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 Yeezus - Kanye West or D.j. Stevie Tee | File Type: video/x-ms-wmv | Duration: 369

Download Yeezus Song Here: or D.J. Stevie Tee replies to Kanye West LP "Yeezus" , Kanye calls himself Yeezus but as Christians say it's Jesus, but no matter if you call him Iesus, Jesus, Immanuel he is still the son of God who died for our sins on Calvary so we can be free of sin.   DOWNLOAD THE "Yeezus" Mixtape FOR FREE BELOW!!   Download FREE Mixtape Here!       Writers: Stevie T. ThompsonPublishing: © CSE Major Holdings Muzik (ASCAP) D.J. Stevie Tee Concert Booking: Sulton Productions - (609) 992-7601 Show Management: Power Light Productions PMC - (252) 312-9780

 B.O.B. - Through My Head (Romans 12:2 Remix) - feat. Minister Stevie Tee & T.D. Jakes | File Type: video/x-ms-wmv | Duration: 334

Text "minister 18" to 69937 Support The New Single: Street King Immortal - God Squad releases the remix to the brand new single Through My Head by B.O.B. featuring T.D. Jakes and Minister Stevie Tee. Speaking about renewing our mind to not be violent against the government. The next single from the upcoming "Me Against The World" Mix Tape by Minister Stevie Tee.Minister Stevie Tee Concert Booking: Sulton Productions - (609) 992-7601 Minister Stevie Tee Show Management: Power Light Productions PMC - (252) 312-9780

 Greater Is Coming (I Surrender Remix) - Jekalyn Carr - feat. Stacy Weaver | File Type: video/x-ms-wmv | Duration: 383

Download Stacy Weaver New Song: BUY JEKALYN CARR'S ALBUM ON ITUNES: PROMOTIONAL PURPOSES ONLY! NOT INTENDED FOR COMMERCIAL USE!God Squad releases "Greater Is Coming" (I Surrender Remix) with Jekalyn Carr. Remixed and Co Produced by D.J. Stevie Tee the remix is a win for the saints and leaders of God over Satan.Original Writers: Jennifer Carr, Alan Lindsey,MixTape Writers: Stacy Weaver, Stevie T. ThompsonPublishing:For 'I Surrender" © CSE Major Holdings Muzik (ASCAP)Publishing:For 'Greater Is Coming"  © Algeken Publishing (ASCAP) Stacy Weaver Concert Booking: Sulton Productions - (609) 992-7601Stacy Weaver Show Management: Power Light Productions PMC - (252) 312-9780

  Neurotic Society Lauryn Hill (Got to Be Real Remix) feat. Minister Stevie Tee | File Type: video/x-ms-wmv | Duration: 305

Buy The New Version Here:…sory/id647043926   God Squad comes with it's 4th single from the "Me Against The World Mixtape". Remixing it with Cheryl Lynn's Got To Be Real gives the instrumental a Red Man and Method Man type of feel. Minister Stevie Tee speaks to the sinners on having faith to make it thru the race as Ms. Hill raps almost non stop to get her point out about our crooked society. Writers: Lauryn Hill, Stevie T. ThompsonPublishing: © CSE Major Holdings Muzik (ASCAP) Concert Booking: Sulton Productions - (609) 992-7601Show Management: Power Light Productions PMC - (252) 312-9780

 Let Me Win Chrisette Michele (Loose Ends Remix) - feat. Minister Stevie Tee | File Type: video/x-ms-wmv | Duration: 380

DOWNLOAD BOAZ & RUTH - "Need You Now" - God Squad releases the next love song from Minister Stevie Tee's "Me Against The World" MixTape called " Let Me Win" with D.J. Stevie Tee mixing Loose Ends song "Hanging On A String" to bring the track on home. The song having a special unknown person on it got us wondering who is this woman who is on the cover and is that Chrisette Michele who sings on the track also talking?...hmmmm well listen to it over and over after you download it for free to figure it out. Writers: Payne, Chrisette Michele, Stevie T. ThompsonPublishing: © EMI Music Publishing, Warner/Chappell Music,CSE Major Holdings Muzik (ASCAP) Minister Stevie Tee Concert Booking: Sulton Productions - (609) 992-7601Minister Stevie Tee Show Management: Power Light Productions PMC  (252) 312-9780

