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Summary: BluePower has spent eleven years on the net. We have always endeavored to produce the best and most comprehensive music shows possible. Our premise is to make a small contribution in making the world a better place in which all people and nationalities can live in peace and harmony. The Blues is an integral part of all popular music. Recently, we have found that many of our listeners are under twenty years old. They had never heard Muddy Waters or Ike Turner. They're listening the "real" thing. The roots. Thanks to the net....Everything old is new again:) The Blues has no color; creed; race or nationality. Let's make some music together!

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 Thelonius James Rides Again! | File Type: audio-x/mpegurl | Duration: Unknown

Here at BluePower, we are always on the lookout for what we feel is inspired product. We receive so many CDs that just don't go that extra step to make the music different and unique. This CD is the best of both of those worlds. Thelonius James Presents The Sunland Chronicles is a piece of work which contains all the elements necessary to make it an outstanding contribution to the world of American music. It has great playing and a sense of humor which can only be attributed to the artist involved. There is something exciting going on with this record. A spontaneity which transcends most releases today. Trying to explain this is difficult. It's something one has to hear. All we know is that when we listened to the material....we enjoyed it thoroughly. The Sunland Chronicles runs the gamut musically, stretching from the blues to near jazz. Fine playing and vocals with nothing too heavy or intense. Just a real good feel. Overall....this CD is a lot of fun and a guaranteed party pleaser. It made me smile. John Rhys/ Here's the music: 1)...."Popcorn Paws"....Thelonius James....Pick Strum Records 2)...."Step On The Gas"....Thelonius James....Pick Strum Records 3)...."The Blues Is Like A Baseball Game"....Thelonius James....Pick Strum Records 4)...."More Than A Fool"....Thelonius James....Pick Strum Records 5)...."With You"....Thelonius James....Pick Strum Records 6)...."You Give Me Hope"....Thelonius James....Pick Strum Records 7)...."Chicken Pie"....Thelonius James....Pick Strum Records Produced by....Phil Bloch and Andrew Bush Click to play....BP CD Review....Thelonius James Presents The Sunland Chronicles! Click here to go to Thelonius James' new web site! Click to purchase....Thelonius James....The Sunland Chronicles!

 BluePower Presents....Southern Guitar Masters! | File Type: audio-x/mpegurl | Duration: Unknown

Southern Guitar Masters Mississippi Fred McDowell Charley Patton Robert Johnson Skip James Bukka White Rose Hemphill Sunnyland Slim From southern England: Cream The blues is about many things. About how your woman done you wrong. The Boss Man being mean to you. Things humorous. Things sad. Death. Dying and all manner of worldly matters concern the blues. The blues was created long before the turn of the 19th century. The blues was built on slavery and the fact that a man was taken from his family and homeland against his will. Slavery happened for centuries. However; it wasn't until those slaves were brought to the shores of the United States that the blues, as we know the art form today, was born. The blues reside in almost every country in the world. Even countries that don't call English it's first language. Everyone in the world can relate to the blues. And today, with all the problems in the world, more and more people have an absolute right to sing the blues. Today's show presents the blues from the early part of the 20th century. These are but a handful of the original blues men who traveled the dusty roads of the south; did time in many of the prisons and rode the rods, as the trains were called back then, into the annals of musical history. Just imagine that time. This is one show I really enjoyed putting together. I hope you enjoy listening to Southern Guitar Masters. John Rhys/ Here's the music: 1)...."I'm Goin' Home"....Ervin Webb & Prisoners....Alan Lomax Collection 2)...."61 Highway Blues"....Fred McDowell....Alan Lomax Collection 3)...."Fred McDowell's Blues"....Fred McDowell....Alan Lomax Collection 4)...."Stone Pony Blues....Charley Patton....VMK 5)...."Crossroads"....Robert Johnson....Columbia 6)...."Fixin' To Die Blues"....Bukka White....Columbia Legacy Series 7)...."Hard Time Killin' Floor Blues"....Skip James....VMK 8)...."Rolled And Tumbled"....Rose Hemphill....Alan Lomax Collection 9)...."Roll And Tumble Blues"....Sunnyland Slim, Johnny Shines and Big Joe Williams....Blue Sun 10)..."Rollin' And Tumblin' "....Cream....Reaction Some dialog taken from the All Music Guide to the Blues. Click here to listen to....Southern Guitar Masters!

