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Summary: Welcome to "I Embrace," a podcast hosted by Neerja Malik, where we dive into the beautiful and transformative power of embracing life's journey with grace and resilience. Neerja Malik, Cancer Counsellor, Inspirational Speaker & Author of the book “I Inspire”, brings her wealth of knowledge, life’s reflections, heartwarming stories and personal experiences to guide you on a path of self-discovery, growth, and empowerment. “I Embrace" is a safe and supportive space where you learn to befriend vulnerability, navigate through adversities and find joy in everyday life. Join Neerja on this abundant journey of life and unlock the key to love, and happiness.

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 Soul Families and the Intimacy of Shared Memories | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 2170

Can the echoes of our loved ones' legacies be the compass that guides us through grief to gratitude?Join Neerja Malik as she unwraps the tender layers of remembrance, celebrating the cherished influence her parents had on her as a child. This episode is an intimate journey of healing, that delves into the sacredness of memories, and how honoring those we've lost through rituals, nature, and poetry can carve a path to solace.We'll uncover the ways our parents continue to shape our present and future, nourishing not just our bodies, but our spirits too, ensuring their presence is felt long after they've departed. Neerja, through exquisite narration of life events, teaches us the importance of weaving a rich tapestry of connections that goes beyond bloodlines. As we grapple with the fluidity of time post-loss and the concept of soul families, this episode serves as a testament to the enduring power of love and memory, preparing us for the inevitable farewells we all must face. So listen in…Connect with Neerja at:Facebook: @NeerjaM and @NeerjaMalikOfficialInstagram: @MalikNeerja and @NeerjaMalikOfficialYoutube: @Neerja Malik and @Neerja Malik OfficialLinkedin: @NeerjaMalikGet her book ‘I Inspire’ on Amazon

 Holding on to the tender bonds of Family through Love and Loss | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1677

Discover the profound serenity and connection that can emerge even in our darkest moments, as your host, Neerja Malik opens up about the deeply personal experience of her mother's passing. Witness the sacred rituals that offer solace, and the powerful symbolism of cremation that unites a family in their grief. Neerja’s narratives on this podcast are a testament to the extraordinary strength and the everlasting bonds that form between us, reminding us that those we love continue to influence our lives through their wisdom and love, long after they have left the physical world.Tune in to join us on another journey of resilience and positivity, where Neerja shares not only her process of navigating the loss of a beloved parent but also her battle with cancer. Through the lens of her story, we gain insight into the importance of embracing life's beauty amidst its inevitable challenges. Neerja's heartfelt message encourages us all to appreciate our daily wonders, to foster gratitude for the companionship we encounter along the way, and to hold fast to the love that stands as strong as the rock of Gibraltar in our ever-changing lives.Connect with Neerja at:Facebook: @NeerjaM and @NeerjaMalikOfficialInstagram: @MalikNeerja and @NeerjaMalikOfficialYoutube: @Neerja Malik and @Neerja Malik OfficialLinkedin: @NeerjaMalikGet her book ‘I Inspire’ on Amazon

 Art of Parting : Echoes of a Life of Love and Grace | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1906

Discover the unshakable strength and boundless joy that can be found even in life's most challenging moments, as your host, Neerja Malik, opens up about the legacy of love and resilience left by her beloved mother. Join us on an emotional voyage that celebrates life's twilight. You'll be enveloped in stories that showcase the profound power of living authentically and the incredible impact it has on those we cherish. It's about finding that kernel of joy in the every day, embracing the support of loved ones, and allowing nature's simple wonders to guide us towards inner happiness.We often feel that farewell is full of sorrows. But Neerja through her narration shows how you can transform it into a celebration of life well-lived. As she recounts the touching last rites surrounded by friends and family, you'll feel the strength that comes from unity in the face of loss.Tune in as this is an invitation for you to reflect on the beauty of life, to remain steadfast in the face of hardship, and to always reach for the joy that is ours for the taking.Connect with Neerja at:Facebook: @NeerjaM and @NeerjaMalikOfficialInstagram: @MalikNeerja and @NeerjaMalikOfficialYoutube: @Neerja Malik and @Neerja Malik OfficialLinkedin: @NeerjaMalikGet her book ‘I Inspire’ on Amazon

