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Skeletor's Mouthpiece

Summary: An attempt at a comedy podcast by 2 guys who think that their conversations are quite funny, and apparently deem them worthy of other ears. Knowing nothing about podcasting, other than what they like to listen to, Scratcher & Roberts will learn as they go and hopefully light the way for others. Often juvenile, irreverent and always irrelevant the podcast is also filled with jingles and skits created off the back of the conversations.

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  • Artist: Dan Scratcher & Adam Roberts
  • Copyright: Copyright is held by a tramp what lives beneath a bridge.


 Episode 10 - The Gay and The Girl (Part II) | File Type: application/x-shockwave-flash | Duration: Unknown

Episode 10 is available to download/stream via Podomatic. The conclusion of our time spent with Susan and Elliot Skeletor's Mouthpiece Episode 10 - The Gay and The Girl (Part II)  You can also subscribe to the Mouthpiece on Itunes Itunes: Skeletor's Mouthpiece Roberts' attempts to stay quiet fail and Scratcher runs out of energy as the foursome discuss: Roberts' Pronunciation Name Confusion & Nicknames Things To Do When Rich Meeting People Just Like You Voices & Mannerisms Thailand Thai Bride Taxi Man Balcony Jerking Professional Masturbation Advice Outdoor Wanks The Slippery Porn Slope Thai Red Bull The Night of Misadventures More Grindr Action The Unified Rape Theory And everything in-between....... Thanks for sticking with us,or if you're new, welcome to Castle Podskull. Enjoy To level the Karmic balance of the world, here's a little video of the protagonist from Susan's Grindr story: Sweet moves man, sweet moves. Make sure you take a gander at Susan and Elliot's respective blogs: And... You can follow them both on Twitter: @speedqueenie and @elliot_jr Follow us on Twitter: @skeletorspiece Email us on:

 Episode 12 - Headlines: Part 2 ~Erection Productivity | File Type: application/x-shockwave-flash | Duration: Unknown

Episode 12 is now available to stream/download via Podomatic. It's the final instalment of 'Headlines!' the game in which our guest, Luke Mcfiddles, is forced to decide which piece of Roberts or Scratchers top notch, Pulitzer prize winning journalism will make it into his newspaper. Don't worry, it's all imaginary. We're not allowed near real newspapers. Skeletor's Mouthpiece Episode 12 - Headlines: Part 2 ~ Erection Productivity Be all up to date and subscribe using Itunes, yeah. Itunes: Skeletor's Mouthpiece As the competition heats up Scratcher and Roberts Pitch: Speedcunts Tramp Toucher Arachnophilia Jizz Test Luke then makes the toughest decision of his life, who will make the front page and who will be sleeping underneath it? After the dust has settled and the rightful winner has emerged victorious the trio go on to discuss: The Worlds Longest Sentence Vocal Euthanasia Rumfest Ron Jeremy New School Porn 'Stars' Gauging Porn Intelligence Roberts' Reputation Peeping Tom Giraffe Molestation Techniques Naked Ice Skating And plenty more besides............... Thanks for spending your time listening to our rambling toss, keep coming back. Here's a picture of Ron Jeremy & his rum, sadly without a knob shaped bottle: Yep, that guys gets paid to do sex. Here's a still from the T.V advert: Ok, maybe not. As promised, here's the video of Roberts' adventures with the 'wibbly hand man': LLLLLLLLLLLLIKE A GLOVE!!!!!! You can check out the brazillian Wandering Spider article here: And here's the reason why we don't recommend Giraffe bothering: You can follow Luke on Twitter: @L_Mcfayden Follow us on Twitter: @SkeletorsPiece Email us on: Thanks Again. This will be our last podcast for a short time, while we build a new 'studio' as we have had to move on from Adams bedroom at Ma's. It will be missed. On the plus side the new one wont be held together with quite so much jizz.............maybe. We'll be back, stronger than ever, very soon...and with sweet new intro music. Keep sending us those emails, we're going to need them!

 Episode 8 - Gynoid: Nazi Sex Dolls (Operation Shitty Tramp Pockets) | File Type: application/x-shockwave-flash | Duration: Unknown

Episode 8 is now available to download or stream via Podomatic. An almost special guest episode featuring Dan's (for the first time ever) very quiet better half - Skeletor's Mouthpiece: Episode 8 - Gynoid: Nazi Sex Dolls It's also available on Itunes Itunes: Skeletor's Mouthpiece This weeks rambles cover: Vlad the Impailer Nazi Sex Enginutiy Operation "Shitty Tramp Pockets" Old School Contraception Sperm Donation Film/T.V Lies The Holy Grail Other Sexy Relics Syphillis at War Syphilitic Benefits Other Podomatic Podcasts Ewok Sex Toys More Facebook Bitterness And other such oral detritus......... Thanks for listening and supporting two fools. Sadly I couldn't find any pictures of the Gynoid, but I think this illustrates the point nicely: Also, while I was searching "Nazi Sex Doll" on Google and waiting for the government to kick down my front door, I came across this tome of  amazingness:   You can buy this from Amazon HERE....Enjoy! You can read the Gynoid article for yourself here: TIME Newsfeed And once again our good old reliable listener, Ross, came up with the goods and has sent us this video from Episode 10, Season 2 of Deadliest Warrior in which they demonstrate Mr. The Impaler's preferred impaling technique. My favourite part is the bit where the Sun Tzu enthusiast surmises that impaling is the work of "an emotional man". Follow us on Twitter ~ @skeletorspiece Email us on ~

 Episode 3 - Juan Baptista Dos Santos | File Type: application/x-shockwave-flash | Duration: Unknown

Episode 3 is now available to stream/download via Podomatic. Skeletor's Mouthpiece - Episode 3: Juan Baptista Dos Santos Or you can subscribe through I-Tunes - I-Tunes: Skeletor's Mouthpiece Topics covered this week include: Feet Of Clay Lady Gaga Scratcher's Lovely Voice More Foreskin Wayne Rooney Hair Transplants Film Pitch Surgery Moles Tracing Ballbag Job Seekers Allowance And finally, the star of the show..... Juan Baptista Dos Santos Also, here is the video evidence of Roberts' Rainbow based plaguerism: Thank you. And a special thanks to Juan Baptista Dos Santos, just for being you. Follow us on Twitter ~ @SkeletorsPiece Email us on ~

 Episode 1 - Bum Breathing (Pilot) | File Type: Unknown | Duration: Unknown

For a hobby, this sure has proved to be rather stressful. After a day crawling about the Internet for a hosting solution we finally stumbled across PodOMatic which is by a long way the best option for us. Not only is it free to use but it was very simple for a couple of Internet mongs like us. Having never even subscribed to an RSS, let alone set one up, I am hoping this post alerts our subscribers (which we have 3 of) to new content. Failing that - you can listen online or download for free using the little download button down the bottom HERE - Skeletor's Mouthpiece - Episode 1: Bum Breathing (Pilot) Or you can subscribe through I-Tunes: I-Tunes: Skeletor's Mouthpiece Topics covered this week include: Podcasting Recommended listening Bum breathing Popeye's sex life Carrier pigeons Dual genital problems Hope you enjoy it. Tell your friends if you do. And if you don't, tell your enemies. Thank you. Follow us on Twitter ~ @SkeletorsPiece Email us on ~


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