Wood Sugars Variety Show - Inside the Barrel show

Wood Sugars Variety Show - Inside the Barrel

Summary: Inside the Barrel is a variety show audio podcast hosted and written by Wood Sugars (Eliaz Rodriguez, Donny Rodriguez, and Jeff Phillips) along side the series producer Jeremiah Watkins of Prank-Machine.com. In each episode of Season 2 a comedic guest joins us for an interview and appears on our sketches. It’s like an audio version of a Conan O’Brien talk show mixed with SNL of the 90s. We also feature bands, filmmakers and local businesses in each episode. It’s the most over-produced podcast in the world!

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 S2E8: Ever, Rasa and Lola Balatro | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:51:07

For once in an episode women laugh with us!! …People often ask; are women funny? Can they do comedy? Do you they laugh at men, because their gender is incapable of producing humor? Or, are [men] just that pathetic? Well, it turns out, Chicago is a great place to be a funny female; as proof, we have two of the cities funniest female talents: Ever Mainard, as heard here on ITB, seen on Dates With Ever, and found co-hosting The Shit Show with (our special guest): Rasa Gierstikas a fellow comedian and storyteller. Both! Our long awaited guests! On the melodious side of the podcast we finally get a musical act that gets to the core of life's subtleties, that core is of course hardcore rock n' roll. The group is, Lola Balatro, a trio of intricate design, unabashed in their lust for life. Jeremiah gets more than just a smart phone; he gets an underwriter who cares about doing what is right! Unfortunate for him... As in every episode, things get sketchy! This is why you tune in, Right? Well, if you're looking to set the mood, the Internet radio giant, "DirtyDora Radio" has all the right moves! On a serious note, schools across America are making cuts, you might wonder which of your teachers will get the axe, and which will keep their jobs. It won't be the one in the sketch, "Teacher Tif". Have you ever wondered how in the hell some IDIOTS become successful? We have the answer in, "This Day In History…in Hell". In the latest episode of "Wood Sugars' Serial Saga: That's Our Pavel (Episode 4)", Jasiu finds out how tough the handyman job is with no one to give him a hand [job]. Moving on, Rockin' Randy swings on over to enlighten us with historical nonfiction! Special Thanks: Jamie Campbell, Rasa Gierstikas, Natalie Marsh, Elliot Eggler, Sara Gaines, Kyle Therriault, Theresa Ong, Brennan Madden, and of course Ever Mainard. "The One On One" by Elliot Eggler © 2011 E. Eggler

 S2E7: CinemaJaw and Dastardly | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:41:26

Things get a little dirty on this episode, and—Nein! Things get VERY dirty! Sooo dirty that we've got the podcast duo, Matt K. and Ry the Movie Guy, from CinemaJaw.com to try and keep things clean, and we learn that, the decay of strip mall America has resulted in vacant movie rental stores leaving the general populous with no shelves to browse. CinemaJaw emerges as your guide to good movies and movies so bad they're hilariously good. But, instead, we discuss; what makes a dirty movie, Dirty Movies, and select scenes from Natalie Portman's varied resume. AND! Just when you think the show is getting clean a song by the band Dastardly arrives to serenade with lust, sending dirty thoughts to your loins. NOTE: Jeremiah almost didn't get to the studio on time! Is he incompetent or is Jeremiah's underwriter be to blame? Listen to the episode and find out! Big news on the CWS television network! The fall lineup has been announced and they have two reeeeally great shows we can't wait to tell you about! Comedy takes a turn for the worse and you'll never think about the number Four the same way ever again, in the sketch "Number 4". The climax of our polluted theme comes with artistic commentary on the usage of self-deprecating humor, in the sketch, "Shortcomings". Then, the CinemaJaw guys review the movie Deep Chroat, but fall short of giving any encouraging advice. Let me reel you back… Heart. Heart is what you're looking for in this episode and you will find it on the latest episode of "Jess Chess, the Edgy Christian Comic (Episode 4: Jess Chess Walks)". Finally, the tale is told, and by the end of this episode, listener and podcaster are friends once more... Until next time of course. ;-) 8=====0 Special Thanks: Sara Gaines, Gabe and Ricardo Ponce. Music: "Seaside" Into the Howling Dark by Cave Bear © 2010 DB/CB (featured in Jess Chess, the Edgy Christian Comic, Episode 4: Jess Chess Walks)

 S2E6: Ted Tremper and White Mystery | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:66:00

Our guest this episode is winner of best "Original Series" at the 2010 Vimeo Festival, Ted Tremper; Improviser/Filmmaker who uses the art of Improv to create the dramatic series Break-ups. Throughout the episode, you, the listener, will be hearing red from the band White Mystery, an electrified power-duo that goes BANG! STOMP! and PARTY! The tracks you hear on this episode were recorded live by us at Beauty Bar (Chicago). So, you, know... They're exclusive and stuff. Jeremiah's underwriter focuses on a certain kind of woman, with a certain kind of baggage in the commercial for Kibbles and Piss. Rockin' Randy drops-in and pulls from his shallow well of knowledge. The rules of the road are well known for commuters who use automotive transportation, but do these rules apply for those on Bikes? The mind(s) at Wood Sugars answers this question, in the sketch, Bikers and Cars written by Mr. Jeff Phillips of Maine. And, things turn for our hero in Wood Sugars Serial Saga: Pavel (Episode 3), a must listen for anyone who has friends. Episode 6 Special Thanks: Ben Johnson, Ever Mainard, Elliot Eggler, and you.

