TubeNooBs, a NoobToob podcast. show

TubeNooBs, a NoobToob podcast.

Summary: TubeNooBs is an affiliate of NoobToob. We are an entertainment podcast that generally covers television and movies both new and old. We are primarily targeted towards the community culture of NoobToob (a video game podcast) but are accessible by audiences worldwide.


 Episode 3: BatPanel “The Dark Knight” | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Hello everybody, TubeNooBs has been gone for a while, we took a break from the summer television shows in order to watch some of these huge summer blockbusters…and what bigger summer movie than “The Dark Knight”? TubeNooBs has dedicated an entire two hours to the biggest (and most hyped) movie of the year! We’ve done […]

 Episode 2: I Survived An ABC Game Show…Barely. | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Hey everybody, Episode 2 of TubeNooBs is here, and we hope you enjoy it. We fixed all of our problems and had no lost footage or disconnects! Hosts for this week are Demiveeman, ajconst, MBG Diesel, and Kelenae. Direct Link: Show Schedule: Intro – Demiveeman (00:33) What We’ve Been Watching (06:06) NoobToob Movie Night […]

 Episode 1: Summer Television Extravaganza | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

The first episode is here….despite microphone, connection, AND recording issues…its finished. Hosts for this week are ajconst, Kelenae, Demiveeman, MixedUpZombies, and MBG DIESEL) TubeNooBs is a brand-new Entertainment podcast for NoobToobers by NoobToobers. Please be forewarned that the first two episodes will be VERY long because we are covering a huge list of stuff before […]


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