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Summary: Here lies a fine selection of choice musical cuts, prepared and curated by the crew of the good ship Modular and its extended family.

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 Modcast #147: Nick Zinner | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 39:43

Yeah Yeah Yeahs' Nick Zinner pulls out all the stops for this week's Modcast. He comes to the decks with a panache that harks back to the ancient art of mixtape making; dropping bubblegum, reggae and 90's RnB rewinds amongst tributes to Australia's pale saint Rowland S Howard and writing combo Vanda and Young. He's on tour around the UK, US and Europe in the coming months on the back of 'Mosquito', the Yeah Yeah Yeahs' new album, out now and available here. Tour dates and tracklist below. Tracklist Lydia Lunch + Rowland S Howard - Some Velvet Morning Nancy Sinatra - Sugar Town Althea and Donna - Uptown Ranking Nika - Vicious Aaliyah - Try Again Lauryn Hill - Lost Ones Fever Ray - When I Grow Up (Bassnector Remix) Missy Elliott - The Rain Grace Jones - Walking In The Rain Martina Topley-Bird - Too Tough to Die Tour Dates May 01 - Apollo, Manchester - UK May 02 - Academy - Leeds, UK May 04 - APT / I'll be Your Mirror - London, UK May 06 - Columbiahalle - Berlin, Germany May 08 - Olympia - Paris, France May 11 - Sweetlife Festival - Columbia, MD May 12 - House of Blues - Boston, MA May 17 - Great Googamooga Festival - Brooklyn, NY May 19 - Hangout Music Fest - Gulf Shores, AL Jun 22 - Firefly Festival - Dover, DE Jun 24 - First Avenue - Minneapolis, MN Jun 28 - Kanrocksas - Kansas City, KS Jul 14 - T in the Park - Scotland Jul 17 - Pardiso - Amsterdam, Netherlands Jul 18 - Dour Festival - Dour, Belgium Jul 20 - Latitude Festival - Southwold, United Kingdom Jul 21 - Marlay Park - Dublin, Ireland Aug 10 - Outside Lands Festival - San Francisco, CA

 Modcast #146: Misha Hollenbach (P.A.M.) | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 49:37

Brain bug box musik! This freakout was formed by the manic mind of 'DJ PORK AKA DIJK VAN CHEESE' - the once in a lifetime DJ alias of Misha Hollenbach. A Renaissance man and great cook, Misha is one half of culture club Perks and Mini, Bamboo Musik and AWI4000, a quarter of the CHANGES and sometime 3rd Dee Wee. Mixed blood. Have a lick and go round the bend with "Italian late 90's trance, library, african, bees, WOO!, etc.....!!!". Tracklist is unfortunately unavailable at this time. Cryptic clues will be revealed to followers of the perksandmini instagram tribe. We tried our best to have a sane chat with the man below. What are you working on at the moment? A documentary shooting next week in Mullumbimby w the RNVG guys on electronic music composer French 70's Ariel Kalma, collab with Rob Lowe. Non-Objectional paintings in my studio. New PAM graphics for new season. New art show and book w/ Peter Sutherland. New book w/ Mathew Hale. New Spike album (Golf Channel) LP cover. New covers for LNCC new record label. New release w Thomas Bullock and my daughter Odette. Your artistic mind strikes me as perpetually stimulated. Even in casual conversation its like you're brainstorming fictional techno band names. Does your creative capacity ever exhaust? Is there any mental serenity in the chaos? My brain seems to need to making connections in order to keep moving. One thing always leads to another ..... which makes me think, what about Pop the Boat? Never not poppin! A large part of your practice is collaborative, whether its making art with Peter Sutherland, forming the Cave Slave music project with Rub N Tug's Thomas Bullock or designing P.A.M. collections with your wife Shauna T. Having worked with so many artists that like to keep things strictly solo, I'm curious to know what the main attraction is to this process? The collab is a fun, great, positive, productive, exciting way to hang. It's simple. You go to great lengths to source music. Endless travelling, chance finds, curious covers, knowledge swapping. Where did some of the records used in this mix come from? Some recently came from this ex Club DJ in Preston, some from deep within my own collection, some from discogs, and some promos. There is so much music, all around us, wherever you look you can find..... The set is pretty bugged out. What do you recommend listeners do during playback? Listen. Enjoy a glass of wine, slice of pizza, drive down the coast. Wine glass in the cup holder sounds good actually. As does weed. Can you describe your most psychedelic experience? Life. Child. Love.

