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Radio Free Cybertron - All of our Transformers podcasts!

Summary: The Original Transformers Internet Radio Show and one of the world's first (if not THE first) podcasts. We've been online since 1999. We discuss topics from around the Transformers world, bring you the news worth talking about, provide insight and commentary. We are the official podcast of

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 Radio Free Cybertron 777 – Jackpot | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 48:04

This week: Red Cog, Ultimate Transformers, and a sort of NOT Robosen Optimus Prime! News Transformers Tuesday Reveals: Red Cog And More Target Exclusives First Looks At Studio Series Thundercracker And Age of Extinction Galvatron In package samples of Super 7 Transformers Wave 1 (Autobase Aichi) * If Robosen Optimus Prime is a little bit too much toy for you… (Entertainment Earth)

 Radio Free Cybertron 776 – 2007 AF | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 45:56

This week: Selects Cyclonus, a "YO JOE" that will echo throughout the ages, and way more.   News Transformers Tuesday – Selects Legacy Targetmaster Toy-BasedCyclonus And/Or His Armada Off-Topic Awesomeness: Hasbro Pulse and Twitter RedMagic x Transformers Co-branded 7/7Pro and 8 Accessories Launched Pretty sure this is China-only, but it’s interesting. Leaked: Studio Series ROTF Sideways (said to be mistransformed …but also doesn’t look that much better when transformed correctly according to Jtprime) (mirrored at Autobase Aichi) Leaked: Plucked Chicken Dinobot, AKA toy-colors Dinobot (mirrored at Autobase Aichi) Leaked: Images of Diaclone Twin Twist from Wreckers subline taken from a Youtube video featuring an allegedly stolen copy. (screenshots by Autobase Aichi) Leaked: Images of toy-deco Scorponok and “Skywasp” from upcoming Target 4 pack, also from a youtube video featuring stolen toys (screenshots by Autobase Aichi) Scorponok seems to come with the show-based head as well as the toy-accurate one, as both heads are seen with unique paint apps, where the show head would be unpainted if it was a “leftover”.

 Radio Free Cybertron 775 – Sloppy Don | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:16:25

This week: Opinions are mixed on Titan Class Cybertron Metroplex, but there is no shortage of conversation. Also, Brian shares information from this week's Hasbro Q&A.   News Transformers fan media Q&A roundtable Titan Class Cybertron Metroplex (mirrored images on Autobase Aichi) Titan Class now $199.99(!!) Movie Masterpiece Blackout (mirrored images on Autobase Aichi) US release info not available yet. Equivalent price in Yuan is about $250 though. According Voltrace on TFW the US price at Target is $157.99 Supposed to be 11 and a half inches tall, 50 points of articulation, and hundreds of paint apps.       Evan Design Images on Instagram                                                                                       

 Transform Squadron 31 – Cantaloupe and Robots | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 57:00

This month Rob talks about cutting a cantaloupe before going into various SpinMaster toys he's currently enjoying. Then it's time to talk about smaller inexpensive Transformers for a long time. Rob's site is named after a Micromaster playset after all. Now available on Atari ST!

 Radio Free Cybertron 774 – To be fair, Don, they removed the battle damage | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:40:45

This week: TONS of news and geeky toy talk. It's almost like a mini-Toy Fair! News Transformers Fan First Tuesday RFC News Desk 160 Robosen’s reveal was a trailer and Roller for Optimus Prime. $749 Legacy Wave 2 revealed (mostly) Wild Rider Tarantulas Knock Out Elita 1 Jhiaxus Blitzwing Motormaster and a rerelease of Siege Soundwave??! Shattered Glass Ultra Magnus, convertible to Delta Magnus Shattered Glass Blaster package stock photos accidentally revealed early Concept art and prototype model for Legacy Motormaster and Menasor from Mark Maher’s instagram Leaked Diaclone deco Wrecker Twin Twist, Halloween Horrorcon Kingdom Waspinator redecos Action Toys UltimetalS Rodimus Prime and Galvatron Reissue Cybershark has started to hit Walmarts

 RFC News Desk 160 – Transformers Fan First Tuesday Featuring Robosen And Legacy Wave 2 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 13:01

Remarkably we got a ton of legitimate first looks at upcoming toys before the leakers could get to them! First, the teased Robosen reveal was not a Bumblebee - I guess that was a bit of an April Fools - but instead a trailer and Roller is being released for Robosen's Optimus Prime. And it costs just as much as Optimus Prime did, while seemingly doing notably less. Legacy's reveals included Deluxes Elita 1, Tarantulas, Knock Out, and Wild Rider. Elita 1 is known to be a "pretool" for Minerva, who is due to be a Walgreens exclusive late this year. Knock Out is a retool or "partial" of Studio Series Jazz with many new parts, and Tarantulas replicates Blackarachnia's engineering, but with entirely new parts.

