Validate Your Life : Productivity and Minimalism, Tech, Atheism, and More show

Validate Your Life : Productivity and Minimalism, Tech, Atheism, and More

Summary: The Validate Your Life and TheNerdCoach main podcast for all projects include audio blog archives, the new audio blog, one and the same recordings episodes, the NLP Practitioner Series, Linuxgeekoid recordings, and the Christmas Carol recordings. This is, unquestionably, the motherload!

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  • Artist: John Thomas Kooz
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 Loving Accountant Spreadsheet Mode! – TNC 508 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:15:51

I can't stand sex.  I hate sex.  I am much more interested in playing a video game to relax.  Being in Skinnaya infected Philleas and turned him into a sex-slave from 2000-2010.  I am 29 years old and I have been living of $7,200 per year for the past two years. I was addicted to porn in 2005.  Most sex I have had has been repulsive.  4 men fancied me so I had four homosexual experiences.  I am NOT a homosexual.  That said, however, I DETEST sex.  I hate America because it's a place that's infected and repulsively obsessed with sex.  I have had sex with 10 women and only liked this Danish woman.  Sex and sexual arousal made me feel enslaved and repulsive. I like (smiling now instead of scrunching my nose) math, computer science, and recently my fave OS has been android OS.  I would love to make android apps.  I've wanted to make a video game for over the past dozen years (much earlier really).  I find sex one of the most disruptive forms of exploitation possible and I am disgusted at sexual arousal. That said, this podcast is about me liking spreadsheets.  I mapped out the exact precise cost of groceries in a spreadsheet, got the exact amount and compared the exact amount estimated to the actual amount.  It sounds like a fairly simple project, but it got interestingly not necessarily complicated but...intricate.  I love using formulas in spreadsheets.  I wondered if I am an 'accountant'.  Not really, but with 100% certainty (atter doing karaoke and live karaoke on many occasions) know that I am NOT a rockstar musician idiot.  I also definitely not a sex person.  Women like me because I am intelligent or attractive or maybe they perceive me as sexual.  I am not sure what's going on with women but I know that I like spreadsheets, video games, computer science code, minimalism, and completing projects more than any sexual experience I have ever had times 100. I am glad I have become more attuned to what I like and what I dislike.  Good times. Here's that spreadsheet I made.  It wasn't too elaborate nor impressive of a project but when you live off of $7,200 per YEAR (not month - year) and was put into an abandoned house in which you have resided for over 720 days unwillingly and haven't been able to relocate because of not being able to afford rent when even the places you're overqualified to work at (grocery stores, pharmacies, places that are pathetically lame that I would never want and WILL never work at - I already dressed up as a performing monkey for Marvel Character Appearance program and I already slaved in a bakery and restaurant; those aren't careers; they're barely even jobs), it's rewarding and fun to make a spreadsheet, envision what food and drink you'll get and then acquire that exact amount. I liked making such a detailed spreadsheet because it made acquiring groceries something like a computer program.  I like computer science WAY more than groceries, so this was interesting, but it wasn't as interesting as making a computer program. I have felt sexually hijacked NUMEROUS (dozens...hundres possibly) times in life.  I wanted to take a calculus class and a woman at Colorado College (who's name began with an L and whom I've done my best to forget, distracted me).  Sexual arousal and particular Distractors whom wielded Sexual Hijackings to throw me off (I go into detail about Sexual Hijackings as a major ploy by Distractors in my 45,000 word book Thray: Book 1 - Omen.  I liked reading Richard Feynman's 'Surely You're Joking, Mr. Feynman'.  I liked that book and I'm not joking nor acting when I say (this is probably or certainly the result of having a bachelor's degree, having completed 2 sub-4-hour marathons that I never wanted to do, and neglecting math, computer science, and physics - those three areas of science interest me greatly) that I detest athletics almost as much as I find sex repulsive.  I like the idea of making android apps considerably.

 Pretending to Talk To … Richard Dawkins – TNC 507 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:05:10

This is a really stellar recording. I love the 'Pretending to Talk to (PTTT) recordings because they anchor ideas and I focus on different things depending on whom I'm Pretending to talk to.  I am awesome and understand how peculiar I am (as john kooz and vernephilleas) but love the PTTT things. this 5-Star recording (of's VernePhilleas)  I, appropriately, fucking talking about procreation (or as Verne would say DNA uploading) - that's appropriate because Dawkins is a fucking evolutionary biologist.  I read Greatest Show on Earth cover-to-cover and it was quite decnet Also, I talk about avoiding 'randomly wandering around' And how I want to at times be like a teen Tripping Daisy's 'I got a girl' song is also featured - a superb song from that otherwise flash in the pan band (I may not be a band (yet?!) but I am NOT flash in the pan...scallops are flash in the pan, though!

