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Summary: This is a bi-weekly program where I will be spotlighting different role-playing games, from the latest OGL product to classic games from 20 years ago! Each episode will spotlight one game. You can also expect interviews from up-and-coming game designers and publishers as well as answers to common problems for both GMs and players. Be sure to tune in for each episode so that you may be enlightened, entertained, and inspired. Your next campaign may be hidden right beneath your nose.

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 Episode 6: Special Edition - Adventure Creation 101 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Click to Download. Today, we're doing a special show for beginning GMs: adventure creation. Few games tell you how to write a good adventure that will draw in your players and make a story worth remembering. Well, all you need to get started now is this episode, complete with a sample adventure outline. Here are the links for today's show: The Xen Show - correction: http://www.xenshow.net Dungeons & Dragons Basic Set at RPG Now Building Stories on the Fly (Fudge Factor Magazine) Band: Toxic Virgin (Podsafe Music Network) Song: Evil Days Adventure Creation is not that difficult, as you'll see, but it's not that easy, either. But any way you slice it, it'll be fun.

 A teeny tiny turkey delay... | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

I'm not at the computer! Listen in for a special message. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! I'm thankful for you and our wonderful hobby.

 Episode V: Halloween Horror | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Welcome to the Witching Hour! Be prepared to SCREAM in delight! We're back again with the newest edition, and this time, we get scary. Yes, this is the Halloween episode and all the scariest is out to play - including us! Hide under your sheets if you must, but listen closely, for this episode reviews the new World of Darkness, and we have a special tutorial for running a good and messy horror game. Grab your dice and prepare to scream. Here are the links for today's show: Intro: The Xen Show Order of the Stick (click on Comics to see it) News: Sword's Edge Publishing City of Heroes RPG Eden Studios Announcement of Keith Parkinson's passing Keith Parkinson's website RPG Now Review: White Wolf Publishing World of Darkness Download - Free! World of Darkness Homepage Witchcraft RPG Freebie: Chill Introductory Pack (PDF File) Buy Chill 2nd Edition Enjoy yourselves, folks. This holiday is one of the fun ones. Have a good time, but be safe. Have a good scare...

 Episode IV: Dungeons & Dragons and Anime, Oh My! | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Greetings, Gamers. After too many mishaps, we finally have Episode IV: A New Hope that I'll get this show uploaded in time. Today's show details the second Dungeons & Dragons: Wrath of the Dragon God, the new anime RPG OVA: Open Versatile Anime, and a nice little tip on something to add to your campaigns. Here are the links for today's show: Politically Incorrect Games Wise Turtle Publishing Next episode will feature a tip for you players, so keep coming back. Character Example for OVA: Daniel Flores/Summer Dryad Abilities: Acrobatics +5 Beautiful +1 Charisma +1 Hobby (Dancing) +2 Hobby (Flower Arrangement) +1 Hobby (Female Impersonation) +2 Lucky +1 Martial Arts (Tai Chi) +2 Passion (Fashion) +2 Special Ability (Tree Empathy) +1 Vitality +2 Quick +1 Transformation (Summer Dryad) +3 -Power Move +3 --Leaf Sting (Extra Damage [+5], Ranged [+5], Empty Hands [-5], Endurance: 15) --Sap Entrap (Entangle [+10], Ranged [+15], Decreased Damage -3 [-15], Requirement [must be on natural ground] [-5], Endurance: 15 -Quick +2 -Armor (bark) +2 -Special Ability (Confidence, counteracts the Shy weakness) +2 -Bizarre Appearance (leaf tattoos on forehead, wrists and ankles) -1 -Soft Spot (likes the heroic form, has trouble parting with it) -2 Weaknesses: Ageism (under 18) -1 Code of Conduct -1 Compulsion (shop for women's clothes) -2 Obsession (being a woman) -3 Secret (heroic identity) -2 Secret (transgender) -3 Sensitive (gender amiguity) -1 Servitude (Fairy Queen Lurline) -2 Shy -1 Special Weakness (Effeminate) -2 Crybaby -1 Obsession (Trees) -1 Love Interest (crush) -1 Health: 40 Endurance: 60 Daniel Flores is one of four people chosen to defend the natural world. Fairy Queen Lurline chose him for his closeness to trees. He's a student at Maxfield High School, although he's not very popular due ot his effeminate nature. He's involved in the school's martial arts club, practicing the arts of Tai Chi. Daniel is very talented in many things art; however, all those arts seem more geared towards girls than boys. He's always identified with girls more than boys, and has wished from a young age that he could be a girl himself. As Summer Dryad, Daniel is a very beautiful young lady, wrapped in brown gauze and is slender and well-toned. She is everything Daniel has dreamed of being, reveling in being a hero, especially a female one. She is agile and quick and tuned in to the trees and animals around her. However, it's becoming harder to transforms back to Daniel. Someday, she may not... Music in this episode: "Lunar Clipper's Theme" by Fumitaka Anzai

