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SmoothieCast | Fairtrade Smoothie Recipes - Think Smoothies, Think Fairtrade

Summary: SmoothieCast is a podcast all about smoothies. Each week Jake and Ian will bring you smoothie recipes, Smoothie maker reviews and Smoothie news.


 Episode 14 - BBC Radio Interview | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 10:21

A quick update from Ian including our radio interview with the BBC

 What happens to you fruit if you don't eat it? | File Type: application/x-shockwave-flash | Duration: Unknown
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This could happen to your fruit if you leave it out on the side. The fruit in this video was left out for about 2 months!

 Episode 13 - Fairtrade Fortnight | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 9:00

A special episode for Fairtrade Fortnight. Ian teams up with guest presenters Jono, Tim and Pete.

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These zingy berries live in bogs (wet fields not toilets!) and can be found in cool northern hemisphere climates. Cranberries are used in juices, as dried fruits and of course as cranberry sauce! There are 3 types to my knowledge with the American Cranberry being the one I use, and to be honest I’ve never tried the others, so if you do; let us know what you think. Storage In the fridge, in a sealed container, they can keep longer if cooked or kept immersed in alcohol. Usage In the smoothie maker as they are (make sure you de-stalk and wash them if they are not already) Nutritional Info Full of antioxidants and Vit C, can kill bad bacteria and encourage good bacteria. They are useful in maintaining a healthy bladder and urinal tract. Some people even use it as an aid against paralysis of the spinal chord. Cranberries also help fight oral plaque. Tips If you keep your cranberries in alcohol this can make a nice drink after the berries are removed. You may even add the alcohol to your smoothie for an extra twist (if you are of legal age!!!)

 Fairtrade Man! | File Type: application/x-shockwave-flash | Duration: Unknown
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Whilst browsing the blogosphere a couple of days ago I heard about Fairtrade Man. He's going to be eating just Fairtrade food for the whole of Fairtrade Fortnight (26th Feb - 11 Mar). It's a pretty cool challenge so I decided to get in touch with him. Here's his press release: 'Want to join me for dinner?' asks 'Fairtrade Man' Ben Clowney, 25, a companionable young man who relishes a challenge, is appealing for virtual dinner dates this Fairtrade Fortnight (26th February-11 March) as he embarks upon an ambitious challenge to become a 'Fairtrade Man'. Ben's challenge is simple - to consume only food and drink that carries the Fairtrade Mark for fourteen days. Or perhaps it is not so simple, when you consider this excludes all meat and vegetables. So passionate about the benefits that Fairtrade shopping has on the lives of third world producers, Ben is keen to encourage as many people as possible to join him by pledging to a virtual dinner date via his MySpace site, At least 30 people have already pledged to join him for anything from one meal to the whole 14 days. With more than 2,000 products displaying the Fairtrade Mark available these days, Ben argues that there's plenty of variety to ensure he and his dinner dates will be well fed. Menu plans include muesli and fruit juice for breakfast and peanut curry with rice, mango chutney and even a beer for dinner. "You can join me for a virtual date by committing to eat at least one entirely Fairtrade meal. It could be the most ethical date you'll ever have - without leaving the comfort of your own home you can cook a meal where every ingredient benefits poor farmers somewhere in the developing world," says Ben Clowney, from Reading. No stranger to a challenge, in 2005 Ben lived on the minimum wage for Lent, while in 2006 he committed to only buy ethically-produced clothes. But, says Ben, who is Campaigns Officer for international aid agency Tearfund, becoming Fairtrade Man is his most ambitious challenge yet. Since posting his 'Fairtrade Man' challenge on MySpace last month, Ben has been overwhelmed by messages of support, recipe ideas and donations of Fairtrade food to help him on his way, including drinks, snack bars, breakfast cereal and even a generous supply of Ben and Jerry's vanilla ice cream. By taking part in this challenge, Ben is keen to show just how widespread the Fairtrade range is. "Gone are the days when Fairtrade was just about tea, coffee and chocolate," he says. "With every major supermarket stocking a wide range of Fairtrade products, from avocados to wine and baby food to biscuits, there's something for everyone whether its breakfast, lunch, dinner and plenty in between." He adds, "Fairtrade has a massive impact but I'm under no illusion that supporting Fairtrade alone will end world poverty. That's why every day I'll be helping to tackle the bigger issues of trade justice, such as meeting with my MP and writing to my local supermarket to ask them to stock more Fairtrade products. I'll even be emailing the Chair of the European Union (EU) challenging the EU to do more to tackle unfair trade rules." Buying products carrying the Fairtrade Mark has a positive impact on the lives of those who grew or made the product. More than 5 million farmers and producers throughout the developing world are benefiting from the Fairtrade commitment to fair prices and safe working conditions. We'll be keeping track of his progress here on SmoothieCast, but you can check out his myspace at : Here's the first of his Video Blogs, hopefully we'll post more on our own blog to keep you updated. Nothing but Fairtrade trial day

