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Meditation - Overcoming Stress & Illness Podcast

Summary: "Be Still and Know" is a guided meditation technique developed by Roy Masters for effortlessly overcoming root causes of stress and illness. In use for over fourty-five years, this simple guided meditation technique has helped generations free themselves from: Abuse, Anger, Addiction, Bipolar, Depression, Smoking, Self-doubt and more.

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  • Artist: Roy Masters
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 Meditation and Concentration: Is Concentrating Beneficial? | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Podcast Here (Clip from episodes: K3699) This podcast is brought to you by the Foundation of Human Understanding: Wondering what the difference is between meditation and concentration? Could over-focusing and concentrating too hard counteract the positive benefits of meditation? On this free meditation podcast, Monty reports a painful pressure in his sinuses when he meditates. Meditation expert Roy Masters knew immediately what the problem was and fills Monty in on the proper way to meditate. Unlike many meditations being taught and practiced today, Roy Masters does not promote a heavy concentration-based exercise. His exercise is a free guided meditation called "Be Still and Know." “You are taking a journey to your true self, and it is a little painful, because you have to undo a whole lifetime of conditioning of who you are.” If you are having difficulty concentrating in a productive way, listen to this podcast now! Quotes regarding meditation and concentration from Roy Masters’ books: “Concentration is the way you produce hypnosis; but observation is the way you produce meditation; Observation is the 'opposite' of concentration and is the way you free a fixated attention. If you concentrate hard enough, you will become hypnotized; but if you can observe gently, you will wake up. A continuous process of observing self leads one out of the hypnotic state we all live in towards a source of knowing called understanding. “Understanding is to meditation as knowledge is to hypnotism.” - The Hypnosis of Life “True awareness is a healthy, observing attitude that protects from all dangers. But in your subjective state of preoccupation with worry and ambition, you have fallen into ridiculous predicaments. You have had accidents and become involved with the wrong people. Frightened and realizing your need for greater awareness, you may have even tried to force awareness. You began by making sure you did not repeat the same mistakes. Unfortunately, this procedure leads to a limited, subjective state of mind. You become so suspiciously aware, so preoccupied with each incident that you tend to make even more mistakes than you otherwise would—and you are even more mystified by them in view of the fact that you are trying so hard. For example, while at the beach you cut your foot on a piece of glass. The next time you are there, you are more cautious, ever conscious of the potential danger of glass lying half-hidden in the sand. You are so preoccupied with the fear of that possible danger that you fail to see a volleyball coming straight at you. The next time at the beach you are so worried about glass and volleyballs that you do not even see the dog that bites you after you have tripped over him. This type of forced awareness, which results from concentration and self-effort, is really a diminishing awareness, increasingly preoccupied with more and more things and circumstances.You are taking in too much knowledge unbuffered by understanding.” - How to Conquer Negative Emotions “Be careful not to concentrate so hard, with so much emotional investment that you make a god of learning and intellectual achievement. If you feel driven to learn you may be using the acquisition of knowledge as an escape from the more important reality considerations with which you should be concerning yourself. Remember that anything you use as an escape corrupts and creates an addiction to the source of corruption, whatever it might be.” - Surviving the Comfort Zone “When you concentrate, or fixate away from Reality, toward goals and pleasures, you temporarily forget the condemnation of conscience and the ultimate penalty of death. Instead, you feel the stirrings of a new self-righteous, earthy creature life. You trade your true and eternal life for a selfish ego life.” - Surviving the Comfort Zone LISTEN:

