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Summary: The weird, the wacky and the outright amazing experience of living in Korea brought to you weekly by hosts Joe McPherson ( and Jennifer Young (Seoul Survivors), along with panelists who pontificate, praise and sigh about Korean news, society and daily adventures. You think you know Asia? Wait'll you meet Korea.

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 Why Seoul and Gyeonggi’s COVID-19 Order is a Big Deal | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Really quickly. There were some COVID-19 clusters related to factories with overcrowded dorms that happened to have a lot of migrant workers. Frustrated that despite the COVID number not going down in Seoul and Gyeonggi Province, and not being able to legally or politically do much about the clusters occurring at churches, saunas, and multi-purpose […]

 No Payouts for Registered Foreign Residents | File Type: application/rss+xml; charset=utf-8 | Duration: Unknown

COVID-19 Updates | Risk vs. Uncertainty | Mandatory quarantine for all travelers | Foreigners violating quarantines | Petition to include foreign residents in COVID-19 relief

 SeoulPodcast #145: This Kimchi Smells Like a F@$%ing Flower Shop | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:23:39

TweetFollow us on Facebook and Twitter YouTube NEWS Adultery No Longer A Crime (In Korea)! Shares of South Korean contraceptive makers surge after court scraps adultery ban Many married men have sexual affairs   Murder-suicide shows the anguish of Lunar New Year holiday season : National : Home   Another one–Gunman kills three and takes own life in Korea – The Korea Observer Baby KARA member Sojin found dead – Ya Korea   How to make suicide more selfish? Take your kids with you Family of five discovered dead en route to holidays, suicide suspected   South Koreans Are on a Debt Binge – WSJ   CCTV on Han River Helps Save Suicides   Facebook Will Now Reach Out To Users Who Their Friends Think Are Suicidal   ‘Jeonse’ prices surge in Seoul metropolitan areas   THINGS THAT MAKE YOU GO WHAA? Like some horror movie! Check out this vid.   North Korea bans foreigners from (“international”) marathon race over Ebola concerns   Free taxi, anyone? Uber Korea turns off UberX fare against Seoul’s banning policy   Reminds me of the zombie saying, “Send more paramedics. Send more BRAINS!” Foreign firms asked to invest more Of course–McDonald’s Introduces Honey Butter French Fries in South Korea   Samsung thinks there are not enough Galaxy s6 rumors : starts their own Say NAY to horse abuse–Police chasing horse abuser in Gyeongju, South Korea   Oh geez–Birdman’s kimchi line stirs debate in Korea   Singer accused of illegal movie downloads Korea. The fap stops here–11 Explicit Dance Moves That Are Banned By The Korean Government   It seems like yesterday when this product was manufactured–Wonder Girls celebrate their 8th anniversary   Move to introduce low-price cigarettes faces criticism

 SeoulPodcast #144: IKEA Pencils on eBay | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:47:53

TweetPANELIST Kyla Mitsunaga (kylakyla) MAIN TOPIC 20 Things to Do in Seoul During the 2015 Lunar New Year, Seollal (설날)   Opinions on this list? The 25 Best Films of The South Korean New Wave NEWS Former Korean Air Executive Found Guilty Over ‘Nut Rage’ Incident   ‘Nut rage’ prompts South Korea to consider law against high-handed conduct | Reuters   ‘Heather Cho still has no sense of guilt’   A Korean Air jet crashed into another plane at an airport but took off anyway – Yahoo Finance   100-car pileup kills 2, injures 65 Korea Traffic Fatalities OECD #1 for Second Year – 10 Magazine Korea 11 rescued from gym collapse     THINGS THAT MAKE YOU GO WHAA?   Big glass door falls at Lotte World Mall   Creative Economy: Outlaw foreign product until we make our own–Seoul to launch premium taxi service to take on Uber   Again targeting foreign companies–South Korea’s Fair Trade Commission Considering Qualcomm Probe – WSJ Costco onions and now this–Two years’ worth of free pencils swiped from Korea’s first ever IKEA in just two months   Seoul’s Line 9 A “War Zone” During Rush Hours   Controversial Ad Highlights Korea’s Minimum Wage Issue   Korean schools to start anti-ISIS lessons – The Korea Times   Funnily, 8 in 10 international campaigns are for Koreans as well–8 in 10 international school students are Korean   For poorly managing non-Korean students–Four universities face recruitment ban Great read–Fresh Off the Boat, and Being Your Own Self   Incheon Int’l Airport named world’s best for 10th consecutive year   Illegal Chinese Tour Guides Cause Friction in South Korea | The Diplomat   Zookeeper dies after being mauled by lion   EXPAT COMMUNITY “If she hadn’t won the award, she would have faced heavier punishment” Teacher fined for bullying mixed-race student Korean Americans transforming the food scene in central Seoul – The Washington Post