 Bow Down / I Been On - Beyoncé or D.J. Stevie Tee | File Type: video/x-ms-wmv | Duration: 174

DOWNLOAD SONG:     D.J. Stevie Tee comes with another track to praise God on and bow down to our Lord for the King He is. Stepping in the enemies territory and telling the truth that we shouldn't bow down to woman or man.

 Open Letter Jay Z (Hail Mary Remix) feat. Minister Stevie Tee | File Type: video/mp4 | Duration: 223

SUPPORT THE MOVEMENT DOWNLOAD OUR NEWEST SONG: PRESS RELEASE/ FULL STORY:   Minister Stevie Tee & Jay Z had ENUFF of the government officials trying to block and hating. Jay speaks about his trip to Cuba and lashes out at em. Minister Stevie Tee who retired from rap last year to D.J., produce, write and do spoken word said he had enuff and gives DOR/CSE which is for the State Of Florida Department Of Revenue/Child Support Enforcement who just left court less than a month ago attacking Minister Stevie Tee on monthly payments when as an artist he gets paid quarterly. Even though his payments are up to date they still attacked him by sending out a legal notice which he said was officiated by the help of his baby mother who is using child support to try and pressure him to waive his parental rights of his two sons Stevie Tee Jr. & Curtis Michael who also had a #1 Gospel Song which was produced by their dad on Amazon's Gospel Charts for 8 weeks straight. Minister Stevie Tee decided to finally lash out spiritually at both DOR/CSE & his baby mother on this track on the second verse.  

 If He Did It Before....Same God | File Type: video/x-ms-wmv | Duration: 199

DOWNLOAD THIS SINGLE ON ITUNES: New signee to Cityside Records,CitySide Music Ministries Kay P. releases his first single "If He Did It Before....Same God" for the public to know that God stays with us through our all good and bad. Featuring God Squad's D.J. Stevie Tee who takes the track to another entire level this collabo is a Holy hustle Hittah.   __________________________________________________________________Artist Booking:   Sulton Productions  (609) 992-7601Artist Show Management:   Power Light Productions @ (252) 312-9780__________________________________________________________________Released by:© 2013 CitySide Records,CitySide Music Ministries All Rights ReservedRelease/Catalog number:  655847992126Release date: 5/4/2013ISRC: uscgj1350877

 The 20/20 Experience, Part 2 Justin Timberlake or Minister Stevie Tee | File Type: video/x-ms-wmv | Duration: 298

Download This Song:    Event registration for The 20/20 Experience powered by Eventbrite     God Squad, Cityside Records/Cityside Music Ministries release the first original song from The Christ vs. Illuminati Album/CD to the public to reveal to the public who is the Illuminati and why they doing what they doing. Featuring God Squad's D.J., Raiysa Muhammad & Minister Stevie Tee this song is a fright to the Illuminati as well as a big knock out.

 Ho Hey The Lumineers (You Are My Remix) - feat. Stacy Weaver | File Type: video/x-ms-wmv | Duration: 190 DOWNLOAD "We Magnify Your Name"  Support Christ vs. The Illuminati Movement! Ho Hey The Lumineers (You Are My Remix) - feat. Stacy Weaver a remix of Freddie Jackson's You Are My Lady with God Squad's D.J. Stevie Tee on the mixing and talk over. Featuring Stacy Weaver to give the song life thru Christ and to beat out the Illuminati on this top hitting track.DOWNLOAD Stacy Weaver's "We Magnify Your Name" -

 Almost Home Mariah Carey (Computer Love Remix) - feat. Stacy Weaver | File Type: video/x-ms-wmv | Duration: 248