 Meditation for Children | Should Kids Meditate? | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Podcast Here (Clips from episodes: K4647 and K4755) This podcast is brought to you by the Foundation of Human Understanding: Have you benefited from guided meditation? Curious if meditation is right for your child or children? Wondering when and how to introduce meditation to your kids? On this free podcast, Mitch is wondering what age is appropriate to introduce meditation to his children. Meditation expert Roy Masters discusses with him the importance of not pushing meditation on your children. Being a good example, especially as a father, provides a natural form of meditation for children. At a certain age, some children may ask how to meditate. Marco, a ten-year-old boy, provides a special testimonial for the Be Still and Know meditation. If it wasn't for the free guided meditation, he would still be dealing the destructive anger and trauma he's suffered with since was six. Quotes regarding children and meditation from Roy Masters’ books: The salvation of your children and family depends on two things: 1) your standing firm on principle, making principle unmistakably clear and 2) their choosing to stand with you on the side of principle, it having been made clear to them. The choice must be theirs alone, for God wants volunteers, not conscripts; that is why you must get your own will in the matter out of the way. - Adam & Eve Sindrome The true authority is within; those who are truly linked to that authority in themselves understand the very delicate process of slowly introducing their children to their own centers of dignity. If you have such authority in yourself— that is, if you have abandoned your ego life—your offspring can follow any suggestion from you without any danger whatsoever of becoming conditioned to an authority outside themselves, for the love coming through you is in concert with the understanding of life in them. - How to Conquer Negative Emotions “Don’t coerce people to accept you or your beliefs. You have no responsibility but to express the Truth. By doing so, you provide an example that stands in sharp contrast to evil. Be patient; let people make their own commitments.” - How to Conquer Negative Emotions LISTEN: ----- If you suffer deeply from the effects of stress, fear and pain, we recommend Roy Masters’ special meditation and advice audio pack: Overcoming Stress Fear and Pain.

 Learn Meditation | How to Benefit from Meditation Exercises | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Podcast Here (Clip from episodes: K3673 and K4481) This podcast is brought to you by the Foundation of Human Understanding: Are you looking to learn how to meditate? Have you attempted meditation before, only to find yourself struggling with it? Do you find yourself getting frustrated while attempting a meditative state? Are you wondering how meditation can benefit you? On this episode of the Meditation – Overcoming Stress and Illness Podcast, Thomas discusses getting hung up "trying" to meditate properly. Radio counselor Roy Masters explains how struggling with meditation can undermine any positive results that are possible through the meditation exercise. Being that the Be Still & Know guided meditation is designed to point one away from emotional effort, one must learn not to struggle with the exercise. Roy also hears from Rick who describes the benefits of meditation he has experienced. By using the free guided meditation to separate from his thoughts, Rick has been able to overcome symptoms brought on by agoraphobia, such as panic attacks and paranoia. Roy explains how to maintain all the benefits that meditation helps bring you to. Quotes regarding learning meditation and its benefits from Roy Masters’ books: “Meditation... is the vital key to understanding everything. Without the objective state of meditation, your real self is not free from its involvement in the mind-stuff with its hodgepodge of prejudice and sin, education and cultural conditioning.” - The Secret Power of Words “The correct technique of meditation facilitates the process of bringing you up and out of the old system of responding into the new state of functioning from realizing. The Truth indeed awakens and sets you free from responding like a zombie in a dream world.” - How to Conquer Suffering Without Doctors “Love and courage are not qualities we can bestow on ourselves. At most, we can only long to be graced with them, to hunger and thirst after righteousness; and (correct) meditation is the way the sincere seeker of Truth has always employed to express his commitment to Good.” - Understanding Sexuality “Needless to say, the meditation exercise I have recommended will enable you to sift the natural from the unnatural, as well as enable you to realize the lie (hypnotic suggestion) from the Truth.” - How to Conquer Suffering Without Doctors “Only the process of meditation, entered into with the right intent, can lead the student to the rediscovery of these truths for himself and gently clear the way for the action of grace that can transform him.” - Understanding Sexuality “Your meditation is the way to the Life and the Truth; it involves two important antihypnotic and antimagnetic phases, one rising out of the other. Believe and follow what is revealed, and you complete a cycle; you establish a permanent relationship with the indwelling God, and nothing can ever pull you away again. Being 'hooked' here means being saved.” - How to Conquer Suffering Without Doctors LISTEN: ----- If you suffer deeply from the effects of stress, fear and pain, we recommend Roy Masters’ special meditation and advice audio pack: Overcoming Stress Fear and Pain.