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Just got back from 10 days skiing in the swiss ski resort of Wengen, just under the famous north face of the Eiger. Had a great time and although the snow was a bit patchy the weather was mostly great. One of the highlights was hitting about 90 kmph down the Haneggschuss of the Lauberhorn Ski Race, although unfortunately the bindings on my skis gave way part way down and so I'm a bit bruised!! But it was great fun and I'd do it again, although hopefully with out the stop next time!!! I'm a big fan of skiing and had a great hol." A skier coming down the Lauberhorn. Not me (obviously!) A nice view on a nice day. Round the corner to the right is the Schilthorn with a 360 degree rotating panorama restaurant. A lot of the James Bond film 'On Her Majesty's Secret Service' was filmed up here and in the surrounding area.

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A mix of Pomelo and Tangerine, the sweet orange (not to be confused with bitter orange, not overly nice in a smoothie) is a huge player in the world fruit market. Oranges and orange juice are consumed by nearly everyone worldwide, being produced by many warm countries in the Mediterranean, Asia, Far and Near East, America and The Orient. Storage In a fruit bowl with other fruits, don’t allow them to be near fruit that is past its best or they make a right mess and go really manky! Preparation Peel, segment and bung in the smoothie maker Nutritional stuff Loads of Vit C, Folate and Potassium. Oranges fight disease caused by age, lower cholesterol and are packed full of anti-oxidants! (Wohoo for Oranges!) Hints and tips Freeze segments for use as ‘nice cubes’ replacing ice cubes in your favourite smoothie. Include the white pithy bits between peel and flesh; this is rich in Vit C and is a good source of pectin. Random facts The peel can be used to repel slugs and vampires (oh no- that’s garlic) BUY FAIRTRADE ORANGES: Available in most big supermarkets!

 Passionfruit | File Type: image/jpeg | Duration: Unknown
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This lovely fruit comes in yellow and purple varieties. They come from ye olde south hemisphere (please note, the south hemisphere is likely to be no older than the rest of the world, but it is old!) Purple ones tend to have a more intense smell and flavour, contain less acid and are smaller than their yellow fellow! Storage As with most tropical fruits, in a fruit bowl away from heat and sunlight or in the fridge. Preparation Cut in half and scoop out contents, don’t eat the skin, it is slightly toxic but nothing to horrific. Handy Tips Use passion fruit as an aroma enhancer, it smells nice along with citrus and tropical fruits! Try using passion fruit juice instead of adding passion fruit straight into the smoothie maker. Some say that after eating the passion fruit you’ll fall in love with the person you next look at- be very careful!

 Pineapple | File Type: image/jpeg | Duration: Unknown
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Spiky dude from the southern hemisphere, likes the warmth! Used to make alcoholic beverages and jams but we all know and love it just as it comes! Nutritional Info Ace for your digestion system, digesting protein and some say good for inducing childbirth, we wouldn’t know! Full of manganese and Vits C and B1. Storage Fruit bowl or fridge! Preparation Remove outer layer of spikes and hard stuff (that’s a technical term) and also remove the harder core leaving you with a hollow cylinder. Then chop into bits and add to smoothie maker. Hints and tips Once cubed try freezing the flesh to make ‘nice cubes’ and add instead of ice to other citrus/tropical smoothies. Dried pineapple slices make a nice crouton or glass decoration on top of smoothies! Remember, You can get Fairtrade Pineapples in a number of varieties several supermarkets

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Love is in the air when the strawberry is around, well love or Wimbledon! Or are they the same thing? Strawberry jam, strawberry jelly, strawberry ice cream, strawberry desserts, strawberry crumble (the list isn’t quite as good as the shrimp one from Forest Gump) Nutritional Stuff Packed full of Vit C, good source of manganese, folate and potassium Storage In the fridge (or freezer), don’t let them get warm; they don’t like that at all! When to use When still firm but not rock solid, the redder the better! If there is any leakage then they are past best and should be thrown in the bin of oblivion Tips Freeze your strawberries and use them as a delicious replacement for ice cubes! Remember to pluck the leaves off!