 History on the Fives – 002 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 28:05

This is the second episode of History on the Fives, now available on the public Radio Free Cybertron feed! This episode covers the third week of March for years ending in 2 and 6.

 Radio Free Cybertron 773 – Is Arcee without a backpack even an Arcee? | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:09:59

This week: More from Robosen, but how much will it cost? Also, Don's disappointment, Cheetor Concept, and Fan First Tuesday.   News Robosen posts teaser video for second Transformers collaboration Teaser features Bumblebee dialogue by Dan Gilvezan Vague silhouette didn’t immediately appear Volkswagen however Full reveal Tuesday April 12th, speaking of which… Transformers Fan First Tuesday was announced for April 12th. I wonder what they’ll be revealing…? HEY DON: Furai Model Arcee prototype shown at Wondercon  Legacy Blaster alternate head? Is this Twincast? Mark Maher shares first concept model(s) for Kingdom Cheetor     

 Radio Free Cybertron 772 – Schrödinger’s Money | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 59:32

This week: More thoughts on Legacy Wave 1, Botbots Season 1, Walmart Collector's Con, and much more! News Legacy Deluxe Crankcase listing published early More Icon Heroes merchandise: Statue, Bookends, mouse pad, pins

 RFC News Desk 159 – Botbots Animated Series Review | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 4:29

Brian shares some non-spoiler thoughts in his quick review of the Botbots Animated Series on Netflix! (Spoilers: He really liked it.)

 Radio Free Cybertron 771 – You’ve probably missed Walmart collector’s con by this point | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 39:10

This week: BOTBOTS, Blitzwing, and, uh, Walmart Collector's Con. News RFC News Desk 158 – BOTBOTS RETURNS …And So Does Walmart Collector Con Again * Legacy Blitzwing     

 RFC News Desk 158 – BOTBOTS RETURNS …And So Does Walmart Collector Con Again | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 10:48

Walmart Collector Con is coming once again, bringing us reissue Beast Wars reissue Cybershark and Wolfang, Legacy Beast Collection Sandstorm (based on an old Botcon toy!), Nightprowler (based on an obscure cancelled Walmart exclusive!) and Buzzsaw (based on an old ordinary recolor), and two new RED Collection figures: Shockwave which looks surprisingly nice, and Galvatron, which from what we can see looks a lot like a RED figure. Walmart will be putting up preorders (for whatever they're worth) Thursday the 24th at 1pm Eastern time. Good luck if you decide to try, but you'll probably be able to just go grab these from your local store just as easily anyway. More importantly... Today we got our first look at BotBots series 6, being debuted to coincide and tie in with Netflix's BotBots cartoon which will premiere on Friday, the 25th! Unfortunately, series 6 will not be available until literally this time next year, and is, according to Screenrant, exclusive to Amazon. Fortunately, Amazon seems to be selling the series as full sets of the different ordinary price points, with a set of 20 (4x 5 packs), set of 32 (4x 8 packs) and set of 24 mystery figures (the display carton of singles). For online purchasing, this is probably the best we're gonna have it for avoiding duplicate packs, though if these are just regular retail packages being bundled together, it could still end up accidentally happening... And along with them, the long-awaited BotBots vehicles are also finally coming out with series 6, after having been inadvertently revealed what seems like a really long time ago in some art assets. In all, there are said to be 70-something total characters in the series, and surprisingly few duplicates among the sets. There is a lot of reuse of older molds though, but with a healthy portion of all-new things in the mix. But even so, being sold in this format, if you want every unique, or even just every new mold BotBot, you'll have to buy every single set, at a cost of $220 before tax. If you're interested in preordering these, you can find them via our affiliated links below.

 Radio Free Cybertron 770 – A Wealth of Galvatrons | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:10:44

This week: Minimates, Legacy at retail, a Galvatron statue, and more! News Wheeljack64 finds Legacy    * TFTM Minimates and a Galvatron statue, as seen on everybody’s favorite Transformers website, IGN Dot Com   

 HOT5 – 001: The Reboot | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:03:21

This is the first episode of the newly rebooted History on the Fives, now open to the public Radio Free Cybertron feed! This episode covers the first two weeks of March for years ending in 2 and 6.  

 Radio Free Cybertron 769 – NFTs, Again | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

This week: New pics of Spike Witwicky, and NFTs. News RFC News Desk 157 – NFTs Hit Transformers Spike Witwicky


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