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Being In Love As Boundless Compassion show

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This is a short teaching in honor of Valentine's Day on the most profound form of being in love, boundless compassion. May it inspire the heart of beingness deep within you to fill with boundless compassion and love.

By Lisa Dale Miller, MFT

Meditation in the City: A Shambhala Podcast show

Meditation in the City: A Shambhala PodcastJoin Now to Follow

Meditation? No way. It's boring. And strange. And my mind is way too distracted and crazy. "Meditation in the City" helps dispel the myths about meditation, with down-to-earth, real life teachings that show us the benefits of meditation in our everyday life.

By Shambhala Meditation Center of New York

Course on Dharmarakshita's Wheel of Sharp Weapons (higher quality version, larger files) show

Course on Dharmarakshita's Wheel of Sharp Weapons (higher quality version, larger files)Join Now to Follow

Here we present the recordings of a continuing weekly course given by Dr. Alexander Berzin (http://www.berzinarchives.com) in Berlin, Germany, on the earliest attitude-training (Lojong, mind-training) text, emphasizing the Mahayana Buddhist practice of taking on the sufferings of others and giving them our own happiness (tonglen).

By Dr. Alexander Berzin

Reformation NOW show

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What's your take on Christianity and the world around us? Are you tired of boring, unrealistic Christian talk radio? Reformation NOW is not your typical Christian talk show. It's a straight-forward, in your face look at Christ's church and the world we live in. From stories of positive ministry outreach to the examination of false ministries in Christ's Body, Reformation NOW uncovers the issues concerning Christianity that you'll never hear on mainstream Christian Radio. Reformation NOW is hosted by Dominic Korzecki and is streams live every Thursday Night at 7:30 pm (est) on RN's website www.ReformNow.info

Atheist Chat show

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A podcast for atheists to discuss the impact of christianity on society.

Registros AkA show

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Registros Akásicos es un podcast independiente producido por Luis Eduardo Bastías. Los temas cubiertos son: sabiduría milenaria, nueva ciencia, misterios, mitos y otros tópicos relacionados con la denominada "Nueva Era" (New Age). Cada episodio de este podcast dura aproximadamente 30 minutos.

The Greater Good Podcast show

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Conversations about the science of a meaningful life, from UC Berkeley’s Greater Good Science Center. Host Michael Bergeisen interviews leading researchers and thinkers on the roots of compassion, happiness, morality, and more. Provocative, enlightening, and inspiring.

By The Greater Good Science Center at UC Berkeley

Everyday Sublime show

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Yin Yoga and meditation are refinements of awareness. The purpose of this podcast is to illuminate the theory and practice of Yin Yoga, Chinese Medicine, and meditation as three interwoven tools for apprehending the Everyday Sublime. As Stephen Batchelor says, "the mystical does not transcend the world, but saturates it." Hosted by Josh Summers, a practicing acupuncturist and Yin Yoga and meditation teacher. He is the founder of the Summers School of Yin Yoga: www.yinyogaschool.com.

By Josh Summers

Mormon Truth Uncensored!! show

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Welcome everyone to my Mormon Truth Uncensored Podcast. I spent over 30 years in the Mormon church and about 4 years ago, I discovered THE TRUTH, which is that it is nothing but a fraud and cult, built on lies, deception and corruption. This podcast is a supplement to my Mormon Truth Podcast. In this podcast, I will discuss current events and what is happening right now in the Mormon cult and their corrupt Hierarchy. It will be a great addition to the Mormon Truth Family!! Enjoy everyone!! Samuel the Utahnite

By Samuel the Utahnite

Deconstructing Yourself show

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Dedicated to liberation in all its forms, Deconstructing Yourself is passionate about fearlessly investigating, attempting, and questioning all things to do with awakening, meditation, mindfulness, brain hacking, neurofeedback, and more. Your host Michael W. Taft interviews some of the most interesting thinkers, authors, and teachers around, as well as other offerings. In this hard-hitting, radical, and fun podcast we look at secular post-, non-, un- Buddhism, Advaita Vedanta, Hindu Tantrism, philosophy, the neuroscience of the sense of self, neurofeedback and the consciousness hacking movement, aspects of artificial intelligence, entheogens, and much more. If you’re looking for fresh directions, free from dogma and conformism, think of the DY podcast as the radical cafe where you can hear from the most interesting luminaries either from the outside edges of dharma, or a fresh take from more traditional teachers. If you’re interested in more, check out the Deconstructing Yourself website at http://deconstructingyourself.com.

By Michael W. Taft