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Summary: Attention, film geeks! You know who you are! Film Geek Central is a new spin on the old review show. Scott Davis and Austin Kennedy have been published in various media outlets. Each of them also comes to the forefront with some knowledge about what it takes to make a great film, without the prejudice that weighs most shows down. The show takes an in-depth but humorous look at the world of film. More than anything, Film Geek Central is a new podcast, by film geeks and for film geeks.

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 Resident Evil Afterlife, The American, Machete, Going the Distance, Flipped, Piranha 3-D | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:32:00

We've got another great episode of FILM GEEK CENTRAL, featuring all the things you love. Milla Jovovich flies through the air, shooting zombies and basically pleasing her audience in RESIDENT EVIL: AFTERLIFE. This one is in 3-D, because everything is. George Clooney plays a really, really moody assassin hiding out in Italy in THE AMERICAN. Think of it as Eat Pray Love, but with murder. Danny Trejo solves the immigration controversy through lots of stabbing in Robert Rodriguez's MACHETE. This one is based on the formerly fake trailer from Grindhouse and also features Robert De Niro, Don Johnson, Jessica Alba, Michelle Rodriguez, Lindsay Lohan and Jeff Fahey. He's a Mac, she's a PC and they're a thousand miles apart. Justin Long and Drew Barrymore try long-distance relationships in GOING THE DISTANCE. Rob Reiner keeps trying to live down North, this time with a coming of age romance called FLIPPED. This one appears to have a big "Awww" Factor. And Scott gives a solo take on just what he thought of the mean bitey fish in PIRANHA 3-D. All this plus film news and our DVD Picks of the Week! Hope to see you there, Film Geeks!

 The Last Exorcism, Vampires Suck, Nanny McPhee Returns, Centurion | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:31:00

Summer ends, not with a bang but with a whimper. But we're making sure we give the season a big send-off on the next FILM GEEK CENTRAL! First off, we look at the new horror film THE LAST EXORCISM. This is a supernatural spookshow spectacular that blends old school horror with the more modern storytelling techniques of films like Paranormal Activity. Eli Roth produced (but did not direct) this one. We're also one of the only shows brave/stupid enough to review VAMPIRES SUCK. This is a spoof of the Twilight movies from the same guys who gave us the criminally unfunny Date Movie, Epic Movie, Meet the Spartans and Disaster Movie. Why do they get the money to do these films? Because people go see them. Will this be a change of pace or will we rip it a new one? NANNY MCPHEE RETURNS, whether we want her to or not. Emma Thompson's pet character returns in this family fantasy that had a successful release overseas months ago. CENTURION has us excited, since it's from Neil Marshall. We've dug just about everything this guy has done so far (The Descent, Doomsday, etc.) so the idea of him handling an R-rated mideval adventure tickles us. We'll cover all of this plus film news and our DVD Picks of the Week! We'll cover all of this, plus film news and our DVD Picks of the Week! Hope to see you there, film geeks!

 Expendables, Eat Pray Love, Scott Pilgrim vs the World, The Other Guys, Inception | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:59:00

YES, WE'RE STILL ALIVE! After two months of Austin filming and Scott schooling, Film Geek Central returns with a new episode and all sorts of awesomeness! We'll take a look at the Julia Roberts film EAT PRAY LOVE, based on the literary blockbuster. Not to give anything away, but we think it involves lots of eating, praying and loving. Sylvester Stallone brings along a Rogue's Gallery of action stars in for the long-awaited THE EXPENDABLES. This looks like a tough-as-nails action epic that was locked in a vault back in 1987. SCOTT PILGRIM VS. THE WORLD adds video game aesthetics to the most harrowing of life obstacles - relationships. Edgar Wright of SHAUN OF THE DEAD fame directs. Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg play unlikely buddy cops in THE OTHER GUYS. The presence of Eva Mendes assures there will be something for Scott to admire. And yes, we will talk about the huge Christopher Nolan film everyone else is debating, INCEPTION. This film has become an obsession for much of the country. Our take might surprise you. All of this plus our DVD Picks of the Month, film news and everything else you love about us. So, catch up with your old film geeks on Sunday, August 15th at 8:00 PM Easter / 7:00 PM Central as we unveil a new episode of Film Geek Central!!!

