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The Child Whisperer Show With Carol Tuttle

Summary: What keeps your good parenting from being GREAT parenting? Learn to become a Child Whisperer with Carol's book and weekly radio podcast. You too can have happy, successful, cooperative children. Carol invites you to call in with your questions during the live broadcast. Her expert advice and heartfelt support will help you become a conscious, intentional parent who creates a supportive experience for both children and parents. Want to ask a question before the show? Send Carol an email: Learn more about Carol at

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 How Do Disabilitites Affect a Person's Energy Type? | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:01:00

Can you determine the Energy Type of a child with a disability? Absolutely. On The Child Whisperer show today, we're talking about physical and mental disabilities—and how it affects a child's true nature. The information here and in The Child Whisperer can help you more easily parent a child who seemed challenging because of a disability.   Quote of the Day The way a child is parented has more effect on if a child's true nature is expressive in a healthy, balanced way, more than any physical condition.   Caller Questions 1. 1. Should I read The Child Whisperer or It's Just My Nature to profile my adult daughter who functions at a child's level? (Listen at 32:25) 2. Jennifer (TYPE 1 Energy): How do I help my son who just gives up when he gets frustrated? (Listen at 37:56) 3. Jenny (TYPE 4 Energy): Success story with a 7-year-old TYPE 4 son! (Listen at 46:27)   Resources mentioned during the show: The Child Whisperer Facebook page Jon Ronson's TED Talk about psychopaths Free Beauty Profiling Course:   To learn more Read The Child Whisperer Visit

 Energy Types and Astrology Signs- Are They Connected? | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:43:00

It’s a question I’ve received several times… Does my astrological sign match up with my Energy Type? The answer isn’t exactly yes or no. The answer also involves some questioning of the astrological information you’re looking at. Listen to this week’s radio show to learn the connection between your Energy Type and your astrological sign. You’ll also hear four important questions to ask yourself when researching information on astrology. To ask your own question, please call in during the next live show. or email:

 How Your Child's Clean Room May Be Messing Up Their Life. | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:59:00

Does it feel like a constant fight? Your children drag their feet on cleaning their rooms and nothing's ever tidy. It doesn't have to be a fight. In fact, you can actually create a scenario where your children want to take care of their space. All it takes is a shift in thinking. Quote of the Day You can't be inspired if you're living in fear. Caller Questions 1. Tina, Type 1: How do I help my children when they hoard items they no longer need? (Listen at 19:57) You really do want to hear the AMAZING tips for each Type that come up in this conversation. You'll never look at cleaning out old toys the same again. Thanks, Tina! 2. Jen, Type 3: How do I handle freak-outs by my TYPE 1 daughter? (Listen at 38:08) The root of your child's freak-outs may be an indicator that something's beyond them in terms of their age. Listen in to learn how you can avoid overwhelming them. 3.  Type 2 son: How do I help my child who sometimes feels overlooked by more assertive children at recess? (Listen at 43:52) After validating this child's feelings and honoring their experience, you need to ask an important question—and it's not usually the first question that comes to mind. 4. Cathy, Type 2: How do I talk to 12-year-old son about inappropriate content online? (Listen at 48:47) You can use this as a wonderful teaching opportunity. The moment you find your child has encountered inappropriate content can show you that this child has more questions. Listen in to learn how you can be there to answer them.

 3 Fun Games to Teach Your Child the Law of Attraction | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:58:00

Most of us were raised to be victims in this world. It's not that we didn't have power over our lives from the time we were young—we were just given a false script. Many of us believed that power over our lives existed outside of ourselves. But the truth is, we've always been in charge of creating our lives. And now that consciousness on the planet is shifting, it's even easier to support your children in knowing the truth and helping them play from a place of being a creator. This show will give you three practical (and fun) tips to help your children consciously practice creating their lives. Quote of the Day "If I can help parents create harmony, cooperation, and understanding in their family system, I've done more for the planet than if I had tried to bring world peace in some global way." Caller Questions 1. Becky, Type 2: I feel like I've done a lot of clearing, but my children keep bringing things up. I feel like I'm missing a piece of something I'm supposed to do—how do I find it? (Listen at 31:20) 2. LaurieKae, Type 1: Is there any danger in opening the floodgates with the Law of Attraction? How do we keep a balance (or is there a balance) between the energy we've created for ourselves and what we're trying to achieve? (Listen at 40:56) We can create so much more than just more money in our bank accounts (although that's an important thing to create). The truth is, you and I are meant to create something bigger, more important, and more global than that, just by creating harmony in our individual lives—listen in at 40:56 to hear what it is.   Tune in, call in, or contact To ask your own question, please call in during the next live show.