 The Time is Ripe for the Wizard Pipe #001 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:00:07

Welcome to the first episode of the NERDSEXCODE Podcast!! I've done many podcasts for many years!! And I am so stoked to be doing my NerdSexCode Podcast.... AS...VernePhilleas!!! xD  That's me, VernePhilleas and you're listening to episode UNO de the NerdSexCode podcast. This is an hour long and that's longer than by shlong...I can't say that.  I just did.  And I do not kid.  I will be living with the 4 most beautiful women in the world in my dreamland.  No, I'm not explaining that.  They could all be in the same person.  But I'm not explaining that...if you want an explanation. DOWNLOAD, LISTEN, SUBSCRIBE! As always a sick awesome recording. Things covered (in exactly an hour)! Cooking cod (oddly) Juice and how I will only imbibe three types of fruit juice for the rest of my life (grape, orange, and grapefruit juice). Oliver sykes, my frenchie younger brother Dream Family um…other things mentioned Howard Stern, Charlie Sheen, The Castle (australian film) Eric Bana, Tom Hardy meh meh LOVING h20, Loving my compuer, loving felis catus flatmate named Philleas.  True. A podcast by VernePhilleas! That’s me. I would like my channel to be though. I also would like to upload audios to a good podcast service like libsyn but that’s 15 earthian currency a month. I liked doing this podcast at specific time. very fun and savoury and delightful having a brilliant bit of coded structure of time (like omputer programs) and then sorcery chaos that’s not really chaotic; might look like that though.

 Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Baguettes, and Pastries No More! – TNC 506 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 43:37

Episode 6 of TheNerdCoach Season 5!

 Chess Openings – TNC 505 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 22:22
 Movie Reviews and Notes (Part 2) – TNC 503 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:00:01

More scintillatingly interesting readings from Movie Reviews and...Notes!  

 Introduction to Season 5 – TNC502 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 2:23

Welcome to Season FIVE (CINCO) Of the Best Podcast for nerds, peculiar people, and awesomeness! I am more interested in my VernePhilleas channel, but this podcast is still going. I detail some of the updates from the first three seasons as well as how Season 4 was a metamorphosis season...good times, good on ya as those crazy seesouans say! So far there is Wednesday for ''Movie Reviews and Notes" and Sundays will feature a "Pretending To Talk To..." podcast.  All the other days actually have a unique fusion of minimalism, voice journals and other interesting content in them.  Sweet!

 Why+How I’m a Different Species of Human – TNC 501 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:06

I am different from normal homo sapiens that I've seen in many ways.  Three ways that come to mind are Accents Minimalism Not Earning Earthian Currency and Having Done More work than Most Normal Humans Do Before they Die (Times Three) Those are pretty distinct, singular (as good ol' Sherlock Holmes would say!), admittedly idiosyncratic, but also....100% pure premium MOI, ME (John Kooz + VernePhilleas = JohnVernePhilleas!). If I noticed many other people like me i wouldn't have taken the time to do this scintilliating, sick awesome gnarly rad Superb Recording.  I am awesome!  And you can evaluate me however you which but another way I'm (in some ways heinously more advanced, and in other ways maybe you consider not so advanced, but species just evolve, eh?! They do!  They evolve and their adaptions, mutations, and advancements make them just different....eventually (in evolutionary biology) so different that they are taxonomically class  Great Spirits Have Always Encountered Violoent Opposition from Mediocre Minds -- Albert Einstein (A hero of John Kooz's from 2007-2009, but...his hair was too shabby so fuck that!) Three Father Figures (Not Homosexual though; experimented with that).  Three father figures help me like no other. Anti-Psychiatry - I have done over 100 hours of therapy forced to see over 18 doctors and over half a dozen shrinks.  I proudly have over 2 dozen 'disorders' from America's (hey it's printed from AMA) Diagnostic Statistic Manual, and considering the most recent version was updated in 2013, I muse with savoury delight at the petty, putrid, dismal, emotionally-abusive, and heinously corrupt shrinks that they had to add in 'more disorders' probably because of me - because of my advancements. Nemeses label your peculiarities as denigrating flaws and defects; friends, lovers, teammates elicit and evoke your peculiarities making you realize how awesome you are. ( I little bit of good ol'John Kooz (+ Verney, don't forget moi!)wisdom ;D) True. Oauth. Oath! Now, I have an entire book i wrote on minimalism which is written like an engineering manual with symmetrical 2-4-2 (8 Principles).  You can see me wield accents at and and some of my youtube channels.  Not earning earthian currency...well banks no that! xD. People are different.  Often so different, that they must be classified as a sub-genre of species.  It would take me 40 years of my life explaining how I am inexplicably not FEEBLE (but advanced), contrary to what Americans (with their women labelleing I could mention my Bachelor's Degree International Coach Certification How I attended and got marks from 4 colleges around the world (London School of Ecnomics, Sea Education Association, Colorado College, and the delightful (although I will never be there again) University of California, Santa Barbara. How I trained myself to complete 2 sub 4-hour marathons and broke 5-minutes in the mile (despite really detesting running; just something I did using some nlp and self_code as one of the dozens of forms of proofs that validate how i am indeed more advanced than most humans.  I'm not deliberately an uber-mensch, but i must say, when i look at must humans, I observe inadequacy and inferiority because they haven't utilized their body+brain+voice and Time as efficiently as i have.  Fortunately, I have seen people whom are of a species similar to my own.  Other human-sub-spieces may label me as inferior or superior and such judgments I am indifferent to!  I detest exercise.  Walks are great.  Screaming I love! Martial Arts - 3rd kyu (didn't like that) 3.4 million words of books in journals and books published at @ (I am working on that site but it was so much work that publishing it all, over writing journals and books for the past 10 years is, well, something i will use NLP to frame as something simple and normal,

