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Thoughts From The Frontline Podcast by John Mauldin

Summary: Audio version of John Mauldin's weekly blog, Thoughts From The Frontline.

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 Rapid Therapeutic Science Laboratories, Inc. (OTC: RTSL) | File Type: application/pdf | Duration: Unknown

  Rapid Therapeutic Science Laboratories, Inc. (OTC: RTSL) manufactures and markets FDA-listed pressurized metered dose inhalers (pMDIs) that enable users to conveniently and safely self-administer CBD. RTSL's MDIs deliver a 98% bioavailable dose of CBD each & every time and could very well replace vape pens, tanks and mods and have a major impact on a $9 Billion market.  

 OxySure Systems, Inc. (OTCQB: OXYS) | File Type: application/pdf | Duration: Unknown

OxySure Systems, Inc. (OTCQB: OXYS, “OxySure”) provides short duration / emergency medical oxygen and respiratory solutions for mass market use. Using patented technology that combines two dry, inert powders to create medical oxygen, the Frisco, Texas-based company manufactures and markets the OxySure Model 615, a portable emergency oxygen system that has been approved by the FDA for sale over the counter without a prescription.

 Adamis Pharmaceuticals Corp. (ADMP: NasdaqCM) | File Type: application/pdf | Duration: Unknown “Strong Buy” 12-month Price Target of $15 - $18 indicates a potential price gain of 224% to 269%* 22-page research report by Harbinger Research details Investment Opportunity, Valuation Comparables... includes Profit and Loss Models thru FY2022. Brian Connell, CFA Investment Highlights: Net $23.7 million in recent funding and NASDAQ up-listing constitutes “Major Corporate Milestones” – institutional and retail visibility greatly enhanced. First product (Epinephrine Pre-filled Syringe) ready for FDA 505(B)(2) filing soon - early ’15 approval likely, leading to $30 - $50 million in annual sales over next 2 – 3 years. Completed purchase of the 3M Taper Dry Powder Inhaler (DPI) technology in December 2013 – creating potential branded generic competitor for Glaxo-SmithKline (NYSE: GSK) and its $7.7 billion global market.  Two additional products will likely receive FDA approval in 2016 and 2017 - eventual annual revenues of $30 million or more expected for each. Revenues starting in FY2015, with rapid growth in FY2016, FY2017 and FY2018 - estimated at $16.75MM, $49.45MM and $93.12MM, respectively – all subject to FDA approvals and market conditions of course, but Adamis has certainly turned the corner as a “Developing Specialty Pharmaceuticals Co.” Four early stage biotech products focused on the treatment of prostate cancer - given that the Company’s current priority is “to get to market” with its specialty pharma products, the biotech segment could create a win-fall for investors through a spin-out, IPO, sale to a larger biotech firm, or through royalties/marketing partnerships. It’s like a free-call option for informed investors. Company Overview: Adamis is a biopharmaceutical company engaged in the development and commercialization of specialty pharmaceutical and biotechnology products in the therapeutic areas of respiratory disease, allergy, oncology and immunology. ADMP is developing low cost therapeutic alternatives for the treatment of anaphylaxis, asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and allergic rhinitis. Within the Company's biotechnology pipeline is a novel cell-based therapeutic cancer vaccine and three drug candidates for the treatment of prostate cancer. *Based on market close, March 19, 2014

 Beamz Interactive, Inc. (OTCQB – BZIC) | File Type: application/pdf | Duration: Unknown

Beamz has created state-of-the-art interactive laser controller technology that can be used to develop new market opportunities in a wide variety of music, education, healthcare, gaming and consumer applications. This innovative new music technology and product offering brings music to literally everyone in a way that was previously not possible. Beamz has Strong Market and Corporate Drivers: Overwhelming positive reviews - in the consumer electronics and music industries: “Top Five Coolest Products” at CES by “Best of CES” by Leo LePorte on Regis and Kelly Gear Junkies Award - “Best DJ Gear” at Musikmesse 2013 Multiple markets include: mass consumer music; amateur & professional DJs; education, special needs, senior care & physical rehab… 10,000 units sold to date… currently in over 150 schools and institutions Strong intellectual property protection: 5 utility & 11 pending patents; multiple registered trademarks; confidentiality & non-disclosure agreements; non-published corporate trade secrets Highly profitable financial model – proven product with 50%+ margins for equipment sales and even higher margins for digital content and music Incentivized, veteran management team – with public company, capital markets and industry experience; Chairman/CEO owns 63.3% of BZIC shares; officers & directors beneficially own 83% Flo Rida licensing and endorsement deal – leverages multiple opportunities with the best-selling digital hip-hop artist in the world and his growing social media empire: 14 Million Facebook fans 3 Million followers on Twitter 75 Million combined singles sold worldwide 600 Million video views on YouTube 24-page Research Report by Murphy Analytics includes Operational Overview, Growth Plan, Strategic Initiatives & Licensing Agreement with Flo Rida, Market Opportunity, Discussion of Financials plus Comparables & ETF Performance

