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 VidCast-Autumn Tints | File Type: video/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Hi everyone, have a look at videos and photos taken on my Panasonic HD camera last week at the Hillier Gardens, near Romsey in Hampshire, England. Its a nifty little deviose and only costs about £60 ($80) these days. Some beautiful scenery and colours in the trees this time of year in England. I hope you enjoy. As always, feel free to contact me Next audio podcast is out very soon!Download Podcast Video

 Mile-046-In The Buff | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:37:25

A simple show this week as I try out two new toys. One is my new Zoom H1 stereo audio recorder as my Olympus has died, and second is my new Buff headwear. Im out and about on a blustery, overcast Hallow'een evening as we also discuss some amazing old cinemas, the Trailplus Adventure Racing series and the Worldwide Festival of Races run in Lincolnshire Today's links Standard Podcasts

 Mile-045-Jeanne D’Arc and Robin Hood | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:46:53

  Mile-045-Jeanne D'Arc and Robin Hood On this edition of the podcast you join me in 3 different places; first running at lunchtime along the coast in Bournemouth, at the Nottingham Robin Hood Marathon and in the countryside of the Loire Valley in France In France we hear about the countryside around the farm I was staying on and the nuances of driving a right hand drive car on the wrong side of the road! In Nottingham we join the atmosphere at the MarathonTalk Motivation Station at mile 19.5 of the Robin Hood Marathon. I helped out on this and it was  a great weekend and adventure. Ahead of every runner arriving there was a 1/2 mile straight, which gave the opportunity to look up their name on the race sheet and welcome them personally. The station was supported by Lucozade Sport and the BPM linked soundtrack was by AudioFuels Podsafe Music Download Standard Podcasts

 Mile-044-24 Heures du Mans | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:37:41

Hi and welcome to Mile 44 of the A Mile with Me podcast. On this edition you join me exploring 24 hours in Le Mans as I stay over and run in this great medieval city en-route to the Loire Valley. They have an excellent example of the "Son et Lumiere", which is French for "Sound and Light". These days it refers to bright multicoloured laser shows which transform the walls of buildings into bright screens, where moving projections dance in tune to evocative music. It was a fabulous spectacle and there are some great pics and video on the website above. We run alongside the river Sarthe and find out a little of the history of Le Mans, talk about trams and Geoffrey Plantagenet You can contact me Twitter/Facebook/Skype - SteveChopper Web - Look out for the next edition of the A Mile with Me podcast where I visit the world famous race track, several chateaux and run through the sunflower fields of rural central France!Download Standard Podcasts

 Mile-043-Une Petite “Tour de France” | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:44:02

Bienvenue a France - avec le podcast "Un Mille Avec Moi"! Join me on my bicycle as I cycle through Normandy to the Utah Beach and St Mere Eglise, the first town in Europe liberated after D Day in 1944. I start my cycle with around 8 miles down to Poole Harbour to get the fast cat ferry to Cherbourg and then  cycle down the east coast of the Normandy penisular. We find out the story of John Steele a paratrooper who is immortalised on the church at St Mere Eglise (left). Its a great little day trip on the continent and a nice ride of around 85 miles. Nearer to home, join me as we run to the lighthouse at Hurst Castle to watch the yachts in one of the world's biggest yacht races - the JPMorgan Asset Management Round the Island Race. Its a 50 mile circumnavigation of the Isle of Wight which sits just a couple of miles off the south coast of England around 10 miles as the crow flies from where I live in the Bournemouth area. left: the Condor Vitesse My contacts stevechopper on Twitter, Facebook and Skype Posted by SteveChopper at 14:25 Download Standard Podcasts

 MileVidcast-Anarchy Cycle in the UK | File Type: video/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

A video from a cycle in the New Forest backed with some music from the Tolpuddle Martyrs Festival here in Dorset. There will be a new A Mile with Me  podcast out shortly following my "Tour de France" day trip to cycle 135km down the coast and countryside of Normandy in France last week, plus my recent "run to the lighthouse" to run alongside the "wall of sail" of the worlds largest yacht race. Run with you soon! SteveDownload Podcast Video

 Vidcast - Tribute to Steve Runner | File Type: video/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

A special video tribute to Steve Runner, celebrating 5 great years of Phedippidations!Download Podcast Video

 Mile-042-Running with Friends Again | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:45:04

Mile-042-Running With Friends Again The White Peak Half Marathon is nicknamed the "swift half" because 3 miles from the end the run takes you a fast 1000ft down the huge inclines built for the High Peak Railway. It was a great opportunity to meet up with a few friends from the online running community on a glorious weekend. This is also the story of running through Liverpool the same weekend and a nice run through the meadows at Wick in the sunshine. Web: Mail: Twitter: SteveChopperDownload Standard Podcasts