 Triple-Cult: Over Done! – Atheism FTW – TNC 421 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 2:59

C'est Vrai. Oauth. True. Oath!

 The Occasional Inaccuracy of Kurzweil (Part 2) – TNC 420 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 2:44

            First go was praising Kurzeil.  This time am considerably more critical.  Download the podcast for details!

 Chess Openings – Two – TNC 419 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 32:38

Just John Kooz talking a wee bit about chess. The Reti, the English, the Caro Khan Defence openings are discussed. Some nice chess channels are out there on youtube schoolyard of sorts. It helps you to select one to two openings one or two at most (possibly three) openings at best.

 Material-Items All (matitems_all) – Productivity and Minimalism – TNC s04e18 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 32:55

  Howdy mates...this is an excerpt from my (just John Kooz) MINIMALISM book.  it took me three years to write.  I am done with writing books (blog posts and podcasts and youtubes ya, but after 3.4 mllion words or writing; that's about enough writing aside from fun blog posts on TU).  The book seems to invaluable to sell, but I may publish it eventurally. Cheer, Cheerio!! “matitems_all” is my short-hand name for a database containing all (truly all) items one has. It's quite simply a spreadsheet of everything you have - every single item, every single spoon, every fork, every single spatula, every single toaster, every long-sleeve shirt, every pair of long underwear, every pair of shoes, every pair of pants, every cleaning item, every piece of electronic gear, every pen, every towel, every knife, every electronic cord and cable.  You get the idea, every single item.  Every single item is in matitems_all, which in case you haven't yet figured out is “material items all”   . Illidan Slashes away clutter almost as cleverly as I did.  But I have installed permanent serious minimalism!  Ah...refreshing and awesome and safety. VernePhilleas [weird_code_non_virus?_aokee_! matitems_all “matitems_all” is my short-hand name for a database containing all (truly all) items one has. It's quite simply a spreadsheet of everything you have - every single item, every single spoon, every fork, every single spatula, every single toaster, every long-sleeve shirt, every pair of long underwear, every pair of shoes, every pair of pants, every cleaning item, every piece of electronic gear, every pen, every towel, every knife, every electronic cord and cable.  You get the idea, every single item.  Every single item is in matitems_all, which in case you haven't yet figured out is “material items all”. Some notes I took on this as I was setting up matitems_all Why Will keep me focused on saving will learn about databases (something have always wanted to learn more about) will discourage spending and clutter will make life more video game like will be massively precise can "peruse" what I ahve on computer in database. AWESOME!!! can elimiante things like deleting on computer SWEET!! marvelous!!! booya! great computer science project that will help me learn database and comp sci organization and actually be of assistance!!   HOW read up on libre office database want to create categories (exercise, tools, kitchen, clothes, electronics etc) should be organizable so can show all "knives" for example (hiking knife, kitchen knife, tool knife) that pop up. awesome!!     I can't begin to communicate how invaluably awesome the matitems_all gadget is.  I have listed it as an optional gadget because it is extremely meticulous, slightly time-consuming, something many may erroneously label as obsessive (and it is, but a healthy obsession), but most importantly it may not be for everyone.  So it is an optional gadget, but to me, personally, matitems_all is not optional; it's invaluable.  It's congruent with my interest in computer science and databases and organization of data and programming.  To me, it's by far one of my favourite organizational minimalism gadgets that I created.  To recap, I find this tool useful because of: my interest in computer science my meticulous nature it makes me feel like I am in a video game of sorts because every single item I own is listed on the computer, so it makes me feel as though I am in some sort of computer game. This technique is very weird, and very odd, and again this is why this is an optional tool, but it's not optional to me.  I could write an entire book on this tool, but to other people, matitems_all may simply appear as idiosyncratic or unnecessary.  I don't think making the matitems_all gadget is for everyone; it's not.  It may be very much excessively "overkill" for some people.