 SeoulPodcast #143: Some Critical Failures | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:21:18

TweetFollow us on Facebook and Twitter GUEST HOST Robert Bevan NEWS Ex-spy chief jailed for election meddling … What a sleazebag! Does PGH know anyone decent? PM nominee on defensive   PyeongChang organizers still in discord with three years to go PyeongChang struggles with wind in ski jumping … Seoul pushing to convey DMZ park plan to North   THINGS THAT MAKE YOU GO WHAA? North Korea Downplays Lack of ‘Flashy Lights’ – Korea Real Time – WSJ   FTC vindictive against foreign firms Uber calls on Seoul to set up registration system for Uber drivers … Uber still at odds with S. Korea as its proposal backfires …   On South Koreans’ Online Shopping List: Illegal Drugs – Korea Real Time – WSJ     Regular people are this gov’t’s priority– Gov’t mulls various ways to vitalize golf on cue from president     Foreign companies, you’re not welcome here–FTC resumes review on Microsoft-Nokia merger   Considering how much they control suppliers–Home plus, Tesco’s Korean brand, sells fake Nike shoes   The Economist wins W100 million copyright infringement suit   Samsung mired in eavesdropping TV controversy   President calls for proactive measures to boost fertility rate …   Cigarette sales tumble Baker sells “Dokdo bread” …   Men mocking Sewol ferry sinking victims using fish snack detained …   Taxi drivers to lose license for refusing passengers Taxi driver dies after getting into brawl with passenger … Lots of psychology in this–Cultural pride key to attracting tourists I so agree with this–Roboseyo: Six “It...

 SeoulPodcast #142: Anyone Can Act in Samsung Ads | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 0:00:01

TweetFollow us on Facebook and Twitter Find us on Stitcher PANELISTS Susan Morgan (Actor, Director) NEWS Seoul under fire over response to Fukushima radiation   Took a while for the CJ CEO to get “medical leave”   Fascinating details–North Korea’s Crystal Meth Problem   K Pop Cram schools I guess it’s safe now–Kim Jong-un inspects construction site for ski resort   Like S Korea but without the word “hub”–North Korea Hopes to Attract 5,000 Customers A Day at New Ski Resort   Don’t open the crate labeled 9906753–Prosecution visits national archives to search for transcript   SeoulPodcast 9906753   THINGS THAT MAKE YOU GO WHAA? Why Is This Samsung Ad So Terrible?   Let’s promote Korean… Milk?   Namyang Dairy asks police to investigate ‘frog formula’ incident   Twenty hurt at LG event as promotional stunt goes wrong   “Fortunately, the U.S. court didn’t accept the plaintiff’s racial discrimination charges.”–Why “fortunately?”   Because miniskirts are for winter only–South Korean women wear ‘refrigerator pants’ to beat the heat   Gmarket aims to lead mobile shopping business   Again, we have the most advanced highways. Too bad the content is more like Tin Lizzies   So…freaking angry right now…I want to Hulk out at Google Korea – Seoul Eats   Schools caught running CCTV in violation of rules   KAIST Professors Criticize English-only Lecture Policy  

 SeoulPodcast #141: Spotted Dick in a Box | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 0:00:01