Support the Christ vs. The Illuminati Movement by purchasing Stacy Weaver's latest song: Almost Home is where we are in the Lord. Stacy Weaver goes against the Illuminati on this Mariah Carey soundtrack song to show music lovers they can get to the real home which is in heaven because Christ died for our sins and showed us how to live right so we can enter into the kingdom without having doubt if we will make it home in heaven or not. DOWNLOAD ALL God Squad songs for free below:

 Drake Nothing Was The Same | File Type: video/mp4 | Duration: 575

Drake Nothing Was The Same,Freedom Bikers,Drake Interview,Nothing Was The Same It's Out Now on iTunes & Amazon the song by "Minister Stevie Tee" feat. L.O.Y.A.L.T.Y. only .99 Cents.       SONG DESCRIPTION: Minister Stevie Tee takes time out of telling the world what they are not doing and gives Drake props on "Nothing Was The Same" featuring ex label artist L.O.Y.A.L.T.Y., Minister Stevie Tee ministers to Drake by telling him acknowledge Jesus Christ     BUY ON ITUNES:   BUY ON AMAZON:   ______________________________________________________   ALSO: We have released a reply to :The Hunger Games: Catching Fire SDTK SONG:   GOD BLESSES! CitySide Records

 The 20/20 Experience - Part 2 - Justin Timberlake (Set It Off Remix) | File Type: video/x-ms-wmv | Duration: 312

Get For .99 Cents - the 20/20 Experience:   After Tron the 3rd recites 1 Peter 3:4 , he delivers strong singing and rapping to battle Justin Timberlake on Suit & Tie. Tron the 3rd tells all how to dress for the Lord our God in our real suit & Tie which is our heart, mind and soul being in righteous making us clean. ROUND TWO Winner: God SquadChrist & God Squad= 2 & The Illuminati= 0 Christ vs. The Illuminati Tour COMING THIS SUMMER!Donate to God Squad Ministry Records to get Tron The 3rd & D.J. Stevie Tee to tour your city & state this summer by going to the below link and ordering your FREE Autographed Suit & Tie CD (Includes all past Mix Tape Songs done before Suit & Tie. Support the Christ vs. The Illuminati Movement by purchasing song below:

 Take Me To The King - feat. Tamela Mann Choir, Brother Xavier Hope | File Type: video/x-ms-wmv | Duration: 154

TO SUPPORT THE Christ vs. The Illuminati Movement Purchase Stevie Tee Jr. & Curtis Michael's Song Below:   Take Me To The King Stevie Tee Jr. & Curtis Michael with the help of their spiritual and blood brother Xavier Hope speaks to the world on an upbeat song demanding that they go to their King Jehovah who is in heaven. On the produced track by their dad Minister Stevie Tee.         The 2013 Jesus Disciple Walk Tour Online Church Members & Music Fans Please Email: info@citysidemusicministries To suggest a church to minister at who needs to hear the truth. Or if you live in one of the below cities to have Minister Stevie Tee and ministry come to your church to minister through sermon and music!!

 Rick Ross - The Devil Is A Lie (God's People Don't Tithe!) | File Type: video/x-ms-wmv | Duration: 291

Rick Ross - The Devil Is A Lie,Tithe,Tithing,Rick Ross,The Devil Is A Lie,Jay Z DOWNLOAD OUR LATEST SONG TO SUPPORT THIS MINISTRY:     NC     CLICK AND WATCH THE VIDEO HERE!!!!   Tithe, To tithe, Don't Tithe because God's true people don't. Minister Stevie Tee of CitySide Ministries preaches a powerful message through Christian Rap/Gospel music to win souls over to God with the truth on tithing. Many think that giving 10% of their income is being obedient but it's not because they are spitting on why Christ died and that was for grace and as stated by Apostle Paul in Galatians that he do not sit aside grace for the law which tithing was of. Many say Jesus didn't get rid of the law but God himself did in Hebrews Chapter 8 as He stated that the new covenant will not be like the last and when christ died the covenant was sealed to give us grace. This song should be downloaded and shared with family, church and friends because once listeners get this of the new covenant they will know how to live from the spirit.


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