 In The Beginning....Skip James! | File Type: audio-x/mpegurl | Duration: Unknown

After several months of deliberation, BluePower has come to the conclusion that it would be beneficial to develop a series which exposed the many fine artists who added so much to the rich heritage of the American folk tradition called The Blues. In order to accomplish our goals in this regard, we needed the product necessary to assemble these pieces of business. Coming to our aid in the form of early Blues product was Mr. Alec Palao and his great company, Ace Records of London, England whom we gratefully thank for their generosity and kindness. Our first show highlights one of the strangest and most unique Blues artists of all time....Nehemiah Curtis James who came to be known as Skip James. Born in 1902 in Bentonia, Mississippi in 1902, Mr. James struggled all his life to find a place in the world of the Blues. It took him til nearly the end of his life before he was discovered by three, up and coming, young musicians who talked him into taking a giant step to become known. Listen as BluePower tells a brief history of Mr. Skip James and plays some of his amazing music. Stay Tuned.... John Rhys Here's the music: 1)...."Hand Clappin' "....Red Prysock....Mercury Records 2)...."Hard Time Killing Floor Blues....Skip James....Blues From The Delta....Ace Records 3)...."Careless Love"....Skip James....Blues From The Delta....Ace Records 4)...."Devil Got My Woman"....Skip James....Blues From The Delta....Ace Records 5)...."Crow Jane"....Skip James....Blues From The Delta....Ace Records 6)...."I'm So Glad"....Skip James....Blues From The Delta....Ace Records 7)...."I'm So Glad"....Cream....Fresh Cream....Atlantic Records 8)...."Hand Clappin' "....Red Prysock....Mercury Records Click here to listen to....In The Beginning....The Birth Of The Blues....Skip James! Click here to go to Ace Records!

 A Master Hitmaker And Pure Gentleman....Eddie Schwartz (Pt.2)! | File Type: audio-x/mpegurl;charset=UTF-8 | Duration: Unknown

We pick up Part Two with Eddie saying how thrilled he was at having three songs recorded by Joe Cocker for his Unchain My Heart recording. Also in Part Two, Eddie speaks of his difficulties producing the Doobie Brothers; his venture into the country music realm producing Brenn Hill and his regard for Paul Carrack, who sang Eddie's song "Don't Shed A Tear" to the number one spot on the charts. The last few songs on the show are performed by Eddie himself from his CD, Tour de Schwartz I mentioned, is my wife's favorite record. I think you'll enjoy these particularly insightful songs. Eddie also tells the story of his mother who always wanted Eddie to be a lawyer and gave him a briefcase every time she had the opportunity. Eddie wound up with a closet "full" of briefcases. Eddie Schwartz is now a highly regarded musician, writer and businessman. A man who likes to "give back" a little of what he was given to musical newcomers; Eddie is now a member of SOCANN, the Canadian organization which deals with music copyrights pertaining to Canadian writers and publishers. SOCANN came about as the merger of BMI and ASCAP and is now the only performing rights society in Canada. Eddie has walked one long, hard road to get to this point in life. He deserves all credits due. This is one very interesting interview and the music is superb. Here's the list: 1)...."Hit Me With Your Best Shot"....Pat Benatar 2)...."Don't Shed A Tear"....Paul Carrack 3)...."Dance Like The Fire"....Brenn Hill 4)...."The Doctor"....The Doobie Brothers 5)...."Special Girl"....Eddie Schwartz 6)...."A Young Man's Eyes"....Eddie Schwartz 7)...."Bourbon Street"....Eddie Schwartz Listen to....Master Hitmaker And Pure Gentleman....Eddie Schwartz (Pt.2)!

