The Deb Colitti Show show

The Deb Colitti Show

Summary: Deb takes an entertaining and provocative look at topical social and lifestyle issues with a wide range of guests. Some notable some not, both locals and luminaries weigh in. As an entrepreneur for over 25 years, Deb developed businesses and expertise in health, fitness, matchmaking, property design and lifestyle management and life coaching helping clients get their ultimate dream home or new lease on life. Listeners: Women 25-64; Men 40-64 Currently airing on WOR710 NewsTalk Radio and Here Women Talk Radio Networks


 Special Holiday Show | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

This week we've gathered some good ole fashioned holiday stories from a great group of guests, old friends and new. Happy, poignant, funny and even snarky memories of the holidays. And, some tips for how to get through what can be a family overload season from Huffington Post contributor, Ben Michaelis, PhD. Stories from Ollie Childs, our British Dickens; Beverley Golden, Canada's cranberry seeker; Kate Taylor sings with her brothers on The Today Show; Jason Wahler on a true Southern California Christmas; Bruce Showalter's Christmas proposal; Gwenn Snider shares Hanukkah Humbug; and Jamie Kent on 'special' brownies with grandma! The DEB COLITTI Show - Christmas Special 12-25-11 by debcolitti

 Feminist Porn & Marriage Reboot | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

When it comes to modern relationships, it time to ditch antiquated roles, ideas and expectations that limit, rather than liberate. Cut to...     Tristan Taormino of Smart Ass Productions is an author, activist, and feminist pornographer on a mission to educate people and demystify porn makes films that are pleasure positive, consensual, ethical (and super hot!) to empower and transform relationships, for both women, and for men.                                                       Nicole Rodgers of Role Reboot looks at the changing roles in relationships and outdated assumptions in her article, Marriage Reboot. People are looking for different qualities in a partner and with an increasing number of breadwinner wives, we are seeing a paradigm shift …and one for the better. The DEB COLITTI Show - Feminist Porn & Marriage Reboot 8-27-11 by debcolitti 

 Feast And Famine | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Dr. David Katz, Director of Yale University's Prevention Research Center, internationally renowned authority on nutrition, weight management, and author of countless studies and books. As a prominent voice in medical media publications including Health, Prevention, and Oprah Magazine, Dr. Katz talks frankly about the current obesity epidemic and different programs he has developed to help young children and adults eat well and stay active.  Ellen Ratner, FOX News chief political correspondent, and news analyst for "Talk America" where she analyzes events, reports breaking news, and provides lively interviews with newsmakers in government and entertainment. Also the Washington bureau chief and political editor for Talkers Magazine and an author, Ellen shares her experience working as a rare liberal leaning reporter at FOX.  But more important, is her passion for ending hunger in the Southern Sudan through an organization she founded, 'Goats for an old goat'. The DEB COLITTI Show - Feast or Famine 11-27-11 by debcolitti


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