 Your Child May Be a Highly Evolved Master Being! | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:06:00

Your child brought new energy to help your family shift… …shift from a lower vibration to a higher level of consciousness. Your child is a gift, a messenger, and if you pay attention, that child will help you see your limiting beliefs and patterns in a way you never could otherwise. Today’s show shares how you know if your child is more highly evolved, and what that means for your family.   Caller Questions 1. Email question: How do I help my Type 2 son who gets nervous about going back to school after the weekend? (Listen at 32:00) Just as children with Type 2 energy often do, you need to ask some questions. The answers to these questions will help you understand where this child is feeling pressure and how you can make this child feel more comfortable. 2. Email question: My daughter, who used to love staying with other people, now cries every time I leave. What do I do? (Listen at 35:13) This child’s stress signals are a huge indicator that something in that environment is contrary to her nature. The way you approach the situation is all dependent on your perceptions. 3.  Amanda, Type 2: How do I exercise and get the results I want without going against my natural energy? (Listen at 40:03) This is a great question, and not just for people who express Type 2 energy. Amanda also asks an important question about when your emotional baggage stops weighing down on your life. 4. LaurieKae, Type 1: My child has natural gifts I’ve heard about but don’t understand–how do I approach that? (Listen at 49:30) Her son has some very unique gifts in things he’s able to both sense and see. This is an amazing opportunity to open the whole family up to some beautiful experiences and higher consciousness.

 12 Springtime Activities for Every Type of Child | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:59:00

Wondering what to do with the kids now that the weather's warmed up? Make some fun springtime plans with 3 perfect activities for each Type of child. (You can find all 5 activities listed at Thanks to Small Fry for sharing The Child Whisperer!) Caller questions: 1. Sarah, Type 2: I'm feeling really worn-down and depleted? What do I do? (Listen at 20:33) 2. Senoi, Type 3: How do I avoid frustration at preschool drop-off? (Listen at 30:19) 3. Megan, Type 4: What do I do when I stop feeling connected to everyone? (plus, a success story about bedtime!) (Listen at 40:01) 4. LaurieKae, Type 1: A Type 3 birthday success story. (Listen at 49:25) Resources mentioned during the show The Zen of Screen Time: How to Help Your Child Find Balance Utah Valley Wellness Center Anne Tuttle Brown's blog   Tune in, call in, or contact To ask your own question, please call in during the next live show. To share an idea for a future episode, please send an email: To find even more resources for customizing your parenting, visit

 The #1 Way You Teach Your Child to Be Poor (And How to Stop) | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:00:00

Did you hear these phrases as a child: We can’t afford it. You can’t just have everything you want. Money doesn’t grow on trees. Parents have used those and other phrases to try and explain the value of money to children. But unfortunately, they have the side-effect of shaming children’s desires and setting them up for an experience of lack. In fact, you may be teaching your child to be poor without even knowing it. Listen to this Child Whisperer Show to hear the 3 poor reactions you need to watch out for. And hear how to change the feedback that is making your child feel guilty and poor. Quote of the Day: "When we give more power to money than to our own rightful choice and our personal desire, we teach our children to be poor." Caller Questions 1. Kim, Type 1: How do I help a Type 1 who’s not sleeping well? (Listen at 24:50) 2. Lance, Type 1: Hear this 18-year-old’s story about loving his Type! (Listen at 33:00) 3. Emily, Type 2: How do a navigate medical situations (like waiting rooms and doctor’s offices) with a high-energy child? (Listen at 35:18) 4. SaraLynn: How do I recognize that I can’t afford certain things yet without using that limiting language? (Listen at 48:59) To find links to all the resources mentioned in today's show, visit the recap blog post on The Child Whisperer Blog:  

 How to Use Energy Tapping to Build Your Child's Self-Esteem | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:01:00