TweetPANELISTS Elaine Ayo (Yonhap News) Susan Morgan (Director, “The Wizard of Oz”) Liang Qu (Dorothy, “The Wizard of Oz”) TICKETS “Wizard of Oz” MAIN TOPIC Hansik globalization project ‘utter failure’ Sperm counts when eating traditional Korean food vs. hamburgers Why Korea Sucks At Marketing Itself How Not to Promote Korean Food   NEWS Dennis Rodman announces KimJongUn’s new daughter   Additional details on Yoon Chang-joong scandal emerge Park to tighten entourage discipline- They get chaperones–Ethics team to accompany Park on overseas trips-   S. Korea reports first suspected death by killer tick On the mainland – – Korea gripped by tick virus scare   “Over the last four years, a total of 215 people were infected with the fatal bacterium in Korea”   THINGS THAT MAKE YOU GO WHAA? Funnily enough, this is controversial– Lawmaker Wants To Ban Sex for Favors In South Korea   SATs cancelled AGAIN Seoul education office steps up fight against U.S. SAT cheaters   Ooh– One-time users of pirated software ordered to pay full compensation   Koreans More Racist Than Chinese and Japanese The Cartography of Bullshit   And we missed it– Penis Removal Week   Hey dude, move the fuck out. Ur too old to live w ur mom–Ilbe user trashes house because mom didn’t cook him food Girl’s astoundingly naive– Ga-In didn’t think the fish cake scene in ‘Gentleman’ was meant to be sexual EXPAT COMMUNITY Douchebag Waygukin of the Week–American English teacher robs convenience store, heads to a casino     TIME WASTERS Going straight to hell   PLUGS Premium Subscription   Toast to Absent Friends   ESL Planet Recruiting Fan us on Facebook Anticipating Chosun Jen’s Teaching Tips Twitter: Elaine Ayo – @eieayo @zenkimchi @kingsejong @staffordnetnz

 SeoulPodcast #140: Do Me a Solid | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 0:00:01

TweetFollow us on Facebook and Twitter Find us on Stitcher PANELISTS Jessica Adel (Seoul Players, Seoul Shakespeare Company) Jesse Watt (EBS) Charles Montgomery (Korean Modern Literature in Translation)   NEWS Kenneth Bae Is No ‘Bargaining Chip,’ North Korea Says – From Clinton to Carter to… Rodman? Dennis Rodman says heading back to North Korea Int’l hacking group claims to have attacked N. Korean Web sites N. Korea replaces hawkish armed forces minister @YonhapNews WTF?–South Korean Newspaper May Have Just Printed the Worst Photoshop Ever Park tells Obama they share ‘blessed’ names U.S. extends visa waiver program for S. Korea Park sacks spokesman Yoon for sexual harrassment Some more info– Blue House Spokesman Sacked, Suspected of Sexual Assault in U.S. Another bad Photoshop–or a great one! Fired Aide to South Korean Leader Denies Improper Conduct And he gets sleazier– Dismissed presidential spokesman admits to groping woman during Cheong Wa Dae investigation “At the time, we could not tell the truth.” SKorea sexual assault fiasco: Attacks on the victim and an SNL parody   Japan WWII ‘comfort women’ were ‘necessary’ – Hashimoto Pyeongchang 2018 Winter Olympics Official Logo Released South Korean Olympic logo is ‘risk-y business – NY Daily News   THINGS THAT MAKE YOU GO WHAA? GUV’MENT AND JUSTICE Police investigates 악플러s (internet commenters who leave abusive comments) against “Little Psy” – includes racial abuse   Gmail users are communists   WTF– Police criticized for waiting an hour and WATCHING during a sexual assault   South Korea Seeks Arrest of Podcaster Choo Chin-woo   Effed up– Father of school bullying victim pleas to delinquents with gifts “Please don’t hurt my child”   NAUGHTY CHAEBOL Suicide of Saleswoman Prompts Boycott of Lotte Conglomerate Foul language and brutual sales tactics lead to anti-Namyang Yutong (dairy company) campaign Namyang’s Spilt Milk Namyang apology doesn’t go down well Food makers toughen sales rules   Samsung responsible for recent hydrofluoric acid leak: gov’t DOH– Samsung executive apologizes for gaffe   Five killed in furnace gas leak at steel plant Food makers frown at Lotte’s copycat behavior   A LITTLE HYPER-NATIONALISM DOESN’T HURT ANYBODY What geographic features are there on Dokdo? Hangeul Museum to open next year

