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The Darker Side Of Love show

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A show about love, sex, kink and more.. A dialog of sorts for learning more about human sexuality. We're fun and funny and we're easy to listen to. Enjoy.

How to Be a Great Lover : Through Sensual Touch and Arousal show

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Erotic massage goes beyond sex for the couple who practices it. When you have sex with a partner, you are getting close to them and intimate with them, but with all the passion and ecstasy, there is little time for self discovery. For many, foreplay is non-existent, so practicing erotic massage is the best way to discover more about yourself and your partner.

The Weekly Hot Spot show

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Phonesex Mistresses Holly & Delia discuss all things femdom, kinky and naughty in this weekly show. They will have guests, dirty jokes, a hottest call of the week, best & worst adult toys and other fun and spicy things! Come join us in the erotic podcast fun!

By EmpressDelia1

Pillow Talk show

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Musings, ruminations, erotica and sex news by a fem-domme Mistress in NY.

Sexy Podcast show

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Todo acerca del Sexo Servicio en México. Temas sobre Sexo. Entrevistas con chicas, chicos y traviezas escort y acompañantes.

SubKnit show

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A podcast for kinky knitters and anyone interested in BDSM or knitting. Twice monthly episodes will include news & information related to leather and knitting communities, websites, books, and events.

Top Pair Home Game Pokercast show

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Top Pair is a weekly podcast geared toward the niche of HOME GAME POKER. If you are currently hosting, or thinking of hosting, a poker game in your home or if you are just a frequent or occasional player that goes to a friend's, relative's or co-worker's house to play poker, the Top Pair podcast will have information and perspectives that you will find valuable. Your Top Pair hosts have a passion for poker and have an extensive background of hosting and attending Home Poker Games.

Your Uncles Lap show

Your Uncles LapJoin Now to Follow

Hey! Welcome to our show! We are a comedy podcast based out of Austin, Texas! We are three guys who talk about anything and everything and I can assure you there is no one else like us out there! Definitely NSFW and DEFINITELY ready to make you laugh and possibly wee a little.

By Your Uncles Lap

WorldNews Satire - Breaking News show

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Millicent Chambers is a perky little British newscaster with a big attitude. Join her as she takes a humorous, outrageous and uncensored look at today’s news stories and politics. She’ll shine a spotlight on arrogance, hypocrisy, dishonesty and stupidity, wherever she finds it. And what a mouth on her! You may not agree with what she has to say but, you need to hear it. Thought provoking, razor sharp and, great fun! ADULT LANGUAGE.

Provocatalk Radio: Hair and Heels show

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Creative, Innovative-- Often replicated (but never duplicated)--the girls of hair and heels--Ivy, Alexandria and Gemma--bring the topics that are important to YOU. We seek to edge you while educating you on the vast variety of sexual fetishes and fantasies. We \"keep it real\" by sharing our own experiences and sharing tips and tricks. You will never go limp when listening to the tempting trio of Hair and Heels cum by, loosen your tie and who knows maybe you\'ll discover a fetish that you didn\'t know existed, that now can\'t be resisted. Tune in every Thursday night at 8pm eastern on talkshoe (or download past episodes at

By Sneaky