How's your child's self-esteem these days? If your child is struggling with feelings of inadequacy or false beliefs, you can help them shift both with energy tapping. Your child has a subtle energy system made up of energetic centers. These centers have pressure points that you can activate to help your child to release uncomfortable feelings, clear limiting beliefs, and create a secure sense of self. Listen in to walk through the tapping process with me. This week's caller questions: 1. Email: If you’ve ever struggled with the Type 1′s in your life, you’ll appreciate this story. (Listen at 24:06) 2. Sarah, Type 2: How do I help my Type 4 daughter who has a hard time when our cats get in her space?  (Listen at 28:15) 3. Yvonne, Type 1: What do I do about a child who’s started to lie? (Listen at 42:26) 4. Tina, Type 1: My Type 4 husband wants the house and yard spotless, but we have 3 kids and I’m a Type 1. What do I do?  (Listen at 52:11) Resources mentioned in this show: Energy Tapping videos: Carol Tuttle Healing Center Energy clearing sessions to clear, “I don’t like your Type.” To learn more about energy tapping or Carol Tuttle, visit Tune in, call in, or contact To ask your own question, please call in during the next live show. To share an idea for a future episode, please send an email:

 Could Your Inner Child Be Sabotaging Your Success? | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:56:00

You didn't get everything you needed as a child.   Nobody did. Certain energetic patterns or scenarios leave some of our needs unmet. Don't let that sabotage you!  The tips and visualization in today's show will support you in clearing limiting beliefs and help your inner child stop looking to your parents to give you want you need. As your adult self, you can make up the difference, with God's help. Quote of the Day: "Imagine what you want, with the emotion to match it. You're going to feed that energy into your experience and allow that to come forward and be created." Caller/Email questions: 1. Richard, Type 1/4: We talk about the power we have to shift the planet for future generations. 2. How do I help my baby sleep? I think I might be too sleep-deprived to see the way out. 3. How do I teach my children to love God when church is structured contrary to their nature? 4. We've been stuck inside for 5 days because my daughter won't wear clothes—what do I do? Resources mentioned in today's show Blog post on Finer Minds: Could Your Inner Child be Sabotaging Your Success? I Am a Creator Email Series Energy Healing CD: Clearing Your Childhood Issues Blog post: The 1/4 or 4/1 Combo Conflict To learn more, visit or

 How to Create a Better Bond with Your Blended Family | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:59:00

Yours, mine, ours: what’s the best way to make it all work? Today I’m joined by a special guest, Jeni Burgess, who has really made big strides in creating joy and peace in her blended family. I’m excited for her to share her tips with you on how to take care of yourself and how to change your mindset when your children aren’t getting along with their step-siblings. You can have a happy blended family! Quote of the day: "Any family would benefit from learning better communication skills, but especially blended families because there’s so many lines of communication—so many more people involved, typically.” Only one audience question today:   How do I help my 5-year-old Type 3 son to clean his room? (Listen at 38:40) My answer to this question probably isn’t what you might assume. I do give a very direct, clear answer that might surprise you. But as you consider the possibility that my tips might be true, you may find more harmony between you and your child about chores. Tune in, call in, or contact The first 20 minutes of every show are dedicated to a chosen topic, and then the lines open up for your questions. To ask your question, call in during the next live Child Whisperer Show. To share an idea for a future episode, please email:

 More Child Whisperer Success Stories | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:49:00

Want the success I promise The Child Whisperer brings? In this show, you'll hear success stories, along with answers to questions that may just apply to you directly: Caller Questions 1. What do I do about debilitating panic attacks? 2. How can I hope for the future in an increasingly dark world? (listen at 13:00) 3. Can I attract money to myself as a stay-at-home-mom who doesn't have a job? (listen at 19:04) 4. How do I help my Type 2 child move through the sadness of moving from our home? (listen at 25:10) 5. Jamie, Type 1: Hear why her son thought her haircut made her nicer (listen at 27:55) 6. How do I help my Type 4 daughter who is becoming emotionally co-dependent? (listen at 32:58) 7. What do I do about my 3-year-old niece who keeps bulldozing my Type 1 daughter? (listen at 43:07) Resources mentioned in this show Child Whisperer Show Archives How to Create Your Own Child Whisperer Success Story (facebook video) Free Energy Profiling Course Green Smoothie Girl How to Stay Positive in a World Full of Negatives (blog post and radio show) Co-Dependent No More: How to Stop Controlling Others and Start Caring for Yourself Learn more at and