 Meditation and Imagination | Overactive Imaginations | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Podcast Here Do you have an overactive imagination? Do you use your imagination to escape pain? Is the difference between fantasy and reality sometimes difficult to determine? On this podcast episode, Sharon brings up that she has been meditating regularly for over a year, and is concerned that it may be hypnotic. Radio counselor Roy Masters spells out how to know if you are hypnotized by meditation. Though she may not be hypnotized by meditation, Sharon is addicted to creating elaborate stories in her mind. Roy discusses how getting lost in your imagination through preplanning, and fantasy is really the misuse of a God-given talent. A second caller, June, is wondering if what she is envisioning during meditation is a product of her overactive imagination. At one point in the free guided meditation, Roy says, “You can almost see an outline of your hand, through your mind’s eye.” When meditating, June says that here hand doesn’t look like her own. Roy explains how becoming objective and aware lead you to see things differently. (Clip from episodes: K3537 and K4485) This podcast is brought to you by the Foundation of Human Understanding: Quotes regarding imagination from Roy Masters’ books : “The meditation is the science of starting a similar stimulation from the other side of the psyche. It is a science of diminishing response to temptation, persons or things. By eliminating the response to outer stimulation, we starve the roots of unfounded fears and dissolve the faulty imagination, opening up a whole new world of understanding. Then, and only then, do we begin to see reality.” - How Your Mind Can Keep You Well “Your imaginative mind is a computer. You are not supposed to live inside your computer; otherwise, you lose control over the input. Lost in your imagination, your computer is overshadowed by other forces suggesting exciting lies and ideas to you. You are no longer creating in a godly sense, but in a prideful and tragic sense.” - Adam and Eve Sindrome “Since childhood, your mind has been lost in your imagination, just as Alice lost herself in Wonderland. You have probably confused fixation and fascination with true concentration and meditation. You have been so involved with fascinating things that you could not be aware enough to realize the vital difference between fascination and concentration.” - How to Conquer Negative Emotions “Seek, therefore, the true ground of being. To find it, you must be willing to give up pride, emotion, and fantasy. Imagination is the world where pride lives away from reality, where you are the only reality. That is a very dangerous place to be. When you are lost in your mind, words take on a false life and false meaning; they lie, they excite. Here you are like God, in control of everything. It seems as though you are making people serve you. But you are merely giving power to devils to excite you with lies, with words, with the knowledge of good and evil.” - Adam and Eve Sindrome ----- If you suffer deeply from the effects of stress, fear and pain, we recommend Roy Masters’ special meditation and advice pack: Overcoming Stress Fear and Pain.

 Meditation Benefits: A Testimonial | Coping With Loneliness | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Podcast Here Do you overeat or find yourself obsessing over food? Is stress, anxiety or depression holding you back? Did you know that there is a simple, meditative exercise, that when practiced daily, benefits both your physical and mental health? On this podcast episode, Mark gives a testimonial regarding the free guided meditation technique. By disconnecting emotionally from food and practicing the “Be Still and Know” daily meditation, he is happier and beginning to see the world more clearly. During their conversation, radio counselor Roy Masters reemphasizes the simplicity of this meditation. “You drop your anger, and I’ll show you how to get rid of all your illnesses and have a happy life.” Now that his life is improving immensely, Mark’s friends are not as eager to heed his advice. “I feel like I won a million dollars and no one wants any of it.” How should one cope with feelings of loneliness and isolation that often accompanies personal success? Roy Masters answers this and discusses more about the benefits of meditation in this free podcast episode. (Clip from episode: K4545) This podcast is brought to you by the Foundation of Human Understanding: Quotes regarding feelings of loneliness from Roy Masters’ books : "Of course, from the moment you undertake to live from your common sense rather than from the world's illusions, you will be engaged in a war of natures, yours and theirs, the good coming through your freedom, versus the guile coming through their vices. They will try to make you doubt your perspective in order to involve their nature with yours, but you must frustrate their purpose by remaining calm and detached. The world does not take kindly to the person who can stand alone on principle, so you will be faced with every love/hate trick in the book. Just stand your ground, with merry eyes twinkling." - Surviving the Comfort Zone “It is your own evolving consciousness that makes others aware of what they are doing to you and to themselves. They see your grace, your aloneness in the world. They see your strength, rooted in an invisible ground of being, and they are profoundly impressed.” - How to Survive Your Parents “Realize that you are not alone and that this is the reason you know what is wrong with you… Remain aware of your problem. Resist the temptation to struggle with it. Struggle indicates a lack of faith on your part, a belief that you still think you exist alone with your problem.” - How to Conquer Negative Emotions “Your honesty, becoming visible, sets you apart from disease-producing, soul-debilitating friendships. Being rejected and persecuted will awaken your need to seek comfort only from the God-source within. Your words will threaten word-sensitive egos and disturb an intellectual concept of world order in which they take comfort, and upon which they depend for survival. They will immediately try to confuse you, but even if your knees are knocking together, you must stand firm. You will feel weak and afraid, primarily because your former nature drew a great deal of confidence from being in agreement with those you now see to be your enemies. Prepare yourself, for the moment you speak up, you will break all the old bonds. When you withdraw ego-support from your ‘friends,’ they will withdraw their ego-support from you... Each new truth, openly championed, snips another subtle point of attachment and releases you from the unreasonable grip of friendships and passions.” - The Secret Power of Words “From the day you are born, you are bathed in a sea of negativity that sets you up progressively to respond to the wicked environment around you. At the beginning, you alone can perceive things as they really are, and this can make you believe that you are crazy and the world is really sane. With no one present to suggest anything that would counter the notion rising within you, the sheer mass of souls who are oblivious to their follies and wickednesses can reinforce your sin of doub