 A Master Hitmaker And Pure Gentleman....Eddie Schwartz! | File Type: audio/x-mpeg | Duration: Unknown

I met Eddie Schwartz the first time in Hollywood in 1978. He had been signed by ATV Music who, at that time, was a major client of mine at Hollywood Central Recorders. ATV had flown Eddie into Hollywood to record a series of demos of songs he had written. For some odd reason Eddie had one song that the powers that be at ATV absolutely "did not" want Eddie to record. That song was "Hit Me With Your Best Shot". This interview tells the long road traveled by that tremendous hit and the results of Eddie's life from that point on. The lesson is....If you believe in yourself, never give up. An absolute "must' for any songwriter to hear. John Rhys-Eddins/ The Music on Part One: 1)...."Hand Clappin' (Theme).... Red Prysock 2)...."Hit Me With Your Best Shot"....Eddie Schwartz (HCR-1978) 3)...."I Stand In Wonder"....Joe Cocker 4)...."The Good Catches Up"....Lawrence Gowan 5)...."All Our Tomorrows"....Eddie Schwartz 6)...."Hand Clappin'" (Theme)....Red Prysock Listen to....A Master Hitmaker And Pure Gentleman....Eddie Schwartz!

 Good Morning Blues........'Crazy 'Bout An Automobile'! | File Type: audio-x/mpegurl | Duration: Unknown

By 1953 and 1954, I was 12 and 13 respectively. Like so many kids in the United States, I waited impatiently for September to roll around; thus releasing all the new model cars at once into my impatient life. I read all the magazines, scrutinized all the ads and dreamt of owning most of the cars. And then there were the songs. The number of songs written for the illustrious automobile is far too long to elucidate here. There were songwriters whipping out cartunes from the very beginning of the production line, in every language and for every make. The Chevy Show with Dinah Shore was a huge success and I'm sure, sold millions of Chevy's. The Big Three manufacturers here in the States all hosted radio and television shows weekly during that time, blaring their theme songs to millions. "See the USA in your Chevrolet". Go little 409! So, as usual....I picked a bunch of my favorite car songs. I hope you enjoy the show. BTW....Find the line The Beatles used in one of their biggest hits among these songs below. It's a direct steal and an homage. Be the tenth person to write in with the correct answer and win a swell music DVD. No kidding! John Rhys/BluePower Playlist: 1)..."Rocket 88"........Mitch Woods and his Rocket 88's........Blind Pig 2)..."Crazy 'Bout An Automobile"........Billy Emerson........VeeJay 3)..."Cadillac Blues"........Blue By Nature V/Karen Lawrence........Shattered 4)..."No Money Down"........Chuck Berry........Chess 5)..."Seein' What I Ain't Got"........Steppin' Lazer........unreleased 6)..."Mercury Blues"........David Lindley........Rhino 7)..."Slow Down"........Larry Williams........Specialty 8)..."Hi Ballin' "........The Hula Monsters........Mega Truth 9)..."You Can't Catch Me"........Chuck Berry........Chess 10)..."Rocket 88"........Jackie Brenston And His Delta Cats........Chess 11)..."Maybelline"........Chuck Berry........Chess 12)..."Greenbacks"........Ray Charles........Atlantic 13)..."V8 Ford Blues"........Mose Allison........Atlantic 14)..."SUV"........Mem Shannon........Shanachi 15)..."Big V8"........Mark Sallings And The Famous Unknowns........Vent 16)..."Big Ass Green Van"........Bill Perry........Blind Pig 17)..."Peddle To The Metal"........Sonny Landreth........Sugar Hill We could sure use a few more subscribers. It's totally free except for a minute of your time. All of us would "Thank You!"........ Don't worry....we rarely ever send out a newsletter. Listen to: Crazy Bout An Automobile!

