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Tourcaster - Paris - Sacre Coeur Church Audio Tour show

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Take a walk through the history of the Sacred Heart from the phenomenon of the Perpetual Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, to mosaic of St. Michel and Joan of Arc. End this tour with one of the most spectacular views of Paris, atop the Sacré Coeur Dome. This is track one of a multi-track tour, to download the entire tour, visit


Gadabout Paris on Audio show

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We've got Paris on Audio. Articles. Stories. Life in Paris. Urban street art reviews. Restaurant reviews. Book reviews. Reviews on events, classes, tours and places. Information on very unique things to see, do and experience. Stories and experiences from expats living in Paris. Audio walking tours of Paris. And more. You name it and we've got it. All from people who have been living in Paris for years and can give the insider tips and information.



This podcast works like a true Radio station. We have many different programs: Bible studies, Concerts with Christian Artists, Social Service, Churches podcast.. We appreciate your visite.

By Franck Doristil

Tourcaster - Paris Catacombs Audio Tour show

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The catacombs were created as a better solution to disposing of the dead in ancient Paris. The cemeteries became much too crowded and raised health concerns, hence the creation of the catacombs and the famed Pere Lachaise cemetery outside the city. Learn the myths, legends, and unexplainable truths, of this historical and cultural treasure. Bones and skulls are in plain site, therefore, this tour is not recommended for children or those who are easily disturbed, and no flash photography is allowed. This is track one of a multi-track tour, to download the complete tour, visit


Perpignan France show

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Perpignan is located in the south of France in the Languedoc Roussillon. WE hope you find our videos informative. They are intended to give you an idea of what the town of Perpignan is like before you visit. See video of our markets, shops and a few restaurants. Perpignan is the capital of the Pyrenees-Orientales the southern most department of the Languedoc Roussillon. Perpignan is located near the Mediterranean Sea and is only about 30kms from the Spanish border. The city retains a distinct Spanish flavour as it was once the capital of the kingdom of Majorca and later Catalonias second-largest city after Barcelona. Perpignan’s height was in the 13th and 14th centuries, when the kings of Majorca held their court here. Today it is a fascinating city to explore.

France Podcast show

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France podcast Pour connaitre toute l'actualité du podcasting, des conseils, des Modes d'emploi, le "Pod Mag" le magazine du podcasting...

By Julien van Caneghem

dEUS on the road show

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dEUS est en tournée pour défendre le recommandable "Pocket Revolution". Ce podcast est réalisé par l'ingénieur du son Vincent Philippart avec la collaboration de la formation anversoise. Echos de ce périple qui nous amène aujourd'hui au coeur des festivals d'été. Extraits de concerts, soundchecks, anecdotes, souvenirs, photos et vidéos. Plus d'infos sur dEUS sur

By Vince Philippart -

Tourcaster - Paris - St. Germain des Pres Audio Tour show

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The St. Germain des Prés neighborhood is one of famous patisseries, cafes, churches and gardens. Situated in the 6th and 7th arrondissements, and bordered by the Seine, this once suburb is home to the oldest church in Paris, St. Germain des Prés. Boulevard St. Germain was fashioned in the 19th century, and connects the Pont de Sully to the Pont de la Concorde. This is track one of a multi-track tour, to download the entire tour, visit



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Fred Viktor live record... Hilton/Public Performance/Private Session... Whenever, wherever... N-Joy

By Fred Viktor

Un Télescope dans vos oreilles show

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Un télescope dans vos oreilles est le point de rencontre pour tout être humain désirant partager une information, une idée ou un commentaire inspirant. Peu importe le sujet, l'important est de nourrir notre curiosité. Unissons nos voix, unissons nos découvertes et baladodifusons chaque semaine sous la folie de Un télescope dans vos oreilles.

By Agence Télescope