 Anxiety Meditation | Guided Meditation Testimonies | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Podcast Here Are you overwhelmed by chronic anxiety? Have anxiety therapies and treatments not cured you of your symptoms? Tired of merely coping with anxiety? Anxiety, whether temporary or long-term, has the same beginning. Most forms of anxiety disorder are caused by a deep-seated guilt that is being dealt with improperly. While there are countless meditation techniques that will help you cover up the anxiety and guilt, only one will help you expose and remove the original trauma that led to these symptoms. On this free podcast episode, you can hear from two different people who have used the free guided meditation technique to overcome stress and anxiety. Ray bought the book How To Conquer Negative Emotions at a garage sale due to anxiety he was feeling before taking a test. Nada was suffering from anxiety and called up meditation expert Roy Masters on the radio. These are only two out of thousands of testimonials that Roy hears from those who have benefited from the guided meditation. (Clip from episode: K4706 and K3694) This podcast is brought to you by the Foundation of Human Understanding: Quotes regarding anxiety and meditation from the book How To Conquer Negative Emotions by Roy Masters: "Meditation will not immediately eliminate all your reactions, but it will eliminate your reactions to the existing resentment or fear-anxiety reactions to pressure. You see, resentment produces a debilitating physical conditioning. We resent our inferiority, fear and helplessness, but this only increases the sensitivity of the flesh to stress. After you begin to meditate, you must be patient with your symptoms; learn to experience the humiliation of fear without again resenting either the source or yourself. Once you have successfully resisted this temptation, you are free to observe your other anxieties out of existence. In this way, you will deal effectively with the underlying causes of any symptom. Once you have gone through a series of anxieties like this, you will eventually conquer your conditioned response to pressure completely and feel no response whatever." “Anxiety is not a bad thing. Don’t try to cope with anxiety. Wait; let it phase back into guilt—but don’t try to do anything about guilt either. Bear it without resentment until it phases back into an understanding of what you have done wrong or what you have failed to do right.” "BE STILL…AND KNOW the pain of anxiety—fears that need to be resolved. Wait to be fulfilled through the infilling of warmth that relieves and revives. Be aware of the tension and edginess caused by resentment. Observe body aches and needs; do not stifle your aching mind and body by reaching for outside comforts. Your needs will be met by the infilling, tingling warmth of God’s grace." ----- If you suffer deeply from the effects of stress, fear and pain, we recommend Roy Masters’ special meditation and advice pack: Overcoming Stress Fear and Pain.