 Ike Turner Tells It Like It Was....A BluePower Re-Run! | File Type: audio/x-mpeg;charset=UTF-8 | Duration: Unknown

This time IKE pulls no punches. He speaks about the record companies of the fifties and sixties and their ways of doing business. He talks about JERRY WEXLER and AHMET ERTEGUN at ATLANTIC. PHIL and LEONARD CHESS of CHESS RECORDS. The BIHARI BROTHERS at MODERN and SID NATHAN from KING RECORDS. (Ike's first contract at King Records paid him 1/4 of a cent per record sold. Outrageous by today's standards.) On the other side of the coin however; Ike reminds us that these companies were the standard bearers of Black music and were responsible for the giant steps that brought Blues and Rhythm and Blues to the forefront of American popular music and that without these independent record companies and the men that ran them, these genres may have died out completely. Ike speaks out about RAP and the negative values of the genre regarding African Americans. Parts 3 and 4 of a four part series. John Rhys/ Listen to Part 3 | Listen to Part 4

 BluePower Re-Run....Ike Turner....The Bad Boy Of The Blues! | File Type: audio/x-mpeg | Duration: Unknown

BluePower is proud to present Part One and Two of an exclusive interview with the inimitable IKE TURNER. Hailed as the FATHER OF ROCK AND ROLL, Turner talks of the early days on the road, his influences and of the racial parameters Black musicians had to mind in the South. In this first hour of a four hour series, John and Jeanie attempt to uncover Ike's feelings regarding many topics. We think you will be surprised to find this man is "not" the ogre of which he has been made by the media. You will find that Ike Turner was one of the most gifted popular American musicians and contributed more to the world of popular music than even the experts realize. John Rhys/ Listen To Part One! Listen To Part Two!

 BluePower Presents....An Evening With Teresa Russell! | File Type: audio-x/mpegurl | Duration: Unknown

A raging Southern California guitar phenomenon ..... Described as "the most awesome Female rock guitarist...ever!" this is simply an understatement - Teresa Russell is one of the best guitarists out there: male or female. Teresa, is the only female to ever qualify" in the top eight" for the national finals in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame's lead guitar competition, Guitarmageddon. Competing with over 2000 guitarists across the country, she accomplished this by winning the West regional in Los Angeles where she received "out-of-seat-thumbs-up" kudos from such Grammy award, celebrity judges/guitarists as Steve Lukather (Toto) and Steve Stevens (Billy Idol). Teresa started guitar lessons at age 7. She was playing teen halls, high schools and navy bases by age 9. At age 12, she was playing on the Sunset Strip in Hollywood. With guitar influences such as Hendrix and Clapton, she rocked regularly at Gazzari's and the Whiskey A-Go-Go. Numerous TV appearances followed as well as writing songs for a movie called The Young Graduates. At age 14, Teresa and her band were contracted to do a six-month engagement in Mexico City, performing at the El Camino Real and El Senior Real Hotels and night clubs. After attending Northridge University on a guitar scholarship, she hit the road to continue seasoning her rock chops in countless roadhouse bars throughout the western U.S. She later formed an all-female rock band and performed for several years on the Las Vegas, Reno and Lake Tahoe circuits. After touring all over the world with Helen Reddy throughout the late 80's, playing live TV and major concert venues, Teresa decided to pursue projects of her own. She focused on her Blues-rock roots with an aggressive style establishing a wide-spread fan base throughout southern California. On the recent release of her 3rd CD with Cocobilli, "Show You What Love Can Do", Teresa delivers an electrifying performance that features raging guitar solos. Her vocal style has been compared to such divas as Janis Joplin, Melissa Etheridge, and Bonnie Raitt, combining a rock-hard edge with a supple warmth that quickly distinguishes her voice as uniquely that of Teresa Russell. Joined in her virtuosity by bassist Billi Breland and drummer Coco Roussel, this popular trio can be seen performing regularly throughout Southern California. John Rhys/ For more information, go to Teresa Russell Listen now to Teresa Russell!