 Modcast #145: JD Twitch (Optimo) | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 50:15

Glaswegian DJ duo Optimo held onto their Sunday residency longer than Seinfeld pirated the airwaves. In the 10+ years at Sub Club, they hosted the veritable cream of the crop, including our own Cut Copy, The Presets & The Rapture. One half of the group, JD Twitch, brings us this weeks Modcast ahead of some killer parties in Sydney & Melbourne over the coming days. Tune in and get settled, we're gonna be all over this shuffleboard court. More info, tracklist and a chat below. Fri Apr 19 - w/Boris, Roland Tings, Andee Frost, Otologic @ The Bottom End - Melbourne [TICKETS] Sat Apr 20 - HAHA's 8th Birthday @ Goodgod - Sydney [TICKETS] Win a double pass via the Club Mod on Facebook. It's impressive that you were able to hold down a Sunday night residency for over 10 years. Horse Meat Disco are close to doing the same but they've explained that the gay community can work on a comedown or hangover. Care to share the secret to your success? Being bloody minded enough to do exactly what we wanted to do with zero compromise and having an amazing venue that had faith in it working (they had the faith, we didn't). After about 9 months, people in Glasgow got it and it was pretty much sold out every week for the next 11 years. So, living in an open-minded city with people happy to go out on a Sunday night definitely helped too. You really hosted the who's who of live acts and DJs in that time. Who was the absolute highlight? Tough to say but probably Liquid Liquid. Jonnie and I travelled to New York and talked them into coming over. When they played their song Optimo, I have to this day to see such a great reaction to a piece of music in a club. What does your dream Sunday night consist of now that you've got it back? A good dinner, a good film and an early night. I loved every single Sunday night we did but don't miss it at all. Any films to recommend? I had a bit of a 70s film night this past Sunday and watched Network and The Conversation again. Both excellent! Can you list 5 records that best represent Optimo's current sound? Well, in the spirit of the recent death of Margaret Thatcher, these 5 are currently our hottest jams: Pete Wylie - The Day That Margaret Thatcher Dies Crass - How Does It Feel To Be The Mother Of 1000 Dead? Klaus Nomi - Ding Dong The Witch is Dead Heaven 17 - We Don't Need This Facist Groove Thang Robert Wyatt - Shipbuilding What bands are you championing on the record label this year? The main act I am championing are Glasgow's wonderful Golden Teacher who have blown me away more than any other act this year. I'm about to start a new label for more dance orientated tracks and am very excited by that although nobody has heard of any of the acts I'll be releasing yet. Any holy grails set for reissue? I hope so but I can never mention them in case they get bootlegged or someone else tries to beat me to it. You've toured Australia enough to know it inside out. What are you most looking forward to? Can't beat a good Australian crowd so very much looking forward to that, and the weather and the food and seeing old friends. Tracklist Joe - R.E.J. Bit Skatebard - Way Out Doubleheart - Crank QX-1 - I Won't Hurt You Alden Tyrell feat. Mike Dunn - Touch the Sky (Gerd's Double G Mix) Inner City - Pennies From Heaven (Kevin's Tunnel Mix) ... some unknown tracks thrown in the mix as well

 Modcast #144: Light Year | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 65:31