 Gratitude & Godspeed : The Blessed Moments Spent With Ma | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 2032

Can the love and wisdom of a mother transcend the boundaries of life and death? This episode unfolds the touching narrative of the final days of Neerja’s mother and the indelible legacy of strength and joy she left behind. As Neerja peels back the layers of grief, she invites you into her home, which was lit with her mother’s vibrant presence just a few days back.The words straight from Neerja’s heart will help you discover the lessons of resilience and generosity that were epitomized by her mother. Find insights into the universal experiences of love, loss, and the fortitude required in the face of life's challenges.Witness a journey through illness and the finality of goodbye that is as profound as it was instructive, painting a vivid picture of an urgent, yet cherished time spent in the company of an extraordinary woman. You'll hear tales of mother's lighter moments with the nurses and her feathered friends, balanced with the somber reality of medical emergencies and the profound connections she forged with her caregivers. It is through these stories that we learn to embrace our mortality with grace and to send love to all souls in their moments of hardshipThis episode promises to be as much a celebration of a mother’s life as a contemplation of the bonds that continue to unite a family even after a loved one has passed. So listen in…Connect with Neerja at:Facebook: @NeerjaM and @NeerjaMalikOfficialInstagram: @MalikNeerja and @NeerjaMalikOfficialYoutube: @Neerja Malik and @Neerja Malik OfficialLinkedin: @NeerjaMalikGet her book ‘I Inspire’ on Amazon

 When the physical and spiritual worlds intertwine… | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1754

Discover a sanctuary of hope and healing as your host, Neerja Malik weaves yet another tale of resilience through personal tribulation and spiritual enlightenment. Join her as she vividly shares her encounter with unimaginable pain from broken ribs and how conventional medicine left her yearning for relief. But in the quietude of meditation, she felt an ethereal presence of Lord Krishna and Radha, whose gentle care and compassion ushered Neerja into a profound healing that transcended medicine. Have you ever felt such a divine presence? Do you think God resides only in heaven and never appears in front of humans? What are your beliefs about divinity, cosmic constructs, and spiritual healing? Get answers to these and many more queries about faith and higher powers in this heartful narration by Neerja that will help you embrace and face the tapestry of life’s adventures and its inherent complexities. I Embrace is not just about Neerja’s battle with cancer, but a celebration of life's splendors and the assurance that we are never alone on our path. Connect with Neerja at:Facebook: @NeerjaM and @NeerjaMalikOfficialInstagram: @MalikNeerja and @NeerjaMalikOfficialYoutube: @Neerja Malik and @Neerja Malik OfficialLinkedin: @NeerjaMalikGet her book ‘I Inspire’ on Amazon

 How can Soul Resilience help you in the Face of Mortality | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1592

We experience pain through four realms - Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual. More than often we have conditioned responses to each one them. And if your reflex is to suppress the pain and put up a strong face, much like Neerja in her times of excruciating pain, you will find resonance in her story of coming back to life from a near-death medical experience. The days after Neerja delivered her twins, she was battling fever, fatality, and fear. It was then that she also had a spiritual epiphany: the realization that she is more than a body, she is the soul and that soul is untouched by physical pain. It was this realization that brought her back to life and embraced the lesson of divine surrender. In this episode journal, she draws parallels between her healing journey through radiation therapy and the rejuvenating rays of sunlight. Neerja shares insights on choosing to open ourselves to life's healing 'rays,' trusting in the universe's wisdom, and the power of surrendering to higher guidance. The choices we make and our trust in the divine can guide us to our best selves. Join Neerja Malik on her profound journey through life's storms and triumphs as we reflect on the sheer resilience of the human spirit in the face of adversity.Connect with Neerja at:Facebook: @NeerjaM and @NeerjaMalikOfficialInstagram: @MalikNeerja and @NeerjaMalikOfficialYoutube: @Neerja Malik and @Neerja Malik OfficialLinkedin: @NeerjaMalikGet her book ‘I Inspire’ on Amazon