 BluePower Re-Run....An Evening With Barry McCabe! | File Type: audio-x/mpegurl | Duration: Unknown

The strength of the Blues can be determined by the sheer amount of ground the music has covered in the last 80 years. In that time, this purely American art-form has managed to blossom in nearly every country in the world. The Blues has been transformed into nearly every language and is understood by every man and woman ever born. No one can honestly say they "have not" had the Blues at one time or another. In this presentation, BluePower honors a man for his contributions to the Blues and Rock from the beautiful country of Ireland. Barry McCabe was born in Virginia, Co. Cavan, Ireland and has managed to travel the world bringing his music to hundreds of thousands of people. Barry's music can best be described as Rock and Blues with a Celtic twist. This show features music from many of Barry's CDs but primarily from his new release, Beyond The Tears. Tune in to this masterful player, writer and performer as he guides us through many stories of life and the pursuit of happiness. A true storyteller in every sense of the word, Barry McCabe gives his all to his art; to our benefit. John Rhys/ The songs are: 1)...."Sunrise"....Barry McCabe/Davey Spillane 2)...."In The Dead Of Night"....Barry McCabe 3)...."Oh Well"....Barry McCabe written by Peter Green 4)...."Sheilagh"....Barry McCabe 5)...."Rollin'"....Barry McCabe 6)...."Trouble"....Barry McCabe 7)...."The Emigrant"....Barry McCabe/Davey Spillane 8)...."Talkin' Woman Blues"....Barry McCabe 9)...."Full Moon On Main Street"....Barry McCabe 10)..."Arthur"....Barry McCabe 11)..."Tempted"....Barry McCabe Listen to....BluePower Presents....An Evening With Barry McCabe! To Find more on Barry McCabe....Click here!

 In The Beginning....The Vaudeville Years! | File Type: audio-x/mpegurl;charset=UTF-8 | Duration: Unknown

Vaudeville entertainment for black audiences began in 1909 with an organization called TOBA. Those four letters stood for Theater Owners Bookers Association. Often called by the black entertainers who worked the TOBA circuit: Tough On Black Artists. For many of the artists, trying times to be sure. However, it was an important cog in the machine which brought black entertainment to the rural areas and large cities in the early part of the century. TOBA had more than 100 theaters operating by the end of the 1920s. Blues and Jazz were an important part of black entertainment in those early years and surely both idioms grew because of the fine caliber of the performers of that era and their ability to reach large audiences throughout most of the country. Actual recordings started being made in 1914 by Victor, Columbia and Edison though the Edison company finally bowed out of the business. In 1918, the Paramount Record Company (a subsidiary of the Wisconsin Chair Company of Port Washington) came into being primarily to make recordings for folks to play on their newly purchased record players which were made by the Chair Company. Paramount is famous today for two things....they were first to record Blind Lemon Jefferson and Ma Rainey and....they made terrible quality pressings of cheap shellac. Were it not for Paramount however, many great artists would never have been heard. Business is business. The Vaudeville Years highlights some of the dynamic female vocalists of that time, women who set the mark for all other female blues shouters to follow. John Rhys/ Here's the music: 1)...."Hand Clappin' "....Red Prysock....Mercury Records 2)...."St. Louis Blues"....Bessie Smith....Columbia Records 3)...."Bo Weavil Blues"....Ma Rainey....Paramount Records 4)...."I'm A Mighty Tight Woman"....Sippie Wallace....Okeh (Columbia) Records 5)...."T.B. Blues"....Victoria Spivey....Victor Records 6)...."Coffin Blues"....Ida Cox....Paramount Records 7)...."Texas Moaner Blues"....Alberta Hunter....Paramount Records 8)...."Hand Clappin' "....Red Prysock....Mercury Records Click here to listen to....In The Beginning....The Vaudeville Years! Click here to go to....Red Hot _________________________________________________________________

 A Laid Back Christmas Eve....2009! | File Type: audio-x/mpegurl | Duration: Unknown