 Episode III: Kevin & Kell Part 2 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Here is the character I wrote up for the Kevin & Kell RPG: Bob Sakamori Species: Fox Height: 5'8" Weight: 130 pounds Fur: Red with white stripes, black hands and feet Occupation: Entrpreneur Attributes: STR 4 REF 5 HLT 3 INT 3 WIL 4 PRE 5 Derived Attributes: DEF 15 INI 4 DAM 4 MOV 6 Traits & Defects: -Divine Relationship (Bob constantly tithes his money) -Food Chain Leveling +4 (Small Game Predator) -Global Contacts -Natural Weapons (Claws and Bite) -Wealthy Lvl 4 -Domestication -Famous, International (His books have sold everywhere) -Recurring Nightmare ("If I'm not up to my eyes in debt, I can't sleep at night" - only when his assets have been lost) -Significant Other (His wife Mika, a toy poodle and a real doll) Skills: -Business +5 -Economics +3 -Trading +3 -Professional (Entrepreneur) +3 -Hunting +2 -Throwing +2 -Area Knowledge (Hawaii) +2 -Awareness +2 (Business Opportunities +4) -Language (Native) +2 -Mace/Club +2 -Society (Corporate) +2 -Sport (Surfing) +3 -Sailing +3 -Philosophy +2 -Intuition +1 Bob Sakamori has only recently settled in Domain. Although he likes his childhood home of Hawaii, he feels a special something for Domain, and knows he can continue with his businesses here. He had too fathers, his real father, who was poor, and his rich father, who was the father of his best friend. He leanred a lot from both dads, but decided to follow the path of the rich one. He took those lessons to heart, and eventually was able to start his own businesses. Originally, he thought about starting a velcro and nylon business, but something about pay-as-you-go legal business caught his attention. It was an affiliate program, and he dove head first into it. He was a tremendous success at it, and eventually got into real estate and the stock market. Currently, he resides in Domain and writes his books, like the best-selling "Rich Father, Poor Father" and markets his best-selling game "Moneyflow." He and his wife Mika have made many friends and are loving their life together.

 Episode III: Kevin & Kell Part 1 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Greetings, all ye dice hounds. Here is the podcast for his week. We got past all the problems and conquered them. After much dice rolling, we finally whittled them down and took the last hit point off. Enjoy! Links News Politically Incorrect Games Shadowrun 4th Edition Interviews Kevin and Kell Webcomic Comstar Games The Wotch Venus Envy

 Bargain Bin Part I | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Howdy, all, Today's show has a lot of happenings. I'm amazed I was able to put so much into one half hour. Dueto current events, the news dominates a lot of the podcast, but make no mistake, we have your RPG content. In fact, we have not one but two games up for review. This episode features: State of the gaming industry, featuring commentary by Dave Arneson News on charity works by many game companies - Hurricane Katrina has brought out the best in our publishers Two games from the past - one fantasy and one superhero - that still have the magic to enhance your gaming sessions Tips on utilizing these games at your gaming table Mike get opinionated Fire up your MP3 players and feed catchers. Remember, I welcome questions, comments and suggestions, left either here or at Mike@RPGShowcase.com. Also, if you want to be notified on when this page updated, just fill out the subscription box on the right. -=================================================- NEWS -=================================================- Here are the links from this episodes news segment: The Dragon Compendium vol 1: Paizo Publishing Dave Arneson State of the Industry: Mythic Entertainment Other notable mention: Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki: Rich Dad Technologies How to Save the Comics Industry: Fanzing Charity: Dustin Clingman: dustin@zeitgeistgames.com e-Sprawl Networks/Black Powder Games Seraphim Guard LLC Adamant Entertainment Sword's Edge Publishing Inner Circle Games Hasbro Privateer Press Jeff Grubb That's it for episode two. Join us in two weeks for Kevin and Kell, and more from the inside of the games industry. Remember to give generously to help the victims of Hurricane Katrina. Your gift will reward you in more ways than you know. Take care.