 Is Meditation An Anger Management Activity? | Why Meditate? | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Podcast Here Does uncontrollable anger get you into trouble? Are you looking for a free anger management activity that will free you from rage, but not set you up to be a weakened coward? Most anger management activities and techniques available online merely teach you how to cope with your own anger. While this helps conceal your inability to deal with daily pressures, it does not help uncover the root of your problem. Anger is neither a proper nor healthy reaction to stressful situations. Anger is, in fact, the loser's response. The Be Still and Know Meditation technique is a free, simple, and direct approach for overcoming anger. Proper use of this free exercise will enable you to locate and eliminate the cause of your anger and stress. In this free podcast episode, Steve is beginning to notice how angry and resentful he has been throughout his life. Host Roy Masters explains how anger, resentment and hatred are all different degrees of the same emotional reaction. This free guided meditation technique brings one to not only see these negative sensations more clearly, but allows one to keep from being pulled into the endless stream of thoughts and feelings in the first place. In time anger, rage and anxiety will subside, and you may continue to live an enjoyable and successful life, free from guilt. (Clip from episode: K3695) This podcast is brought to you by the Foundation of Human Understanding: Quotes regarding anger management from the book How Your Mind Can Keep You Well by Roy Masters: “You really ought not be annoyed inwardly or outwardly, not that you must suppress your anger. Observe your impatience, which you used as a means of getting ego-drive energy and for judging others. See the need to overlook and make allowances right at the moment, not because you have to, but because you want to.” “Animals respond to danger in one of two ways: they run, or they fight. When we become annoyed or irritated by some trivial thing and say or do nothing, we create an accumulating pressure to run (in animal ways). This is called fear, a wrong response from a human viewpoint. Because we do not know why we feel this way, we may seek to identify it with something in order to remedy it. That is why we are often afraid of many things without apparent reasons, like storms, driving a car, failure of any kind, crowds—especially crowds, because it was people who caused the anger in the beginning.” “Angry people often seem to be industrious individuals as they work off their surplus emotion on people or projects. A hostile person is not an industrious or brave person, however. All of us can accomplish much under the compulsion of fear or anger, but that accomplishment is unrewarding since the activity takes us farther away from our calm center. Its only intention is to make us look and feel right inside, but it never quite succeeds, no matter how dazzling our performance might appear to the on-looker.” “When we are upset, we repeat the same cycle of activity that originally created the fears. We could not be upset or frustrated if we had no vanity or concupiscent goals.” “From now on, just watch and observe calmly. As you recognize your anger patterns, merely observe your related weaknesses and resentments and allow them to pain you. Refrain from correcting your own faults. The stress of realizing our inability to make ourselves right will become repentance, and repentance stresses the compassion of the Father to grace us with the remedy.” ----- If you suffer deeply from the affects of anger and rage, we recommend the Overcoming Stress Fear and Pain Pack.

 Meditation and Relaxation | Is Meditation Meant to Relax? | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Podcast Here Are you easily stressed out? Wondering if meditation will help you relax? Is relaxation even a proper goal regarding meditation? Many believe that meditation and relaxation are inseparable concepts. In this free podcast episode, radio counselor Roy Masters explains that while relaxation can be a healthy side effect of meditation, one should not meditate for the comfort of feeling relaxed. Roy points out the difference between meditation and hypnosis. While the meditation technique has benefited Brad, he felt the need to call because he doesn't know how to handle the divorce from his wife who is suffering from multiple sclerosis. Roy describes possible spiritual and emotional factors that could spread multiple sclerosis; along with how one should handle a loved one inflicted with M.S. without making it worse. (Clip from episode: K4616) This podcast is brought to you by the Foundation of Human Understanding: Quotes regarding relaxation from the book How Your Mind Can Keep You Well by Roy Masters: “Be careful not to go to sleep or to do the exercise for relaxation. The procedure is only to prevent an accumulation of tension by correctly meeting life’s experiences, not to dull the effects that will follow your failure to do so.” “When we cannot give love, we need love. When we cannot understand, we need understanding. It is very frustrating, because no one has any to give us. We usually try to bring ourselves ease, relaxation and peace of mind through external or material endeavors, and that is impossible. These substitutes are not truly fulfilling, and only make us crave more of what does not fill; nothing really satisfies.” Quotes regarding relaxation from the book How to Conquer Suffering Without Doctors by Roy Masters: “Pride, like God, wills things to happen. In your pride you cannot relax your will, your effort; you cannot let go to let happen what should. There being nothing greater than you, you are alone with the problems, which cry out for decisions and judgments. And if you should finally let go, it is only because the world you have shaped draws upon you and drains you of your ignoble breath until you have no strength left with which to will things, to hold everything together, and it all comes crashing down around you. Here is panic again, panic that comes from having to face your fallibility; add to this the panic of having the terrible responsibility for what you have done.” “If you can now realize the Truth concerning your pride, you can also realize all the implications. Realizing the implications, you can relax from the error of goal setting and cure getting. Realizing that decision making is the original sin of pride should relieve your ego from the burden, the loathing of its own puny efforts. It is simply a matter of realizing that you cannot make decisions and realizing that you cannot cure the problems either. Curing sin involves effort of your pride, and effort leads to guilt because it is an ambition.”

