MacIDOL Blues Radio show

MacIDOL Blues Radio

Summary: Part broadcast, part blog, a podcast is Radio-On-Demand, and B and Massa's show, Blues Radio, is a weekly roundup of everything that's Idol-licious here at MacIDOL. While this podcast does occassionally feature R&B music, delta and Chicago blues, it's not about ""the blues"" as such. It's intrended to be like the rural radio station in the deep south in the early days of popular music - a showcase of music by ordinary people from the local community, regardless of genre. So, before there was Hip Hop sampling Bessy, before Chuck Berry played his trademark guitar licks, before Ella sang the blues and before ""Bird"" bee-bopped his horn, ordinary folk, with limited musical training, made the music that is at the heart of nearly all popular music today. Now, while record labels have tried to steal music from the people and sell it back to them at inflated prices, the internet, cheap recording technology like Apple Computer's Garage Band, and a brace of dedicated amateur musicians have liberated music. That is Blues Radio.