 How to Better Balance Your Child's Screen Time | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:04:00

Do you ever feel like you're fighting overwhelming screen time in your home? Today's show gives you tips to consider in pursuit for balance—plus an explanation of every Type of child's tendencies with TV, games, and other screens. Listen in to find what works best for your unique child. Quote of the day: "If you're fearful and you create your boundaries from a fearful place, that energy will perpetuate a lot of what you don't want and your children will feel that fear and constraint. Rather than create boundaries from a place of fear, create them from a place of reason and wisdom." Caller Questions: 1. Jessica, Type 4: It seems like my Type 4 two-year-old is bullying his 10-month-old brother. How do I keep him from hurting the baby? (Listen at 23:02) 2. Janice, Type 1: How do I help the relationship between my Type 4 husband and Type 1 daughter when he keeps yelling when frustrated? (Listen at 29:47) 3. Email question: At what point do others' actions stop mirroring your beliefs and start just being their own actions? (Listen at 37:52) 4. Email question: How can I get my Type 3 child to listen to me and obey without using a scare tactic? (Listen at 40:12) 5. Email question: How do I live true to my religion AND true to my Type? (Listen at 42:17) 6. Brooke, Type 1: How do I repair my communication and relationship with my 19-year-old son who's left the house?(Listen at 44:58) 7. April, Type 4: s it normal for my 14-month-old son to claw people's faces? (Listen at 51:18) 8. Sarah, Type 2: How do I avoid becoming overwhelmed when my Type 1 child demands that we jump into all of his ideas? (Listen at 51:18) Learn more at and

 5 Sad Discipline Mistakes That Shame Your Child | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:01:00

I recognized the #1 shaming discipline approach when I saw a grown woman do it to herself. She played opposite me during a game of tennis, and every time she made a mistake, she shamed herself with a message I'm sure she heard all during childhood.   It's a shaming message that only takes one word.   I heard this message when I was growing up. You probably heard it while you were growing up, too. And it's time to stop shaming our children with it.   The #1 shaming discipline mistake applies to all Types of children.   The other 4 mistakes in today's show are customized to your child because they are Type-specific. Listen for your child in particular so you can eliminate the shaming situations your child experiences.    Caller Questions: My daughter won't snuggle, but I want to—what to do? (Listen at 32:20)   How do I keep my husband from shaming our children? (Listen at 38:49)   How do I support my Type 2 child so he doesn't need to whine?(Listen at 47:30)   How do I stop saying no so often to my Type 3 child? (Listen at 54:09)   Quote of the Day:  "Discipline in its highest form involves your child having a say in it."   Tune in, Call in, or Connect To ask your parenting question, call in to the next live Child Whisperer Show. To suggest a show topic, email: To learn more about Carol, visit or

 What Embarrasses Your Child and How to Help Them Through It | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:00:00

You might be your child's most embarrassing moment. Not because of your age or your lack of pop culture knowledge—but because you might be saying things that wound your child in front of other. Good news is, once you're aware, it's easy to stop. Learn these 3 things that inadvertently embarrass your child and help your relationships thrive. Quote of the Day: "Look into your own past. Some of the best parenting training you'll ever do is learning from your own childhood and healing your inner child." Tune in, Call in, or Connect The first 20 minutes of every show are dedicated to a chosen topic, and then the lines open up for your parenting questions. To ask your question, call in during the next live show. To ask your written question or suggest a show topic, email: Learn more about Carol at or

 Health and fitness tips for all Types of children | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:00:00

In today's show: What to eat, say, and do to help your children live healthy. You need to be aware of all three!   Forcing children to exercise or eat vegetables does nothing to promote health in the long-term if the things you say about food are not supportive. (It works the other way around, too.)   Find out how to approach food and fitness in ways that will have your children choosing to live healthy for the rest of their lives.   Quote of the Day: "I often hear from parents, "Oh, I wish I had know about this twenty years ago." And I think: Your kid's still looking for you to show up and honor them. It doesn't matter if they're 45. Parents play that role for our entire lives. And if our parents don't show up to give us the validation and the recognition that we all seek as human beings, we have to find that within ourselves."   Tune in, call in, or connect To ask Carol your question, call in during the next live Child Whisperer Show.   To ask your written question or share an idea for a future episode, please email: Learn more about Carol at and


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