 SeoulPodcast #139: Miss Plastic Surgery Korea 2013 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 0:00:01

TweetFollow us on Facebook and Twitter Find us on Stitcher PANELIST Andy Tebay (Kojects) MAIN TOPIC Korean Solution to Electric Power Supply for Public Transport Here are the miss korea 2013 contestants. – Imgur Miss Korea 2013 contestants–in an animated GIF Korea’s plastic surgery mayhem is finally converging on the same face. For those who thought those identical beauty contestants was makeup and not surgery… from   The comments– Foreign media outlets poke fun at Miss Korea contestants Hyun named ‘2013 Miss Seoul’ Netizens say she’s ugly. But no one mentions her four arms.– Kwak Ka Female stars with ‘Asian’ faces Unique/unflattering make up concepts   NEWS Korea’s National Treasure No. 1, Restored – Korea Real Time – WSJ Restored Sungnyemun set to reopen   Former NIS director called in for questioning Prosecutors Raid South Korean Spy Agency – Remaining South Korean Managers Leave Plant in North – and   Oh, for fuck’s sake, Abe…   Include traffic control in there, and we’re talkin’–Park renews call for strict rule of law | YONHAP NEWS   Opening of Everline   THINGS THAT MAKE YOU GO WHAA? Koreans Arrested for Using Spa as a Front for Prostitution in Alabama   Now that’s a stat: “One-fifth of men in their 20s buy sex at least four times a month”   And then there’s Samsung…   Chaebol hoard earnings over economic slump   Flight attendants top list for most emotional labor   Alternative public holidays–Give me a break When Prof wants to cancel your degree – YouTube A moment when professor thinks he is a God More on the professor who called his Indonesia students ‘animals’ Professor calls foreign student a ‘low animal’   LuiginaKorea: Preference v Racism.   Oh, the irony of Koreans complaining of cultural insensitivity when traveling Ewha Womans University Invaded by Swarms of Chinese Tourists Another Korean, another offensive coffee receipt Oh Hell No: Blackface in Asian American fraternity video Netizens catch JYP photoshopping 2PM’s Tokyo Dome photos? Funny (but Kind of Perverted?) Things Korean Kids Do!   Chinese media, “The reason Korean actors are preferred is because they have a cheap guarantee” Gagman Jung Bum Kyun saves a man about to commit suicide   Watch The Tonight Show with Jay Leno: Robert Downey Jr.’s Gangnam Style online | Free | Hulu Hyundai introduces flying car to deal with congested cities   EXPAT COMMUNITY Two-year-old girl from Seoul gets brand-new windpipe made from her own stem cells   Fundraising for seriously ill foreign teacher in Gwangju   Bring your pimp when apartment hunting–The Ap...

 SeoulPodcast #138: A True Whack Job | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 0:00:01