 Panache Beverage, Inc. (OTCQB – WDKA) | File Type: application/pdf | Duration: Unknown

Panache is an alcoholic beverage company specializing in the development, global sales and marketing of spirits brands. Panache is following a unique “build and exit” business model. Existing portfolio contains three brands: Wodka Vodka, Alchemia Vodka and Alibi Whiskey. Investment Highlights: $10 million backlog for “Alibi American Whiskey” announced in December 2012 – exclusive two year national distribution agreement with Domaine Select Wine Estates, LLC Major spirits companies have largely abandoned grassroots developments of brands -  now favor an “acquire to grow” philosophy Panache’s niche is “build and exit” - development and global sales and marketing of unique spirits brands for acquisition Panache became import company of record for premium vodka 42 BELOW in late 2004 - Bacardi purchased the brand for $91 million two years later (representing a gain on sale of $71 million) $970 Billion Global Alcoholic Beverage Market – US is most important liquor market in the world, and this management team knows how to exploit it for maximum shareholder value 30-page Research Report Details Unique Business Model, Industry, Valuation... plus Income Statement and Financial Projections thru 2016.

 EnerJex Resources, Inc. (ENRJ - OTCQB) | File Type: application/pdf | Duration: Unknown

EnerJex is an E&P company with producing assets located in Eastern Kansas and South Texas. The Company is focused on the acquisition and development of shallow oil properties that have low production decline rates and offer abundant drilling opportunities with low risk profiles. Investment Highlights: Achieved 97.6% Drilling Success Rate - drilled 123 economically successful oil wells out of 126 wells drilled in its Kansas plays. Hundreds of Low-Risk Shallow Oil Drilling Opportunities Identified on Existing Properties - cash on cash IRR's on these wells often approaches or exceeds 50%. Shares currently trading at 50% discount to market value - ENRJ closed at $0.60 per share on Monday 4/1/2013. Market value projected to be $1.21. 29-page Research Report Details Current Market Valuation... leasehold positions, plus Income Statement and Financial Projections thru 2016.

 How to Invest in Gold | File Type: video/mp4 | Duration: Unknown

Many analysts suggest that gold’s bull-run is not over and that it will continue to give even better returns in the near to mid-term. By the end of this year some think that gold might re-test $1800 an ounce…TBD. Here are the most favored ways to invest in Gold Physical gold: You can buy jewelry, gold coins or gold bars. Bullion coins seem to be the favored strategy and can be brought either from dealers or from banks. Numismatic (collectible) coins are another possibility but require a higher level of expertise. Gold ETFs: ETFs are an easy way to invest for those who don’t want to keep physical gold for safety concerns.  It’s a hassle-free method to maintain a position…you can buy ETFs through your online brokerage account. Equity-based Gold funds: You can invest in mutual funds which have exposure in companies engaged in gold exploration, mining, processing, extraction and marketing. All you need to have is an online brokerage account, and you’re all set. Gold Stocks: Overall gold stocks are down as much as 30% over the past year, and in the same time frame, the price of physical gold has risen. This suggests that there’s money to be made buying a hammered sector of the stock market when it is out of fashion and nobody wants it.  Think value investing in a speculative sector. This point of view (POV) says buy gold stocks, as the sentiment will rebound, the crowd will come back and there will be profits in the short to intermediate term. Could also be a trading strategy. Futures: You can buy gold futures through most discount brokers, but it’s not recommended for the novice or even moderately experienced investor…steer clear unless you are a professional trader. On-line Gold Purchases: The Hard Assets Alliance was founded with one overarching goal; to provide member clients with a better way to buy, sell and own gold, silver and other precious metals. Transactions can be made online 24/7 from anywhere in the world and include as a standard option the storage of purchased metals in New York, Salt Lake City, Australia, London or Zurich. With a SmartMetals™ account from Hard Assets Alliance, you can buy or sell fully allocated lots of gold, silver, platinum, or palladium - single coins to multi-ounce bars - instantly, online. No more waiting for your check to arrive at a dealer, only to find out the price has changed, or that your order was only partially filled, or more expensive than you intended. You'll have all of the information you need before you buy or sell. ENROLL ONLINE In the spirit of full disclosure, the parent company of InvestorsInsight Publishing, Inc., Casson Media Group, Inc. is a member of the Hard Assets Alliance and is entitled to a percentage of earned commissions. Note: all investing strategies involve some degree of risk and the potential for loss of capital; therefore readers should seek the advice of trusted professionals before making any investment decision. Past results are not necessarily indicative of future performance.  