Aussie producer Light Year is making 2013 his own. He kicked off the year with a killer techno-tinged bootleg of Tame Impala's 'Be Above It' before fuelling up the tour bus and setting off in support of The Presets on their Australian National Tour. To top it all off his latest release, 'Bliss EP', came out this week on This is Music. Have a taste of the title track here. It's only April. Check out his Modcast and read up in our brief chat with the man below. I'm confused, where are you based at the moment? I spent some time in LA last year then came back to Oz for the summer. At the moment I'm living in the UK. At some point I want to move overseas so I'm kind of testing the water in certain places and seeing where I would like to live. London has been great and thankfully I missed the worst of the European winter. What was the most annoying request you got from a punter on the last tour? I have actually been quite lucky on my most recent tour and received no shockers. There was one in Washington D.C. Before I even had a chance to press play on my first record, a girl stuck her phone in my face and requested Salt'n'Pepa Shoop, which in the grand scheme of annoying requests is far from the worst. I politely told her I didn't have it on my usb and went about my set. You must have been shielded on stage during the Presets dates. Were you tailoring the sets for bigger rooms or did you go deep into your own world? The Presets tour was so much fun. I would play a different set each night and tailor a warm up set before Parachute Youth and a more upfront set before The Presets. It was a different experience playing at those shows though. The crowd was there to see The Presets and the energy of a live band so it was tough at times to get a reaction. By the end of the tour I was used to it and I just played whatever I wanted as it didn't particularly matter. As long as Kim and Julian made it on stage my job was pretty easy to be honest. 'Moderation' was a big deal. What inspired you to take it up a notch with 'Bliss'? I tried not to look at it like that and put pressure on myself. Instead I was just trying to keep the quality of music high and moving forward, not stagnating and repeating myself. I'm trying to build towards having a number of releases this year and Bliss is only the first of a possible 4-5. You're a recent university graduate. What did you study? I strangely studied Economics, which doesn't have all that much to do with the world of nightclubs/DJing/producing. Without giving away your secrets, how are you discovering new music at the moment? I swap plenty of music between friends. I keep up to date with the DJs that I like checking their mixes and playlists for something I haven't heard before or artists that are new to me. I use the obvious online avenues too like Beatport and iTunes so no big secrets but I'm always on the look out for new music. Tracklist Footprintz - The Favourite Game (Ivan Smagghe On A Thin White Line Remix) The Finger Prince - Your Face Toro Y Moi - Rose Quartz (Richnuss Edit) Djs Pareja - Saxo Temor Phil Kieran - Saturdays Lewie Day - Money Odyssey, Waze - Feel My Voices Theo Parrish - Synthetic Flemm N.Y. House'n Authority - Ravenswood House Loco Dice - Pimp Jackson Is Talking Now!!! Boddika & Joy Orbison - &fate Strip Steve - Micro (Light Year & Jensen Interceptor Remix) Matthew Styles - Hot! Harvard Bass - Cream Hrdvsion - Prettier Than That (Hrdvsion Remix) Locked Groove - Firefall Levon Vincent - Double Jointed Sex Freak (Part 3) Four Tet - For These Times Dollskabeat - Bored Of Shit (Vakula Remix)

 Modcast #143: Baio | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 35:47

Chris Baio drops a dose of bass for us in this week's Modcast. The electronic producer and Vampire Weekend anchor is hot off a separate Modular jaunt, where he remixed Young Dreams' 'Fog Of War' and commanded the dancefloor at our What We Do Is Secret party with Nick Zinner in January. Distant relations to Hollywood royalty aside, he's amping up for Vampire Weekend's forthcoming album 'Modern Vampires of the City', out May 14. More info in our interview with the man of the week below. It's ultimately apparent from all our dealings that you're one hell of a nice guy. What makes you snap? I haven't really lost my temper in years and years. It's hard to imagine a scenario where I'd truly snap aside from some really awful things that I'd rather not even put in writing! Will we see your dark side if Modern Vampires of the City gets leaked? Only if I'm the source of the leak, I'd feel terrible letting my bros down. This album marks the final chapter in a trilogy. Where do you go from here? I guess you can go prequel or new trilogy or spin-off animated series. Only time will tell! Regularly DJing at Vampire Weekend after parties, are you the last to get home or are there worse offenders? Depends on the night but I feel safe saying we'll never ever win a "hardest-partying band" award. Does this mix have an underlying theme? There's a noticeable presence of latin sound. The weather has been nasty in NY and I feel like I was pining for some nice NY spring weather with these selections. Had fun going through my record collection for some of the older tracks and also sharing new jams I love. What's next for you production wise? Made another remix earlier this year that'll be surfacing in the not-too-distant future. Been working on another ep, hope to have it out sometime later this year, we'll see! Still loving your remix of Young Dreams' Fog Of War. Did you run into them at SXSW? I missed them in Austin but I got lunch with a few of them last week in NY. Lovely guys! I had a lot of questions about Snus and they were able to answer all of them. Wait you lost me there. Snus? Snus is this type of chewing tobacco that is extremely popular in Scandinavia and kind of picking up in America. Supposed to be much healthier than smoking and traditional dip! Tracklist Richie Phoe - Bumpy's Lament New Edition - Once in a Lifetime Groove Pan Assembly - Ah Hearing Pan Tensnake - Hurricane Kid Color - Parallels Sano - Chupa [Matias Aguayo Version] Yadi - Unbreakable [Baio Remix] Ryan Crosson, Cesar Merveille - The Day You Left Mount Kimbie - Made to Stray Cashmere Cat - Mirror Maru Orquesta Aragon - Negro es Negro

 Modcast #142: Fort Romeau | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 54:01