 WSFilm Special: Post Privilege | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:59:32

This is a special episode of our variety show podcast dedicated to Wood Sugars' brand new short film, Post Privilege. Please watch the short film on vimeo.com/WoodSugars or YouTube.com/WoodSugars before you listen to the episode. We feature an interview with Alex Gianopoulos of Ultimatum Pictures and Indie Movie Cast. Please watch and rate Alex's film Hibiscus at http://www.filmchallenge.org/2010-Finalists/2010-finalist-hibiscus.html In this episode we also listen to calls from stars of the film Tim Heurlin, Ever Mainard and Tim Racine. And last we listen to Post "Perv" lege, the unofficial PORNO version of our film.

 S2E5: John LaFlamboy and Mars Dynamo | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:84:36

In this epic episode: The mind behind Zombie Army Productions and the film The Mole Man of Belmont Avenue; John LaFlamboy, tells us about the blood, sweat, and…brains, it takes to make a movie and orchestrate his own house of horrors, Statesville Haunted Prison. The party goes pro when, music producer/performer Mars Dynamo, shares song and story to reveal an artistic blossom and sultry approach to good times and electronic music. In the comedic sketch, "Hard Case" private dick, Lucky Day, learns that some investigations are better left private. From NPR's reject pile, some boring shit called "This Mediocre Life". "Status Update" explores how social networking has turned Birthday greetings into a way of finding out who your real friends are. The mood gets serious, when Neil and Tim return (hey, now, keep it in your pants) to discuss their latest charitable endorsement. Sorry, Jeremiah, no 'under-waiter', or whatever the hell it is that pays your salary. Dramedy takes the reigns as the plot thickens in the Wood Sugars Serial Saga: Jess Chess, the Edgy Christian Comic (Episode 3: Hold the Applause) If you haven’t already, listen to this episode twice. You'll be learned.. or is it, learn'ted?

 S2E4: Ken Barnard and Sexfist | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:75:05

Sexfist, the bluegrass band, starts off our show! That’s right, they’re a Bluegrass band, and they got more gravel in their guts then any long hauler! Not only do these guys give us a great interview, they performed a few songs for us that you can only find right here in Episode 4! Performer-a-comedy, Ken Barnard proves to be a standout for Chicago stand up. We explore his comedic style in an interview that rolls out like a Stanislavski character study. Speaking of sex, the sketch "Walk of Dames" is all about raising awareness. Also in this episode, Pavel plays cupid in, Wood Sugars Serial Saga: Pavel (Episode 2: The Pierogies Predicament). On a related note, our Correspondent Search finds advice on love with "Lovin' Questions", with Matt Lovin. Jeremiah’s Underwriter: Hipster Haircuts for Kids (HHC4K). And! A sketch from our friends, comedy group Teenager of the Year.

 S2E3: Neil Arsenty, Tim Heurlin and Lying Delilah | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:78:42

Tim Heurlin and Neil Arsenty, actors in the comedy group Cell Camp and the movie Master of Inventions, chat it up with us about the strategy of being actors in the Chicago community. Then, the duo joins in the long awaited return of a segment we like to call STATUS UPDATE. Our ears perk up as [featured band] Lying Delilah whispers sweet nothings to us in a straightforward interview that we misinterpret as having "something else"… Delilah, I'm single… Be the first to hear the trailer for "Laws and Averages" on the CWS (Channel Wood Sugars)! The dramedy, "Renters Remorse", is a sketch that highlights the moral bounds of friendship. Then, the comedy continues, with Wood Sugars Serial Saga: Jess Chess, the Edgy Christian Comic (Episode 2: Crucify me once, shame on you…) Delilah, it's not about WANT, it's about NEED… Call me. Links: The Stakeout on YouTube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gh9UJM0PCdg Neil's final Impress These Apes performance http://vimeo.com/13690391 http://www.LyingDelilah.com, http://www.CellCampComedy.com, http://www.MasterofInventions.com

 S2E2: Teenager of the Year and Matt Crews | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:78:36

In this episode! Our friends Joe Avella and Tim Racine of Teenager of the Year grace us with their presence and change their lives forever. Singer/Songwriter, Matt Crews thickens our britches with his verse and melodious guitar playing. Then, we pull back the curtain and salute a real business: Waxman Candles 3044 N. Lincoln Ave. Chicago, IL. 60657. www.waxmancandles.com The tickles and giggles continue with the sketch Clairvoyant Waitress, Jeremiah’s Underwriter: Midnight Designated Flyer, Wood Sugars Serial Saga: Pavel (Episode 1: Roof-Roofski), and remember, BOYS WILL BE BOYS! Special thanks to Adria "Tori" Neapolitan.

