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Summary: A weekly mix of great talk, music and sound-seeing; from the heart of the republic; St. John's, Newfoundland; with your host, Jim Fidler.

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 ROAR-2005-05-21 - Episode 1 - Good To Meet Yee | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:22:34

ROAR-2005-05-21 - Episode 1 - Good To Meet Yee This time on the ROAR: Big, 1st time introductions: Jim talks about how he first got into radio, listening to stations on the AM broadcast band at night, the instant shortwave trick, the old police band radio, getting into shortwave, playing with casette recorders and making crude multi-track recordings, CB radio, first dabblings into ham radio, the school for the blind in Halifax, starting with music, first experiences with broadcast radio at CFGH in Halifax, eventually getting the advanced amateur radio operator's ticket, VO1RV, Saint Mary's University, more broadcast radio at CFSM in Halifax, MUN Radio and more broadcasting at CHMR, dabblings in Live365 with Roots Radio International, a bit about podcasting, new up-coming CD release for Midnight Rover, IRLP node 7680, recording in Cork, Ireland, Jim and Lillian in the kitchen, a bit of geographical and historical chat about Newfoundland, signal hill, some more talk about ham radio, the trip to Ireland, the British vampire, island culture, starting with Irish traditional, Calypso and Mento music, Pressure Drop, The Experience, big shout-outs to Cork and Waterford, Sonny's Dream, a wee trip down to the pub, into the studio, looking at writing Song For Newfoundland, songwriting in general, a demonstration of the recording process and a bit of music. Music this time: Our theme, Genesis, Midnight Rover, Dub Illusion and Song For Newfoundland by Jim Fidler and Far Away In Australia by Mike and the lads at the pub. Best listened to on headphones. Welcome to the ROAR!


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