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Summary: A daily talk show about alcoholism and sobriety. Like an online AA meeting.``

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 122 - Interview with Brad B. | File Type: text/plain | Duration: 36:36

Dan talks with Brad B. He is 36, from San Diego, CA. Brad talks about where he's been and how his barstool dreams became sober realities.

 121 - Interview with Marie M. | File Type: text/plain | Duration: 31:40

Dan talks with Marie M. from Maryland, she is 33 and a mother of three. She has been sober 103 days. She now sees her DWI as a blessing in disguise.

 120 - Interview with Dave R. | File Type: text/plain | Duration: 25:22

Dan revisits with Dave R. from show #86, he is 29 from CA. He is approaching one year sober and wanted to update us on his progress.

 119 - Interview with Maureen R. | File Type: text/plain | Duration: 31:26

Dan Talks with Maureen R., 42, from Upstate New York, she is nine months sober. She talks about family history and how the habits of our family members can set us up for alcoholism. What we grow up with seems normal because it's what we know. We have a chance to break those cycles.

 118 - Interview with Dr. Jerry Rand | File Type: text/plain | Duration: 40:13

Dan talks with Dr. Jerry Rand, Medical Director at Bay Recovery Centers. He is an expert in the areas of Chronic Pain and Addiction. There are new methods that allow you to manage chronic pain while minimizing the risk of relapses in our sobriety. You can learn more about Dr. Rand and his research at bayrecovery.com.

 117 - Interview with Josh L. | File Type: text/plain | Duration: 30:04

Dan talks with Josh, 20 years old, from South Dakota. He is three years sober and wanted to talk to us about the importance of taking a personal inventory each day. A life unexamined is not worth living. We all have things inside we don't like. It levels the playing field in a sense.

 116 - Interview with Jonathan A. | File Type: text/plain | Duration: 49:26

Dan talks with Jonathan A. from Vermont. He is 44 years old and has nine years of sobriety. He shows us that it is possibe to have the things we want in life through sobriety, and to always take advantage of an opportunity to make things right. It's never too late as long as we are alive.

 114 - Interview with Darren K. | File Type: text/plain | Duration: 30:19

Dan talks with Darren K. of southern California, he is 41 and sober over 7 years now. Darren talks about his past and the need to fit in, and how he thought that drugs and alcohol would give him all the things he wanted. Only to get a lot more than he bargained for.

 113 - Prayer and Meditation and Sobriety | File Type: text/plain | Duration: 19:14

Dan talks about the importance of prayer and meditation in sobriety. Take time with your higher power. Go to the source of strength and understanding. Take time away from everything. Give yourself the gift of peace by letting go of it all, even if it's for a short time.

 112 - Interview with Brad H. | File Type: text/plain | Duration: 29:56

Dan talks with Brad H., 41 of Northern CA, who just celebrated 1 year of sobriety. Brad also talks about the importance of spirituality in sobriety. Don't let your lack of understanding of God keep you from the path and steps to serenity.

 111 - The Dignity Show | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 13:58

Dan talks about having more confidence in your program. Our shame was in our drinking which is behind us. Our dignity comes back when we are in our program mindset. Feel good about your decision to do something about your drinking.

 110 - Interview with John Shegerian from Addicted.com | File Type: text/plain | Duration: 25:05

Dan Talks with John Shegerian, creator of Addicted.com, a great website dealing with addictions of all types. Dan and John share the sorrows and trials of addiction. John's site helps us find help and others with common afflictions that we might share our stories in the hope of helping someone know freedom from addiction.

 109 - Guard Your Sobriety | File Type: text/plain | Duration: 16:44

Dan talks about complacency. We can tell ourselves we've got alcoholism beat - especially we old-timers - but unmanageability is only one drink away. Guard your sobriety at all costs.

 108 - Real World AA Meetings | File Type: text/plain | Duration: 13:32

Dan talks about the type of AA meetings that are available to you when sobriety becomes a mission in your life. This show idea was a suggestion by one of our listeners Krista Z., who is finding out the true importance of attending real world AA meetings. Thanks for the show idea Krista. Keep them coming.

 107 - Interview with Leslie M. - Part 2 | File Type: text/plain | Duration: 39:10

Part Two of Dan's interview with wife and mother Leslie M. from California.


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Rickschettino says:

A Podcast About Alcoholism and Sobriety: AA Just For Today is a podcast about alcholism and sobriety based on the programs of Alcoholics Anonymous. Helping recovering alcoholics stay sober one show at a time.