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MScast - The Podcast of Muslim Starz show

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By Muslim Starz

اناشيد اسلامية show

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اناشيد اسلامية

By اناشيد

Farrakhan Speaks show

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By The Final Call

د.محمد العريفي show

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البودكاست الرسمي لفضيلة الشيخ محمد بن عبدالرحمن العريفي ..البودكاست يضم محاضرات وخطب وكلمات الشيخ حفظه الله. .. الموقع الرسمي للشيخ محمد العريفي ..

By د. محمد العريفي

Urdu Friday Sermon by Head of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community show

Urdu Friday Sermon by Head of Ahmadiyya Muslim CommunityJoin Now to Follow provides these sermons every friday via this podcast in different languages and formats for free.


Tajweed in English and French show

Tajweed in English and FrenchJoin Now to Follow

These podcasts are designed specifically for English speakers who want to learn tajweed. It will also assist those who do not have the chance to meet a sheikh or qari in their local area, by assisting them to seek this sacred knowledge of Quran and tajweed. Given that there are approximately 20 million Muslims in the English speaking world, this is a useful resource to bring this sacred knowledge to those who cannot find access to sheikhs. The podcasts are a series of short, engaging lectures, going through the rules of Arabic alphabet, makharij (articulation points), sifaat (qualities of letters), waqf (rule stopping and pausing) rasm (Orthography relating to recitation of certain words). There will also be some elaboration on the meaning of tajweed, the history of it (including the biography of Imam Hafs and ‘Asim) and finally, a brief summary on the work of Imam Al-Jazari and ImamAl-Shatibirhm. This interesting historical background provides English speakers with some context of the great Islamic scholarship that is the basis of how and why we study tajweed today.


Crash Course in Islam show

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Crash Course in Islam is a production of the Voices and Visions Project from the Center for the Study of Global Change at Indiana University. This weekly podcast debunks common myths about the Islamic faith in brief, informational segments. Learn more at

By Voices and Visions

Hey! Thats My Hummus! show

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A Jewish man and a Muslim woman discuss American life, politics and culture. No hummus is harmed in the making of this podcast.

By Mike Scheinberg & Faiqa Khan

Lakeview Sesh show

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Two Pakistani young adults exploring life from an assimilated American Muslim's perspective.

By BandU

Hot Conflict show

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Hot Conflict Looking at the Hottest issues in the News, Politics and PoP Culture, from inside the Muslim Mind. Saleem Siddiqui is a Political Commentator, Public Speaker, Actor and Consultant. He is a trained Mediation and Conflict Resolution Specialist. He conducts sermons and training for various religious and Nonprofit organizations. Working with effort to increase Muslim and Islamic awareness in Communications, Public Relations (PR), Public Speaking, Political Strategy, Media, Marketing, and many other fields as they relate to the integration of Muslims in the United States of America and around the world. Saleem Siddiqui has undergrad degrees in Arabic and religion from the Middle East and attended Law School in Houston,Texas. He has consulted with the FBI and testified on behalf of the District Attorney of Virginia on cases relating to National Security and “The War on Terror”.