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Resilience in Leadership

Summary: Are you an aspiring or a seasoned leader who wants to take your leadership to the next level? Hi! We are Ian and Anda and we're thrilled to bring you the Resilience in Leadership podcast! This show is your ultimate guide to thrive despite challenging times. Every month, we talk to Filipino leaders who lead great workplaces and businesses, engage their employees, and achieve great results through resilience. Be inspired by leaders across the country and elevate your leadership! We’re also going to share our learnings and strategies as you join us on this journey.

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  • Artist: Ian Santos and Anda Goseco
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 Ep 3 - Building a Solid Team with Strong Values and Compassion | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1219

Reese Fernandez-Ruiz is a former client of Anda who has built a social enterprise that creates bags, home items, and clothes with the help of the women in Payatas. She’s a multi-awarded leader that has helped alleviate poverty in Payatas through the jobs provided by Rags2Riches. Reese ventured off relatively inexperienced in the workplace. She was a fresh graduate whose learnings came mostly from her professors, mentors, and group works. She has come a long way to where she is today. As a Millennial, she knows that the younger generation looks for their passion and purpose in life. She knows the importance of knowing her purpose which serves as her guiding principle as a leader and has been unapologetic in expressing that to others. "Values cannot be just notes on a wall, or it becomes just white noise over time." Reese makes sure that the values they preach are not just words, but something integrated and operationalized in the workplace. It has to be practiced every day, which helps with habit-building. One of the most important values that Reese instills in her team is gratefulness by starting meetings with a short sharing of things that the team is grateful for, which sets the tone for the day. Anda notes the intentionality of starting the day with this by setting the gratefulness mindset for the people. Another one that R2R embodies is to start with what they already have. "This practice encourages being resourceful as looking for materials beyond what they have is a struggle", Anda chimes. Reese continues to say, "The limitation is not a constraint for them, but a jump off point to be more creative. Not having any resources won’t stop R2R." Earlier in her career, Reese admits that communication was not something that she was fond of doing. Over time with experience, she has come to realize that although it might be the unsexy part of being a leader, it is her purpose to be able to communicate properly to her team. Difficult times challenge these values and practicing them is even harder, but it is during these times that make these values more important to do. Perspective is an important aspect of remembering the purpose. Reese shares that she has turned to journaling so she can look back and reflect on her journey. This makes it feel like she’s conversing with her past self and giving her future self a different lens.  Leadership can be lonely and isolating. Reese has had the benefit of having a partner who’s a leader himself that she can bounce off of. Despite this, some things can't be outright communicated. As the leader, it is within my responsibility to facilitate and navigate a company. Having a coach helps process the raw thoughts and emotions before communicating. Finding the right coach is as important as finding the right life partner. The most important quality is compassion because it makes one empathetic and transparent. These are important to being a leader because it makes one decide what's best for everyone and not as an ego boost. Compassion is having humility as well. Episode Highlights: 01:48-02:25 - Introduction of guest 02:25-03:24 - Creating a Great Workplace 03:24-04:42 - Guiding Principles as a Leader: Purpose and Passion 04:42-05:32 - Rituals and Practices of Business Values 05:32-07:09 - Gratefulness 07:09-09:29 - Starting with What You Have 09:29-11:49 - Communication 11:49-12:52 - Challenges in Implementing Values 12:52-16:03 - Fulfilling and Remembering the Purpose 16:03-18:04 - Importance of Coaching in Building a Great Workplace 18:04-19:08 - The One Great Quality of a Leader Connect with Anda Goseco and Ian Santos Email:

 Ep 2 - Coping with Major Challenges Using 10 Leadership Tools and 4 Interdependencies To Be More Resilient | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1454

Josiah Go wears multiple hats as the Chairman and Chief Innovation Strategist for Mansmith & Fielders, Inc., and Chairman of Waters Philippines. He's also the Chairman of over a dozen companies. He's widely known as a respected marketing guru, having been awarded one of the Agora Awardees of 1994, one of the Ten Outstanding Young Men of the Philippines (TOYM) in 2001,  Ten Outstanding Young Persons (TOYP) in the World in 2002 - the first and only Filipino in Business Education given by the World JCI in a competition among 1000 TOYMs,  and one of only two Lifetime Achievement Awardees by the Association of Marketing Educators. During the pandemic, Josiah studied 45 companies in 17 countries, which validated his beliefs on resilience. He mentioned four interdependent strengths that can help one cope with challenges - social, cultural, physical, and mental strengths. He further explains resiliency as having a growth mindset to confront adversity and having the ability to step back and look at the bigger picture. Josiah mentions Dr. Steven Southwick and Dr. Dennis Charney, multi-awarded researchers and doctors. Through studying their material, he found that resilience starts with the decision to want to be alive and face challenges. He emphasizes the need to know and have role models that one would want to emulate, making one more resilient. Recalling Social strength, Josiah highlights the importance of having support groups. It is this system of support that one turns to for encouragement and perspective. Rounding off the strengths is well-being and good health. Physical exercise helps build health, and in turn, one's resiliency. Ian implores Josiah to share his experiences of resilience which the latter obliges by sharing the humble beginnings of Mansmith & Builders. Josiah takes us back 32 years in the past when he was still a professor in Ateneo and had just bought a bankrupt company to now one of the most successful training and consulting companies. Another one of Josiah's companies, Waters Philippines, the largest distributor of mineral pot water in Asia, experienced a crisis early on which forced the company to reinvent its business model. This particular experience also influenced Josiah's teaching of business models. Beyond resilience, Ian asks Josiah what other teachings and learnings can he share. "Preparation is essential" quickly remarked Josiah. He expounds further on its importance by highlighting the loss of time when one is unprepared. To save time, one must learn to anticipate any challenges that may come. Another anecdote shared by Josiah is the importance of having multiple revenue streams. Ian chimes in and compares this to an employee losing his job and having to wonder what would happen next with the source of income gone. Ian closes by sharing being part of Mansmith & Fielders through Sensei Business Academy where he was mentored by Josiah. He exclaims that this experience made him decide to have Josiah as the first guest of the podcast. Episode Highlights: 01:25-02:51 - Introduction of guest 02:51-05:34 - Josiah Defining Resilience 05:34-06:00 - Being Optimistic as a Resilient Leader 06:00-07:02 - Meaning and Purpose of Humanity 07:02-09:55 - Cognitive Flexibility, Brain Fitness and Spirituality 09:55-11:00 - Having Role Models and Having a Support System 11:00-11:47 - Moral Compass 11:47-13:54 - Importance of Physical Exercise 13:54-18:02 - Mansmith & Fielders Inc and Waters Philippines History 18:02-22:29 - Final Words for Future Leaders 22:29-23:17 - Mentoring Experience of Ian Connect with Anda Goseco and Ian Santos Email:

 Ep 1 - Defining Resilience and Navigating Adversity Effectively | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 919

Resilience is a BIG word. For Ian, resilience is the ability to get yourself out of a hole and how to pick yourself up. Anda reflects on resilience as facing a hurricane and pushing through to the eye of the storm to calm and collect oneself to be able to keep pushing forward. Ian relates this to his experience with his team when he had an increase in the number of meetings being held since the start of the pandemic. He reminds the team to take a short breather in between meetings to collect themselves. "A five minute walk can do wonders," Ian says. As a leader and a parent, the challenge is doubled as you do not only need to be on the lookout for your team but also have to make sure that your family's needs are attended to. Ian elaborates by saying that a leader should set an example of being resilient for the people around them to have a model to emulate. Anda recalls Ian's thoughts on having a collective experience of the mind, body, and spirit. It is not only one's well-being, but the well-being of the team, and family around you. “You're still in denial, huh?” Ian joked as Anda recollects the onset of the pandemic where it took her quite some time to accept and adapt to the changes in her everyday life. Anda explains that this experience brought her to the realization that she needs to learn, unlearn, and relearn things. Ian shares how he and his leadership team learned to keep everything within working hours and days - making sure to spend quality time with friends and families over the weekend. Anda continues off on Ian's thoughts and shares one of the things she does in coaching is mindful calendars - taking a look at the week ahead and seeing if there is a balance of working hours and quality time at home. The increase in meetings scheduled during lunch time has been normalized during the pandemic, but Ian shares that his team has made sure to block this off which forces one to have lunch with family. "It's setting boundaries between work and life", he says. Ian adds another tip to break out of the burnout cycle. Instead of taking long vacations after 4-6 months straight and coming back to do the same cycle, take more long weekend breaks or in-between breaks to make sure that you don't reach that burnout state. Anda bounces off on this and adds that burnout affects the ability to be resilient because one focuses on the feeling of burnout itself. “It's about better choices, more deliberate choices that will help us”, Anda emphasizes the need to choose the things that you can control. She adds that this is one of the things she includes in her coaching sessions, which admittedly she herself sometimes does not apply. Choosing what you can control puts one in a position of empowerment, being able to move forward with what they can. Episode Highlights: 01:25-03:25 - What is Resilience? 03:25-05:08 - Walking For Five Minutes Can Do Wonders 05:08-05:48 - Leading Your Team and Managing Your Family 05:48-06:14 - Overall Wellbeing Involving The Mind, Body, and Spirit 06:14-09:24 - Learning, Unlearning, and Relearning 09:24-10:23 - Preparing Your Week 10:23-10:46 - Setting Boundaries 10:46-12:04 - Breaking The Burnout Cycle 12:04-14:29 - Choosing What You CAN and CAN’T Control Connect with Anda Goseco and Ian Santos Email:

 Welcome To The Resilience In Leadership Podcast | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 298

“Leaders aren't defined by their successes, they are defined by how they bounce back from failures”, says Anda. She herself is a leader and a leading expert with over 12 years of coaching experience with top-level executives, providing help in managing change and complex work environments. She aims to elevate good leaders to become great, resilient leaders. Ian on the other hand is a sales and leadership consultant and mentor, whose passion is to help develop others through consulting and mentoring. He has facilitated numerous courses in more than 10 countries across several industries within Fortune 500 and Top 1000 Corporations, with the intent of enabling leaders to have capabilities to implement change. Anda and Ian have come together to provide a helping hand to current and aspiring leaders by sharing their stories and expertise, alongside anecdotes from world-class Filipino Leaders whose careers are worth spotlighting. Through these stories of triumph born from resilience and perseverance, they will help provide a roadmap for the next generation of leaders to emulate, so they may be able to make a positive difference in the people they lead. Episode Highlights: 00:00-01:24 - Introduction to “Resilience In Leadership” Podcast 01:26-02:40 - Coach Anda’s and Ian's Career Journey 02:40-03:10 - Podcast Teaser 03:10-03:47 - LinkedIn initiative “The Philippines' Top 30 Leaders” 03:47-04:10 - Podcast Detail and Connect with the Hosts Connect with Anda Goseco and Ian Santos Email:


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