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Summary: We believe in the power of the Invisible Hand, the parable of the Broken Window, and more... Our goal is to spread Liberty and Freedom ideas widely around the world.

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 Liberty Conspiracy 5-10-11 Another Voice Re: US Kill of bin Laden | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1720

You've head Gard talk about the unconstitutional non-wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the disregard for the Geneva Accords and for US Law as they apply to the so-called "enemy combatants" -- well how about another voice to add some new angles? In this program we feature the thoughts of Judge Andrew Napolitano, who is one of the few in the "pop media" to say what is important. He's not bothering trying to figure out what caused Hillary Clinton to put her hand to her face during a famous photo of White House politicos. He's looking at real substance, as we like to do here. Take a listen, and see what you think as Gard offers a few thoughts and then introduces the words of the judge. Thanks for being a Conspirator! Spread the word! Be Seeing You!

 Liberty Conspiracy - 5-1-11 Osama bin Laden Killed... | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 2052 "us". Or so the brainless say. The US government, operating against the rules of the Constitution in order to kill a man who engaged in plotting and initiating an attack on US citizens (said attack itself in response to US policies in the Middle East, as bin Laden stated), has killed bin Laden and an innocent civilian. The death of bin Laden will undoubtedly bring needed relief to many friends and family members of those killed on 9-11-01. But why don't people feel more satisfied? Is it because the threat of more terror attacks still exists? And why would people still want to attack civilians in the US? Why would people related to innocent civilians who were killed by US drones in Afghanistan want to attack innocent civilians in the US? We investigate the fall-out of the bin Laden news. Join us in our forum to discuss it. We'd enjoy your contribution. Be Seeing You!

 Liberty Conspiracy - 4-6-11 News Update! Gubment Employees Outnumber Most Industries COMBINED, GITMO, GM BAILOUT FAIL, Delaware v Basketball Hoops | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 2732

YO! Check out this new "survey" of the latest news of concern to many liberty-lovers! In this production, El G Grande covers the news on issues such as the fact that there are now more gubment employees in the US than many industries COMBINED, he studies the move by the OBAMA GANG to conduct "military tribunals" at Gitmo, the GM Bailout FAIL, and a truly angering story about the gubment of Delaware stealing basketball hoops! This is a fun one, cats! Hope you like! Spread the word! Be Seeing You!

 Liberty Conspiracy 3-27-11 The TSA and "Unconstitutional Conditions" Law | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 4473

Welcome one and all to the Conspiracy! We return to annoy the statists with a new production concentrating on a point brought up in a previous CABAL Round Table show. In this case, we look at the legal precedents one can present to statists who support the federal invasion of private contract between you and a private airline. Gard touches upon the term "Unconstitutional Conditions", which is bandied about when people discuss the government placing apriori requirements on people receiving government services or handouts. Gard points to how a similar situation in Chicago in the 1980's has bearing on the modern problem of the TSA destroying the Fourth Amendment. This and the debut of two new songs from the astounding Edwyn Collins, whose new album is now available in North America! Look for "Losing Sleep" on Itunes and! Be Seeing You!

 Liberty Conspiracy - 3-15-11 Idiots Who Hate Speculators | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 3005

One such is a man named "Ed", who has a show on MSNBC. What does he tell us? He tells his audience (small as it is) that huge spikes in commodity prices (food, gas, oil, precious metals) are due to commodity speculators. In this audio, Gardner Goldsmiht lays down some fundamental economics for Ed, and explains why speculators are not only NOT evil, they are an essential need for a properly running economy that regulates supply and demand through the price mechanism. Great stuff to take with you if you think you might want to counter the nonsense spouted by statists on the left and the right. Check it out and spread the word. This one is goooood! With music by The Psychedelic Furs, Lov Spit Love, The Damned, and Schtum! Visit the liberty conspiracy online to chat about the issue! Be Seeing You!

 Liberty Conspiracy - 3-10-11 More on Union Myths, Defunding Fed Med Fascism, New Music | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1881

A BIG hello to our listeners in Texas! Thanks for your comments, and thanks for backing freedom! In this audio we provide you and all the other discerning listeners out there great music from San Antonio's SONS OF HERCULES, and we look at some newly discovered information about the federal health fascism law. It turns out that the law has written into it provisions that make it impossible to simply "defund" it. Listen and you'll be able to tell your friends the details. Also, Gard takes a deeper look at the mythology that unions have been beneficial to businesses, productivity, and living standards. This is information you can take with you as you debate the issue with friends. All this and commentary about Gnome Chomski's belief that the Wisconsin teachers and other GUBMENT employees are somehow similar to the freedom protesters in Egypt -- all here at Liberty Conspiracy Audios! Visit our website for more! Be Seeing You!

 Liberty Conspiracy - 2-24-11 Illiteracy and Gubment Schools' "Whole Language" Idiocy | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 2526

Join us as we shed light on one of the longest-lasting policy disasters ever to be foist upon civilized man: "whole language/look-say/sight-word" reading programs. In this program, Gardner Goldsmith explores the history of this disastrous policy, with the help of the brilliant work of Sam Blumenfeld. In the 1960's Sam predicted multitudes of new "illiterate/dyslexic" children as a result of the pedagogical nonsense of government school unions and administrators who were adhering to a silly method of "teaching" children to guess what words were, rather than decipher them according to the Phonetic system upon which the alphabet is based. Sam continues to fight in the front lines to save kids from gubment. Here is another example... Be Seeing You!

 Liberty Conspiracy 2-4-11 Fundamentals! Karl Menger and Subjective Marginal Utility Theory! | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 2231

With great thanks for listening to our "Bad Music" program, we present you with some very constructive information on one of the fundamental principles of the Austrian School of Economics: The principle of Subjective Marginal Utility. It's one of the keystones of free market thought, and also happens to be VERY interesting! Tell your friends! They'll dig it! REALLY! Featuring music by The Arcade Fire and Human Sexual Response! Buy their stuff! Be Seeing You!

 Liberty Conspiracy - 1-18-11 "Wealth Disparity" and Propaganda from an Economic/Philosophical POV | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 4846

Welcome back, freedom-fighter! The Conspiracy is pleased to welcome all the new listeners we have, all the new "Conspirators" we have, and to present to you this special "Fundamentals" program about how pro-state propagandists try to indoctrinate the public into thinking that the so-called "wealthy" are not deserving of their property. What IS "wealth"? Why are gubment definitions of it always incorrect? What bearing do these factors play in how we view reports about the so-called "disparity" between rich and poor, and how should we view international "wealth" differences? It's all here, and at the Liberty Conspiracy website! Be Seeing You!

 Liberty Conspiracy - 1-14-11 Special: The Horrible History of Indian Boarding Schools | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 5061

In this special presentation, the Conspiracy takes a look at another tragic period in the history of US coercion and extermination of the American Indian: The 100 year horror of the so-called "Indian Boarding Schools". Gardner Goldsmith takes time to go through the origins of the boarding school concept, and pulls from the tragedy an important lesson that can be learned about freedom, the individual, parenting, the state, socialism, and cultural assimilation. Tell your friends! Be Seeing You!


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