 The A-Team, Get Him To the Greek, Sex and the City 2, Prince of Persia AND MORE!!! | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 02:00:00

It's been over a month since our last ep, and that means lots of summer movies to catch up with on Film Geek Central! First up, the long-awaited film adaptation of one of our favorite TV shows, THE A-TEAM. This one actually has some great casting in front of and behind the camera. GET HIM TO THE GREEK is the film we've been nicknaming, "That Film with the Guys We Hate." True, we're not big fans of Jonah Hill or Russell Brand. But will this be as funny as everyone says? SEX AND THE CITY 2 is the sequel to the TV show about formerly promiscuous women who have everything handed to them and still find plenty to complain about. PRINCE OF PERSIA is the newest video game adaptation, this one from Jerry Bruckheimer and Company. We know Jake Gyllenhaal can romance cowboys and talk with mutant bunnies, but can he carry an action film? SPLICE is a low-budget horror film which was nonetheless given a huge push for the summer. We've been wanting a good monster movie for a long time, so hopefully this is it. SHREK FOREVER AFTER rounds out the animated epic with everyone coming back for the last roundup. ROBIN HOOD is the epic Ridley Scott film that is sort of about Robin Hood and sort of needs to bring in a lot of that international box office to keep the people at Universal from crying themselves to sleep. All of this plus film news and our DVD Picks the W- well, since the last time we had a show. The whole thing happens this Sunday at 8:00 PM Eastern / 7:00 PM Central. Hope to see you there, Film Geeks! It's great to be back!

 Iron Man 2, A Nightmare On Elm Street, Furry Vengeance, The Losers, The Secret of Kells | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 02:00:00

The summer movie season is here and whether it's Tony Stark's armor or Freddy Krueger's fingers this show is all about METAL!!! IRON MAN 2 is bound to be a huge hit. This sequel to the 2008 film brings Robert Downey Jr. back as the hero. In addition to Gwyneth Paltrow and Don Cheadle (replacing Terrence Howard), Tony Stark must also contend with Scarlett Johnansen, Sam Rockwell and Mickey Rourke. Marvel Comics produced this one, which is almost always a good sign. A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET is the remake of Wes Craven's 1984 horror classic. Jackie Earle Haley (WATCHMEN, SHUTTER ISLAND) plays Freddy Krueger this time out in a remake that is more like the gritty original than the humorous sequels. FURRY VENGEANCE is not an internet fetish site, but a new family comedy starring Brendan Fraser. When a real estate developer is about to knock down a nature preserve, the animals of the forest strike back. Hilarity ensues, we hope. THE LOSERS is another comic adaptation, this one a tongue-in-cheek action title from a few years back. A special forces crew is believed dead after a double-cross. They return to the United States in a bid to take out the man who set them up. Finally, THE SECRET OF KELLS is a critically-acclaimed animated film which is only now hitting the United States. It was nominated for a Best Animated Film Oscar, alongside such films as UP and CORALINE. We'll be covering all this plus film news and our DVD Picks of the Week! Hope to see you there, Film Geeks!

 Kick-Ass, The Runaways, Clash of the Titans, Red Riding Trilogy, The Greatest, Defendor | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 02:00:00

It's been a few weeks since we had an episode, but we're back this week with what's sure to be one of our best Film Geek Centrals yet! KICK-ASS (don't hate us, BTR censors, it's the name of the film) is a new film based on the controversial Mark Millar comic. In it, a bunch of ordinary young people (and Nicholas Cage) decide to become superheroes with surprising results. THE RUNAWAYS was Scott's #2 Most Awaited Film of 2010. This music biopic is based on Cherie Currie's memoirs chronicling her time in the teenage all-girl rock band of the 1970s. Dakota Fanning plays Curie, while Kristin Stewart plays Joan Jett. CLASH OF THE TITANS is the remake of the 1981 Greek mythology epic. The demigod Perseus goes on a quest to slay the Medusa and thus save a city from the deadly Kraken. Sam Worthington, Liam Neeson and Ralph Fiennes are among the stars of this "kinda sorta" 3-D epic. RED RIDING TRILOGY is actually three films. Each film takes place in a different year (1974, 1980 and 1983) and follows the efforts of outmatched protagonists trying to uncover the secrets of a murderously corrupt northern England town. THE GREATEST stars one of our new favorite actresses Carey Mulligan as a young woman pregnant with her dead boyfriend's child. She reached out to his family for support, bringing the film to emotional boiling point. DEFENDOR made it to a handful of theatres before premiering on DVD this week. Woody Harrelson plays a delusional man, convinced he's a superhero destined to bring down a super villain named Captain of Industry. All this plus film news and our DVD Picks of the Week! Hope to see you there, Film Geeks!

