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Summary: Welcome to influencers! The purpose of the series is to build awareness of micromobility and hear from some of the influencers who are making an impact in this rapidly growing industry. Everyone that we speak to will be making a difference in some aspect of cycling or micromobilty. Some will be unsung heroes and others people that you might already know. Our motivation for creating influencers! is to play our part in advancing the causes of cycling and micromobility. We hope you enjoy the series, please subscribe, leave a review and share influencers! with your friends.

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 Steven Drake | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1925

Steven Drake is one of those people who seems to achieve success at everything that he turns his hand to. He combined a double university degree with an ever-upwards road cycling trajectory that saw him become Australian road champion, race internationally and represent Australia at the Commonwealth Games. Then he seamlessly shifted gears into the corporate world, rising through two decades of hard work to Managing Director level of the world’s largest private bank. For his next trick, Steven returned to Australia and united 18 separate cycle sport entities across three diverse disciplines into a single body. This was such a rare and remarkable sports transformation that has been written about extensively, not just in sporting media but in the financial and management media worlds. In this episode, we focus upon this third chapter in Steven’s life, why he thought it was important to tackle such a daunting feat, what benefits for all forms of cycling Australia-wide that he hopes unification will achieve and what he thinks the next steps should be. To watch the video version of this interview, visit the Micromobility Report website.

 Charlie Farren | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 2405

Melbourne-based Charlie Farren has spent a lifetime riding bikes and also encouraging many others to ride. She’s the founder of iconic mass participation cycling events including Around the Bay in a Day and the Great Victorian Bike Ride. Charlie has also volunteered her considerable organisational skills as a director of both the Amy Gillet Foundation and Cycling Australia, now AusCycling. As president of what was then Bicycle Victoria, she played a key role, assisted by her late husband Paul and others, in transforming what was once a tiny, cash-strapped organisation into one of the largest cycling organisations in the world and was awarded life membership for her services. Supporting Paul, Charlie co-created and now oversees the Farren Collection, one of the world’s best collections of vintage bicycles. She has brought optimism, enthusiasm and a wonderful dose of British eccentricity to all of these many and varied roles. I’m sure you’ll be entertained and encouraged by Charlie Farren. To watch the video version of this interview, visit the Micromobility Report website.

 influencers! Episode Two Preview Charlie Farren | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 57

On 1st September 2021, the next episode in the Influencers! series will be released with Charlie Farren, wife of the late Paul Farren who passionately collected bicycles from bygone eras, to establish the iconic Farren Collection.    As we walk through the history of cycling, Charlie talks about her past, her involvement in AusCycling and the Amy Gillett Foundation, and her instrumental influence in starting some of the great events in Australia, including her proudest achievement, the Great Victorian Bike Ride.   In this preview of the upcoming Episode Two, Charlie talks about her personal bike collection and how it forms part of her overall 'smorgasbord of transport' solutions.    Subscribe to our channel, to watch the full episode on 1st September 2021 or visit to find out more.

 Osher Günsberg | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 2306

Well-known TV presenter Osher Günsberg has a great passion and in-depth knowledge of all things cycling.   In the first episode of Influencers, we explore how Osher first became interested in cycling, how his cycling passion changed after he became a husband and father and a sought after media personality.   We take a journey through his experience overseas in the Netherlands, how the country made the decision to become a healthy transport nation and why he thinks Australia hasn't been able to make the same decisions.   We also discuss how cycling and exercise have played a role in his physical and mental health and he shares how his current endeavours involved on the board of the national cycling advocacy leader We Ride Australia, and his passionate support as an ambassador of World Bicycle Relief bring self-fulfilment.   Lastly, we explore all the things we can do to grow cycling and micromobility in 2021, and Osher shares why he thinks safe separated cycling infrastructure is the most important solution to transport issues and the future of people movement in major cities. He finishes off with his grand vision for cycling and active transport in the future encouraging everyone to get back on a bike.  To watch the video version of this interview, visit the Micromobility Report website.

 Welcome to Influencers! | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 113

Welcome to our monthly influencers! series in which we’ll be interviewing a wide range of people, both face-to face and via video link, throughout Australia and around the world to talk about the future of cycling and the growth of micromobility.    Everyone that we speak to on influencers! is making a difference in some aspect of cycling or micromobility. Some will be unsung heroes and others will be people that you might already know.   The motivation behind creating the series is to discover how each of us can advance the causes of cycling and micromobility within our own spheres of influence. We believe that everyone has a role to play and that your contribution, no matter how small it may seem to you, is significant.   Influencers! will provide you with a unique opportunity to profit from the insight and inspiration of our guests and enable you to make positive changes to your work life and personal life and help you to influence others around you, ultimately benefiting both you and our world.   We hope that you find the Influencers! series entertaining, informative and inspiring.   Please subscribe, leave a review and share this with your friends. 

 influencers! Episode One Preview Osher Gunsberg | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 55

In 2020, Osher Günsberg, the well-known media personality and presenter of the popular TV show The Bachelor, joined the Board of Directors of We Ride Australia, the peak national cycling advocacy group, to make a difference in the world of cycling and micromobility. In this preview of the upcoming Episode 1, we hear from Osher as to why he chose to take on this important cycling advocacy role. Subscribe to our podcast today, to hear the full influencers! episode from 1 August 2021.


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