 Benefit of Meditation | Meditation for Inferiority Complex | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Podcast Here Do you have an inferiority complex? Are people able to easily intimidate, bother or upset you? Do you want to overcome compulsive thoughts that make you feel inferior? There are many benefits of meditation, one of which is the effortless abandoning of negative emotions like inferiority. On today’s free podcast episode, Scott is calling to ask about how the Be Still and Know meditation technique can be used to overcome his feelings of inferiority. Radio host Roy Masters explains how to use this free daily meditation to face and resolve the inner pain of conscience. Only by dropping our over-indulgence in pleasure and comforts can one gain the benefit of self respect and confidence away from inferiority. “Meditation establishes a new relationship. Energy becomes available from within, so that we no longer have to wait for fear, irritation or temptation to move us. What we do, say and think is intuitively impelled and friction-free. We grow in a new way—to see more and to respond more to what we perceive. Naturally, without effort, we are impelled to do what we realize is wise and to shrink from what is unwise. In this way we come to rule our own bodies and escape from our old enslavement to pleasure and pain.” (Clip from episode: K3966) This podcast is brought to you by the Foundation of Human Understanding: Quotes regarding inferiority complex from the book How Your Mind Can Keep You Well by Roy Masters: “All of us have hidden from our weakness, which we covered up by a series of excuses, distractions and suppressions. We have built layers of distracting wrong thoughts, emotions and activities in an attempt to conceal, mask or compensate for our inner weaknesses and failings. We have built up those useless and vain ways of life through past habit patterns that are designed to mask our inferiority, our fears and our guilts. Our activities have thus been built upon false values; our habits are mechanical movements to ease the pain of living out of step.” “A person with a feeling of inferiority may seek an education in the secret hope that it will make him superior. He has rationalized that it’s a lack of knowledge that makes him feel uncomfortable around people. Although he may gain much knowledge, he still has no understanding to use that knowledge.” “We become slaves when we depend upon [a] spouse, parent or friend to give us approval. When we become aware of our bondage, we are horrified to see our ‘greatness’ turn into inferiority. Then begins the struggle to topple the balance and enslave our masters. Secretly defeated, we may falsely believe that if we give in to avoid argument we are good. We may even discover the wicked art of giving in quickly to our opponent’s demand so that he doesn’t want it any more. Generally speaking, giving in is trading true principles for peace. But he who trades in that way cannot gain real peace of mind, love or goodness. Being egocentric, we must labor for the good feelings which substitute for virtue. This illusion is the candy that spoils our appetite for what is truly good.”

 Guided Meditation for Stress Reduction | Instant Stress Relief? | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Do you feel tied down by stress? Do you long to soar through challenging situations without being stressed? Would you like to learn how to resolve past mistakes without adding more stress to your present life? There are thousands of books, CDs, and prescription medications designed to help you to “manage” stress, but the truth is managing stress is only just that. Given a little time and some special insights you can learn how to overcome stress and use it as a catalyst to develop a positive attitude, to grow and succeed in life. Stress expert and counselor Roy Masters has perfected a guided meditation technique that can be practiced anywhere, regardless of your religious or spiritual background. In this podcast episode, Randy describes the benefits of the self meditation in his life. Through the use of the “Be Still and Know” free guided meditation technique, he has been able to drop the stress and anger that was pulling him into a whirlpool of obsession. Roy explains how the meditation brings you to a state of mind in which you can trust what you know is right in your heart. Waking Up to a Burning HouseIn an attempt to overcome stress, many will distract themselves with alcohol and other addictions. Ted says that it seems his problems have gotten worse since he began to practice meditation. Roy clarifies, that instant stress relief will not automatically come about for those that have hidden “under the covers” with addictive pleasures. This guided meditation will awaken many to see that their “house has been on fire”. As your insight sharpens, do not resent the tribulations that seem to appear from out of nowhere. If you remain calm and patient daily, this stress will also dissolve and allow you to function with clear perception. (Clips from episodes: K4291 and K3928) This podcast is brought to you by the Foundation of Human Understanding: Quotes regarding stress and the meditation technique from the book How To Conquer Negative Emotions by Roy Masters: “Every time we overreact to what we call stress, we activate a traumatic turmoil within that allows the circumstance to implant suggestions and behavior patterns below the level of our consciousness. These subconscious behavior patterns grow stronger than all the efforts of our will to overcome them. Worse yet, the very struggle we wage against any unwanted behavior only strengthens its power over us." "From that point on, every painful event of childhood tends to reappear and be reinforced by the ever-present stress. In much the same way as a Vietnam veteran tends to overreact and jump behind the sofa upon hearing the backfiring of a bus, so does our implanted behavior automatically compel us to respond to look-alike and sound-alike situations.” “Meditation will not immediately eliminate all your reactions, but it will eliminate your reactions to the existing resentment or fear-anxiety reactions to pressure. You see, resentment produces a debilitating physical conditioning. We resent our inferiority, fear and helplessness, but this only increases the sensitivity of the flesh to stress. After you begin to meditate, you must be patient with your symptoms; learn to experience the humiliation of fear without again resenting either the source or yourself. Once you have successfully resisted this temptation, you are free to observe your other anxieties out of existence. In this way, you will deal effectively with the underlying causes of any symptom. Once you have gone through a series of anxieties like this, you will eventually conquer your conditioned response to pressure completely and feel no response whatever.” Podcast Here

