Dirty Dozen Brass Band - Going On Again show

Dirty Dozen Brass Band - Going On Again

Summary: This new music-intensive one-hour special features the Dirty Dozen Brass Band’s unique tribute to their New Orleans home - an uplifting, emotionally-charged reinterpretation of Marvin Gaye\'s classic protest album, \"What\'s Going On.\" Includes live and studio takes of songs from their new album, also titled,\"What\'s Going On,\" and other performances. Band members discuss both the enduring resonance of Gaye\'s message, and the significance of music for New Orleans and its residents today in Katrina’s wake. Hosted by New Orleans resident Harry Shearer, host of the nationally-syndicated public radio program \"Le Show\" and star of \"The Simpsons\", \"This is Spinal Tap\" and \"A Mighty Wind.\"