Fort Romeau hits up Modcast Central this week with a wildcard-laden cavalcade of house hits. Mike's been jetting the globe pumping his new EP 'sw9'. He's also fresh off his recent Burly Man remix of The Presets' 'Ghosts' Grab your copy of the Modcast and keep reading as we talk life, music and deep house below. Really feeling the new single. Jittery chopped vocal house backed with some deep emotion. From your own experiments, when is the optimum time to drop them in a set? Thanks! Well recently I've been really enjoying playing longer sets, around 2-3 hours and i find theres usually a nice spot past the 2 hour mark where you can go a little deeper, as you've got a bit of time to cover more ground. You have to kind of ease people into that deeper zone sometimes. Is this a standalone release or the precursor for another album? This release is a stand alone, but working on new material constantly. I think a new album will have to have a really coherent sound that makes sense as a body of work, so i don't want it to just be a collection of singles. You're off on a brief stint across the UK and European next week. How does the touring experience differ as a DJ, compared to your past in La Roux? Well apart from the obvious things like being on my own instead of with a group of about 12 and that the venues are considerably smaller, its basically the same except with a band you have a tour manager telling you what to do and what time to get to the airport. So if i oversleep now theres no one to shout at me. Have you peaked on any art, film or literature of late? Yes! Just finished reading HHhH by Laurent Bidet, its about the assassination of Heydrich, its amazing. Just started "Mendelsohn is on the Roof" by Jiri Weil, also set in Prague during the occupation. Tell us about the vibe behind the Modcast. Any unreleased music hiding within? This set, due to its fairly short length, is mainly just some high quality (In my opinion anyway!) contemporary house, with a wildcard intro and outro. Shout out to anyone who knows the first tune!

 Modcast #141: Young Dreams Inspirations | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 45:05

Hot on the heels of their debut album Between Places, Young Dreams are blazing their way across the world and into hearts all over. Check out this week's Modcast to hear the tracks fueling the brains behind their tunes. The lads played six showcases throughout this year's SXSW and stirred up a lot of love for their live shows. Triple J's Zan Rowe called them "bloody wonderful", Fuse thought they were "perfect for afternoon listening" and KCRW said they "sound just like what Young Dreams should sound like ... think Beach Boys/Vampire Weekend/Fleet Foxes". Between Places is out now, grab a copy via the ModShop, iTunes & all good music retailers. Upcoming Dates Wed Apr 3 - Hoxton Bar & Kitchen - London [TICKETS] Thu Apr 4 - Lexington - London [TICKETS] Fri Apr 5 - Motel Mozaique - Rotterdam [TICKETS] Sat Apr 6 - Festsaal Kreuzberg - Berlin [TICKETS] Tracklist György Ligeti - Atmospherés Caetano Veloso - Tropicália The Raincoats - No Ones Little Girl The Feelies - The Boy With The Perpetual Nervousness Scritti Politti - Bibbly-O-Tek Flying Lotus - Dance Of The Pseudo Nymph Konono No.1 - Paradiso Anonymous - Anonymous: Missa Luba An African Mass 4. Sanctus Piero Umiliani - Mondo Dove Vai? Hildegard Knef - Im 80. Stockwerk The Edgar Winter Group - Rise To Fall Steve Reich - Music For 18 Musicians: Section 1 György Ligeti - Atmospherés

 Modcast #140: Roman Wafers | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 32:17

Roman Wafers' rbt69 mix of emotions has been on constant rotation at Modular HQ over the last few months. We're now stretching back in satisfaction with his cool Modcast follow up, recorded in the peak of Melbourne's heat wave. Roman Wafers produces tracks as Bell Towers and is one half of club posse Bamboo Musik who were hand picked for our Vivid lineup. You can enter Bamboo's world through the Mercat X basement this Friday 15 March - the unofficial launch party for Bell Towers' super fresh 12" which Prins Thomas has released on his Internasjonal label. Tracklist Gemini - Stand Up Julian Laxton Band - Blue Water Boney M - Silly Confusion Part 2. E-Smoove - Every Body Get Up Gallifre - Set Your Mind To It (Drums & Club) Frank Youngwerth - Whirr (Massive Jazz & Atmospheric) Terry Hunter - I Can Make You See (Terry's Vision Mix) Fly Out - Take Your Time

