Summary: Welcome to THE AB LAB DIGITAL/ Beyond-The-Block a Crypto Web 3 podcast, your go-to source for all things crypto in the world of Web 3. In this podcast, we bring you the insights, opinions and experiences of the who's who in the crypto industry. From blockchain pioneers and thought leaders to seasoned investors and entrepreneurs, we dive deep into the world of decentralized finance, NFTs, smart contracts and all other innovations that are changing the face of the digital economy. Our guests come from all corners of the globe, and each brings a unique perspective on the rapidly evolving crypto l

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 BEYOND THE BLOCK-CHAIN Guest Omar Henry Founder Episode #110 | File Type: audio/x-m4a | Duration: 00:52:30

Welcome to the "Beyond the Block" podcast, brought to you by AB Lab Digital, where we delve into the world of entrepreneurship, finance, and personal growth. Join our insightful and dynamic host, Abby Harris, and the brilliant co-host Yuri C., as they take you on a captivating journey beyond conventional thinking and explore the realms of success and innovation. In each episode, "Beyond the Block" brings on exceptional and influential guests, and this episode is no exception. We are thrilled to have the visionary and trailblazing Omar Henry, the Founder of MAKIN BANK, as our special guest. Omar's journey from humble beginnings to building a thriving empire has been an inspiration to countless aspiring entrepreneurs. The podcast delves into the intricacies of Omar Henry's success story and the principles that have guided him throughout his entrepreneurial voyage. Listeners will gain valuable insights on how to navigate the challenges of business, make strategic financial decisions, and overcome obstacles on their path to success. With Abby Harris's engaging and conversational style and Yuri C.'s knack for deep analysis, "Beyond the Block" provides an intellectually stimulating experience that leaves listeners motivated and empowered. Each episode delivers actionable advice and practical tips, making it a valuable resource for both seasoned entrepreneurs and those taking their first steps in the world of business. Whether you're looking to enhance your financial literacy, expand your business acumen, or simply seek inspiration to pursue your dreams relentlessly, "Beyond the Block" is the podcast that will undoubtedly ignite the fire within you. Join us as we explore the limitless potential of entrepreneurship and dive into the minds of exceptional individuals who are reshaping industries and breaking barriers. Tune in to "Beyond the Block" with Host Abby Harris and Yuri C., and get ready to unlock your full potential and take your aspirations to new heights. It's time to embrace the power of knowledge and transcend the boundaries of success, one episode at a time.

 Beyond The Block chain guest Pablo Segarra Esq. Episode #109 | File Type: audio/x-m4a | Duration: 01:07:05

In this episode of "Beyond the Block," The Ab LAB Digital and Pablo Segarra engage in a thought-provoking conversation centered around the importance of simplicity and streamlining processes. They delve into the challenges of bridging language barriers when communicating complex ideas, particularly in the context of cryptocurrency. Pablo Segarra emphasizes the significance of notarizing documents, highlighting the need for authentication and validation in various domains. The speakers also touch upon the utilization of chat GPT, a text generation tool, as a potential problem-solving resource. The Ab LAB Digital introduces the concept of rewards points and suggests an in-house approach as a solution to certain challenges. Additionally, Pablo Segarra shares insights from his role as a professional editor, stressing the significance of accuracy in written communication. The conversation pivots to the value of providing fast and high-quality services to clients. Pablo Segarra inquires about the purpose of The Ab LAB Digital, but unfortunately, receives no response. Throughout this engaging podcast episode, "Beyond the Block" offers listeners a deeper understanding of the complexities surrounding simplicity, language barriers, notarization, and the importance of accurate and efficient communication in the professional world.

 BEYOND-THE-BLOCK GUEST Ken Kruger | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:51:42

Beyond the Blockchain is hosted by Abby Harris and Yuri C., two prominent figures in the world of fintech and cryptocurrency. Abby Harris brings a wealth of experience and expertise in blockchain technology, having worked on various projects in the industry. With her deep understanding of the technology and its potential, Abby provides valuable insights and analysis on the show, helping listeners stay informed about the latest trends and developments in the crypto space. Yuri C., on the other hand, is a seasoned financial analyst with a keen interest in cryptocurrencies and their impact on traditional finance. His background in finance and economics allows him to provide a unique perspective on the integration of digital currencies into the broader financial landscape. Yuri's ability to break down complex concepts into digestible information makes him an excellent communicator, ensuring that listeners can grasp the intricacies of the topics discussed on the show. Together, Abby Harris and Yuri C. make for a dynamic hosting duo on Beyond the Blockchain. Their chemistry and passion for the subject matter shine through in their engaging discussions and interviews with industry experts. Listeners can expect thought-provoking conversations that delve deep into the world of cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology, and the future of finance. Beyond being informative, Abby and Yuri strive to create a welcoming and inclusive environment on the show. They understand that the crypto space can be intimidating for newcomers, and they make a conscious effort to break down barriers and demystify the complex concepts associated with cryptocurrencies. Their approachable demeanor and ability to explain concepts in a relatable manner ensure that both novice and experienced listeners can benefit from the show. In addition to hosting the show, Abby Harris and Yuri C. actively engage with their audience, encouraging questions and feedback. They recognize the value of community engagement and foster a sense of participation by addressing listener queries and featuring guest experts who can provide further insights into specific topics. With Abby Harris and Yuri C. at the helm, Beyond the Blockchain becomes not only a source of information but also a platform for discussion and learning. Listeners can expect an engaging and enlightening experience as they explore the vast world of cryptocurrencies and the transformative potential of blockchain technology.

