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Geek.Girl.Wife show

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I am the Geek.Girl.Wife. Happily married for 9 years and counting to the wonderful Geek.Boy.Husband, enjoying our dog and cat furbabies -- Pax Lucky, Socrates, Halo and Willow, respectively -- and attempting to leave 60+ hour work weeks behind to invest that energy into the care and upkeep of my household.

(Over)Thinking Mom:  A Podcast and Blog show

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This podcast is both about the mom (or dad) who thinks too much and about the way the public over-thinks the role of mom. This is all a convoluted way of saying the following: We'll talk about our parenting woes and successes as they relate to the representation of moms in the media, literature, history, and more. Can you tell we've over-thought this?

By Meredith Riley

Spirit Walker show

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Realize inner truths and ignite the divinity within to empower hope, greater health, and well-being. Jeffrey and Cindy Pierce entertain the topics that others are afraid to address such as: information the government censors, and a kaleidoscope of topics including ESP, Spiritualism, Shamanism, Energy Medicine, Cancer/Cancer Treatment Survivors, Angels and Aliens, Psychic Development, the Paranormal…

Summer Don’t Go Away - Kids Summer Song show

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Fun kids song that talks about summer ending and having to go back to school. Song is written and performed by written by Juan Avila, lead singer of Chicago’s Hottest Band – Gooey and his daughters. For more information visit

E Health Radio show

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Expert Advice on Relationships & Personal Well Being

My digital Family show

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Parents Meet Dr. S, author of KIDS, PARENTS & TECHNOLOGY: A GUIDE FOR YOUNG FAMILIES, the current comprehensive resource for raising and managing digital kids.

Ohmamma Podcast show

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Il podcast di una mamma italiana

The YWaitDiz Podcast show

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The YWaitDiz Podcast is your weekly source for something better to do while waiting in line at your favorite Disney Parks! Packed full of History, Back stories, design secrets and imagineering for your favoite Disney attractions

Drug Addiction Support Blog show

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Addiction Recovery Now! is a weekly radio program that discusses Alcoholism and Addiction recovery. Topics covered include: Causes, Symptoms, Intervention, Depression, Drug Therapies, 12-Step, Treatment Programs and much more. The format of the show is an informal round table discussion lead by Ned Wicker the author of this web site. We discuss all aspects of addiction treatment and recovery with a particular emphasis on the 12 Step process.

Marriage Counseling Questions That You Should Prepare For show

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Preparing for the most common marriage counseling questions before you attend your counseling session is highly advisable, mainly because doing so will give you more time to think things through and, thus, more opportunities to spot the problem in your marriage.