 Modcast #139: Ta-ku | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 27:53

Ta-Ku don't sleep! This Red Bull Music Academy alumni slaves to the beat non-stop, creating woozy instrumentals and cosmic RnB twists. Hear him work it on this short but sharp mini-mix. Ta-ku hits the road this weekend with Nina Las Vegas (details below), teasing crowds with his unreleased Flume remix and Chet Faker collabs. We've recruited his magic fingers for a top secret Club Mod project to be unveiled soon. Eyes to the skies! Tracklist Ta-ku - Bounce Again Cosmic Midnight - Dofflin (Ta-ku Remix) Destiny's Child - Bills Bills Bills (James Blake Harmonimix Remix) Marble - LL (Ta-ku Remix) Slugabed - Pressure Ta-ku - Maybe Swindle - Daredevil Slugabed - Ultra Heat Twisted Clicks & Whistles - southernslaw Ryan Hemsworth - Faith in Something Jeremih - 773 (Cashmere Cat Edit) Tour Dates Fri 8 March Can't Say, Melbourne Sat 9 March GoodGod, Sydney Sun 10 March Trinity Bar, Canberra

 Club Modcast #006: SymbolOne | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 52:38

The Croation duo behind the 6th Club Mod release, SymbolOne, double their love with this week's banger of a Modcast. More info & tracklist below. Hear the lead track 'Pink Elephant' here. Alongside the original are remixes from Riton, Ilija Rudman and Deadbots. Pre-order the vinyl here or grab it digitally from Beatport / iTunes. Tracklist Coma - Hoooooray Max Lyazgin - Listopad Hugo & The Prismatics - Fallin Aeroplane - In Her Eyes (Tiger & Woods remix) Black Van -Inside (Oliver Remix) Grizzly Bear - Gun Shy (Lindstrom Remix) Figure of 8 - Bittersweet (Figure of 8 Dub) !!! - Slyd Rory Phillips - Chamber Music + Dionigi - Love Tempo Andre VII - Discoteca Clandestina (Bufi Remix) Nile Delta - Dance To The Rhythm Boston Bun - Housecall Hannulelauri - Dysfunction Hystereo - Erotic City

 Club Modcast #005: Villa | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 29:01

The Fifth Release on Club Mod came out this week from Belgian duo Villa. The guys also threw in a 30 minute mix so why not have both? Listen to the lead single and Softwar remix here and buy the full package here. Download above, tracklist & stream below. Tracklist Tomas Barfod - Came To Party Mr. Oizo & Tahiti Boy - Ronnie Gesaffelstein - Belgium Arcade Fire - Sprawl II (Soulwax remix) Para One - When The Night Oliver - Night Is On My Mind Daniel Maloso - Shera Justice - Helix John Talabot - When The Past Was Present (Pachanga Boys Red mix) Tame Impala - Elephant Boys Noize - Ich R U Boys Noize - What You Want Cosmo Vitelli - Night Dogs feat. Nakion (Daniel Maloso remix) Spiller - Urastar Daniel Wang - Not Feeling It Kindness - Gee Up Sebastian - Water Games Chines Flash Mob - Fade 2 Black (Blende rmx) Sedat The Turkish Avenger - Sunrise

 Club Modcast #005: Villa | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 29:01

The Fifth Release on Club Mod came out this week from Belgian duo Villa. The guys also threw in a 30 minute mix so why not have both? Listen to the lead single and Softwar remix here and buy the full package here. Download above, tracklist & stream below. Tracklist Tomas Barfod - Came To Party Mr. Oizo & Tahiti Boy - Ronnie Gesaffelstein - Belgium Arcade Fire - Sprawl II (Soulwax remix) Para One - When The Night Oliver - Night Is On My Mind Daniel Maloso - Shera Justice - Helix John Talabot - When The Past Was Present (Pachanga Boys Red mix) Tame Impala - Elephant Boys Noize - Ich R U Boys Noize - What You Want Cosmo Vitelli - Night Dogs feat. Nakion (Daniel Maloso remix) Spiller - Urastar Daniel Wang - Not Feeling It Kindness - Gee Up Sebastian - Water Games Chines Flash Mob - Fade 2 Black (Blende rmx) Sedat The Turkish Avenger - Sunrise

 Modcast #138: Soul Clap | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 63:32