 How To Train Your Dragon, Hot Tub Time Machine, Greenberg, The Bounty Hunter | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 02:00:00

We haven't done a show for a couple weeks. That means an extra-packed show for you. PLEASE NOTE: THERE IS ABOUT TWO MINUTES OF SILENCE AROUND THE 79 MINUTE MARK. STICK AROUND, WE WERE JUST HAVING SOME TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES. First up, HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON is the newest Dreamworks films (the studio that cranks out hits even though the press keeps telling us they're a failure) to win your family dollar. It's an animated film in which a science-minded viking decides that dragons aren't the terrors he's been raised to believe. HOT TUB TIME MACHINE will be the next comedy hit, and will do better still once it hits DVD. In it, a group of bored middle-aged people get in a hot tub and are mysteriously transported back to 1985. GREENBERG is a new film from director Noah Baumbach (THE SQUID AND THE WHALE) in which Ben Stiller plays a hipster who decides to do nothing for a while. Sort of like how he did nothing in the HEARTBREAK KID remake. Zing! The studio has to be kicking itself over the bombing of THE BOUNTY HUNTER. This Jennifer Aniston-Gerard Butler romantic comedy has not performed well so far, but is it a buried treasure? REPO MEN involves health care workers who serve on a literal death panel. In other words, if you can't keep up with your payments for your organs, you are killed and your organs are repossessed. All this plus film news and our DVD Picks of the Week!

 Green Zone, Alice In Wonderland, She's Out Of My League, Brooklyn's Finest, A Prophet | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 02:00:00

We didn't have a show last week, so we're cramming in two weeks' worth of fun on Film Geek Central. GREEN ZONE is not a new Jason Bourne movie, though the studio wouldn't mind if you made that mistake. Matt Damon re-unites with director Paul Greengrass for this story about a U.N. soldier who uncovers a conspiracy in war-torn Iraq. ALICE IN WONDERLAND was a powerhouse at the box office last week. Tim Burton's take on Lewis Carrol's classic tale is more of a sequel than a retelling. At 19 years-old, Alice falls down a rabbit hole and back into Wonderland. And it appears they've been waiting for her. SHE'S OUT OF MY LEAGUE is a new R-rated romantic comedy in which a nerdy airport security man falls for a beautiful woman. But his insecurities get the better of him when he continually asks what she's doing with a loser like him. BROOKLYN'S FINEST is an ensemble piece that reunites the writer and director of TRAINING DAY. In three interconnecting stories, we follow Brooklyn police officers, each in the midst of their own personal crisis that bleeds over on the job. A PROPHET is a critically-acclaimed French film that is being called one of the greatest post-modern crime epics. The film involves a young Arab man becomes a bigwig in the mob from behind bars. All this plus film news and our DVD Picks of the Week. Hope to see you there, Film Geeks!

 Cop Out, The Crazies, 44 Inch Chest, The Last Station | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 02:00:00

Hey hey, it's our 50th episode of Film Geek Central! Feel free to applaud. First, we're finally getting a look at COP OUT. Now, Austin named this his Least Awaited Film of 2009. If you only saw the original trailer, that's understandable. However, glimpses at several Red Band (read: uncensored) clips have put that in doubt. Will Kevin Smith's cop comedy surprise us all? THE CRAZIES is a film in which several laid back townspeople become infected with a mysterious sickness that turns them into crazed killers. Sounds familiar, doesn't it? But remember, this is a remake of George Romero's underrated film from 1974. That's right, in the world of mordern horror, Romero did everything first. 44 INCH CHEST boasts a cast of some of the most talented actors from across the pond. Ray Winstone, Ian McShane, John Hurt, Tom Wilkinson, Stephen Dillane and Joanne Whalley all star in this crime film/psychodrama about a group of friends who take revenge on the man who has been sleeping with one of their wives. THE LAST STATION finally comes to Scott's neck of the woods, which means we can finally review it. This acclaimed film has already nabbed several awards nominations, including Oscar noms for Helen Mirren and Christopher Plummer. All this plus Oscar predictions, film news and our DVD Picks of the Week! Join us for show #50! Hope to see you there, Film Geeks!