 The Unseen Strength of New Beginnings: To Fresh Starts and Perseverance | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1989

As the calendar pages turn to a new year, join your host Neerja Malik to explore the essence of Newness and its role in our lives. With the new year comes a time to express gratitude and share a collective message of hope, love, and unity that reassures us we're never alone. The echoes of laughter and the clink of glasses during celebrations are familiar to us all, but what about the fresh starts that come in the quiet moments afterward?In this episode, Neerja continues the tale of the birth of her twins, the intricate dance of emotions that followed, and lessons in stoicism learned through both physical pain and her battle with cancer. From the overwhelming joy to the daunting challenges in the hospital, we'll journey through the rich tapestry of life that began for Neerja on the eventful fifth of July, 1990. She shares the heartwarming story of how her friends and family played a significant role in helping her adjust to her new world, illuminating the power of connection and the enduring bonds that distance can't diminish.As you listen in, you'll feel the embrace of a community that stands together, resilient and positive, ready to support one another through every high and low. So, let's step into this shared space, drawing inspiration from each other as we embark on the path of new beginnings and growth.Connect with Neerja at:Facebook: @NeerjaM and @NeerjaMalikOfficialInstagram: @MalikNeerja and @NeerjaMalikOfficialYoutube: @Neerja Malik and @Neerja Malik OfficialLinkedin: @NeerjaMalikGet her book ‘I Inspire’ on Amazon

 Twin Heartbeats Resonating Through a Family's Future | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1915

When the echoes of heartbeats filled the room, they weren't just signaling life—they were heralding the beginnings of a family legacy, twins who would intertwine our futures with joy and anticipation for Neerja. Through the magic of storytelling, your host Neerja invites you on an intimate odyssey of her pregnancy; from the heart-wrenching debates of motherhood to the joy of bringing twins into the world and the nurturing shadow of her mother. Prepare to experience the raw emotions and pivotal decisions that shape the birthing of a mother, all while nestled in the sanctuary of maternal wisdom and medical expertise. From the suspense of critical hospital monitoring to the joyous revelation of carrying a son, this episode is a tapestry of fear, hope, and the unyielding bonds of family and care that hold us together through life's most tumultuous storms.Join Neerja on a profoundly personal journey as a reminder of the grace and blessings that weave through our lives, often in the most unexpected ways.Connect with Neerja at:Facebook: @NeerjaM and @NeerjaMalikOfficialInstagram: @MalikNeerja and @NeerjaMalikOfficialYoutube: @Neerja Malik and @Neerja Malik OfficialLinkedin: @NeerjaMalikGet her book ‘I Inspire’ on Amazon

 Imprints of a Punjabi wedding and Power of Collective faith | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1821

Have you ever thanked your family for being around you in times of need? The profound effect of the collective belief and faith they have in your well-being. Join your host Neerja Malik as she takes you on a deeply intimate journey of love, family and faith as she received the joy of being pregnant after undergoing multiple miscarriages. Experience a vivid Punjabi wedding in Chandigarh, the anxious expectations of a gynecologist visit, and the rollercoaster ride navigating fertility, with the support of her ever-resilient mother. And just when you think this emotional journey is about to reach a joyful peak, expect a twist that'll keep you on the edge of your seat.Join in to witness the potent power of collective prayer and unconditional love your family bestows on you. Connect with Neerja at:Facebook: @NeerjaM and @NeerjaMalikOfficialInstagram: @MalikNeerja and @NeerjaMalikOfficialYoutube: @Neerja Malik and @Neerja Malik OfficialLinkedin: @NeerjaMalikGet her book ‘I Inspire’ on Amazon