 Eco Ventures Group, Inc. (EVGI – OTCQB) | File Type: application/pdf | Duration: Unknown

EVGI Has Option to Acquire 100% of Rapidly Growing German Energiepark Süptitz, GmbH, and is Near Completion of Its Florida Biodiesel Production Facility. Biofuels Market is Strong Worldwide, Providing Likely Future Margin Improvements. Strong Speculative Buy.

 Vycor Medical (VYCO) | File Type: application/pdf | Duration: Unknown

Vycor Medical Has Breakthrough Product Offerings in the Neurosurgical and Stroke-Related Vision Rehabilitation Markets. We Expect Strong Sales Growth in Late 2012 and 2013, and See Sustainable Hyper-growth Potential in 2014 and Beyond.  Strong Buy.

 Information Systems Associates, Inc. (IOSA) - WSR Equity Research Report | File Type: application/pdf | Duration: Unknown

Data centers are the backbone of technology, storing massive amounts of data. Until recently, data centers were viewed as a necessary evil without much regard to their efficiency or ability to contribute to an organization’s profitability. However, the concept of DCIM is changing that perception, which is putting the DCIM sector into hyperdrive. Over the next decade, the DCIM market is expected to grow from $150 million to over $7.5 billion in revenue. Why is this important for Information Systems Associates? ISA’s OPSI system is the only patent-protected mobile data center device that enables a data center manager to account for changes in the data center remotely. More importantly, ISA is evolving its patented OSPI system into a real-time DCIM mobile management tool empowering the data center manager to make critical IT changes by transmitting data to and from the data center by using a computer or even a smartphone. ISA has the proprietary technological solution that will help launch this nascent market into the multi-billion growth engine that will help to redesign how data centers work in the future. This is a game-changer in the industry. In addition to its ground-breaking technology, it also has a highly experienced management team that is primarily compensated with equity in shares of IOSA. Management has strong sales/marketing and product development skills with a proven track record--growing Rackwise from a small data center productivity company with a $2,000 product, to a large top tier DCIM software company with a multi hundred thousand dollar product.

 The Stock Playbook Main Video - March 7th 2011 | File Type: video/x-flv | Duration: Unknown

Here's last night's Members Video titled "The Stock Playbook". Each trading evening we create at least 4 other videos, including : Stocks Under $10, Portfolio Review, New Highs, and Earnings Video. In last night's main video I talk about: CREE, AAPL, GOOG, FSLR, TSLA, X, FCX, ISCA, BIDU, NFLX, FFIV, FNSR, APKT, RLOC, AFOP, CIS, JKS, FN, NXPI, GDOT, MIPS, AH, TPX, CALX, IOSP, FOSL, SVVS, SODA, MELI, QNST, BSFT, RNET For a 14 day FREE trial of our service (no credit card required) simply visit

 Stock Playbook - March 2, 2011 | File Type: video/x-flv | Duration: Unknown

Stock Playbook - March 2, 2011

 Stocks Under $10 - Do you trade them? We do! | File Type: application/octet-stream | Duration: Unknown

Here's last night's "Stocks Under $10" members video. In it we talk we about: BPAX, INVE, FACE, USAT, SCON, DUSA, AXK, CBR, HERO, OCCF, PTIE, SABA, FVE, RLOG, KVA, INFN, SLTM, KNDI, CAMT, SHZ, ZAGG, MAG, CSCD Each trading night we create at least 4 other videos - you can check them all out by taking a 14 day FREE trial (no credit card needed)

 The Stock Playbook Main Video from March 2nd 2011 | File Type: application/octet-stream | Duration: Unknown

Each trading night we create at least 4 market videos for our subscribers. Here's the main video (The Stock Playbook) from last night, March 2nd. In this video we talk about the following stocks: AAPL, SIMG, ZAGG, QCOM, GDOT, CISG, SINA, TTMI, ATHN, BAGL, AFOP, CMG,LCRY, DTLK, BOX, TPX, PAY, ACOM, PEET, CAP, TAL, TGH, DRYS, In addition to the main video we also create a "Stocks Under $10", "Earnings Playbook", "New Highs" and "Portfolio Review". For a 14 day FREE trial (no credit card required) simply visit  

 The Stock Playbook Main Video from March 2nd 2011 | File Type: application/octet-stream | Duration: Unknown

Each trading evening we create at least 4 trading videos for our members with trading ideas and market analysis. Here's the main video from last night. In it we touch on the folowing stocks: AAPL, SIMG, ZAGG, QCOM, GDOT, CISG, SINA, TTMI, ATHN, BAGL, AFOP, CMG, LCRY, DTLK, BOX, TPX, PAY, ACOM, PEET, CAP, TAL, TGH, DRYS In addition to this video, we also create a "Stocks Under $10", "Earnings Playbook", "New Highs" and "Portfolio Review". For  14 day FREE trial of our service, simply visit


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