science and register for next year! - Running to Rhythm. Check out the BPM calculators and links to software downloads for the video showing where I run, the church in the pictures is where I am sheltering in the porch check out Pachelbels Canon sketch by Rob Paravonian ... and other great satirical songs by Rob, at his website and blog my website SteveChopper - on Twitter Chopper - on Dont be shy to email me with any comments on this or other episodes!Download Standard Podcasts

 Mile019b Where I Run (fixed!) | File Type: video/mpeg | Duration: 5:34

Hi everyone, here is the fixed version of a short video podcast with some clips and photos of where I live on the south coast of England. Most of the pictures are from the cliff tops and beaches of the 8 miles of sand in the connected towns of Bournemouth, Poole and Christchurch. Theres also a little video clip from the top of Hengistbury Head south of Christchurch, a favourite running spot, scene of the Ironman podcast. We pan round from The Solent looking across to the Isle of Wight, across Mudeford Spit -a sand bar. and across the quite harbour of Christchurch. Theres also a couple of pictures of Christchurch Priory and the castle and well as kite surfing in Poole Harbour .. the second largest natural harbour in the world. I hope you enjoy, theres a bigger version on dont forget to check that site out which features great videos from runners around the world Next podcast is out in a few days , with an interview with the world leading authority on using music as sports motivation. Cheers SteveDownload Podcast Video

 Mile 019 - Tommie Smith, The Sound of Silence | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 82:20

As any salesman knows, there is nothing as powerful as silence, and silence plus an image can convey more than many pages of text. In Mile 019 of the A Mile with Me podcast, we will discuss the story of Tommie Smith who I met a few weeks ago at a charity event. Tommie took his platform and moment in time to make a stand for human rights, a stand for which he was to pay a heavy price. Olympic Champion and holder of 11 track and field World Records simultaneously by the age of 24, his stand at the 1968 Olympics led to a life of death threats. 40 years on there are many who hate him for this, but still more who have come to realise the importance of what he did and its resonance today.Download Standard Podcasts

 Mile 017 - Reach for the Stars | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 60:00

The builders of England's medieval cathedrals had ambition, drive and belief: all qualities of a successful runner! They felt that building tall brought them closer to god. Whatever sprirituality you have, there can be no doubting their endeavour and the sheer beauty that they left behind. Join me as I discuss how human beings have always "reached for the stars", from the Pyramids of Egypt to the Burj Dubai. Join me on a late evening run alongside the medieval walls surrounding the historic city of Southampton as we discover how the two most famous ships in history (separated by 300 years) both departed from the same dock as I run along it. This week I was also in Salisbury, where the cathedral (above) is celebrating its 750th anniversary this year. Its the worlds tallest structure (built before 1500) that remains standing. Another English church, Lincoln Cathedral, was the tallest structure in the world for 250 years from 1300 until its spire toppled in 1549. Its a testament to the amzing ambition of its creators that its original height was not surpassed for almost 600 years (the Washington Memorial in 1884) People are still reaching for the stars .. its the old saying "Reach for the stars and you may hit the moon". Join one person, Carole Loader, who has just done that and decided she would run the full length of Great Britain, 1250 miles, at the pace of just under a marathon a day for 10 weeks. Hear her incredible story and the planning that goes into it, as Carole and I run round a local golf course and talk about her achievement. Fidn out how she was fueled by sugary tea and the same special diet as Michael Phelps (on occasion)!! Its all on Mile 17 of the A Mile With Me podcast Music on today's show, some of this courtesy of the podsafe music network at Amb26 - Summers Day (Intro and Outros) Jerusalem - Billy Bragg Antanas - Eastern World Howard Jones - Building Our own Future 1250 miles in one Blog!! - More of Carole's amazing story, and a link to help her cause! "Bournemouth Joggers" Running Club Email: Itunes: "amilewithme" Web: Download Standard Podcasts


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