 Breaking the Silence on Miscarriage: Journey from Pain to Peace | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1765

Miscarriages, a nightmarish fear every woman silently experiences the moment she conceives. This is the only fear a woman faces very intimately and privately within herself. The announcement of pregnancy brings forth immense joy within the family but also the apprehensions of whether the baby will be nurtured healthily in the womb and will I be able to carry it for nine months. There is no one on earth who can prepare herself as most capable, guided by her instincts and the advice of her elders, to bring up a child within the confines of her womb so dexterously than a woman who is just months away from motherhood. And yet miscarriages happen, most often due to reasons beyond control, tearing apart the sanctity of the woman who has now to bear a loss unexplainable and yet profoundly factual.As Neerja narrates her story of loss, pain and grief through multiple miscarriges, she also shines ray of hope and love as she shares her journey of seeking help, getting healed and rediscovering happiness during these times.Join us for this deeply emotional, yet inspiring, episode.Connect with Neerja at:Facebook: @NeerjaM and @NeerjaMalikOfficialInstagram: @MalikNeerja and @NeerjaMalikOfficialYoutube: @Neerja Malik and @Neerja Malik OfficialLinkedin: @NeerjaMalikGet her book ‘I Inspire’ on Amazon

 Life after Death: a unique outlook from 2x Cancer Conqueror | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1548

Death, a mystery to most others, a paradox to those who are still discovering life. But for Neerja, it was never an enigma, and neither was it a fearful end to existence. It was neither clothed with trepidation nor was it a figment of terrifying imagination. For her, it was the release of a soul to be conjoined into its destined afterlife, for yet another journey or onto eventual Nirvana. Could death, often feared and avoided, actually be the joyful release from our temporary struggles in life?Hear it from Neerja, as she invites you to unravel this unconventional perspective in our latest episode. Sharing intimately about her bond with her late grandfather and aunt, Neerja helps us understand death as a natural, graceful part of life. Their peaceful final moments highlight the serenity that can accompany our ultimate journey, transforming the way we perceive death.She opens up about the profound impact of being part of her soul family's journey into the afterlife, and how it has deepened her empathy for those who grieve, guiding her actions towards serving others. As we navigate the complexities of life and death, Neerja's resilience shines through, inspiring us to face life with a positive spirit. Join us in this introspective exploration, and allow Neerja's unique insights to change the way you see your life and the lives around you.Connect with Neerja at:Facebook: @NeerjaM and @NeerjaMalikOfficialInstagram: @MalikNeerja and @NeerjaMalikOfficialYoutube: @Neerja Malik and @Neerja Malik OfficialLinkedin: @NeerjaMalikGet her book ‘I Inspire’ on Amazon

 Facing your Inner Demons and Overcoming Fears | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1713

Have you ever felt like you're being held back by your fears? Do you ever feel like you're not living up to your full potential because of something you're afraid of? If so, then you're not alone. In this episode, Neerja takes us back in time for a thrilling recount of a youthful adventure gone wrong that made her overcome her fears. She narrates the story of her riveting scooter ride that ended in an unfortunate accident, the repercussions and the bonds forged during an unexpected month-long stay with a family friend.As Neerja happened to be in Srinagar recently, she walked the same lanes to revive the memories and embrace once again the adventurous feelings and lessons learned. She takes us to her roots in Kashmir, where she transforms the fears into motivation. Her loving and nostalgia filled meeting with the present owner of her childhood home, and understanding how life comes full circle. Listen in to this episode to experience love, faith and belief that everything that happens in our lives is for our higher good. Connect with Neerja at:Facebook: @NeerjaM and @NeerjaMalikOfficialInstagram: @MalikNeerja and @NeerjaMalikOfficialYoutube: @Neerja Malik and @Neerja Malik OfficialLinkedin: @NeerjaMalikGet her book ‘I Inspire’ on Amazon

 The Inevitable Truth: How to accept Death and Live On | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1402