 Free Self Meditation Technique | Buddhist Meditation Study | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Are you looking for an simple self meditation technique? Do you have difficulty controlling your own thoughts? Want to know how to override the negative influences you face daily? Today’s free podcast episode contains quick instructions on how to meditate. Tenzin Gyatso, the 14th Dalai Lama, is a world proponent of Eastern meditation. Roy Masters begins by commenting about the Dalai Lama’s cooperation with a university’s Buddhist meditation study. Can his technique and even Buddhism be dangerous? Roy then gives brief directions for using his free guided meditation technique, “Be Still and Know.” This example of self meditation for beginners can be practiced anytime and anywhere. Whether you are a beginner or a veteran with meditation, this audio lesson will provide you the means to sharpen your insight and reduce stress. (Clip from episode: K3972) This podcast is brought to you by the Foundation of Human Understanding: Quotes regarding the free guided meditation technique from the book How Your Mind Can Keep You Well by Roy Masters: “Here, then, is the age-old practice of meditation brought up-to-date, redefined as an exact science of developing the individual. Let me warn the traveler who is about to enter this dimension: you cannot gain any experience from reading this book. The meditation is basically a technique of subjection to the inner self, which we know as conscience. The understanding gained from entering into it is so profound that you will never find words to explain it to others. The effect of this inner attentiveness will change your perspective on life so radically and rapidly that within a very few days many people will be astonished at your new attitudes and insight.” “Our Creator has given us an inner conditioning process to override our animal responses under stress. Through meditation we can pattern our responses from the soil of inner reason, for the secret of controlling ‘things’ lies in the proper response to the intuitive self. The dissolving of our animal feelings of need and hate will mark the beginning of our divine love for others.” ----- In addition to free guided meditation we recommend the meditation techniques contained in the Overcoming Stress Fear and Pain Pack. My Odeo Channel (odeo/6db41e9d4b73292d) Podcast Here

 Phantom Pains: Treatment and Relief of Chronic Pain | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Bill was a terminal patient and suffered from chronic pain for sixteen years while taking large doses of pain killers. After successfully using the free guided meditation, he was able to escape years of chronic pain. In this segment, Roy Masters explains what’s behind the nature of phantom pain and its tie to resentment and anger. While it is not recommended that you use this technique as a means to relieve pain, learning how to meditate with the proper intent will allow you to dissolve the subconscious links between anger, fear and pain. Doing so will allow you to not only overcome these emotional connections to pain, but the perception of physical pain as well. Many unforeseen blessings will occur for those who meditate with the correct intention. (Clip from episode: K3899) This podcast is brought to you by the Foundation of Human Understanding: Quotes regarding independence from Roy Masters’ books: “It’s not unusual for people to have an accident on the job or in their automobile and to continue suffering from pain that no longer has any basis. The physical injury is healed, but the emotional wound, unforgiving with respect to the recall, causes the same reaction to the memory as if the accident were happening again and again; and so pain is the phantom of the original accident but emotionally sustained. If you should come to any harm, learn to deal with it with patience and equanimity. If you are resentful towards any injury, your body retains the memory and reproduces the symptoms upon being reminded and upset by observing similar circumstances.” - How Your Mind Can Keep You Well “When the pain of suffering pricks our ego to wake up, what is the first thing we do? Why, we go back to sleep to escape from realizing the truth. Unable to cope with the actual problem, we deal instead with our unwanted awareness of ever-present Truth. Simply by getting lost in our minds, in past and future concerns, we remain subject to the system, allowing many troubles and traumas to slip unnoticed through our sliding state of consciousness. We rarely see through to the cause of things because we are afraid to wake up and face Reality. Instead, we continue to deal stubbornly with effects by calling on the hypnotic presence of new personalities. The wrong in us uses the exciting presence of yet another overbearing person to help us forget our own weakness. We reminisce in the past, and we live in the future, thereby escaping from the Truth that shines in the present moment.” - Beyond the Known “Strange how we can find pleasure in pain, and how the intensity of the pleasure can be increased with the intensity of the tension-even when it makes us dangerously ill (we can resent that too). Pain distracts, just as pleasure does. A physical discomfort distracts and thus relieves a severe spiritual discomfort-that is how we come to enjoy pain. Since pleasure is the release of pain, it does not have as much substance and permanence as pain. Pain is a more powerful form of guilt-relief.” - Hypnosis of Life Podcast Here