 Cherry | File Type: image/jpeg | Duration: Unknown
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Black, Red and Yellow, and I suppose if you painted them you could have pink, orange or even turquoise (sorry. I shall be quiet) The most popular fruit in England when in season, so a winner all round! They can be made into jams and jellies or glazed in sugar, put into desserts and the like. Nutritional stuff Vitamin C Powerhouse!!! And high vitamin A Storage In the fridge, but when you eat them have them warm, they taste nice. When to use ASAP after purchased as they go off quickly. A few tips Use these gems as ‘nice cubes’, freeze ‘em and then add to your favourite smoothie, goes well with other berries.

 Apple | File Type: image/jpeg | Duration: Unknown
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The world’s rarest fruit! Nah not really, we all know and love the apple, whether it’s a Granny, a Golden, or covered in toffee. One of the earliest fruits used and it’ll probably be knocking around till judgement day. Apples are used in pies, crumbles, dipped in chocolate, toffee, sugar. They can be made into marmalade, spreads and butters, crisps and chips, baked and stewed, wines and cider and of course you can just chomp into one whole. Storage In the fruit bowl. (But you should know that) When to use Apples last ages really, and even when they start to shrivel you can still bung them in the smoothie maker. Apples are quite hard so they're good for juicing too. If you have a juicer why not make some fresh apple juice to go in your smoothie. How to use You can put apples into a smoothie maker in chopped pieces, however this may cause your smoothie to be unsmooth, so try adding an Avocado to add smoothness or use apple juice instead! Nutritional stuff An apple a day keeps the doctor away. Vit C, antioxidants, protection from cancer, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and stress. They may even promote weight loss and lower cholesterol. A few tips Try different types of apples, for a whole range of flavours! Don’t eat or add the core to your smoothie, it wont harm you but they aren’t too good for you and don’t taste all that good!

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The smoothest fruit on the market! This handy ingredient is native to Central America and is also referred to as a Crocodile Pear, Scary! (Never been bit by one) or a testicle (not sure I want to eat any more avo’s now) The avocado makes a pretty houseplant, why not have a go! You probably won’t get any fruit of it though, shame! Nutritional value Fatty of the fruits, the avocado contains loads of saturated fat, nearly a quarter of what you need in a day, so a great way to add some quick fat to your day! (remember we all need fat despite its bad name). Loads of potassium in these gems, and also vits B, E and K. Interesting usage Guacamole is made from the avocado along with some sushi dishes, goes nicely with poultry and is good with starchy food such as rice or bread as a meat substitute. Avocado oil is also made from… well avocado. Try the avocado with sweet and savoury dishes alike and you shouldn’t go wrong. You could even use it as part of a cement type of mixture as ancient tribes did. Storage Cool dry place, can be placed next to banana to quickly ripen Usage Use when soft and the exterior is dark, almost black. A few tips Use avo’s to make smoothies even smoother, it truly is the king of smooth. Also the fruit was thought to have great benefits for fertility, let us know what you think! Jake recommends combining an avocado with mint extract and you could even add pistachio and brazil nuts, nice!

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Well where would the world be without this fruit? From the Musaceae family grown in well over 100 countries over the world it is the 4th most used food (WOW!) It was first domesticated and used is Asia way back in about the 7th century BC before it took over the rest of the world (by peaceful means!) We all know how versatile these wonderful bundles of yellow are, used in cooking, to make sweet and savoury dishes, especially in less economically developed countries where they subsitute for an equivalent of mashed potato, they can be chipped and glazed, eaten raw of course and last but not least they smooth real well!!! Healthy Stuff Packed full of Potassium, Vits: A B6 and C, and real good for when you need to go! A brilliant source of carbohydrate! Storage How to store: in the cool, avoid direct sunlight Preparation We all know how! When is it ripe? Depends who you are, some like it green, some like it yellow, Jake likes his very black. (Some species, not normally found in your average green grocers, turn maroonish when ripe, so don’t be fooled by these little tricksters)

 Guava | File Type: image/jpeg | Duration: Unknown
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Description Guava: A tropical shrub from the Caribbean and the Americas, with a delicious edible fruit (and that’s always good!) There are many different varieties with slightly varying flavours, however there are few of these available in fruit retailing shops in general, these normally have a green/yellow-pink exterior, when ripe, and an orangey flesh. Interesting facts Guava’s are used to make desserts and sweets and even jam, and are also used in day to day cooking, generally combined with salt. guava Nutrition High in vitamin A, B, and C, folate, potassium, calcium, iron and are a good anti-laxative (always good - don’t eat too many in one go, or you’ll need many other fruits to become regular again) Storage Room temperature, can be placed in fridge as it becomes over ripe. Preparation Use when ripe (soft to touch, green/yellow- pink exterior): cut up into chunks and place all parts of the fruit into the smoothie maker along with your other chosen ingredients.


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