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Summary: Woman Up is an antidote to the age old saying "Man Up". It is a platform to celebrate extraordinary women and men who are breaking gender norms, shattering the proverbial glass ceilings and those who have the courage to forge their own unique paths in the face of societal resistance. Join your host Rashi Mal, an acclaimed Indian actor, musician and dancer in some very insightful conversations, albeit with laughs and lots of fun.

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 Episode 7- MATTERS OF THE MIND: MENTAL HEALTH | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 2195

Here is presenting a very honest and insightful chat your host Rashi Mal (@rashionality) had with the lovely ladies at Therapize (@therapize.india)and Mindchology ( @mindchology) about all things Mental Health."Bhagwaan ne dimaag ko sabse oopar ka darza diya hai"- Definitely the only therapy anthem that we need

 Episode 6- LEADING THE WAY: WOMENPRENEUR | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1311

Presenting another episode of Woman Up!! This episode sees your host Rashi Mal in conversarion with Disha Singh, the founder of Zouk. (@zoukonline) - a brand of vegan handbags, catering to Indian sensibilities and proudly made in India on her journey as a female entrepreneur

 Episode 5 - WOMEN AND WEALTH | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 2274

Here is presenting Episode 5 of WOMAN UP with your host Rashi Mal and the wonderful Priyanka Bhatia (@priyankabhatiawow), from WOMEN AND WEALTH ( @women_on_wealth), who has taken it upon herself to help educate other women about finance and thereby help them become truly independent !!

 Episode 4 - WOMEN IN FILM | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 2430

Given the 100 years of Cinema, women have only recently started owning and questioning their narrative and representation on screen. Join our host Rashi Mal (@rashionality)in a rather interesting and insightful chat with director Srishti Jayin (@humheroine) and writer Riddhi Kachhela (@riddhikachhela) as they discuss the changing landscape of Indian cinema and everything about the role women play in film, on and offscreen.

 Episode 3- LET'S TALK ABOUT S*X BABY- PART 2 Sex Ed, Myths and Challenges | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 2046

Aashna Vora of Sex Education India (@sexeducation.india) and Dr Niveditha Manokaran ( @dr_nive_untaboos ) join host Rashi Mal (@rashionality) to continue their chat on all thing sex education... the funny, the bizarre and the problematic!

 Episode 2 - LET'S TALK ABOUT S*X BABY: Sex Ed, Myths and Challenges | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 2183

Join your host, acclaimed India actor, musician and dancer, Rashi Mal in a super fun conversation with Aashna Vora of "Sex Education India" (a sex ed platform) and Dr. Nivedhita Manokaran (venereologist, dermatologist and clinician in sexual and reproductive health and HIV medicine ) about Sex ed and everything that is swept under the carpet!

 Episode 1 - ROLE REVERSAL: BEING A STAY AT HOME DAD | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1518

In this very first episode of WOMAN UP, Meet Reshma and Sahitya Dewda, a beautiful couple, who are challenging gender norms by swapping traditional duties to raise their daughter and to honour what works best for them as a family. Reshma is the working woman while Sahitya has taken on the role of a stay at home dad.


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