TweetThanks to Ian Henderson for the title idea. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter Find us on Stitcher PANELISTS Noe Alonzo – RokOn Doddie Householder – A Box of Jalapenos MAIN TOPIC BigHominid’s Hairy Chasms: meeting ZenKimchi’s Joe McPherson   NEWS So that reefed Chinese fishing vessel was really a cover for endangered species poaching. Good one, China. Psy “Gentleman” – Kpop Music Mondays – Eat Your Kimchi “Gentleman” may beat “Gangnam Style’s” records? Panty shot in Psy’s ‘Gentleman’? South Korean TV Network Bans Psy’s Video Psy’s cone kicking ushers in end of world PSY’s new single ‘Gentleman’ continues record run   South Korean Police Say Spy Service Tried to Influence Election – Police whistleblower claims whitewash in election probe-The Korea Herald   Int’l hacking group claims cyber-attack on Korean bank   THINGS THAT MAKE YOU GO WHAA? Samsung has not denied the incident, calling it “unfortunate” and saying that it was due to insufficient understanding of the company’s principles.   POSCO exec unhappy with ramen, smacks flight attendant with magazine   Alternative holiday may be available “It is clear that an increased number of holidays with the introduction of alternative holiday system will damage competitiveness of our companies severely,” said the Korea Employers Federation in a statement. The Body Language of Bill Gates That time of year again–MBC hit piece on foreign English teachers 2013 More on the MBC report   South Korean Anti-Discrimination Law Faces Conservative Pushback · Global Voices Anti-American types set fire to English hagwon in Daegu   Okay, we’re done here–Korean Teacher Beats Up Student, Then Masturbates in Hallway – koreaBANG Boggi Milano in Korea. Unfortunately can sound like something else in Korean. Break out your guyliner–10% of Korean Men Wear Makeup   Netizen reaction to men wearing makeup   Lingerie bars illegal: court | The Marmot’s Hole   Gender ministry pledges to fight sex tourism   Jeju theme park ordered to return dolphins to sea. Most died before this decision. Chris Golightly posts a suicide note?   Safety Issues on Shinbundang Line   Next Korean Wave: Post-Pregnancy Care Centers? 9 Wonderfully Bonkers Moments In G-Dragon’s New Video “미치GO M/V” is more proof that no one makes better (or weirder) videos than G-Dragon. .. PLUGS Premium Subscription   Toast to Absent Friends   ESL Planet Recruiting Fan us on Facebook Anticipating Chosun Jen’s Teaching Tips Twitter: @noealz1  @zenkimchi  @kingsejong  @staffordnetnz  @jenniferteacher

 SeoulPodcast #137: HTTPS | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 0:00:01

TweetFollow us on Facebook and Twitter Find us on Stitcher NEWS Hackers take over North Korea’s Twitter and Flickr accounts? Anonymous hack of N. Korea sites entertains conservative press | The Marmot’s Hole Picture of the Day: International Hacking Competition In Korea   Embassy staff in N Korea ignore warning   KCNA advises foreigners in South Korea to have evacuation plans | The Marmot’s Hole Using NK as an excuse to pull a midnight runner one month into your contract #classy   Stafford on The Voice of Russia Andrei Lankov does an editorial in NYT   Note to North Korea: Nobody likes a cock tease The hidden surfing paradise of North Korea   THINGS THAT MAKE YOU GO WHAA? Despite North, S Korea tourism at record high ‘Extreme’ Hagwon Adverts Start Korean Education Debate   Asiana flight attendants win fight to wear trousers Hotel guests give Busan residents a show au naturel   “It’s not like the ‘Infinity Challenge’ members are popular overseas.. How are foreigners even going to find Psy amidst all those people”   Making a celeb comeback? Tell the media of your suicide attempt #pathetic EXPAT COMMUNITY And Gord has left the country   Breaking Bad Korea? | The Marmot’s Hole [feedly] Foriegn Guys Dating Korean Girls – Crazy, Fascinating & Wild Gusts Of Popular Feeling: For JTBC, consensual sex between white men and Korean women is a “sex crime”     TIME WASTERS Amazing musician playing Jimi Hendrix on the Gayageum (Korean instrument) [youtube][/youtube] 31 Crazy Before And After Photos Of Korean Plastic Surgery PLUGS Premium Subscription   Toast to Absent Friends   ESL Planet Recruiting Fan us on Facebook Anticipating Chosun Jen’s Teaching Tips   Twitter:  @zenkimchi  @kingsejong  @staffordnetnz  @jenniferteacher

 SeoulPodcast #136: Pissed about Pissy Beer | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:53:16