To round out 2012, celebrating all that is and was, Soul Clap has put together this week's Modcast. From the horse's mouth: "It's called Soul Clap Best (Mostly) Slow Jamz of 2012 and it was recorded at our long time residency in Boston at a place called The Phoenix Landing. It's a collection of some of our favorite slower, smoother and sexier jams of the year and we figured it would be a perfect way to introduce Australia to our Deep 4 Life philosophy that we're bringing down under for the first time in late January". Depending on where you are in the world, you might be able to see out the end of the year, or celebrate the new year with the fellas. More info, tour dates & tracklist below. Soul Clap Records is the new baby in the Wolf + Lamb family of labels. The imprint is a "place of art, mystery and experimentation", so definitely worth a peep. Tour Dates Fri Jan 25 - Liberty Social Club, Melbourne Sat Jan 26 - Agwa Yacht Club, Sydney Sat Jan 26 - Burdekin Hotel, Sydney Sun Jan 27 - Abercrombie Hotel, Sydney Fri Feb 01 - Sky Room, Brisbane Sun Feb 03 - Revolver, Melbourne Sat Mar 13 - Button Factory, Dublin Tracklist Wolf + Lamb vs. Night Plane - World Turning ft. Casey Gibbs Tanner Ross - No One's To Blame ft. Slow Hands, PillowTalk, Navid Izadi & Jesse Rennix Parallel Dance Ensemble - Juices Tom Rujig - White Box Savile & Olin - Horizon (Good Guy Mikesh & Filburt Sun's Down Remix) DJ Kon & The Whiskey Baron - Heaven Remix Wolf + Lamb vs. Voices Of Black - Fo Porter Can't Take No More - Peter Oakden ft Selina Campbell Architecture In Helsinki - W.O.W. (Nicolas Jaar Remix) Soul Clap - Let It Go (Miguel Campbell Club Mix) Mike Gill - Midst Of The Moment System Of Survival - Crash What Jonny Rock - Bad Edit Wu-Tang - Gravel Pit (Jascha Edit)

 Modcast #137: The Merryl Streeps | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 61:49

Its been a big week. Obama smoked Mitt Romney to guarantee the reign for another 4 years. The Melbourne Cup got the ol' Green Moon special. The 2012/13 Cricket season came out to bat. However, tipping this all off is the Club Mod Modcast; coming straight from the Merryl Streeps to settle the nerves & get those feet shuffling. The Merryl Streeps are Sidwho? & Woolfy, a couple disco fiends turned friends. Club Mod #004 is available now from iTunes, Beatport and all good record stores. Check out the lead track from the release here. Tracklist Donna Summer - Love to Love You Baby James Mason - I Want Your Love Bee Gees - Nights On Broadway Fern Kinney - I'm Ready For Your Love ( Ramsey Hercules Edit for Kirsty P ) Axel Boman - Europa Game - Do It (Out In The Sticks Edit) Storm Queen - Let's Make Mistakes (Club) Duke Dumont - The Giver Mango - Breathe Easy Michael Mayer - Voigt Kampff Test Jamie Principle - Waiting On My Angel Woolfy vs Projections - Me And You Walter Jones Feat. Aily - Hands in the Sand Prince - n/a

 Modcast #136: Ariane's Two Shoes In A Dryer | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 53:03

Ariane is the newest member of The Modular Agency and to celebrate we're toasting with a long overdue bottle of Pinot Modcast, made from the ripest of mixes. Hit play, drink it in and feel the good times. Previously known as Perfect Snatch, Ariane is a dance-floor miracle. Sharp of mind, wit and wardrobe, her style behind the decks is at once distinguishably focused and exceptionally eclectic, encompassing all spectrums of the party realm. Tracklist and good times (AKA gigs) below. Tracklist Jean-Luc Ponty - Computer Incantations for World Peace Arthur Russell - Wax The Van (Kenny's Club Version) Oliver $ - Doin' Ya Thang (Original) Cricco Castelli - Life Is Changing (Original Mix) Lauer - Trainmann (Tensnake Franceman Mix) Disclosure - Tenderly Hardrive - Deep Inside (The Dub) Aux 88 - Voice Modulation (Anthony Rother Remix) Butch - No Worries (Original Mix) Doris Sana - Pseudo Wind Genius Of Time - Houston We Have A Problem (Original Mix) Daniel Wang - Like Some Dream I Can't Stop Dreaming Moodymann - Tribute For Disco Only - Bitshit 1 and 2 Exile - Kiss You All Over (Dynamicron Edit) A.P.O. - O Superman Upcoming Dates Nov 2 - Flinders Nov 10 - Goodgod Stage at Outside In Festival, Factory Theatre Nov 10 - Goodgod Front Bar Nov 16 - Flinders Nov 17 - Positive NRG Warehouse party Nov 23 - Flinders Nov 30 - Flinders


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