Can you believe it? Another year has passed quickly away. Where did the time go? I'll have to check my diary. I know we lost a lot of good folks somewhere along the way this year and I surely hope they have passed this mortal coil in a positive direction. Myself....Well I consider it lucky now if I just wake up every day and feel pretty good. I am not unique in that regard. I did want to put a little something together for Christmas just in case a few folks would like to hear a few tunes which are not ordinarily played off the normal channels. Please join me on this beautiful California, laid back, Christmas Eve. Thanks for listening....John Rhys-Eddins Here are the players and performers for this show....:) 1)...."Hand Clappin' "....Red Prysock....Mercury 2)...."Christmas Celebration"....BB King....HOB 3)...."Santa Clause Wants Some Lovin' "....Albert King....HOB 4)...."Sonny Boy's Christmas Blues"....Sonny Boy Williamson....HOB 5)...."Boogie Woogie Santa Clause"....Mabel Scott....HOB 6)...."Santa Claus, Santa Claus"....Louis Jordan....HOB 7)...."Winter Wonderland"....The Ronnie Cole Trio....Paula Records 8)...."Please Come Home For Christmas"....Charles Brown....Paula Records 9)...."Lonesome Christmas" (Pt. 1)....Lowell Fulsom....Paula Records 10)..."Lonesome Christmas" (Pt. 2)....Lowell Fulsom....Paula Records 11)..."All I Want For Christjmas Is You"....Vince Vance....Waldoxy 12)..."Merry Christmas Baby"....Charles Brown....Paula Records 13)..."Let's Make Christmas Merry Baby"....Amos Milburn....HOB 14)..."Hark! The Herald Angels Sing"....The Saint John's Choir....Savannah, Georgia 15)..."Santa"....Lightnin' Hopkins....HOB 16)..."Santa's Messin' With The Kid"....Eddie C. Campbell....HOB 17)..."White Christmas"....Sugar Boy Crawford...Paula Records 18)..."What Child Is This/Greensleeves"....The Saint John's Choir (organist unknown) Listen to....A Laid Back Christmas Eve, 2009!

 BluePower CD Review....8 Ball Aitken....Rebel With A Cause! | File Type: audio-x/mpegurl | Duration: Unknown

 For months now, we at BluePower have been searching for product we could enthusiastically endorse. Though receiving plenty of product, nothing stood out as being new and exciting; that is until we heard 8 Ball Aitken's CD. After listening to it a dozen or so times, I knew I had found the product for which I had been looking. I remembered back to when I was a young record promo man in the Deep South, hauling boxes of new product into radio stations hoping to get some airplay. In those days, good songs always received significant airplay. The CD we're playing today is what I would then call my "Ace in the hole" because it is an album of great songs. Nothing intense or heavy, just fine writing of  some good-time, heart-felt music. Hailing from "way down under", 8 Ball Aitken has copped some of Australia's finest music awards. (Check out his website to see all.)  His playing, though straight-forward, is pure and goes to the heart of the music. 8 Ball has done his homework, the man rocks without going over the top. Something which has not been prevalent on the American music scene for some time. Congratulations to all those involved with this product. It's a mighty fine piece of work! John Rhys/ Here's the music: 1)...."Hand Clappin' "....Red Prysock....Mercury Records 2)...."Cyclone Country"....8 Ball Aitken....Phoenix Movement Records 3)...."Hands On Top Of The Wheel"....8 Ball Aitken....Phoenix Movement Records 4)...."Black Swamp Creek"....8 Ball Aitken....Phoenix Movement Records 5)...."Yellow Moon"....8 Ball Aitken....Phoenix Movement Records 6)...."The Party"....8 Ball Aitken....Phoenix Movement Records 7)...."Hand Clappin' "....Red Prysock....Mercury Records Click here to play....8 Ball Aitken....Rebel With A Cause! Click here to see...."Heart In Heaven And Hands On Top Of The Wheel" Click here to go to 8 Ball Aitken's website!

 BluePower Presents....The Blues From Catalonia! | File Type: audio-x/mpegurl | Duration: Unknown