 Episode I: Fudge et al | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Hello to all my readers, listeners and gamers! Do I have a fully-packed podcast for you! In fact, there was so much information that it took me until now to be able to release this podcast for your enjoyment! Please feel free to comment on what you hear, check out the great links provided, and I hope you'll leave a comment! Also, feel free to send me feedback at RPGShowcase@gmail.com. -=================================================- First off, Jude Thaddaeus of Crochet For Men's podcast did all my intros for me. Please check out his podcast as well at http://crochetformen.blogspot.com -=================================================- In this, my first official podcast, you will hear: News stories pertinent to all my listeners Quite a lot of informtion on Fudge (and some games that use the system) An interview with Tim Huntley, owner of Domibia Games A bi-weekly feature: Game Tip of the Episode A FREE item for you all to enjoy -=================================================- NEWS -=================================================- Here are the promised links from my podcast during the news section: Dungeons & Dragons II: Wrath of the Dragon God as covered by: Wizard Magazine SciFi Pictures Gamers II: Dorkness Rising Goodman Games (email: goodmangames@mindspring.com) Dead Gentlemen Productions (email: Paige.Barnett@deadgentlemen.com) Domibia Games & Seraphim Guard merger Homepage China's new law reguarding online roleplaying time limits -=================================================- FUDGE -=================================================- Links for the information I provided on the Fudge RPG system: Fudge homepage Baby's First Fudge Dice Steve Jackson Game's 'TOON' RPG Fudge Factor Magazine Gatecrasher! Heartquest: Romatic Roleplaying in the worlds of shoujo manga Now Playing from Carnivore Games Hack-N-Slash, from Digital Alchemy -=================================================- Interview with Tim Huntley -=================================================- Hello Tim! Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions. My pleasure, Mike. I am honored to be here. And we're happy you are here, too. Let's get started. Can you please tell us more about the Domibia and Seraphim Guard merger? It actually started a lot longer ago than the press release indicates. After Seraphim Guard, Inc. effectively disbanded leaving Michael (Hopcroft) with the business and a few products, my wheels started turning. I'd always wanted something better for Domibia Games, and I thought it such a crime that Seraphim Guard -- one of the first commercial Fudge publishers -- was on the verge of oblivion, with it's key product -- HeartQuest -- in someone else's hands So I purchased all of Michael's interest in Seraphim Guard, thinking that as majority shareholder I'd quickly get voted in as President, and I could start putting the pieces back together again. Sadly, I could not have been more mistaken. It was an uphill battle, and without the assistance of William Andersen, of Comstar Games I would have long ago backed out of the deal. With William's help, I was able to consolidate the assets of Seraphim Guard, Inc. with Domibia Games, and transfer them all into Seraphim Guard, LLC, a new company formed specifically to house the merger. Why did the merger happen? Honestly? I didn't want to see Seraphim Guard and HeartQuest disappear. I felt that Seraphim Guard needed strong management and that HeartQuest should be a Seraphim Guard product. I made it my mission to see that happen. Why did you want to merge with Seraphim Guard? There's actually a little method to my madness here. First off, the obvious reasons -- Seraphim Guard was in dire straits, and I knew I could get it back on track. Beyond that, Domibia Games had Gatecrasher -- the first complete, commercial RPG based on the Fudge System. Seraphim Guard was one of the first commercial Fudge publishers, with another of the first complete, commercial RPGs based on the Fudge System --

 New Home - Teaser | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Greetings, Gamers! I've decided on a new format and a new place to host the podcast. Here again is my teaser. NOTE: This podcast was earlier heard with the tag at the end "Rizzn Dot Net." Please understand that I did not know that this was going to be added to my podcast, and I have now moved my podcast to a much better host! Please feel free to listen once again! ~Mike~

 Man Behind the GM Screen - Introduction | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Hello and welcome back to all of my listeners, and to all of my new ones as well. Here is the podcast I promised earlier. The next podcast will be published 8/30/05.


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