TweetFollow us on Facebook and Twitter Find us on Stitcher PANELISTS Steve Miller, Qi Ranger Noe Alonzo, ROK On MAIN TOPIC KMK: Updated E-2 Visa CBC | Kiss My Kimchi SeoulPodcast conspiracy theories on Dave’s 10 Random Living in Korea and Korea Travel Tips   NEWS THE ELECTION Oh, so Bush-era–Park fails to impress voters at ‘solo’ debate Curious and drunk excuses abound–36 nabbed for vandalizing campaign banners, posters The Lee Jeong-hee show My favorite part–Korea’s Presidential Election – Part V: The Minor Candidates Queens father subway shove slay suspect confesses – THINGS THAT MAKE YOU GO WHAA? Chinese Communist Party Eats An Onion South Korean, Chinese papers fall for The Onion’s Kim Jong Un spoof | GlobalPost South Korea Drops Whaling Plans – Korea Real Time – WSJ Monument built in U.S. to commemorate suffering of ‘comfort women’ | YONHAP NEWS Major overhaul in sex crime laws But it’s still law that you can–You cannot rape your wife Korean-American Prostitution Rings Exposed in New York Costco Decides To Close Stores Twice A Month In Korea As South Korea Tackles Drinking Culture, Samsung Sets Guidelines – Korea Real Time – WSJ North Korean Beer Better Than South Korean Beer, Netizens Agree Yea, low birth rate–Elderly Hikers Turn Blind Eye to Pregnant Woman in Subway TECH Yahoo! Ends Operations In Korea This May Be The Best Tech Ad Of The Year [youtube][/youtube] ENTERTAINMENT Psy – Who Should Be TIME’s Person of the Year 2012? – TIME Bill O’Reilly Dissects “Gangnam Style” Washington, DC is Dreaming of a PSY Christmas | MTV K See, competition is a good thing   TIME WASTERS Metal Gangnam Style [youtube][/youtube] Gangnam Style Christmas Lights [youtube][/youtube] PLUGS Premium Subscription Toast to Absent Friends ESL Planet Recruiting Fan us on Facebook Anticipating Chosun Jen’s Teaching Tips Twitter: @qiranger @noealz @zenkimchi @kingsejong @chosunbimbo @jenniferteacher

 SeoulPodcast #135: Shameless Gangnam Style SEO Tactic | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 0:00:01

Follow us on Facebook and Twitter Find us on Stitcher Will the Korean Pop Culture Boom Have Legs? – Speakeasy – WSJ NEWS Korean assaulted by white kids in Australia, gets finger cut off Another Korean attacked in Australia, Yonhap decries gov’t, police response » Korean Students Rob Beijing Convenience Store, Charges Aren’t Pressed Beijing Cream Lone Star Funds Commences Investor-State Dispute v. Gov’t of Korea   THINGS THAT MAKE YOU GO WHAA? South Korean Man Given Suspended Sentence for Twitter Posts Ahn Cheol-soo Withdraws Candidacy in South Korea – NSFL–Satirical painting of Park Geun-hye causes a row Large Retailers In Korea Can Now Be Closed for Up To 3 Days A Month “10. International students at a graduate school in Seoul were able to receive falsified chemistry degrees…” Psy Gangnam Style Bobble Head Why Korean Taxi Drivers Might Refuse to Take You! This year’s top contender for most offensive xenophobic anti-native speaking English teacher rant   TIME WASTERS App of the week The Huge Ackman is back–Picture of the Day: Hugh Jackman Back In Korea AWESOME!!–“The Ring” style prank doesn’t work out so well on Korean girl 22 People Sticking It To The Man One we talked about earlier is #5–The Top 5 Corporate Twitter Disasters of 2012 PLUGS Premium Subscription Toast to Absent Friends ESL Planet Recruiting Fan us on Facebook Anticipating Chosun, Korean Royal With Cheese Jen’s Teaching Tips Twitter: @zenkimchi @kingsejong @staffordnetnz @jenniferteacher

 SeoulPodcast #134: Dokdo Uri DOH! | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:34:00

Olympics highs and DOHS, Lee Myung-bak on Dokdo, Gangnam Style, and an appearance by Jian

 SeoulPodcast #133: Full of Indigenous Primitive Energy | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:14:58

Korean Air's Kenya promotion FAIL, 'Foreigners Soon Fall Prey to Korea's Heavy Drinking Culture,' A novel way to save energy--or not


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