Since we have been involved with BluePower, we have been sent the Blues from some strange places. The country of origin for tonight's music is certainly not a place known for the Blues. Until now, that is. The music and artists for tonight's show come from the relatively little known country of Catalonia. To be quite honest, I have been to Barcelona, Spain before and never knew it was the capitol of Catalonia. I always thought Barcelona was part of Spain. Well....that's a long story and one you should possibly dig into a bit. Catalonia's history is worth studying. Catalonia is a Mediterranean country located on the northwestern triangle of the Iberian Peninsular. Historically, it's location has turned it into a land of peace, where various peoples and cultures have come together. The CD we're presenting tonight is titled Blues Cat and features artists who all hail from Catalonia, Spain. The CD was sent to us from our friend, Vicente Zumel of Barcelona. Vicente has been producing and hosting a Blues radio show in Barcelona for 25 years called La Hora Del Blues. The man has a remarkable set of archives and does a wonderfully impromptu show. Please give a listen when you have time. BluePower sends it's congratulations to all the talented artists of Catalan and apologizes for the fact that we could not get to all the great players on Blues Cat this time around. We hope you'll forgive us. Thanks for tuning in. John Rhys/ Tonight's artists are: 1)....Theme...."Koz's Walk"....Koz Kosinski 2)...."Woatinee"....Amadeu Casas 3)...."Blues Through My Veins"....Alex A. & TNT 4)...."Sugar Sweet"....Joan Pau Cumellas-Miguel Talavera 5)...."Drowning In The Blues"....Loti Lewis 6)...."Waiting At The Train Station"....Joan Vinyals-Cece Giannotti 7)...."Trist Gris"....Errol Woiski 8)...."Cara De Foc"....Big Mama & Joan Pau Cumellas 9)...."Cansat"....Blues De Picolat 10)..."Jungle's Groove"....Lluis Coloma Click here to play....BluePower Presents....The Blues From Catalonia! Click here to go to....La Hora Del Blues!

 BluePower Presents....Banned In Boston! | File Type: audio/x-mpeg | Duration: Unknown

This is a re-run from February 25th, 2007 During the late 1940s and the 1950s, there were a lot of records made that were a bit past the "blue" fact, these records were downright "gray". So much so, that these records were banned in Boston. Now banned in Boston is just a term borrowed from the late twenties when there was an organization (which was housed in Boston) that literally banned books from entering public libraries and stopped these books from being sold in America. In the instance of these recordings however, it was white owned radio during these years which banned what they called "Race" music. Race music in the late forties was merely black music. That title did not change until a young editor from Billboard Magazine came up with a catchy phrase....the rhythm and blues. That man was Jerry Wexler and he would go on to produce some of the greatest rhythm and blues music of all time. This music spawned some of the greatest labels America has ever known. Atlantic, Atco, Chess, Checker, Argo, King (from which label many of the cuts heard tonight hail), Federal, and on and on. These records needed to be heard. Black radio stepped in to fill the gap and a whole new business was created. One of the terms of many of these records is "rock and roll" and everyone thinks that Alan Freed coined the phrase. I personally believe that Mr. Freed loved this wild music as much as any of us did at the time and simply borrowed the term. It stuck....and American music would never be the same again. Tune in as I play many of my favorite "dirty" songs. The songs my step-father did his best to stop me from listening. As you can hear....he failed. Here's tonight's music: 1)...."Hand Clappin' "....Red Prysock....Mercury Records 2)...."My Big Ten Inch"....Moose Jackson....King Records 3)...."I Didn't Want To Do It"....The Spiders....Imperial Records 4)...."My Babe"....Little Walter....Checker Records 5)...."Herpes Blues"....Matt Lucas....BJCD Records 6)...."Sixty Minute Man"....The Dominoes....Federal Records 7)...."Lovin' Machine"....Wynonie Harris....King Records 8)...."Work With Me Annie"....The Midnighters....Federal Records 9)...."I'm Your Hoochie-Coochie Man"....Muddy Waters....Chess Records 10)..."It Ain't The Meat, It's The Motion"....The Swallows....King Records   11)..."Yield Not To Temptation"....Bobby "Blue" Bland....Duke Records 12)..."Turn On Your Lovelight"....Bobby "Blue" Bland....Duke Records 13)...."Good Mornin' Little School Girl"....Junior Wells....Chess Records 14)..."All She Wants To Do Is Rock"....Wynonie Harris....King Records 15)..."Sexy Ways"....The Midnighters....Federal Records 16)..."My Ding-A-Ling"....Dave Bartholomew....King Records 17)..."Hand Clappin' "....Red Prysock....Mercury Records I made a serious mistake in this show. Be the first to point it out to me and I will send you a great new live concert DVD. Thanks for listening! John Rhys-Eddins/ Click here to listen to....BluePower Presents....Banned In Boston!


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