Mastering Life's Adventures: Being Your Best Self Through Soul Evolution! show

Mastering Life's Adventures: Being Your Best Self Through Soul Evolution!

Summary: A podcast for seekers from various walks of life who are craving more substance in their lives through practical, spiritual approaches to handling life’s daily adventures, and gaining insights and self-mastery through - • “How to” approaches in incorporating spiritual principles into your day-to-day living • Personal-professional stories of overcoming and honoring your uniqueness • Gaining greater sense of well-being and inner peace regardless of circumstances Join host Dr. Judith Holder (Leadership Coach-Psychologist, Facilitator, Consultant and Author) as we integrate the knowledge of what you know into who you are; and empower you to explore who, what, where is your True Self, also known as your SOUL (Substance Of Ur Life), the source for greater peace, fulfillment, joy and purpose. Simply put, this podcast is educational in nature and explores the arena of how to live a more fulfilling life in the 21st century! Learn more.... Life is not a straight line! We are trying to flow with it and wisely determine how to get the most out of life! If you are searching for strategies, tools, techniques, and innovative approaches to thinking and applying spiritual principles in daily living then this is the podcast for you! We delve into exploring, innovating, providing understanding through creating ways to tap into the oasis of your True Self during life’s daily adventures and at times, hassles! Your True Self is the essence of who you are, usually untapped and often unknown to us, yet is the substance and source for having more meaning, purpose, fun, and inspiration in living. We explore and discuss topic areas such as – • Seeking something more in life amid an ever-changing world • Integrating keys to leading self and others • Building Soul self-awareness in everyday living • Tuning into key ingredients to one’s higher purpose as parents • Understanding keys to how Soul testing(s) occur in daily living • Learning to tap into your superpowers to master life’s small and great challenges • Digging into the essentials of wellness of body, mind, soul and spirit These are some examples of our focus during our time together. ….and in this podcast is so much more! This podcast is not about changing your religious or spiritual affiliations but more about adding value and enhancing how you go about integrating the knowledge of what you know into who you are (as stated) and empowering you to explore who, what, where is your True Self, as mentioned. Note: These educational episodes are the opinions and views of the podcast host and should not be interpreted as any form of psychotherapy or counseling. Please feel free to ponder, utilize or try something different than what is discussed in these episodes. Guests on Dr. Holder's podcast provide their opinions and also are educational in nature and not prescriptive. Assistance should be sought from providers and/or healthcare professionals who are familiar with listener’s specific situation.

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 Breaking New Ground: Moodiness Slows Down Your Soul’s Progress | EP 014 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 29:16

Many people experience moodiness for short or long periods. We sometimes think that it is a natural part of living life. But is it? Does it impact our soul progress and living a more fulfilling life? Don’t let your moods get the best of who you really are! Dr. Judith talks about mood states and strategies for overcoming moodiness.

 Breaking New Ground: Convictions, Habits, and Self-Mastery | EP 013 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 26:40

Dr. Judith is curious about convictions, habit patterns, and how to move toward self-mastery. She shares her perspective on how habits or habit patterns form, the challenge of only engaging in the human will for changing behavior patterns, and gives some questions for the listener to consider along with an approach to begin the change process of habit patterns. It is a process! Please feel free to join our Mastering Life's Adventures (MLA) Extras and Community Forum for Seekers interested in forming a community of like-minded people!

 Breaking New Ground: Five Judgments that Can Freeze Soul Growth | EP 012 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 27:38

Dr. Judith describes five (5) common judgments and asks you to consider which judgments take place in your thinking. She shares the importance of making a shift out of nonstop judgments by quickly catching oneself, asking yourself questions, being willing to pivot, and focus on what advances your connection with your Soul and Soul Source. She refers the listener (seeker) to previous episodes (#5 and #8), highlighting more of what she discusses in this current episode on judgments. Feel free to join our Mastering Life's Adventures (MLA) Extras and Community Forum ( for seekers desiring a community of like-minded people!

 Laying the Foundation: Four Soul States, Ego Involvement, and the Mediator | EP 011 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 30:45

Dr. Judith discusses four Soul states (i.e., asleep, dozing, partially awake, engaged-ascending Soul) on the path in Soul evolution, the experience of the ego-persona, and the role of the great mediator, Jesus. She tells two stories: the ‘Tortoise and the Hare’ and the ‘Baby Eagle and the Big Eagle’ as representation of the soul, ego-persona, and Jesus representing the role of the Mediator along with other saints, as examples of helpers to our ongoing Soul advancement. *From Dr. Holder’s second book (2020 e-book): Opening Up to Your Divinity: Practical Strategies and Practices for Soul Growth.

