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Summary: video of NYC underground music scene in ipod compatible .m4v

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 Kinnie Starr - 'Sun Again' | File Type: video/x-m4v | Duration: 8:40

PUNKCAST#1003 Kinnie Starr performing live

 Mecca Normal - 'Attraction Is Ephemeral' | File Type: video/x-m4v | Duration: 5:08

PUNKCAST#96523 Mecca Normal - Jean Smith and David Lester - performing live

 The Vacancies w/ Joan Jett- 'Save Yourself' | File Type: video/x-m4v | Duration: 2:32

PUNKCAST#88436 The Vacancies, from Cleveland Ohio, performing live at 'secret' late night show at NYC's Cake Shop, are joined by Joan Jett. Here we have one song from the middle of the set - the anthemic 'Save Yourself'. More info: http://punkcast.com/884

 Brakes - 'I Cant Stand To Stand Beside You' | File Type: video/x-m4v | Duration: 3:24

PUNKCAST#85406 Brakes, from Brighton, UK, performing live on their debut visit to the USA. Oct 4 2005. More info: http://punkcast.com/854

 Rose Melberg - 'Each New Day' | File Type: video/x-m4v | Duration: 2:16

PUNKCAST#957209 Rose Melberg performing live at Cake Shop, NYC on Apr 25 2006 at the release party for her first new CD in 5 years - 'Cast Away The Clouds' - on Double Agent Records. More info: http://punkcast.com/957

 Jennifer O'Connor - 'Garden Dirt' | File Type: video/x-m4v | Duration: 4:05

PUNKCAST#95717 Jennifer O'Connor performing live at Cake Shop, NYC on Apr 25 2006. A new album will be released on Matador Records in August. More info: http://punkcast.com/957

 Oneida - 'Caesar's Column | File Type: video/x-m4v | Duration: 3:24

PUNKCAST#5065 Artrockers Oneida wailing up a storm in the psychedelic environs of Brooklyns Mighty Robot - Jul 17 2004. More info: http://punkcast.com/506

 bateatsplastic - 'trees' | File Type: video/x-m4v | Duration: 2:21

PUNKCAST#48711 The band bateatsplastic played, as a duo, their last show in current memory - June 30 2004 - at NYC's Knitting Factory. This was the first song of their set. More info: http://punkcast.com/487

 Nikki Sudden - Death Is Hanging Over Me | File Type: video/x-m4v | Duration: 3:33

PUNKCAST#94007 UK singer/songwriter Nikki Sudden performing an acoustic version of the song 'Death Is Hanging Over Me' at NYC's Cake Shop on Mar 24 2006, just 40 hours or so before his own death. More info: http://punkcast.com/940

 Art Brut - Formed A Band | File Type: video/x-m4v | Duration: 3:39

PUNKCAST#88501 Art Brut, from London UK, performing live at the Tribeca Grand Hotel, NYC on Nov 12 2005. This was the band's first visit to the USA, the final of four shows. More info: http://punkcast.com/885

 The Tough And Lovely - Hard To Love | File Type: video/x-m4v | Duration: 2:16

PUNKCAST#736206 The Tough And Lovely, from Columbus, Ohio, performing the song 'Hard To Love' at Union Pool in Brooklyn, May 6 2005. More info: http://punkcast.com/736

 Gang Gang Dance - Nicoman | File Type: video/x-m4v | Duration: 3:33

PUNKCAST#923 Gang Gang Dance performing the song 'Nicoman at Cake Shop in NYC, Feb 15 2006. More info: http://punkcast.com/923

 Christy And Emily - Birds | File Type: video/x-m4v | Duration: 5:11

PUNKCAST#920 The duo Christy and Emily performing the song 'Birds' at Rothko in NYC, Feb 10 2006. More info: http://punkcast.com/920

 Stefan Tcherepnin / Brian Chase Duo | File Type: video/x-m4v | Duration: 5:52

PUNKCAST#921 An excerpt from the performance by the Stefan Tcherepnin / Brian Chase Duo on Feb 10 2006 at the Cake Shop in NYC. More info: http://punkcast.com/921

 Syd Straw and David Cale - Papa Was A Rodeo | File Type: video/x-m4v | Duration: 5:16

PUNKCAST#67008 Syd Straw and David Cale performing The Magnetic Fields' 'Papa Was A Rodeo' at Syd Straw's Heartwreck Show, Tonic NYC - Feb 14 2005. More info: http://punkcast.com/670


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