 S2E1: J. McCarthy and The Dust Bunnies | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:63:36

Welcome to Season 2 of ITB. We hope you enjoy the new format! Co-Founder of Wood Sugars Jon McCarthy came in from L.A. and stopped by to do an interview with us. And the band The Dust Bunnies is once again our featured band (originally featured in S1E7). They start the show off with a song, we interview them later in the episode, and then they play another tune at the end show. Also included is the sketch OK Commuter, Jeremiah's underwriter: Whites Only Laundromat, Season 2 Correspondent Search: Rockin' Randy!, Experimental Projects...: Hersey Park, and the Wood Sugars Serial Saga: Jess Chess, the Edgy Christian Comic (Episode 1: The Garden of Nanners).

 S1E10 The Grand Finale: Underproduced to Overproduced | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:65:19

Listen to every episode of Season 1 before you listen to this to fully understand what is going on. Podcast history was made in the last 20 minutes. Special Episode 10 thanks to Ever Mainard, David King, John McCarthy and you the listener. Hope you enjoy.

 S1E9: Think Tank and Baby Braden | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:44:29

This episode of ITB is fully endorsed by Think Tank, a boutique healing clinic that uses the latest in sensory-deprivation technology. Throughout the show, we interview Think Tank owner; Cynthia Mason, about all the wonderful things that her company has to offer. Proving to be an alluring female figure, we find ourselves in a hard-boiled tug of war for a nice piece of mind, that only Think Tank can provide. And, finally, the long awaited interview of Baby Braden(From Episode 3 - Status Update), by Eliaz. Special thanks to Ever Mainard, Dave Burke, PQ, David King, and Baby Braden.

 S1E8: Duplex to Musicians | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:41:31

The song "I Don't Wanna Know" by Josh and the Empty Pockets kicks off our first show recorded at Duplex De Sugar Studios and rocks us throughout the episode. Next we play a new commercial from our sponsor, Dads and Dancing Sons. After that, we bring back our segment “Status Update” where we analyze the status updates of a man who loves spicy hot wings and his ill cat. In our discussion topic we talk about our new apartment/recording studio, Duplex De Sugar and also our mission to reach out to musicians to create a community through our show. After that, we listen to the last ever commercial from Rocko Palentino of Gun Extro Fuel. And last, we launch our first ever real-deal Projects In Production (Not to be confused with Experimental Projects In Production) where we talk about the writing process of our short film "Tea Man, Steep!". Special thanks to Josh and the Empty Pockets ( http://www.JoshandtheEmptyPockets.com ) and Sara Gaines on Gun Extro Fuel.

 S1E7: Sugri-La and Growth | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:26:24

The song "What if We Could Fly" by the local band The Dust Bunnies kicks off our last show recorded at Sugri-La Studios and jams throughout the episode. Next we play a new commercial from our sponsor, Gun Extro Fuel. After that, we launch our new sketch series "Humor from the 1990’s HBO series TALES FROM THE CRYPT". We get nostalgic in our discussion as we talk about moving out of our apartment and recording studio, Sugri-La. Last, we play you the audio from a recording session of a new Creamwimps commercial. Special thanks to The Dust Bunnies ( http://www.myspace.com/TheFabulousDustBunnies ) and Mary Spadaro on Gun Extro Fuel.

 S1E6: Dynamic and Donny | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:22:46

We open our show with another word from our sponsor Gun Extro Fuel. To show the effects of Gun Extro Fuel; spokesman, Rocko Palentino is all juiced up. Next we jump over to a list of things that Donny doesn't think are funny. Half way through Donny's list we jump over to a new installment of Ball Sugars and hear Danica Patrick get a jump start from her boyfriend. Later we discuss Wood Sugars' group dynamic and find out what each member provides to the creative process. And last, a commercial from Creamwimps (by the makers of Gun Extro Fuel).

 S1E5: FB to WoodSugarsDOTcom | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:47:12

We have a new sponsor! The protein drink Gun Extro Fuel with spokes person "The Flesh Vice" open our show. Next, we play you the audio we recorded live as we waited patiently to gain our 600th FB fan. Then we finally launch the audio version of Ball Sugars, a sports column Donny writes for our website. In this Ball Sugars we discuss Ex-Chicago Cubs outfielder Milton Bradley's views on Cub fans being racist. After that, we launch another new segment Jerking Off Jon, where we have our producer Jeremiah Watkins (of Prank-Machine.com) prank call an unsuspecting Jon Mcarthy (co-founder of Wood Sugars, now living in L.A.). And last, in our discussion we talk about our FB fan page and how it led us to build the beautiful WoodSugars.com. Hey description reader it's me, the description here... haven't heard from you in a long time. I live in your iPod and threw up in your pocket the other day.


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