Ever wondered how the inevitable reality of death can teach us unconditional love, strength, and resilience? Join Neerja Malik as she shares deeply personal lessons learned during her aunt's blood cancer diagnosis. Through this heart-wrenching journey, and the profound experience the night before her grandfather's passing, Neerja discovered a newfound understanding and acceptance of life's biggest certainty - death. This understanding did not come without pain and emptiness, but it paved the way for the realization of love's unconditionality and the power of resilience.Fasten your seatbelts as we transition from the realm of the ethereal to the earthly. Imagine the thrill of learning to ride her uncle's Lambreda, the engine humming beneath you, the wind rushing past, and the open road ahead symbolizing freedom. Neerja's time in the college of military engineering was a stepping stone to this longing for freedom and set the stage for embracing life in all its complexity and beauty. Come along on this remarkable journey that weaves together life's highs and lows, and discover the resilience, positivity, and laughter that resides within us all. Embrace your life, savor every moment, and join Neerja in the celebration of existence!Connect with Neerja at:Facebook: @NeerjaM and @NeerjaMalikOfficialInstagram: @MalikNeerja and @NeerjaMalikOfficialYoutube: @Neerja Malik and @Neerja Malik OfficialLinkedin: @NeerjaMalikGet her book ‘I Inspire’ on Amazon

 Conquering Cancer twice: Rising beyond life’s adversities | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1609

Have you ever wondered how one can face a life-threatening disease not once, but twice, and come out victorious? Brace yourselves as your host Neerja Malik takes you on a roller-coaster ride of emotions, courage, and unyielding determination. She shares her personal battle with cancer, not once, but twice, to reveal the one thing that made her conquer the disease even when she had 25% chances of survival as per the specialists.As she narrates the vivid pictures of the operating table, where she underwent a lumpectomy and the removal of 21 nodes so that you can find the courage to beat any adversity in life with love and faith. Neerja is not only a cancer conqueror also a counselor, guiding cancer patients through their battles, sharing her experiences, and instilling in them the courage to fight. Hear about her 25 years of dedicated work in counseling cancer patients, the setting up of the Apollo Cancer Support Group, and her journey of being a living testament of survival and resilience for her patients. This episode is more than just a story; it's an exploration of life's challenges and a testament to the resilience of the human spirit. It will inspire you, motivate you, and instill a sense of hope even in the most dire of situations.Connect with Neerja at:Facebook: @NeerjaM and @NeerjaMalikOfficialInstagram: @MalikNeerja and @NeerjaMalikOfficialYoutube: @Neerja Malik and @Neerja Malik OfficialLinkedin: @NeerjaMalikGet her book ‘I Inspire’ on Amazon

 Rising Above: Courage, Resilience and Faith in Overcoming Adversity | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1678

In this heartfelt episode, host Neerja Malik looks back at a moment that changed her life: the time when she discovered a lump in her breast. From that moment, she had to embark on a journey paved up fears and uncertainties, ultimately leading to a powerful tale of acceptance, faith and resilience. Hear Neerja relive her past as she recounts anxiously staying connected to her phone, awaiting the doctor’s call; a call that came just in time, setting her on the path to treatment.You’ll get motivated by Neerja’s grateful narration as she recounts finding solace and inner strength through her belief system along with her unwavering faith in divinity, especially during the challenging period of chemotherapy. Her approach and determination to overcoming adversity is equivalent to watching a flower grow through a storm—truly inspiring!If you're sailing through stormy seas, Neerja will remind you that even on the hardest days, we have the power to blossom. Tune in and celebrate bravery and spirit within us all to persevere.  Connect with Neerja at:Facebook: @NeerjaM and @NeerjaMalikOfficialInstagram: @MalikNeerja and @NeerjaMalikOfficialYoutube: @Neerja Malik and @Neerja Malik OfficialLinkedin: @NeerjaMalikGet her book ‘I Inspire’ on Amazon


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