 Shutter Island, District B13 Ultimatum, North Face, Séraphine | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 02:00:00

Film Geek Central is back to find the squishiest part of your film geek brain and poke it repeatedly. First up this week is SHUTTER ISLAND. Are we looking forward to it? Of course we are. Any time we get to see a new Scorsese film, it's like Christmas to any true film geek. This is more of a straight up psychological thriller, a genre he really hasn't tackled since his remake of CAPE FEAR nearly twenty years ago. Boy, do I feel old. We also have the action sequel, DISTRICT B13: ULTIMATUM. This is a sequel to a Luc Besson-produced film from a couple years back. The two heroes of the original try to bring peace to an area ruled over by gang lords. Expect lots of jumping and kicking. We'll also take a look at NORTH FACE, a film that details the adventures of a few mountain climbers as they strive to achieve their goals despite an unforgiving landscape. Finally, SERAPHINE is a film that was released to a number of territories already. It's the true story of Séraphine de Senlis, a modest woman from a common background who was discovered late in life to be an amazingly talented painter. As usual, we'll cover all these films, plus bring you the newest movie news and our DVD Picks of the Week. Hope to see you there, Film Geeks!

 The Wolfman, Valentine's Day, Percy Jackson, Creation, The Messenger | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 02:00:00

Love is in the air. Well, at least a little. Actually, this week at Film Geek Central we have love, rampaging werewolves, Greek gods and the evolution of life as we know it. Things get hairy as the long-awaited remake THE WOLFMAN finally arrives. It's not been an easy road for the screen's most iconic werewolf, but he's here bringing Benecio Del Toro, Anthony Hopkins and Emily Blunt with him. We're really looking forward to this one. The only romantic comedy coming out this Valentine's Day is the appropriately-named VALENTINE'S DAY. This ensemble film is from director Garry Marshall of PRETTY WOMAN and PRINCESS DIARIES fame and features a cast full of young stars and established talents. PERCY JACKSON & THE OLYMPIANS: THE LIGHTNING THIEF is an attempt to get another HARRY POTTER-like franchise off the ground and they aren't taking any chances. The books are extremely popular, they got the director of the first two POTTER films and the ads have subtle nods to the world's most famous wizard. This film features a kid who discovers he's the son of the Greek god Poseidon. I guess you could call CREATION a romance as well, but it's one that focuses on more spiritual questions. It follows Charles Darwin as he publishes his revolutionary theories and the rift it creates between him and his devoutly religious wife. THE MESSENGER is a critically-acclaimed film from last year. It follows the war at home as one soldier becomes involved with the wife of another soldier who was killed in action. Ben Foster, Woody Harrelson and Jena Malone are among the stars. All this plus film news and our DVD Picks of the Week! Hope you see you there, Film Geeks!

 Dear John, From Paris with Love, Crazy Heart, Edge of Darkness, When In Rome, The White RIbbon | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 02:00:00

Yeah yeah, we know the Superbowl is on. But geeks never rest, so we've got a big new episode of Film Geek Central this week! DEAR JOHN pairs Amanda Seyfried with the consonant-challenged Channing Tatum in a film about a romance that goes on even after the guy leaves to fight overseas. FROM PARIS WITH LOVE sounds like another romance, which might hurt it's chances. But it's actually a balls-out action film from the people who brought you TAKEN. It stars John Travolta and Jonathan Rhys-Meyers and is more craziness from Luc Besson and company. Jeff Bridges might finally get the Best Actor Oscar he's deserved for decades. The film that might get it for him is CRAZY HEART. Maggie Gyllenhaal has also earned a Best Supporting Actress nod for her work here. EDGE OF DARKNESS is Mel Gibson's first starring role in eight years. He plays a cop whose daughter is murdered on his front porch and all signs point to a deep conspiracy. Advertising has this one recalling TAKEN from around the same time last year but it's much darker than that. WHEN IN ROME has Kristen Bell stepping into the shoes previously filled by Katherine Heigel and Kate Hudson in a romantic comedy with a screwball supernatural twist. We've been promising our review for THE WHITE RIBBON for a long time. Michael Haneke's film won top prizes at the Cannes Film Festival last year. We'll cover these films, plus film news, our DVD Picks of the Week and our reactions to the recently announced Oscar nominations! So, give the game a rest and stop by! Hope to see you there, Film Geeks!