 Movie Reviews and Notes (Part 1) – TNC 417 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 59:48

A cool reading of some Movie Reviews and Notes!

 What are the Four Qualities that Women Desire Most? – TNC 416 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:42

aka...The Four Qualities of the most Desireable man in the Universe aka..Moiself, John Kooz + VernePhilleas = (Possibly, JohnVernePhilleas)! These are my own thoughts and ideas. Yes, this is me VernePhilleas pirate-hijacking John Kooz's site because I invented and made John Kooz, as my holographic projection!  I invented John Kooz so....I can do whatever I want on his site! I fucking detest my old holographic projection, John Kooz, because he wouldn't have thought of awesome posts like this!  I am sick awesome; I'm VernePhilleas. I invented all of those qualities and I pwn them.  I'm smarter than Richard Feynman, Sexier than Orlando Bloom, More protective and venom vicious in voice and mind than Derren Brown, and, upon meeting a trustworthy damsel dame lady woman, unconditionally loving.   1. Intelligence 2. Attractiveness (Hot, Sexy, Beauty) 3. Protective in Voice and Mind 4. Unconditionally Loving (Usually with NerdSexCode of Awesome Oauth+True+Oauthness! xD) Humour is a a huge problem in romance.  It's a nice 'Icing to the Rice Krispie Treat of Romance', but there's no cake to a romantic relationship that's merely based on 'humour'.  Are funny-man and funny-woman Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy still together?  Nope! I copied them from no book nor author nor 'muser of romance'.  I don't earn Earthian currency for all the work I've done. I've done as much work as a full radio station and multiple authors.  For awhile I thought all of that work (that is truly just lifetimes of work was something I injuriatingly deserved compensation for.  Some of my work (podcasts, books, journals, youtube sites, coaching certification, trained self over 4000 miles, completed to sub-4-hour marathons, but mainly the 3.4 million words of writing (MILLION), and hundreds of hours of professional podcasts is what makes me realize how I've done more work than You (given you're a normal earthian-currency-earning person).  So I am not like you.  I'm not.  I have earned more work than you will have done before you die, times thrice, wouldn't it be nice if I were to earn Earthian currency?  I thought?!  Said currency (or thrayCurrec as I call it in my thray_game_code castle (more on that in a 1-Hour Recording!).  I thought okay, maybe all my work (some of which you can get for free at earns me the privilege of time with the most beautiful women.  I thought about that for awhile and liked that idea...until recently, where I realized, you know what, I don't like that.  Earthian Currency doesn't interest me, but doing work and then 'Earning the Privilege of Time with the most beautiful women'?  No....that would make her feel like a stripper and me like some slave of sorts.  I shouldn't have to 'do work to earn privilege of time with teh most beautiful women'.  I could be lazy and have that privilege, I could work and have that privilege. The point is, I liked work in the past.  My work is Tsunamis more than you have accomplished.  My earthian currency has been practically nothing (less than two thousand dollars) and I don't work to ''earn the privilege of time with the most beautiful safe women'.  Instead, I just liked work in the past.  It was something I did and did so much work I have been a one-man full-proper (with hundreds of properly professionally labeled mp3s totally hundreds of hours of recordings).  My librivox audio recording is over a hundred proof-listened auditory recordings and the amount of writing I have done belittles authors like Grisham or Stephen King in my prolific output of journals and books.  Most people write 1 to 2 books and I guess they consider that an accomplishment.  I've written 11 volumes totalling over 1.5 million words in candid unfiltered, raw, uneditted journals, and I have written a half a dozen books as well.  But all that said, despite having done more authoring than Earthian-currency-paid authors. Bonus Qualities Humour Similar Age

 0415 – Voice Journal: Vexed about Time TNC s04e15 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 28:54

Time is fascinating!  Learn all about some musings and whingings and vexations in this Voice Journal about Time!


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