 Beyond-The-Block-chain Podcast Guest Mike Fraietta Empire DAO #106 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:43:23

Join us on Beyond the Block as we explore the captivating world of Mike Fraietta, founder of Empire DAO—a groundbreaking project combining community, art, and co-working within a DAO. Discover the inspiring integration of technology and art, fostering innovation and collaboration. Uncover Mike's journey, challenges, and the thriving Empire DAO community redefining workspaces in Web3.

 Beyond-The-Block guest Jin Gonzalez founder of episode #105 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:32:56

Welcome to "Beyond the Block," the podcast hosted by Abbey and Yuri, where we dive into the fascinating world of freedom, flexibility, and living life on your own terms. In today's episode, we have a very special guest joining us. Please welcome our guest, Jim Gonzalez, the founder of Ozzy Living, a groundbreaking company that enables individuals to embrace tax-efficient, asset-protected, and private lifestyles, no matter where they choose to reside. During our interview with Jim, we explore the core principles and mission of OzLiving. Jim passionately describes how Oz Living empowers individuals to break free from traditional constraints and design a life that aligns with their vision. With OzLiving, individuals can choose to live anywhere in the world while enjoying the benefits of reduced taxes, enhanced privacy, and asset protection. Throughout the podcast, Jin shares inspiring stories of clients who have transformed their lives through OzLiving. These individuals have experienced the freedom of living with their assets, privacy, and families safe. Jin discusses the unique advantages of Open Zone Living and highlights the video testimonials from satisfied clients who have achieved their dreams of a tax-efficient and secure lifestyle. In our conversation, Jin also sheds light on the various countries where individuals can choose to live under the Oz Living framework. He explains how Oz Living collaborates with trusted partners to provide comprehensive solutions and support to clients. Additionally, Jin shares insights into media features and the global recognition that Oz Living has garnered. Join us as we embark on this enlightening journey with Jin Gonzalez and OzLiving. Together, let's discover how we can create the life we've always dreamed of, on our own terms.

 BEYOND-THE-BLOCK #104 GUEST MIKE Evron | File Type: audio/x-m4a | Duration: 00:40:56

Welcome to Beyond the Block, a podcast that explores the intersection of blockchain technology and real-world applications. In this episode, we have a fascinating guest, Mike Everyone, an old school cypherpunk, anti-authoritarian, and IT/IS professional who has held almost every imaginable technical position within the IT/IS sphere. Mike left his last corporate position in 2002 to work on what he considers to be the single best thing he has ever done - the creation and operation of the world's first dark web marketplace, The Farmers' Market. Unlike other markets that followed, The Farmers' Market was carefully curated to offer only medicinal substances, including cannabis and various psychedelics, without hard drugs, guns, or sketchy services. After serving 63 months in Federal prison due to the DEA finally catching up with him, Mike spent his time teaching other inmates to read, working out, and giving himself an impressive humanities education on a wide range of subjects. Upon his release in August 2018, he specialized in blockchain after discovering Bitcoin shortly before his arrest. Currently, Mike serves as a consultant on all things crypto, blockchain, and startup-related, and as a co-host of the Los Angeles chapter of CryptoMondays. In this episode, Mike will share his unique perspective on the potential and limitations of blockchain and cryptocurrency, as well as insights into the challenges of operating in a decentralized and often unregulated environment. We look forward to an enlightening and thought-provoking conversation with Mike as we explore topics such as the potential of blockchain for social good, the ethical considerations of blockchain technology, and the challenges of operating in a decentralized marketplace. Tune in to this episode of Beyond the Block to hear from one of the most fascinating guests we've had yet!

 Beyond-The-Block episode #103 Susan Cummings Petaverse | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:25:26

Susan Cummings is a prominent figure in the game technology industry, known for her roles as the founder of Petaverse, and her work at Rockstar Games and 2K Sports. In a recent interview on the Beyond the Block podcast with Abby Harris and Yuri C, Cummings shared her extensive knowledge and insights on web3 and the future of technology. As a true futurist in the game technology space, Cummings has a deep understanding of the potential of emerging technologies, and how they can be applied to create innovative and engaging gaming experiences. Her work at Petaverse has been particularly noteworthy, as the company is dedicated to creating games that promote social impact and positive change. Throughout the interview, Cummings shared her vision for the future of gaming, and how blockchain technology and other web three innovations can help create a more decentralized and equitable gaming ecosystem. Her expertise and passion for the industry are evident, and her insights are sure to be valuable to anyone interested in the intersection of gaming and technology. Overall, Susan Cummings is a true leader in the game technology space, and her contributions to the industry are sure to be felt for years to come.

 BEYOND-THE-BLOCK w/Lou Kerner #102 episode | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:34:21

In the second episode of Beyond the Block with Abby and Yuri, they are joined by special guest Lou Kerner, who discusses his experiences in the Web 3 space. Lou Kerner, shares insights on AI and talks about some powerful books that have influenced him in this space. He also talks about his involvement in the creation of CryptoMondays, CryptoOracle and how it came to be. Throughout the episode, Lou Kerner, provides valuable insights into the world of Web 3 and how it is changing the way we interact with technology and each other

 The AB Lab Digital presents Beyond the Block Episode #1 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:43:15

Beyond the Block is a podcast that delves into topics related to generational wealth, financial literacy, and the empowerment of the Black community in the tech and Web3 space. In this episode, we have a special guest, Alicia Holmes, who is a leader in the space and an advocate for Black people to achieve financial independence and generational wealth. Alicia shares her journey and how she founded an all-women's group focused on helping members achieve wealth through education, community building, and investing in emerging technologies. She shares her insights on the importance of financial literacy, especially for the Black community, and how technology can play a crucial role in closing the wealth gap. Listeners will gain valuable insights on how to empower themselves and their community financially and how to navigate the tech and Web3 space to build wealth for future generations. Join us for an inspiring conversation with Alicia Holmes on her journey to wealth and how she is leading the charge to empower Black people in the tech industry.


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