 FIRST ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL! - Best of 2009 and the Geek's Choice Awards | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 02:00:00

A special episode of Film Geek Central this week as we celebrate one year on the air in style! A while back you got our Worst Films of 2009, now you'll get the best. Appropriately enough, we've saved our Best of 2009 list for the week where we celebrate one year of Film Geek goodness. But that's not all. We will also hand out the First Annual Geek's Choice Awards! These are awards not necessarily for the best actors and actresses of the year, but the ones that slip through the cracks. There are unfortunately a lot of amazing people that just won't get recognized by the Academy Awards or other other organizations. Not anymore. We will bestow our honor on the talents and personalities that made our first year so memorable. And yes, we'll do film news and our DVD Picks of the Week too. Please join us in celebrating one year of Film Geek Central as we look ahead to creating even more havoc in the year to come! Hope to see you there, Film Geeks!

 Legion, The Tooth Fairy, Extraordinary Measures, Bitch Slap, Private Lives of Pippa Lee, Bronson | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 02:00:00

Judgment Day comes to Film Geek Central! Praise the Lord and pass the ammo. LEGION has God getting fed up with humanity and sending an army of angels to wipe us off the face of the earth. Paul Bettany plays a fallen angel (packing some serious heat to boot) who tries to stop the extermination by defending a woman who may be holding the next messiah. THE TOOTH FAIRY is The Rock's latest trip to kiddie land. In this one, he plays a selfish hockey player who is ordered to serve time as the Tooth Fairy. Julie Andrews co-stars, we don't know why. EXTRAORDINARY MEASURES has Brendan Fraser looking for any means necessary to save his child from a debilitating illness. This causes him to hook up with a fringe medical researcher (Harrison Ford) who is on the verge of a major discovery. BITCH SLAP is certainly the most eye-grabbing and appropriate title of any film so far this year. Sex and violence reign supreme as a trio of sultry women try to discover the whereabouts of a cache of stolen diamonds. THE PRIVATE LIVES OF PIPPA LEE stars Robin Wright Penn as a woman who re-examines her life as her older husband nears the end of his life. Alan Arkin, Winona Ryder and Keanu Reeves co-star. Finally, BRONSON is an avant garde look at a criminal who finds his life taken over by his alter-ego. This British film has already become a major cult item in it's homeland. All of this plus film news and our DVD Picks of the Week! Hope to see you there, Film Geeks!

 The Book of Eli, Lovely Bones, The Spy Next Door, C Me Dance Revisited | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:30:00

Something for everyone this week on Film Geek Central. THE BOOK OF ELI is being tauted as a post-apocalyptic actioner along the same lengths as MAD MAX by way of TOJIMBO. But coming from the Hughes Brothers, the reality is far different. Denzel Washington, Gary Oldman, Mila Kunis and Tom Waits star in this action film/parable. THE LOVELY BONES was a fantastic book and now it's a motion picture from none other than Peter Jackson. It is the story of a 14 year old girl who is abducted and murdered in the 1970s. In the years following her death, her family and friends slowly disintegrate over the strain. Meanwhile, she looks on from her place in a place just shy of Heaven. THE SPY NEXT DOOR makes our blood curdle. This Jackie Chan comedy made #2 on Scott's Least Awaited Films of 2010 list. So, this family comedy which finds Chan exactly where Vin Diesel, Arnold Schwarzenegger and the Rock have found themselves before is sure to be a brutal experience. Billy Ray Cyrus and George Lopez are also in this, surprise surprise. Also, after almost a year of Scott proclaiming it as one of the worst films ever released to theaters, Austin finally weighs in with his opinion of the unintentionally hilarious faith-based film C ME DANCE. All this plus film news and our DVD Picks of the Week. Hope to see you there, Film Geeks!


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