Weekly Wushu Talk 一周论武 show

Weekly Wushu Talk 一周论武

Summary: “一周论武”是iwushu.net向全球华人推出的武术谈话节目。 一周论武每隔7天,会制作新的节目, 在iwushu.net网站免费播放。 我们欢迎全球华语的武术爱好者为我们提出宝贵意见, 提供武术谈话线索。 我们诚意邀请您在我们的网站留言和提出各种关于武术的问题, 我们将和您一起寻找答案。 Weekly Wushu Talk is a podcast about the latest news and thoughts on Chinese Martial Art. Hosted by seasoned martial art expert from China, new feed was available each week. We invite you to join us by listening or subscribing to our podcast. We also welcome your comments and questions about the show. Many questions will be address during the weekly show.