 Beyond the Guided Meditation 3: Results and Resistance to Meditation | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

While many receive insight regarding their problems immediately, others may take a while to wake up. Roberta is seeing clearly what she has done wrong after many years of meditating. She discovered that true faith, does not have any “feeling.” Mark describes a strong resistance he has to the guided meditation technique. Roy explains that you can not save yourself from an imprisoned state. Sometimes we must wait for the strength to do what is right. (Clip 1 is from episode: K4639; Clip 2 is from Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome pack) This podcast is produced by the Foundation of Human Understanding Quotes regarding results and resistance to the meditation technique from the book How Your Mind Can Keep You Well by Roy Masters: "Some people become frightened by the meditation technique, for it represents a choice between two ways of life. It reveals what we should be, and cuts the excuses, once and for all." "The meditation exercise will never become a habit. By choosing to do this exercise each morning you choose rightly for that day. This choice frees you from compulsive patterned ideas and actions. Failure to do the exercise constitutes choosing the old ways again." "In fact, our mind becomes so empty of worry and planning that we have virtually nothing to do, except to understand more, appreciate more, wonder more and see more clearly to avoid problems. As we become more adept at avoiding problems, things become easier, so we worry even less." Podcast Here

 Part 1: The Introduction | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Do you have problems with addiction, stress, anxiety, fear, chronic pain, impatience, or disease? There are over a hundred different forms of meditation out there: guided meditation, transcendental meditation, yoga meditation, Buddhist meditation, zen meditation, and even meditation music. Unlike Eastern meditations that can dull the mind to reality, or hypnosis that provides a temporary feeling of well-being, "Be Still & Know" shows you how to sharpen awareness, get closer to reality and deal with the pressures of life correctly. By focusing your mind in a simple yet special way, "Be Still & Know" shows you how to effortlessly escape the endless loop of thoughts, worry and anger that prevents us from reaching our full potential, and keeps us enslaved to the wills of others. This episode is an introduction to the "Be Still & Know" meditation. This program includes basic instructions regarding the main exercise in Part 2. To order Be Still & Know on CD visit For more about the meditation, visit Podcast Here

 Part 2: The Free Guided Meditation | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

This episode contains the "Be Still & Know" guided meditation. Here Roy Masters guides you through an observation process for becoming more aware of your thoughts and emotions. Before you begin using Be Still & Know, it is important to understand that most traditional forms of eastern-style meditation instruct you to concentrate intently on a mantra or image, thereby producing a hypnotic state where you repress or mask your thoughts and emotions. Unfortunately, negative thoughts and emotions can't be banished in this way, only repressed or denied. The "Be Still & Know" meditation exercise is the opposite of traditional meditations, in that the goal is to not focus and concentrate to drown out true thoughts and emotions. In a special way, the Be Still & Know technique simply to shifts your mental focus towards becoming more aware of your thoughts and the emotions behind them. This observation exercise is the simplest thing you can do to improve yourself. Practice sitting quietly and being still two or three times a day: in the morning, sometime in the afternoon, and in the evening before you go to sleep. Don’t try to achieve or will anything to happen or change. Simply sit still and follow the simple instructions contained in this exercise. Be patient in awaiting results. If you truly intend to become a better person, it will not be long before you notice a difference. There is more about this in the next episode, Part 3. To order Be Still & Know on CD visit For more about the meditation, visit Podcast Here


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