 Vidcast: Bile and Run my hometown | File Type: video/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Heres a quick video from the weekend on my bike  along the beach promenade and on the run through Wick village to Hengistbury Head www.amilewith.meDownload Podcast Video

 Vidcast: Swift Half Marathon Weekend | File Type: video/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

A great weekend of running in the Peak Distrct of England and Liverpool The story on the next edition of A Mile with Me!Download Podcast Video

 Mile-041-Shakespeare Half Marathon | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:54:17

Mile-041-Shakespeare Half Marathon Stratford upon Avon nestles at heart of England - both it's geographical and literary centre, due to the world famous works of it's son William Shakespeare. He was born and died on 23 April and the weekend nearest that date each year hosts both a celebration attended by people from all over the world and a marathon run. Join me as I run the Shakespeare Half Marathon through Stratford on a glorious late Spring day. Hear the sounds of the race and some history of Stratford and Shakespeare. Also join me on a run through the forested hills to the north of Poole Bay as I tell you some stories from my recent chat with Dame Kelly Holmes, the 2004 Olympic 800 and 1500m gold medalist. We also look forward to the Runners Roundtable edition on Half Marathons which I'm hosting on Wed 2nd June at 4pm EDT. 9pm BST and 10pm in central Europe. Join us LIVE! Download Standard Podcasts

 Mile-040-Rosie Runs the World | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 40:00

Monday, 3 May 2010 Mile-040-Rosie Runs the World In 2003, Rosie Swale Pope ran around the world solo and unsupported in the spirit of adventure and also to raise funds for cancer and children's charities. It was one in a whole series of amazing challenges that she has set herself and successfully completed over the years. We hear about some of these on today's episode of the A Mile with Me podcast. Her latest target is to run 27 marathons in 27 days around the south of England and Wales to raise money for children's hospices I joined up with her as she ran through Portsmouth a great naval city on the South Coast of England. It was a glorious sunny day although quite windy. Join us as we run through the beach area of Southsea amongst the holidaymakers. Download Standard Podcasts

 Mile-039-The Grizzly 2010 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 42:57

Monday, 22 March 2010 Mile-029-The Grizzly 2010 Hi and welcome to Mile 39 of the A Mile with Me podcast! Today you join me at The Grizzly 2010 - Beauty and the Beach, an annual 20 mile all terrain run along the South Devon coast at Seaton. It was lovely weather as I joined my Twitter friend and AMWM listener Iain, from the North Devon Triathlon Club (left). Iain is going to Kona later this year as a qualified age grouper at the Ironman Hawaii world championships so hes a true athlete! Join me as we run along the beach, through rivers, fields of slurry, tough wooded hills and the infamous river bogs of Branscombe on this fantastic race put on by the Axe Valley Runners. Its testament to the route and the organisers that many of the people I spoke to on this race have all run 9 or more Grizzlys - it really is an experience. Around every corner is a new hazzard and the sound on the wind of music of many types. How many races have a Scottish piper at the top of one tough hill, followed by a Tibetan temple with bongos and diggeridoo - then as you run through the fields you pass a lonely house with a beautiful girl sat playing a solo fiddle in the garden? Its this spirit of community involvement that makes this race special. Join us for the ambience and the run plus a chat with Iain about Kona. Follow Iain on Twitter @Devoniain Chris Russel appears courtesy of Music is Black Rum by The Big Sea thanks to the podsafe music network Download Standard Podcasts

 Mile-038-New York to Boston | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 51:02

Mile-038-New York to Boston On this edition of A Mile with Me we run from New York to Boston in less than an hour and a half! Yes join me as I run between the two towns in Lincolnshire, England. We tell the story of the Prime Meridan as I straddle the Western and Eastern Hemispheres and we talk about Longitude. There's an embarrasing toilet moment and a visit to a Fish and Chip shop. Web: Mail: Twitter: SteveChopper@twitter.comDownload Standard Podcasts

 Ben’s Birthday | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:02:53

Its Buckeye Ben's birthday and to celebrate there will be a special edition of the Runners Roundtable this Wednesday, 24th Feb at 5pm EST talking about the evolution of, the community's favourite online training log and challenge site! (Ben's the guy that adds all the Buckeye Outdoors special stuff that us runners ask him to create along with our World Wide Festival of Races site). On Wednesday, just call into Talkshoe (724) 444-7444 (001-724-444-7444 international) and enter the call ID #34812, then the pin number that you gave when you registered with Talkshoe (usually your phone number, or 1# if you have not registered)        If you can be at a computer during the call, you can see what people are saying in the simultaneous chatroom which is open 15 min before and while the show is being recorded. Log into and enter the call ID #34812 to join the chatroom.  But if you can just call in without a computer, that's fine too!   www.runnersroundtable.comDownload Standard Podcasts


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