 Laying the Foundation: Falling Out of “Warp” | EP 010 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 25:14

Dr. Judith talks about times you can ‘fall out of warp’ with what is helpful to you and how those around you, like family and/or friends can see it quicker than yourself. Falling out of warp is like not being in sync with your Soul, which may be due to fearfulness, uncertainty, being overly concerned about what others might think, say, or do. The result is that you aren’t hearing the promptings of your Soul of what and how to do something. It is as if a wall goes up of static hindering your connection with the substance of your life, your Soul. This is where the importance of having a community of like-mined Souls, where others can see aspects about you that you may not initially see. This helps you to reduce the static and get back on the ‘beam’, the path to your Source.

 Laying the Foundation: Trust, Assumptions, and Soul Promptings | EP 009 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 21:26

Dr. Judith talks about trust, our assumptions, and convictions; and discerning when to “trust and confirm-verify”. She ties this into, in part, to the language of your Soul, like a newborn baby whose different cries are trying to communicate something to us. In cultivating a sensitivity to your Soul, we can hear the Soul’s prompting and positively act on those prompting(s). She tells the story of having a cell phone speaker problem, which relates to trust and verify, and a phrase her mother used while growing up (Good, Better, Best), which drives home the point of what your Soul wants.

 Laying the Foundation: Universal Laws Surpass Human Laws | Ep 008 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 27:03

Dr. Judith highlights some of the Universal Laws by which the Soul operates, which are different for man-made Laws, which we abide by in daily living. What about Universal Laws? Do they have a place in the Soul’s Evolution. The Soul wants to vibrate at a high frequency but D.E.N.S.I.T.Y.© *, not only weights the Soul down but also like garbage, “stinky”. She compares this type of “stinky” energy to a garbage landfill you don’t wish to occupy space within you because it creates barriers to Soul Expansion. *DENSITY is discussed more in Dr. Holder’s second book (2020 e-book) on Opening Up to Your Divinity: Practical Strategies and Practices for Soul Growth.

 Laying the Foundation: Is it My Ego or Soul Expressing in Daily Situations! | EP 007 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 25:24

Dr. Judith shares some ways to distinguish between whether it is your ego operating versus the Soul expressing in your interactions. She shares an acronym L.E.N.S. to view how the ego and soul looks at daily situations and provides helpful questions to ask oneself to tap more into your Soul expression. Also, she suggests choosing one virtue to intentionally work on cultivating your mastery which supports Soul growth, and she shares her virtue quality.

 Checking in on Seekers and Gaining the Most from the Unexpected | EP 006 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 23:42

Dr. Judith shares about a recent experience in which she was ‘fired’ by a person and using some spiritual principles and foundational stones talks about her approach and asks you to consider your approaches to your situations. She also talks about types of highways our Soul testing(s) occur and re-introducing the importance of STILL time and three strategies (cork in water, skateboard, trampoline) to managing the curve balls that may be thrown your way.

 Laying the Foundation: S.T.I.L.L. Time | EP 005 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 30:29

Dr. Judith talks about an essential ingredient that your Soul needs to supports its continued growth and advancement on a spiritual path. She gives you an acronym (S.T.I.L.L.) to remember some of what your Soul needs, provides a couple of ways of connecting with your Soul, and quick fieldwork (like homework) to begin reflecting and cultivating on your Soul awareness.

 Laying the Foundation: Distractions Keep Us Disconnected | EP 004 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 27:19

Dr. Judith shares another foundational stone or pillar in anchoring you in something more meaningful, which is your I Am Presence. She talks about three types of distractions that keep us disconnected from living a meaningful life; the law of cause and effect; and how rumination keeps us tied up in negativity and further disconnects us from our Soul. She reads a short affirmation from The Magic Presence, a book by Godfre Ray King. Also, you are asked to reflect on how you are reducing some of the distractions in your world.

 Laying the Foundation: Your Attention Informs Your Reality | EP 003 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 23:00

Dr. Judith describes how attention works to create our reality which is a foundational stone in soul development, the distinction between attention and intention, and the power of the subconscious mind, which affects the Law of Attraction. She also discusses the importance of reassessing what you are constantly putting your attention on and a willingness to shift these focuses if having a negative pull on your energy, soul, and well-being.

 Overcoming Uncertainties in Moving Forward | EP 002 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 19:25

Dr. Judith drills down into understanding what barriers and types of fears that acted as roadblocks to her moving forward with hosting her podcast. She asks you to ponder these same barriers and what they may be looking like in your life and hindering your greatness. Her ultimate desire and goal is to serve and help others to transcend their former selves through embracing and applying spiritual principles in how we approach life’s adventures.

 My “Why” for Doing this Podcast | Ep 001 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 22:14

Dr. Judith shares her journey and story on how she came to host her podcast focusing on spirituality, psychology, wellness, and how to gain the most from life’s adventures. She talks about the unique needs of the soul, about her two books, and invites seekers to begin to think about life’s events and experiences that are encountered from the perspectives of: the skateboard, the cork in water and/or the trampoline.


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